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This Executive Order may be listed as:
  • C.A.R.B.E.O. D-177
  • Executive Order 177 / D177
  • ARB # D-177
  • Executive Order No: D-177
  • C.A.R.B. No. D-177
  • Resolution D-177
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D-177 Document:

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                                    State of Californla
                                    AIR RESOURCES BOARD

                                    EXECUTIVE ORDER D—177
                          Relating to Exemptlons Under Section 27156
                                     of the Vehicle Code

                                    PRODUCTS FOR POWER

     WHEREAS, Vehicle Code Section 27156 a      Title 13 California Code of
     Regulations (hereafter "CCR") Section~2222(h), authorize the California Air
     Resources Board (ARB) and its Ex    ‘Ive Officer to exempt new aftermarket
     catalytic converters from the\profftbitions of Vehicle Code Section 27156.

     WHEREAS, Products for Power      s applled to the\ARB   for exemption from the
     prohibitions of Vehlcle Cod      ection 27156 for     e two—way catalytle
     converter serles 4000 :

     wWHEREAS, pursuant t   e author i ty vest/kcln the Executive Officer by Health
     and Safety Code Sec   n 39515 and In        hief, Mobile Source Division by
     Health and Safety gpde Section 39516 /A\F Executlve Order G—45—5, the Air
     Resour ces Boara’i}nds that the abovaftermarket catalytic converter
     compl ies with tkeCalifornla Vehic       ode Section 27156 and Title 13,
     CalL[ggnlaC‘he ofRegulatlons§p%tlon

éfi      1\\JThIs exemptlon shafl not apply to any catalytlc converters
             advertised, offereéd for sale or sold with, or instaliled on, a motor
             vehlcle pr ior    or concurrent with transfer to an ultimate
             pur chaser                                    —

                      on for exemption.  Any changes to the converter, appliicable
             mode! year, or other factors addressed in this order must be
             evaluated and approved by the Alir Resources Board prior to marketing
             In California.

        3.   MarketIing of the converter using an identification other than that
             shown In the exemption application or marketing of the converter for
             an application other than those |isted in the applicatlon catalog
             shall be prohlbited unless prlor approval is obtained from the Alr
             Resources Board.   Exemption of this product shall not be construed as
             an exemption to sell, offer for sale, or advertise any component of
             the product as an individual device.

 PRODUCTS FOR POWER                              EXECUTIVE ORDER OD—177

    4.   Any oral or written references to this Executlve Order or its content
         by Products for Power, Its principals, agents, empioyees,
         distributors, dealers, or other representatives must inciude the
         disclaimer that the Executive Order or the exemption it provides |s
         not an endorsement or approval of any emissions reduction claims for
         the cataliytlc converter and |s only a finding that the converter is
         exempt from the prohlbltions of Vehlicle Code Sectlion 27156.

  Y¥iolation of any of the above conditions shali be grounds for revocatlon of
  this order.   The order may be revoked only after ten day written notice of
  intention to revoke it, during which perlod the holder of the order may
  request in writing a hearlng to contest the proposed revocation.    !f a
  hearlng is requested, 1t shall be held w!ithin ten days of receipt of the
  request, and the order may not be revoked untlili a determination is made,
  after the hearing, that grounds for revocatlon exist.
.                                               Jr'
 Executed at El Monte, Callifornlia,   this _Eiéé’day of May,   1988.

                                           K. D.prachand;Chl
                                                                s22   iclsein &s

                                                                ef *=~

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