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This Executive Order approved the specified parts on on August 15, 2005.
As of Monday, October 14th, 2019 this Executive Order has not been overturned or superceeded.

Approved Parts

Part NumberModelsModificationRemarks
Series 460001996-2000 Selected GM Passenger CarsNoneContact manufacturer or distributor for specific vehicle application

This Executive Order may be listed as:
  • C.A.R.B.E.O. D-193-27
  • Executive Order 193-27 / D193-27
  • ARB # D-193-27
  • Executive Order No: D-193-27
  • C.A.R.B. No. D-193-27
  • Resolution D-193-27
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D-193-27 Document:

                                  State of California
                              AIR RESOURCES BOARD

                             EXECUTIVE ORDER D—193—27
                      Relating to Exemptions under Section 27156
                                   of the Vehicle Code

                           Car Sound Exhaust System, Inc.
            "Series 46000 OBD II Compliant Three—way Catalytic Converter"

WHEREAS, Vehicle Code Sections 27156 and Section 2222(h), Title 13, California Code of
Regulations (hereafter "CCR"), authorize the California Air Resources Board and its
Executive Officer to exempt new aftermarket catalytic converters from the prohibitions of
Vehicle Code Section 27156.

WHEREAS, Car Sound Exhaust System, Inc. (Car Sound) of 22961 Arroyo Vista, Rancho
Santa Margarita, California 92688, has applied to the Air Resources Board for exemption
from the prohibitions in Vehicle Code Section 27156 to market its new aftermarket Series
46000 three—way catalytic converter (TWC) for installation on selected 1996 through 2000
model year GM passenger cars equipped with on—board diagnostic II (OBD—I!) systems as
specified in Appendix D—193—27 and incorporated herein. The Series 46000 TWC will be
used for single (1 unit) exhaust system applications for selected GM passenger cars.

The TWC may also be installed on non—OBD I! vehicles (1995 and older) similar in engine
and exhaust configuration to those listed in Appendix D—193—27.

WHEREAS, pursuant to the authority vested in the Executive Officer by Health and Safety
Code Section 39515 and in the Chief, Mobile Source Operations Division by Health and
Safety Code Section 39516 and Executive Order G—02—003, Air Resources Board finds that
the above aftermarket catalytic converter complies with the California Vehicle Code Section
27156 and Title 13, California Code of Regulations, Section 2222(h). The emissions
performance of the catalytic converter was based on durability bench—aging by Delphi Energy
and Chassis Systems using Air Resources Board—modified RAT—A bench—aging cycle for 75
hours, as specified in the "Optional Evaluation Procedures for New Aftermarket Non—original
Equipment Catalytic Converters Equipped with On—Board Diagnostic II (OBD 11) Systems."

WHEREAS, emissions tests conducted at the Automotive Testing Development Services,
Inc. (ATDS), Ontario, California, using a 1999 3.8L Pontiac Grand Prix equipped with a single
(1 unit) exhaust system, and certified to the Low Emission Vehicle (LEV, PC) emission
standards showed that the vehicle met the applicable emission standards with Series 46000
TWC (1 unit) installed.

OBD II compatibility tests performed on the same test vehicle showed that Series 46000
TWC did not affect the vehicle‘s ability to perform OBD I! system monitoring. Emission test
results in grams per mile are shown below.


                                ATDS, Ontario, California
                                  3.8L Grand Prix Test
                            NMOG            CO                 NOx           Remarks
100K Standard               0.090           4.2                0.3
Test 1                      0.085           1.3                0.2           Pass
Test2 .                     0.084           1.4                0.2           Pass
Average of Tests1 & 2       0.085              1.4             0.2           Pass

IT IS HEREBY RESOLVED that the above catalytic converter is exempt from the prohibitions
in Vehicle Code Section 27156 for installation on the approved vehicle applications specified
in Appendix D—193—27 subject to the following conditions:

      1.      No changes are permitted to the catalytic converter as described in the
              application for exemption. Any changes to the catalytic converter or any of its
              components, and other factors addressed in this order must be evaluated and
              approved by the Air Resources Board prior to marketing in California.

      2.      Marketing of the catalytic converter using identifications other than those shown
              in the exemption application, and in this Executive Order, or marketing of the
              catalytic converter for application other than the ones shown in this Executive
              Order shall be prohibited unless prior approval is obtained from the Air
              Resources Board. Exemption of these products shall not be construed as an
              exemption to sell, offer for sale, or advertise any components of the catalytic
              converter as individual devices.

      3.      Any oral or written references to this Executive Order or its content by Car
              Sound Exhaust System, Inc., its principals, agents, employees, distributors,
              dealers, or other representatives must include the disclaimer that the Executive
              Order or the exemption it provides is not an endorsement or approval of any
              emission reduction claims for the catalytic converter and is only a finding that
              the catalytic converter is exempt from the prohibitions of Vehicle Code Section

      4.      Car Sound Exhaust System, Inc.‘s installation instructions for the new catalytic
              converter must conform to requirements in Paragraphs | and X of the "Optional
              Evaluation Procedures for New Aftermarket Non—original Equipment Catalytic
              Converters Equipped with On—Board Diagnostic II (OBD I!) Systems."

      5.      Upon installation, the catalytic converter must carry a manufacturer‘s warranty
              for 50,000 miles on the substrates and 50,000 miles or five years on the shell
              and end pipes.



       6.     Car Sound Exhaust System, Inc. and its vendors may not advertise the new
              aftermarket catalytic converter as a "high or easy flow" catalytic converter or
              use any phrase that could make it appear to perform better than an OEM
              catalytic converter.

Violation of any of the above conditions shall be grounds for revocation of this order. The
order may be revoked only after a ten day written notice of intention to revoke it, during which
period the holder of the order may request in writing a hearing to contest the proposed
revocation. If a hearing is requested, it shall be held within ten days of receipt of the request,
and the order may not be revoked until a determination is made, after the hearing, that
grounds for revocation exist.

Executed at El Monte, California, this   (F%Jé“ciay of August 2005.

                              ;       lien Lyons, Chief
                                    Mobile Source Operations Division



                                                                           APPENDTX )193-27

                                               Car Sound Series 46000 for GM passenger Cars

%Zier'     Make                      Vehicle Model      Egigzl:e C;lizc;)efrs    Engine Family   Ce?_'g:::lon Coz?/t:rl(er '\Cdg:\'}z:g: Universal Direct Fit

           Buick     __|LeSabre, Park Avenue                                                                                                        46484
           Buick     |Regal                                                                                                                         46531
           Buick     |Riviera                                                                                                                        TBD
         Chevrolet iGamaro                               3.8L         6         TGM3.8VBGKEK        Tier 1         1           1         46006      46466
         Oldsmobile|98,Delta 88, LSS                                                                                                                46464
          Pontiac    |Bonneville SE                                                                                                                 46464
          Pontiac    Firebird                                                                                                                       46466
           Buick     [Park Avenue Uitra                                                                                                              TBD
           Buick     |Riviera                            3.8L         6         TGM3.8V8GFFK        Tier 1         1           1         46006      46404
          Pontiac    _|Bonneville SSE                                                                                                                TBD
         Chevrolet |Lumina,Monte Carlo
1996     [Oldsmobile|Cutlass Supreme                     34L          6         TGM3AVJGFEK         Tier 1         U           1         46004      46522
          Pontiac    |Grand Prix
           Buick     |Century                                                                                                            46004      46487
           Buick     |Regal                                                                                                              46005      46498
           Buick     |Skylark                                                                                                            46004      46406
         Chevrolet |Beretta,Corsica                                                                                                      46004      46406
         Chevrolet |Lumina,Monte Carlo                                                               ;                                   46005      46498
         Oldasmobile|Achieva                             314L         6         TGM3AVBGFEK         Tierd          1           1         46004      _|_46406
         Oldsmobile]Ciera                                                                                                                46004      46487
         Oldsmobile|Cutlass Supreme                                                                                                      46005      46498
          Pontiac    jGrand Am                                                                                                           46004      46406
          Pontiag      |Grand Prix                                                                                                       46005      46498
         Chevrolet |Camaro                                                                                                               46006      46466
         Oldsmobile|Regency, Delta 88                    3.8L         6         VGM3.VBGKEK         Tier 1         1           1         46009      46437
          Pontiac    |Firebird                                                                                                           46006      46466
           Buick     |Park Ave. Uftra ,Riviera                                                                                           46009       1BD
           Buick     |Regal GS, Century                                                                                                  46006      46405
         Oldsmobile]Delta 88, Regency                    3.8L         6         VGM3.SVBGIFK        Tier 1         1           1         46009       TBD
1997      Pontiac    Bonneviflg SSE                                                                                                       46009       TBD
          Pontiac    |Grand Prix                                                                                                         46006      46405
           Buick     {LeSabre                                                                                                            46009      46437
           Buick     {Park Ave, Riviera                                                                                                  46006      46515
           Buick     |Regal LS, Century                                                                                                  46006      46405
         Oldsmobile|Delta 88 Royale                      38L           6        vGMs.BVBG2EK        TLEV           1            1        46009      46437
           Pontiac   |Bonneville SE                                                                                                      46009_|    46437
           Pontiac   |Grand Prix                                                                                                         46006      46405

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               2                                                        APPENDTIX )193—2‘/
                                                Car Sound Series 46000 for GM passenger Cars

'\\/2:?'      Make                    Vehicle Model      Egg;\e C;\lfig;;rs    Engine Family   Certl:sz,tlon Corx(\)/t:rlter gg:c:rrtee? Universal | Direct Fit

            Chevrolet |Lumina,Monte
           Oldemobile{Cullass       Carlo
                              Supreme                     34L       6        VGM3.A4VIG1EK         ; 1
                                                                                                 Tier             1           1         46004
                                                                                                                                        26005        46522
              Buick    |Century                                                                                                         46005        46469
              Buick    |Skyfark                                                                                                         46004        46460
           Chevrolet |Lumina                                                                                                            46005        46519
1997        Chevrolet |Malibu                                                                                                           46005       46539
            Chevrole'zt Mon_te Carlo                      34L       6        VGM3—AVBG1EK        Tier 1           4           1         46005       46519
           Oldsmobile|Achieva                                                                                                           46004       46460
           Oldsmobile|Cutlass                                                                                                           46005       46539
           Oldsmobile| Cutlass Supreme                                                                                                  46005       46519
             Pontiac {Grand Am                                                                                                          46004       46460
             Pontiac |Grand Prix                                                                                                        46005       46469
              Buick     |LeSabre                                                                                                        46009       46437
              Buick     __|Park Ave. Ultra                                                                                              46009        TBD
              Buick     __|Park Ave.                                                                                                    46006       46515
              Buick     |Regal GS                                                                                                       46006       46405
              Buick     |RegalLS                                                                                                        46006       46405
            Chevrolet JLumina                                                                                                           46004       46521
           Chevrolet |Monte Carlo                         3.8L      6        WGMXVO3.8048        TLEV            1            1         46004       46521
           Oldsmobile|Delta 88 Royale                                                                                                   46009       46437
1998       |Oldsmobile|Intrigue                                                                                                         46006       46405
           Oldsmobile|Regency                                                                                                           46009       46437
             Pontlac    |Bonneville SE                                                                                                  46009        46437
             Pontiac   {Bonneville SSE                                                                                                  46009         TBD
             Pontiac   |Grand Prix                                                                                                      46006        46405
             Buick   [Century                                                                                                                        46469
           Chevrolet |Lumina, Monte Carto,Malibu                              resus                                                      ienns       46519
             Pontiac   ~TGrand Prix                       31L       6        WGMXVO3.1044        TLEV             1           1         46005       46469
           Oldsmobile{ Cutlass                                                                                                                      46520

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          D                                                    APPENDIX 7)193—27

                                        Car Sound Series 46000 for GM passenger Cars
Model                                            Engine   No of                     Ce        tion    Total     Monitored
        Make                  Vehicle Model                         Engine Family                                           Universal Direct Fit
Year                                              Size     inders                        Level     Converter|   Converter
        Buick     {R                                                                                                         46006      46405
                                                  3.8L     6        XGMXV03.8051         TLEV            4          1
         Buick    |Park Ave,Riveria
                                                                                                                             46009       TBD .
        Pontiac   |Grand Prix
                        ve.                                                                                                  46006      46515
                                                                                                                             46006      46405
                                                                                                                             46004      46521
                                                                    XGMXVO3.8048                                             46004      46521
                                                                                                                             46009      46437
                                                                                                                             46006      46405
                                                                                                                             46009      46437
                                                                                                                             46009      46437

                                                                                                                             46005      46519
                                                                                                                             46004      46435
                                                                    XGMXVO3.4042                                             46005      46469
                                                                                                                             46004       TBD

                                                                    XGMXVO3.1043                                             46005      46520
                                                                                                                             46006      46405
                                                                    YGMXVO3.8043                                             46006      46405
                                                                                                                             46009       TBD
                                                                                                                             46006      46466

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