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Valid E.O.


This Executive Order approved the specified parts on on December 18, 1991.
As of Saturday, October 19th, 2019 this Executive Order has not been overturned or superceeded.

Approved Parts

1992 and older motor vehicles with screw or cam type gas caps

This Executive Order may be listed as:
  • C.A.R.B.E.O. D-239
  • Executive Order 239 / D239
  • ARB # D-239
  • Executive Order No: D-239
  • C.A.R.B. No. D-239
  • Resolution D-239
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D-239 Document:

                                                          (Page 1 of 2)

                               State of California
                               AIR RESOURCES   BOARD

                              EXECUTIVE ORDER D—239
                  Relating to Exemptions Under Section 27156
                               of the Vehicle Code

                                 RAPID—FILL, INC.
                                RAPID—FILL GAS CAP

Pursuant to the authority vested in the Air Resources Board by Section 27156
of the Vehicle Code;   and

Pursuant to the authority vested in the undersigned ty Section 39515 and
39516 of the Health and Safety Code and Executive Order G—45—5;

IT IS ORDERED AND RESOLVED:     That the installation of the Rapid—Fill gas cap
manufactured for Rapid—Fill, Inc. of 42—446 Bob Hope Drive, Suite 152,
Rancho Mirage, CA 92270, has been found not to reduce the effectiveness of
required motor vehicle pollution control devices, and therefore is exempt
from the prohibitions of Section 27156 of the Vehicle Code for 1992 and
older motor vehicles with screw or cam type gas caps.

Changes made to the design or operating conditions of the device, as
exempted by the Air Resources Board, that adversely affect the performance
of a vehicle‘s pollution control system shall invalidate this Executive
Order .

Marketing of this device using an identification other than that shown in
this Executive Order or marketing of this device for an application other
than those listed in this Executive Order shall be prohibited unless prior
approval is obtained from the Air Resources Board.  Exemption of a kit shall
not be construed as an exemption to sell, offer for sale, or advertise any
component of the product as an individual device.

This Executive Order does not constitute any opinion as to the effect that
the use of this device may have on any warranty either expressed or implied
by the vehicle manufacturer.


No claim of any kind, such as "Approved by the Air Resources Board" may be
made with respect to the action taken herein in any advertising or other
oral or written‘ communications.

      RAPID—FILL, INC.                               EXECUTIVE ORDER D—239
                                                             (Page 2 of 2)

      Violation of any of the above conditions shall be grounds for
      revocation of this order.  The order may be revoked only after ten day
      written notice of intention to revoke the order, in which period the holder
      of the order may request in writing a hearing to contest the proposed
      revocation.  If a hearing is requested, it shall be held within ten days of
      receipt of the request and the order may not be revoked until a
      determination after hearing that grounds for revocation exist.

      Executed at El Monte, California, this zfgi day of December, 1991.

                                           Agéistant Division Chief
                                           M   le Source Division

                                                                                                                      2oz nee emae cce   >   l2 cce nscanmn ce e ns   on
                                                                         oo Rasczimaddsns ea ons recinatmine

                                                                                      oiplafimx, Medaliion
         CHEVROLET (Trucks)                                                           1989—80                  All (eac. ‘81—80 Sta. VWWag.)              SCiev Iype
P        Blazer, (Incl. $10) Suburban                                                 Lances
         1990—79        All                                 Screw type                1984—a5                  Ail                                        Screw 1y pe
         E1 Canmiino                                                                  Oinni, 024
~—       1088—75        All                                 Screw type                1990—64                  All                                        Scerew type
         Pickups (nc. §—10J, Chussig Cuab (Exac. LUV) _                               Pacitica
         (4x2, 444)                                                                   1989—84                  All                                        Screw type
         1990—78           Al                               Screw iype                Shadow
         ‘Astro (MinipWan                                                             1990—67                  All                                        Screw Uypu
         1090—85       Alil                              SsCcrew type                 Spirlh
         Chevy Van, Sport Van, Buauville, Bonaventure, Step                           1990—08                  All                                        Screw lypu
         Van. Forwasd Control Venicles & Mator Haome C hassis                         400
         1990—79       Alb   0_                          Screw type                   1983—82                  All                                        Screw type
         Mudium & Heavy Quty Trucks                                                   6G0
         1982—80      £0. 60. 7Q Senmes w/292, 350,                                   1984863                  All                                        Screw type

                                                                                      DODGE (TRUCKS)
                           366, 427, 454 Eng.. Right
                           hand w/20 Gal. Singioe Tank
                           Caul:s only                      Screw type                haider
         1982—60           Some 5Q, 60, 70 Series                                     193987                   All                                        Screw {ype
                           w/292, 390, 396, 427, 454.                                 Ramcharger
                           4—937T Eng., w/Gasg Tank Nos.                              1950—81                  Ail                                        Scrtw type
                           20053523. 2005824, 2000354,                                Rampage
                           2060365. 200034046, 2000337,                               198482                   All                                        Screw type
                           2074100, 3958787, 4959748.      Screw type                 D—50, Ram 50, Power Ram 50 (Plchup)
                                                                                      1990—85        Al                                                   Scraw type
         CHRYSLER                                                                     Dakota
         Executive Sedan, Exccutive Limounsiw, "‘_E" Clas has                         1990—67                  All                                        Sciew type

         Newport, Royal, Surutoga, Town & Country,                                    D, W—100. 150, 200, 250, 300, 390, Sweptline,
         Windszor, Crown, 300                                                         Uuiline Pichups (4x2, 4a4)
         1089780        All                                Sorew type                 1990—88         All                                                 SCrew   type
         Filth A«gnuc, New Yorker                                                     1987—82         Swepiline                                           Screw   typu
         1990—60        All                                Screw type                 1987—82         Uritine                                              Cam    typr:
ho   >   Conquust                                                                     1881            All                                                 Screa   type
         1989—67           All                             Screw type                 Caravan, Ram Van (Mini Vans)
         Cardaba                                                                      199084         All                                                  Sctew iype
C        1983—80           All                             Screw type                 H—Series, Tradesinan Van, Sportsmaun Wagoi
         1978          +   All                             Screw type                (Inct. Muxsi Vans & Wagons)
         Imperial                                                                     1990—42                  All                                        Screw type
         1983—61       All                                 Screw type
         1990          Al                                  Screw type                 EAGLE
         Lasuer                                                                       Medallion
         1966—84       Ail                                 Scrow type                 1989—68                  All                                        Screw type
         LeBarun, LeBaron GTS                                                         Premiot
         19930—80          All (exc. ‘81—80 Sta. Wag.)     Screw type                 1990—66                  All                                        Screw ty p¢
         TCOMascrati                                                                  Summil
         1990—68           All                             Screw typs                 1990—69                  All                                        Screa type
         Town & Country (MinrVan)                                                     Talon
         1930              All                             Screw type                 1990                     Exc. All V¥hicel Drive                     Scitn Iype

         DODGE (CARS)                                                                FORD (CARS)
         Monace                                                                       Country Sedan, Country Squire, Cresiting,
         1990, 1078       All (exc. Sta, Wag.)             Screw type                 Crown Victoria, Custom, Custom £090, Customline,
         Aries                                                                        Galaxie, Galazig 500, LTDO, Mainling, Ranchwagon,
         1989—60          All       .                       Screw type                Stardliner, Sunlinet, XL
         Coilt, Coit Vista Waugon                                                     198806            All (thru 6/88)                                    Screw type
         1990—865         All                               Screw type                198583            Crown Viet., Coun. $Sq. Wag.                        Carh type
         Conquast                                                                     1935—83           LTD {uxc. Propane Fuel)                            Screw type
          198905           All                              Screw type                 1982—71                 All                                           Com type
          Magnuin, Mirada, St. Heyis                                                   1990—89                 Crown Vier., Coun. Sq. Wag.                 Scroew tyge
          1981—60          Mirada, §t. Regis                Screw type                 Escort
          1978              Magnum                          Scrow type                 1940                     All                                        Screw lyp«
          Daytuona                                                                     Granada
          1000—G4           All                             Scrow typu                 1982                     Station Wagon                                Cam type
          Oynasty                                                                      1981                     Alt                                          VCunltyp=
          1470—06           All                             Sctew type                 1980 75                  All w/concealed gal cup                      C..-h !,'.u

ACURA                                                   BUICK
integra                                                 Centurion, Electra, Estate Wagon, Invicta, LeSabra,
1990—46          Ail                      Cam type      Limitzd, Park Avenue, Riviers, Roadmaster, Wildeat
Legund                                                  199175          All                               Screw 1ype
1990—66          Adl                      Cam type      Apoatlo, Century, Gran Sport. GS, Regal, Special,
                                                        Skylark, Somersut, Semerget Regal, Sportwagon ¢
AUDI                                                    1989.75         All                               Stize lype
                                          Cam type      1969—82          All                              Screw tfve
1988             All
                                                        Electra, LeSabre, LeSabre Wagon, Century,
1987—86          All (exc. Turbs)         Cam type
1985—82          All        ‘             Cam type      Regal, Skylark
                                                        1930            All                                            Semew iyper
€£0, 72, 75, a0, 90
1989—88           All                     Cam type      Roatta, Riviera               -
100, 100GL, 100L, 100LS, Coupe                          1990—88         All                          >                 Serew tyf:
1989           Sta. Wag.                  Carn type
200 Turbo, Quattro, Wagon
 1989                All                  Can type      CADILLAC
4000, 4000 Coupe, 4000 Qu.mro                           19@9—75         All (exc. Allante)                             Screw type
 1987—80        All                       Cam type      DeVille, Fleetwood, Eldorado, Seville
 5000, §000 Turbo, Coupe, GT                            1990           All                                        ~—   Serew type
 1288—b5        All (exc. Turpo)          Cam type |
 19877—845      All Turbo                 Camn type
 1984           All                       Cam type
 1983—00        Gas Eng. (eac. Coupa)     Cam type      CHEVROLET (Cars)
 1982—60             Diegal Eng.          Camn type     Bel Air, Biscuayne, Brookwood, Cuprice, Caprice Clussic.
                                                       — DeiRay, Fleetline, Flectmaster, tmpala. Ku\g.woud
 BMW                                                    Nomad, Stylemaster Townsman
Bavaria                                                 1989—75         Al                                             SCrqw btype
1974—73          All                      Can typq      Bereita, Corsica                                                     M     >
M3, MS, to                                              1989—83         All                                            Screw ty pr
1966             Ail                      Cam type      Camwro, Berlinetta, I—Roc, 228
318i                                                    1982            All w/PresSure Vacuum Caup                     Screw typo
1985 83          Al                       Cam type      1981—785        Alt                                            Screw type
320, 3201                                               Cavaher, Celebrity, Eurospor;, 2—24
1982—79          All                      Carm type     1990—62         All                                            SQrew Uype
325, 3254, 325uS8                                       Chevelle, Monte Carla, Mulibu
1988—84         All                       Cam type      1958'75         All                                            bC ¥« lypé

920e, §24i, 52414                                       Cheveite              —              —
1948—85          Ail                      Cam type      198778          All                                            Screw type
1982.79          All                      Cam type      Chevy II, Nova, Concours                 .
532i, 6351       .                                      198985          All                                            Scriew type
19858—33       All                        Cam type      197978          Ali                                            Screw type
§33CSi, 635CS:                                          Citation, Citution It
1988—79        All                        Cam type      1985—40         All                                            Screw iype
734i, T35E                                             Corvetie
1987—79          Ail                      Camtype       1990—75         All                                            Screw type
1600/2, 1600/4                                         —Spoctrum, GEO                                    .                       .
1972—66      >   1600/2, 160074 Touring   Cam type      1989—8§        Alt                                   20        Screw type
3.05i                                                   Sprint
1976—75          All                      Cam type     198985          All                                             Screwtype
§2§5 _                                                 GEOQ Metro
YuTs Th          Ail                      Cam iype     1990—85         All                                             Scraw ty
se21                                                    Luming, Lumiha APV Van
197076           Sn Aan                   Curm typue    1990           Al                                              WOV tves

Maverick, Mustang, Mustang II                                 Safar (Mini Yons)
1990—21        Mustang                         Sorew type     1990—85        All                              Screw type
1931—79        Mustang prior 10 4—1—81          Cam type      ©1500, G2500, G3500, Rally Vans, Vanduras
Taurus           —                                            1990—79        All                              Screw type
 1990—86        Ail                            Screw type     Mosor Home Chussis, Corwentional Forward
Tempo                                                         Control Chassis, Value Van
 1990—84        All                            Screw type     1990—79        All                              Screw type
 Thunderbicd                                                  Heavy Outy Trucks & Huses
 1990—83         All                           Screw type     198279         £0, 60 70 Series w/292. 340. _
 1982                                           Cam type                     366, 427, 454 Eng., Right
 1882                                          Screw type                    Hand w/20 Gai. Single
 1881—71         Ail                            Cam type                     Tank, Calif.                     SQrew type
* Toring, Gran Tering, Elite, LTO t
  1979—71        All                            Cam type
 FORD (TRUCKS)                                                Civic, Civig CVYVCC, CRX
 Bronco, Bronco 11                                            1990—78          Alil                            Cam type
 1990—84       Branco II                       Screw type     Accord
 1990—47         Bronce w/threaded cap         Screw type      1989—78        Al                                Cam type
 1987            Bronco w/cam type cap           Cam type      Pralude
 19896—84        Bronco                          Cam type    _ 196979        All                                Cam lype
 1983            All                             Cain type
 1982                                           Cam type
                                                               IHC TRUCKS
 1962                                          Screw type
 1981—79         All                             Cam type    ~ Travelail
 1978            Calif.                          Cam type      1975—74        All                               Caimn type
 1977    _       Ali                             Cam type     Medium & Heavy Duty Trugks
 Ranger                                                       Cargostur
 1990—42        All                            Screw type     1982—73.     All w/40 Gal. Diego} Wrap
 F Serles Pickup & Chastig Cab, 4x2, 4x4                                      Tank, 0354 Eng. Cnussig
 1989—88        Ail     |                      Screw type                     built from 172773 and later
 1990            F150Q—350 w/ithreaded cap     Screw type                     (w/ Evaporative Emisszion
 1987            Pickup w/threaded cap         Screw type                     System)                           Camtype
                 Pickup w/cam type cap           Cam type      198270         All /30 Gal. Wrap Tank—
 1986—86         Pickup                         Cam type         ’            Gas w/Evaporative Emission
 1984            Pickup w/cam type cap          Can iype                      System                            Caim type
                 Pickup w/ithreaded cap        Screw type     Fluetstar
 1983—82         Pickup w/icam type cap         Cam type      197870          All RD Eng. Sige Mounteyg
                 Pickup w/ threaded cap        Screw type                     w/Evaporative Emigsion
 1981—80         Pickup               '         Cam type                      System                            Caun type
 1979           ~ Styleside (Aft, Mid Tank)      Cam type     Loadstar
 197877           Stylesideo {Aft, Mid Tank)                  1978—73         Allw/20 Gal. Side Mounted
                  F—100 & Calif.                 Cam type                     Code 15120; w/21 Gali. Under
 F53 Motorhome Stripped Chussis                                               Cab Code 1§5123; w/31 Gal.
 FS9 Commercial Strippud Chassig                                              Side Mounted Coda 15230,
 1990—69                                       Screw type                     15330, 15430 (Calif. Onty)        Cam 1ype
 Aerautar                                                     1978—73         All w/30 Gal. Side Mounted
 1990—a7         All                           Screw type                     Code 1§123, 245 Calif, only       Camtype
 £100, £150, E250 Econaline & Club Wagon
 (Uncluding Cutaway)                                          1SUZV
 1990—09        All w/ithreaded cap            Screw type     lBMark
 1988—87        All w/threaded cap                            198481          All                               Cain type
                (Except Cutaway)               Screw type     Impulse
 19868—47       Ail w/cam type                                198883          Alil                              Cam type
                (Exc. Cutaway, Ambulance)        Cam type
 1986—80        All (Exc. Cutaway, Amb.)         Cam type
 1990—69        All w/threaded Cap             Screw type
                                                              1965—82         XJS                               Cam iyps

 GMC TRUCKS                                                   JEEP
 Jimmy (Incl. §16), Suburtan                                  Chorokao, Wagoneer, Wagoneer Sportwagon
 1990—79         All                           Scrow type     1990—1984     Cherohkee            '            Screw type:
 Sprint, Cabaliero                                            1989—84       Wagoneer Sportwaugon               Scraw typa
 1988—75         All                            Screw type    1990            Wagonger                         Screw typr
 Pickups (Inct. §15), Chassig Cab (4x2, 4a4)                  Comanche
 1990—79   9     Al                             Sciew type    1990—46         Ail                              SQvia t ypey

                                                        soanuieo s oo ommc mcmechiis enc i m sercam             ooo dninimic n carnt   cventvcomeen nmmad en ue          4o onltdatieaicatle one nc   cz un ces
d Lemewnctiimascralen o n mamencs    ces    ce necm
                                                                                                                              Diplomat, Medallion
        CHEVROLET (Trucks)                                                                                                    1989—80                             Ail (exc. ‘81—80 Sta. Wag.)                         Screv, type
        Blazer, {Inct. $10) Suburban                                                                                          Lancer
        1990—79          Al                                                                Screw type                         198985 >                            All                                                 Screw 1y fw
        E1 Camino                                                                                                             Oinni, 024
        1088—756                           All                                              Sorew type                        1§90—44                             All                —                                Screw type
        Pickups (inc. §—10), Chassig Cub (Exa. LUV) _                                                                         Pacitica
        (4x2, 414)                                                                                                            1989—84                             All                                                 Screw type
        1990—74                            All                                              Screw type                        Shadow                                                                   .
      ‘Astro (Minip Van                                                                                                       1990—87                             All                                                 Screw type
        1990—85       Ail                               screw type                                                            Spirh
        Chevy Van, Sport Van, Buauville, Bonaventure, Step                                                                    1990—68                             All                                                 Screw type
        Van, Forward Control Vehicles & Mator Hame Chassis                                                                    4050
        1990—79      Ad                                                                     Screw type                        1983—82                             All                                                 Screw type
        Medium & Heavy Duty Trucks                                                                                            6090
        1982—80                            50. 6Q. 70 Series w/292, 350,                                                      198883                              All                                                 Screw type
                                           366, 427, 454 Eng.. Right
                                           nand w/20 Gal. Singise Tank                                                        DODGE (TRUCKS)
                                           Caul. only                                      Screw type                         haider
        1982—60                            Some 5Q, 60, 70 Series                                                             1939—87                             All                                                 Screw type
                                           w/292, 390, 3G6, 427, 454,                                                         Ramcharger
                                           4—93T Eng., w/Gas Tank Nos.                                                        1990—81                             All                                             '   Serow type
                                           2005§23, 2005824, 2000384,                                                         Rampage
                                           206038§6. 2000366, 2000337.                                                        1984—82        All                                                                      Screw type
                                           2074100, 3938787, 4958748.                      Screw type                         0—$0, Ram 50, Power Ram 50 (Pickup)
                                                                                                                              1990—85        All                                                                      SCcraw Ty pe
        CHRYSLER                                                                                                              Dakoia
       Executive Sedan, Executive Limausine, "C" Class,                                                                       1990—67                             All                                                 Screw ijype
       Néewport, Royal, Sarutoga, Town & Country,                                                                             D, W100. 150, 200, 250, 300, 450. Sweptline,
       Windzor, Crown, 300                                                                                                    Utiline Fickups (4x2, 444)
       108980          All                            Screw type                                                              1990—68                             All                                                 S¢riew type
       Filth Avenuc, New Yorker                                                                                               1987—82                             Sweptline                                           Screw typu
       1990—80         All                       '    Screw type                                                              1987—82                             Urihine   _                                          Cant typi
       Conquast                                               &                                                               1981                                All                                                 Screw type
       1989—87                         All                                                 Screw type                        Caravan, Ram Van (Mini Vans)
       Cordoba                                                                                        .     —                 1990—84                             All                                                 Scremw lype
       1983—80                       All                                                   Screw type                        H—Series, Tradesinan Yan, Sportsiman Wagor
       1978                          All                                                   Screw type                        {incl, Muxi Vans & Wagons)
       Imperial                                                                                                               1990—82                             All                                                 Screv type
       198261                        All                                                   Screw type
       1920                          All                                                   Screw type                         EAGLE
       Lased                                                                               .                                 medallion
       1986—84                       Ati                                                   Scrow type                        1939—88                              All                                                 Screw iype
      LeBaron, LeBaron GTS                                                                                                   Premler
      1990—80       Ail (exc. ‘81—80 Sta. Wag.)                                            Screw type                        1990.88                              Al                                                  Screw type
      TC—Maserati                                                                                                            Summit
      1990—88      All                                                                     Screw type                        1990—89                              All                                                 Screw type
      Town & Country (MiniVan)                                                                                               Talon                                                                                      .
      1990         Al                                                                      Screw type                        1990                                 Exc. All Wheel Drive                                Sciew type

       DODGE (CARS)                                                                                                           FORD (CARS)
       Monacg                                                                                                                 Country Sedan, Country Squire, Crestline,
       1990, 1978      All (exc. Sta, Wag.)                                                Screw type                         Crown Victoria, Custom. Custom £00, Customline,"
       Aries                                                                                                                  Galaxie, Galasig 500, LTDO, Mainline, Ranchwagon,
       19869—80        All                                                          .      Screw type                         Starliner, Sunlinet, XL
       Colt, Coit Vista Wagon                                                                                                 1988—86                             All (thru 6/38)                                     Screw type
       1990—65         All                                                                 Screw type                         198583                              Crown Vict., Coun. Sq. Wag.                          Carn type
       Conquest                                                                                                               19835—03                            LTD {exc. Propane Fuel)                             Screw type
       1985645          A} _                                                               Screw type                          1982—71                            All                                                   Cam type
       Mugnuim, Mirada, St. KHegis                                                                                             1990—89                            Crown Viet., Coun. §q. Wag.                         Scrtow type
        1981—80         Mirada, St. Regis                                                      Screw type                      Escort
        1978            Magnum                                                                 Scraw type                      1990                                All                                                 SCrew lyp«
        Daytona                                                                                                                Granada
        1990—64                            All                                                 Screw typy                      1982                                Station Wagon                                        Cum tyfe
        Dynasty                 .                                                                                              1981                                All                                                  Camtyp+—
        1970—06                 +/         Al                                                  Screw type                      1980—75                             All w/conceauled gas Ccap                             Cauin type

                                                                                            wl nndieasetnt snnabearneasienarnss   ronn m ner murne o

                         inalnan clemcpaiehaith oo
 Full Size, Continantal, Capri, Cosmopolitan,
                                                                    Alliance, Encore, GTA
 Custoim, Premiere                                                                                                                                     SCiew ty pe
                                                                    1987—83         All
 1989—82         All                                 Screw type
                                                      Cam type      Medallion
 1981—71         All
                                                                    1988              All                                                              Screw type
 mark H, IV, V, VI, VH
 1989—84         Alt                                 Screw type
 1982—71         All                                  Cam type
 Town Car                                                           §9
 1930—86         All                                 Screw type     1980              Sedan                                                             CamA4ype
 1985—82         Alil                                 Cam type      900, 9000
 Varsailles                                                         1980              All                                                               Cam type
 1980—77         All                                  Cam type
* —Continental, Mark VIl                                             STERLING
 1990             All                                Screw type      1$90—87—         All                                                                Cam lype

  MmAZDA (CARS)                                                      SsUBARU
  19090           Miata                              Screw type      Hatchback, Brat, Sedun, §ta. Wag.
                                                                     1987—65           All w/tnreaded cap                                              Screw type
  Pickups                                                            SUZUKI
  1990            £2600                              Screw type      Samurai
  1989            62600 w/EFI                        Screw type      1990—86           All                                                              Scrow type
  1984—79         £2000, 82200 Diesei                 Cam type      < Swift
  1978—77         ©1800                               Cam type       1990—49           All                                                              Screw type
  197673          81600                               Cam type
                                                                      TOYOTA (CARS)
  MERCEDES BENZ                                                       Camry
  190 Series                                                          1988—83          Ail                                                              Screw type
  1988—84          1900, 190E                          Cam type       Celica {(exo. Supra)
  220 Saries                                                          19804—84          Ail                                                             Screw type
  197371          220, 2200                            Cam type       Supta
  230 Senes                                                           1988—84           Al                                                              Screw type
  1978—74          230                                 Cam typ¢       Corolia
  2400                                                                1988—83           All                                                              Scroew type
  1943474          All                                 Cam.type       Crussida
  250 Series                                                          1968—83           All                                                              Screw type
  197371           250, 250C                           Cam type       MR2
  2006                                                                1988—85           All                                                              Screw type ,
   1988— 87        All                                  Cam type      Stariet
  240 Series                                                          1931—83           All                                                              Screw‘ t;pe
  1981—71          All                                  Cam type      Tercel
  300 Series                                  .                       1988—83           Ail                                                              ’Scmw tyfas
   1988            300E, 300CE, 300TE, SOUSEL           Cam type
   1987—86         300D, 300E, 300§5D0L                 Cam type      TOYOTA (TRUCKS)
   198575          300D, 300CD, 300S0, 300T0Q           Cam type
                                                                       Hi—Lux, Pickup, Chasais Cub, 4—Runner
   197371          3005 EL                              Cam type       198865           All                                                              SCcrew type
   360SL                                                               Land Cruisef
   1972            All                                  Cain type     ©1986—47          All                                                              Screw type
   380 Series                                                          Yan
   198584        3G05E, 3405L                           Cam type       1988—84          All                                                              Seroew type
   198381        3805EC. 380, 360SL, ZeQSLC             Cam type
   420SEL                                                              VOLKSWAGEN
   1988—86       All                                    Cam type
                                                                      Quantum, Syncro
   450 Series                                                         1986—84      All                                                                     Carn type
   198075        All                                    Camn type
   1974—73       All                                    Cam type                                                                                           Cam type
                                                                      1984         All w/Cam type
   £00SEC, SOOSEL                                                     198382       All                                                                     Cam type
   1985—84       Al                                     Cam type
                                                                       Carrado, Galf, Jetta
   5G0SL, SEQSEC, S6QSEL                                                                                                                                 Screw type
                                                                       1990—89              All
   1988—86       All                                    Cam type

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