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This Executive Order approved the specified parts on on June 24, 1993.
As of Thursday, October 17th, 2019 this Executive Order has not been overturned or superceeded.

Approved Parts

1987 and older model-year GM vehicles powered with 276 CID to 400 CID carbureted gasoline engine

This Executive Order may be listed as:
  • C.A.R.B.E.O. D-299-3
  • Executive Order 299-3 / D299-3
  • ARB # D-299-3
  • Executive Order No: D-299-3
  • C.A.R.B. No. D-299-3
  • Resolution D-299-3
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Download: Executive Order D-299-3 PDF

D-299-3 Document:

                            —     *gIvIE ¥POT LSxOopuas nvo sn'm/:mmm 40 sireangza
                80 asvou sspunos#k uIV ZHL I8 INEN@SHOdNZ 40 SALIL UHHLO XNYV HO ‘TVAOUAa¥
                ‘NOLILVULICIMIDOY ‘NOTIIVOIAZIILu®D v mrzsnoo Lon s#oG @fauo ZAIZMDEXE SIHL
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         ,            :raq‘.no kauezsen Aue uo eary Zew egrtd yoot 3jexyoords weo stuyj ;o esn
             o43 :;ao;;o‘ou3 03 se uavr;do Eue o:n:naruoo :;ou soop np:xo eatinsexg StuYL

                                           j                      '                 .   *pirog seainosoy
              TV at3 mo:; peuTtr3jGO .97 ttAo::dda :o';.'rd ssetun pojy3qyuyord oq TtTeys csopio
               bay1n>0ox§ #TY4 UT pe3#TT ssoy3 uy3 :tq:;o uor3ge>7tdds ue sog oe3etd xy207t
              geysorcs weo sfy3 go bufgexysrsem 10 sep:o eat3nooexg stY3 ut umoys 3by3 uey3
               s0y30 uofTg3ept;3quopt dAdue Suysn ogrtd xy3o07 3exyoords weo sty3 ;o bu‘;:;p:[m

                                      *                                 ._ "<epa40q eat3nsexg
            #T43 e:;'cp'ntmr; t'[mu woj3sis to:t:uon uofTanttod s,eto>tyea v ;o apurusogaed
           — ay3 3oe;;e®e Zteszeape yoyum ‘pivog sepmmosey itvou3 Aq qdmwoxe se ‘ ojrtd
         :(oo'[ g8xysods weo oyy ;o. suo-y:npuoo Bu';qu:nodo o ubysep oq; 03. opvm safimqo

                 ‘109e4 onta[tu-;::u.tou 4g p-:nwcms oqoq:; uo:r; :;um;;';p -uonua';noad-
                 _03 etotuaa oy3 Suzungy pusmmose: 3ou TTth e3rtd yoot qexpoorids weo—styy3 ° °C
              203 suoygonageu; uorgette3suygeu3 pepyaord pytea #s; gepio eaygncexg syus
    20                          +seu3bue onumfi p-'-mnqaw Al19°9) aro coy o3 (':v") aIo L9z
         .tmn peenod setotu®a szoj0y; tereuenp Iupto puy Lg6t 0; epoo etotuea ou3
     ‘. 30 9stLZz uo7309908 g;o suof3tq;yoard sy3 worig qduexe sty ‘ecsogesoy3 "pur weseis
       .to:nuoo umnnoa etotuea atqeoytdde oyy ;o sseusat300;;o oyj oonpoz 0o3 3o0u °
     . puno; useq sury s9z6» urStu>oyy ‘cesso ‘preoy uospng 06L¢p zeovey entg/euyzeatom
.                         4q peoroexxrew pus Zueduop ouyyouy 3zeysuep iq peingougnitem ‘eguerd
    — #oot jexoords weo euy3 go.uonttmm oy3 :m                              sasmtosay .axv azumato: s: ET
                  0    .. (k—gyp—p cepio eayinsexg pue -uoo Azoges. pue Y3Tro4 0y3 . 3o otsee
             . pur stgeg suof300e3 iq ptub'r-:'mn oys u': pozsoa ZAr320uane, -tta 03 quensang

                                ts                                    "‘.     pur fepop etatuyea ou3 go °
    . 9STLZ u073098 kq pavog seomnossy -'mt o43 ir: pozsoa Zjyaou3ne -tn o3 numo:ma

                                            SINVIG Y00‘I m&s xvo
                                               axmm .wm/mm:wxou

                                                epoo etotyyoAa sy3 ;o                   toce,
                                 9sStLz uof3seg sepun suofgdmorg 03 butartexs
                                               g—66z—04 uzauo mmam
                                               aavoa s#sunos#u m +
                                                ryusojTt¥> ;o o3v3ag

                            .(z zo t obva)

                 *   .   26
. WOLVERINE/BLUE RACER                     20090 . EXECUTIVE ORDER D=299—3
  CAM SPROCKET LOCK PLATE .         2o          \ . (Page 2 of 27
 No cla.i.m of any kind, such as "Apprmd by the Air Rclou:cgs Board" may be
 made with respect to the action taken herein in any or other
 oral or wx:if;ten communication.
. vx.olation of any of the above . condi.t:i.ons shall be gronnda for
  revocation of this order. . The order may be revoked only after ten day
  written notice of intention to revoke the order, in which period the holder
  of the order may request in writing a hearing to contest the proposed
  revocation. If a hearing is requested, it shall be held within ten days of
* receipt of the request and tlie order may not be revoked until a .            .
‘detominat:l.on after hearing that grounds for revocation exist.
 Executed at El Honte, Califomia, this
                                   M; of June, 1993. .
                                         Assistant Division Chie{
                                         Mobile Source Division     —

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