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This Executive Order approved the specified parts on on December 20, 2011.
As of Friday, October 18th, 2019 this Executive Order has not been overturned or superceeded.

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Part NumberModelsModification
Various Part NumbersSee EO for complete list of vehiclesRemove and replace OEM air filter and air intake duct

This Executive Order may be listed as:
  • C.A.R.B.E.O. D-370-13
  • Executive Order 370-13 / D370-13
  • ARB # D-370-13
  • Executive Order No: D-370-13
  • C.A.R.B. No. D-370-13
  • Resolution D-370-13
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D-370-13 Document:

                                       State of California
                                   AIR RESOURCES BOARD

                                 EXECUTIVE ORDER D—370—13

                               . Relatihg to Exemptions under
                               Section 27156 of the Vehicle Code

                                .        DC Sports
                            Short Ram and Cold Air Intake Systems

   Pursuant to the authority vested in the Air Resources Board by Section 27156 of the
   Vehicle Code; and

   Pursuant to the authority vested in the undersigned by Sections 39515 and 39516 of the
   Health and Safety Code and Executive Order G—02—003;                   .

   IT IS ORDERED AND RESOLVED: That the installation of the Short Ram and Cold Air
   Intake Systems,; produced and marketed by DC Sports, 13000 Temple Avenue, City of —
   Industry, California 91746, has been found not to reduce the effectiveness of the
   applicable vehicle polfution control systems, and therefore, is exempt from the
   prohibitions in Section 27156 of the Vehicle Code for installation on those vehicles listed
   in the attached Exhibit A.                                   —

   The DC Sports Short Ram and Cold Air Intake Systems include the following main
   components: open—element air filter, filter enclosure (as applicable), intake system
—._ tubing, crankease ventilation hose (as applicable), assorted brackets, and hardware.

   This Executive Order is valid provided that installation instructions for the DC Sports
   Short Ram and Cold Air Intake Systems do not recommend tuning the vehicles to
   specifications different from those of the vehicle manufacturer.

   Changes made to the design or operating conditions of the DC Sports Short Ram and
   Cold Air Intake System, as exempt by the Air Resourees Board, which adversely affect .
   the performance of the vehicles‘ emission control system, shall invalidate this Executive

   Marketing of the DC Sports Short Ram and Cold Air Intake System using any‘ _
   identification other than that shown in this Executive Order or for an application other
   than that listed in this Executive Order shall be prohibited unless prior approval is
   obtained from the Air Resources Board. Exemption of the DC Sports Short Ram and
   Cold Air Intake System shall not be construed as exemption to sell, offer for sale, or
   advertise any component of the system as an individual device.

   This Executive Order shall notapply to any DC Sports Short Ram and Cold Air Intake
   System advertised, offered for sale, sold with, or installed on a motor vehicle prior to or
   concurrent with transfer to an ultlmate purchaser.

This Executive Order does not constitute any opinion as to the effect the use of the DC
Sports Short Ram and Cold Air Intake Systems may have on any warranty either :
expressed or implied by the vehicle manufacturer.

This Executive Order is granted based on emission test results in the modified
configuration using the Cold—Start CVS—75 Federal Test Procedure, Supplemental
Federal Test Procedure (SFTP USO06), and an examination of the On—Board. Diagnostic
1 (OBD—II) system. A 2011 model—year Honda Civic 1.8 Liter (engine test group
BHNXVO1.8HB9) was used for the evaluation. Results from emissions testing
conducted at Automobile Club of Southern California, are shown below (in grams per

FTP                 50K                                   NMOG            co_         NOx                      HCHO
              Emission Level                     o_       0.029          0.426        0.02                     0.0001
             (Avg.,DF applied)                                    ‘

                    STD              o                0.040              1.7          0.05                     0.008
                   120k          >                        NMoGe           co           Nox                     HCHO:
             Emission Level                               0.037          0466 —       0.03.2:5             _   0.0001
             (Avg.,DF applied)                                                '                  .

                   STD:                               —0.055              24          0.07                     0.011
Us06— .                                      |             —      NMHC+Nox |                         co
               Emission Levél            t            s               0.025                          0.419

                    STD                  o                     — 1 0140           _                  8.0

The emission test results in the modified conflguratlon were below the apphcable
certification standards. Examination of the OBD II system showed the Short Ram and —
Cold Air Intake Systems do not affect OBD II operation.

The Air Resources Board reserves the right in the future to review this Executive Order
and the exemption provided herein to assure that the exempted add—on or modified part
continues to meet the standards and procedures of California Code of Regulations, Title
13, Section 2222, etseq. Further, if test results or other evidence provides the ARB
with reason to suspect that the DC Sports Short Ram and Cold Air Intake System will
affect the durability of emission control systems, DC Sports shall be required to submit
durability data to show that the durability of vehicle emission control systems are not, in
fact, affected and/or that the add—on or modified parts demonstrate adequate durability..




No Claim of any kind, such as "Approved by the Air Resources Board," may be made
with respect to the action taken herein in any adver’usmg or other oral or written

Violation of any of the above conditions shall be grounds for revocation of this Executive
Order. The Executive Order may be revoked only after a ten day written notice of
intention to revoke the Executive .Order, in which period the holder of the Executive
Order may request in writing a hearing to contest the proposed revocation. If a hearing
is requested, it shall be held within ten days of receipt of the request, and the Executive
Order may not be revoked until a determma’uonis made after the hearmg that grounds
for revocation exist.

Executed at El Monte, California, this     ZO day of December 2011.

                                  {/" Annette Hebert, Chief
                                         Mobile Source Operations Division


                                       _ Exhibit A

 MAKE                 MODEL               MODEL               DISP              COLD AMR             SHORT
                                         _ YEAR                (L)            _ INTAKE _              RAM

 Acura     Integra RS, LS, GS           1990—1993             1.8                                _   SRI6003
 Acura     Integra RS, LS               1994—2001             1.8                  CAI6OO6           SRI6006
 Acura     Integra Type R               1997—2001             1.8                  CAI6604           SRI6006
 Acura     Integra GSR                  1994—2001             1.8                  CAI6OO7 _
 Acura     RSX TypeS                    2002—2005             2.0     C                              SRI6514
 Acura     RSX Base Model               2002—2006             2.0         >        C                 SRI6515
 Acura     TSX (the cavity at the inlet 2004—2007             2.4                  CAI6O16
           air tube where the crankcase
           ventilation breather hose
           connects must be retained.
           The cavity is an emission
           control device used to trap
  —        oil and fuel vapors.)                                              ao,          '
\ Acura    TSX                            2010                3.5                   CAI6O17
. Acura    TL    _~      .               2004—2008            3.2/3.5              CAIS529

 Honda~     Civic LX, EX, DX, SI         1992—1995             1.6               CAIS5516            SRIS5516
 Honda     Civic HX, EX                   1996—2000            1.6               CAIS513
 Honda     Civic LX, CX, DX              1996—2000            1.6              _ CAI5O13
 Honda     Civic SI                      1999—2000            1.6 —              CAIS6O4
 Honda     Civic SI                      2002—2005            2.0 ~              CAI6516             SRI6516
 Honda      Civic Auto DX,LX, EX         2001—2005            1.7                  CAISO19A
 Honda     Civic Manual DX, LX, EX 2001—2005                  1.7                  _CAIS5O19M
 Honda     Civic DX, LX, EX        2006—2009                  1.8         _        CAIS525           SRIS5525
 Honda     Civic SI                2006—2009                  2.0              —                     SRIS524

 Honda _   Accord (excluding SULEV 1998—2002                  2.3                   CAISO18
      .    LEV2 2001 and 2002 engine                           .
           families IHNXVO2.3BF9 _
    —      and      2HNXVO2.3 FK6)           .
 Honda     Accord      -           1998—2002                  3.0                   CAISS28
 Honda     Accord _ _        .    2003—2005                   3.0                   CAIS529
 Honda     Accord(excluding SULEV 2005—2006                   24                    CAISO22
           LEV2 2005 and 2006 engine                      '           O
           families 5HNXVO2.4ECV
           and        6HNXV02.4CMC)
 Honda     Fit         e                 2007—2008            us                    CAISO23 —_       SRIS023
 Honda     Prelude                 —     1997—2001    _       2.2                  CA15014

 MAKE               MODEL             MODEL         DISP   COLD ARR       SHORT
     ‘                                YEAR           (L)    INTAKE         RAM

 Honda      $2000                    2000—2005      2.0     CAISO20
 Honda      $2000                    2006—2007      2.0     CAISO21

 Honda       CR—V LX, EX, SE |       2002—2006      24                   SRI5010

_ Chevrolet Cobalt SS Supercharged   2005—2006      2.0    CAI3OO2

‘Dodge       Neon SRT—4              2003—2005      2.4                   SRI2101

 Hyundai Tiburon —                   2003           2.0     CAIASO3       SRI4503
 Hyundai Tiburon                     2003—2008      2.7     CAI4501                     m

 Hyundai Tiburon                     2004—2008      2.0     CAI4SO2

 Infiniti    G35                     2003—2006      3.5                  SRI4201
 Infiniti    G35                     2003—2006      3.5                 SRI4201C
 Infiniti   >+G35                    2007—2008      3.5                  SRI4205

 Lexus      IS$ 300                   2000—2004     3.0                   SRI4800
 Lexus      LS 430                    2004—2005     4.3                   SRI4S00

 Mazda:     Speed 3                  2006—2007 _    2.3      CAIA1IO6
 Mazda      MX—5 Miata               2006—2007      2.0    ~ CAI41IO8
 Mazda      Speed 6                  2006—2007      2.3     _CAIM1IO1
 Mazda      5                        2006—2007.     2.3      CAIA1O5
 Mazda      6 (excluding SULEV      2003—2006       2.3    —CAIMIO2
            LEV2 2005 and 2006 engine
            families STKXVO2.3NG1
            and      6TKXVO2.3NG2) _
 Mazda      6                      2003—2006        3.0     CAI41O3

 Mitsubishi Lancer                   ©2002—2005     2.0     CAI6O01
 Mitsubishi Lancer Ralliart          2004—2005      24      CAI6OO02                -
 Mitsubishi Lancer EVO —             2003—2007 >    2.0                  SRI6007
 Mitsubishi Lancer                    2008—2009 _   2.4                 SRI6O13A
 Mitsubishi Lancer                    2008—2009     2.4                 SRI6O 13M
 Mitsubishi Eclipse                  2006—2008      2.4    CAI4OO6
 Mitsubishi Eclipse GT .             2006—2008      3.8    CAIAOOT7A
 Mitsubishi Eclipse GT _             2006—2008      3.8    CAIA4OOTM

 MAKE                MODEL                MODEL            DISP       COLD AR        SHORT
                                          YEAR              (L)        INTAKE          RAM >

 Nissan     2408X                         1995—1996        24                        SRI4204
 Nissan     Sentra Spec—V                 2002—2005         2.5       CAIA202
 Nissan     Sentra (excluding SULEV 2005—2006               1.8       CAM214
            LEV2 2005 engine family                                     |        ‘
 Nissan     Sentra                        2007—2008         2.0       CAIA215
Nissan      Altima                  2002—2005              3.5        CAI4208
Nissan      Altima (excluding SULEV 2005—2006              2.5        CAI4207
            LEV2 engine families
            SNSXVO2.585A and
            6NSXVO2.585A)                                         .                      _
Nissan      Altima(except SULEV           2007—2008        2.5                       SRI4209
      '     LEV2 engine families      '
          SNSXVO2.5G3A)                                o      y
 Nissan . Altima                          2007—2008        3.5 _                     SRI4210
Nissan Maxima                             2004—2005         3.5       CAI4208
 Nissan Maxima                             2007—2008        3.5       CAIA213
Nissan     _ Versa                        2007—2008         1.8       CAI1207             s
Nissan      350Z                          2007—2008         3.5                      SRI4206

 Scion      XA                            2004—2005         1.5              .       SRI4400 _
 Scion _    XB                            2004—2005         1.5        CAI4401       SRI4401
 Scion      TC                            2004              2.4        CAT4402             .

 Subaru     Impreza WRX                   2002—2007         2.0        CAI4301       SRI4301

Toyota      Matrix XR —4 WD only —        2005              1.8       CAIA4412

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