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This Executive Order approved the specified parts on on February 25, 1976.
As of Monday, October 14th, 2019 this Executive Order has not been overturned or superceeded.

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1976 and older model year vehicles with kettering ignition systems only

This Executive Order may be listed as:
  • C.A.R.B.E.O. D-46-1
  • Executive Order 46-1 / D46-1
  • ARB # D-46-1
  • Executive Order No: D-46-1
  • C.A.R.B. No. D-46-1
  • Resolution D-46-1
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D-46-1 Document:

                               State of California
                               AIR RESOURCES BOARD

                              EXECUTIVE ORDER D—46—1
               Relating to Exemptions under Section 27156
                          of the Vehicle Code

                "Art Linkletter ELECTRONIC IGNITION®

 Pursuant to the authority vested in the Air Resources Board by Section
 27156 of the Yehicle Code; and

 Pursuant to the authority vested in the undersigned by Section 39515 of
 the Health and Safety Code,

 IT IS ORDERED AND RESOLVED:      That the installation of "Art Linkletter
 Electronic Ignition" manufactured by Tanner Electronic System Technology,
 Inc., has been found to not reduce the effectiveness of required motor
 vehicle emission control devices and, therefore, is exempt from the pro—
 hibitions of Section 27156 of the Vehicle Code for installation on 1976
 and older model—year vehicles. This device may be used on conventional
 Kettering ignition systems only.

  The device is an electrolytic capacitor connected at the primary side
— between the coil positive terminal and ground.

 This Executive Order is valid provided that installation instructions
 for this device will not recommend tuning the vehicle to specifications
different than those listed by the vehicle manufacturer.

 Changes made to the design or      perating conditions of the device as
 originally submitted to the Air Resources Board for evaluation that
adversely affect the performance of the vehicle‘s pollution control
devices shall invalidate this Executive Order.

Marketing of t                using an fdentification other than that shown
in this Executi              or rurmcLlng of this device for an application
other than those             in this Executive Order shall be prohibited unless
prior approval is c       ained from the A]r Resources Board.

This Executive Ordsr does not constitute any opinion as to the effect
that the use of       s      ice may have on any warranty either expressed or
implied by the ve?          manufacturer .


                                     ~2—                  EXECUTIVE ORDER 0—46—1

No claim of any kind, such as "Approved by Air Resources Board" may be made
with respect to the action taken herein in any advertising or other oral
or written communication.

Section 17500 of the Business and Professions Code makes unlawful, untrue
or misleading advertising, and Section 17534 makes violation punishable as
a misdemeanor.

Section 43644 of the Health and Safety Code provide as follows:

                 43644. {a)}) No person shall fnstall, sell, offer for sale,
                 or advertise except in an appplication to the state board
                 for certification of a device, represent, any device as a
                 motor vehicle pollution control device for use on any used
                 motor vehicle unless that device has been certified by the state
                 board. No person shall sell, offer for sale, advertise, or
                 represent any motor vehicle pollution control device as a
                 certified device which, in fact, is not a certified device.
                 Any violation of this subdivision is a misdemeanor.

Any apparent vioTation of the conditions of this Executive Order will be
submitted to the Attornsy General of California for such action as he
deems advisable.

Executed at Sacramento, California, this __£> __ day of February, 1976.

                                     WILLIAM H. LEWIS, JR.
                                      Executive Officer

                              ;State of California
                              AIR RESOURCES BOARD
                                January 28, 1976

                                  Staff Report

                   Evaluation of "Art Linkletter Electronic
                  Ignition" for Exemption from the Prohibition .
              of Section 27155 of the California Motor Vehicle Code


       Tanner E]ectronic—system-Techno1ogy,’Inc. Nbrthridge, California

       91324 has applied for an exemption from prohibitions of Section 27156

       of the California Motor Vehicle Code for the "Art Linkletter‘s

      — Electronic Ignition" device (Sée Exhibit A).     The applicant intends

      bto sell the device as an "add—on" part to the original conventional

       ignition system.

II.    Device ‘Description and Function
       The device is an electrojytic capacitor with a capacitafice of 4700

       mfd.     It is installed on the primary side of ignition system by connecting

       one terminal to the positive side of the ignition primary coil and the

       other terminal to the gréund.      Figure 1 .shows the schematic wiring

       diagram.    The device can be mounted on the fire wall or fender well

       using sheet metal screws.

       In the conventional ignition system the battery doés.not supply energy.

       to the ignition primary when the contact boints are open.      The purpose of

       the device is to use this time for storing energy in the capacitor.

       During ignition point dwell the device dischafges the stored energy

      Athrough the primary coil supplementing the voltage to the battery.

       The increase flow of current in the primary coil results in higher

       energy output from'the secondary coil during the f{ring time.

III. Device Evaluation

   : The applicant did not submit any emission tests data showing the

     effects of the device on the OEM emission control system.

     The. staff conducted bench tests in the ARB Laboratory in lieu of

     emission tests.     In order to evaluate the device, the electrical

     characteristics of two ignition systems with and without the device

     were combared.     Standard ignition tests SAE—J973a were made on 1972

   ~ vB Chrysler and 1974 V8 Chevrolet distributors.     The equipment used

     was the ARB‘s ignition system simulator which consists of a Sun

   \ Distributor Tester, Tektronic Oscilloscope, Sun Ignition Analyzer,

     and associated auxiliaries.

     Table I shows the pertinent ignition tesfs data.     since there was

     no change in the diétributors; advance characteristic the centrifugal

     advance data was not shown.     The data show that there were 0—20%

     1ncreas¢s in peak primary cur}ent, flyback voltage, spark duration

     and energy.      These increase; however, are considered within a tolerable

     range and no significant degradation of the ignition points would be

     expected.     An NOx device compatifiility test was also conducted using.

     the Carter Carburetor NOx device.     Baseline and device tests indicated

     identical cut in and out speeds of the speed sensor when tested on the '

     ignition system simulator with a 1972 Chrysler V—8 distributor.

ov..   Conclus1on and Recommendat1on   >

       Based on the: ARB test resu1ts, the 1nsta11at1on of the "Art Linkletter

       Electronic Ign1t1on" device will not adversely affect the ignition

       system,ahd conseqfieht]y will not diminish the effectiveness of the

       OEM emission control.system.    The staff recommends that Tanner E]ectrOnfc

   ~ Systems Technology, Inc. be issued an exemption from the prohibitions

       of Section 27156 of theVVehic1e Code for its "Art Linkletter Electronic

       Ignition" device for installation on conventional ignition systems.


                                                                                  l————> To SPARK PLUGS _

                                  F1gure 1 — Schematic diagram of modified conventional ignition
                                                system with the "Art Linkletter Electronic Ign1t1on"
                                                device installed on the pr1mary ‘side        .

< Legend:

      10                          Battery.
           iob de db dn ab ar s

      12                          Ignition Switch
      14                          OEMBallast Resistor
      16                          "Art Linkletter E]ectron1c Ignition" Device
                                  Primary Coil
      20                          Secondary Coil
      22                          Contact Points
                                  Condenser _

                        Table I — Ignifion Tests Data

                              1972 Chrysler V—8

                                         300 Idle RPM_                        1,500 Cruise RPM_                   100 Start RPM
                                         Baseline/Device Baseline/Device                                          Baseline/Device

 Peak_pfimary current, amps                        3.0/3.2                              2.0/2.2                       2.0/2.0
 Peak primary reverse voltage, Vdc                240/260                       170/190                   .          160/160
 Secondary voltage available (with                18/19 °           20—          13/14                                18/18
   load), KV              .                        —        ©
 Secondary volitage required, KV                  12/12                                 12/12                 '        12/12
 Spark duration, Msec                             2500/2800                     1300/1500                             1300/1300
. Spark energy, millijoules                  < 18.86/23.33                      11.21/14.22                           7.84/7.84
* Secondary voltage available, KV                 14/16                                 8/9                            8/8.
  {Simulating fouled spark plug)                                —               .

                                      300 Idle RPM 1,500 Cruise RPM_                                          100 Start RPM
                                     Baseline/Device Baseline/Device                                          Baseline/Device

 Peak primary current, amps                  2.8/2.9                            2.0/2.2                               2.0/2.0
 Peak primary reverse voltage, Vde           220/240                            160/180                               145/145
 Secondary voltage available {with           24/26                              16/18                 .               20/20
   load), KV                    —        f                                                        ‘
 Secondary voltage required, KV              12/12                        O     12/12                                12/12
 Spark duration, flsec                       2000/2200                          1400/1600                     —       1600/1600
+ Spark energy, millijoules                  20.69/23.90 —                      13.58/18.62                          12.41/12.41
 Secondary voltage available, KV     _            15/17 _                       11/12                                 14/14
  (Simulating fouled spark plug)              ‘                                     .         i

     loHn suepet
   Chairman of the Beard
    ART LINKLETTER                                                                Exhibit A
     Vice Chairman
    "BRUNO A. RIST °
Vice President/Engineering

                             November 5;_1975

                             Mr. Chao
                             Air Resources Board
                             9528 Telstar Avenue
                             El Monte, California   91731

                             Dear Mr. Chao:

                             Wé hereby apply to the Air Resources Board, State of California,
                             for a finding that the Art Linkletter Electronic Ignition manu—
                             factured by T.E.S.T., Inc. complies with the requlrements of Section
                             27156 of the California Vehicle Code.

                             A detailed description of the device appears in the enclosed patent
                             application, also included are installation instructions and a sample

                             Should you require additional information to process this request
                             pleage call me at (213) 989—4535.

                             Véry truly yours,

                               Hino A. Rist
                             Vice President/Engineering



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