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This Executive Order approved the specified parts on on October 23, 2012.
As of Sunday, September 22nd, 2019 this Executive Order has not been overturned or superceeded.

Approved Parts

D-535U-20 rescinds D-535U-7, D-535U-9, and D-535U-11, and sale of Allmetal Diesel Particulate Filter is prohibited.

This Executive Order may be listed as:
  • C.A.R.B.E.O. D-535U-20
  • Executive Order 535U-20 / D535U-20
  • ARB # D-535U-20
  • Executive Order No: D-535U-20
  • C.A.R.B. No. D-535U-20
  • Resolution D-535U-20
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D-535U-20 Document:

                                    .         State of California
                                        AIR RESOURCES BOARD

                                  EXECUTIVE ORDER D—535U—20

                                        Relating to Exemptions under
                                 Section 38395 of the Vehicle Code .

                                Cleaire Advanced Emission Controls
                                  Allmetal Diesel Particulate Filter

  WHEREAS, Vehicle Code Section 38395 and Title 13, California Code of Regu'lations
._ Section 2474(e) authorize the California Air Resources Board and its Executive Officer to
  exempt add—on and modified parts from the prohibitions of Vehicle Code Section 38391.

 WHEREAS, pursuant to the authority vested in the Executive Officer by Health and Safety
 Code Section 39515 and in the Chief of the Mobile Source Operations Division by Health and
  Safety Code Section 39516 and Executive Order G—02—003, the Air Resources Board issued
  Executive Orders D—535U—7,, D—535U—9, and D—535U—11 which exempted Cleaire Advanced
  Emission Controls‘ Alimetal diesel particulate filter from the prohlbltlons of Vehicle Code
  Section 38391.

' WHEREAS said exemption was granted pursuant to and subject to the "Procedures for
  Exemption of Add—On and Modlfled Parts for Off—Road Categories,"adopted on
  July 14, 2000.

  WHEREAS, Clealre Advanced Emission Controls of 7485 Trade Street, San Diego,
  California 92121 has declared it will no longer sell or install the Alimetal diesel! particulate
  filter exempted under Executive Orders D—535U—7, D—535U—9 and D—535U—11 and has
 ‘requested rescission of the said Executive Orders. —                                         .

  T IS HEREBY RESOLVED that Executive Order D—535U—7 issued on December 23, 2008,;
  Executive Order D—535U—9 issued on April 14, 2009, and Executive Order D—535U—11 issued
  on September 15, 2009, are rescinded. Cleaire Advanced Emission Controls shall cease and
 —desist all production of the Allmetal diesel particulate filters covered in Executive Orders
  D—535U—7, D—535U—9, and D—535U—11 effective the date of signature of Executive Order >
  D—535U—20. Furthermore, Cleaire Advanced Emission Controls, its agents, and any
 _businesses connected with this product are prohibited from advertisement, offer for sale;
  sale, and installation of the Allmetal diesel particulate filter after the effective date of
  Executive Order D—535U—20.

  Executed at El Monte, California, this 0225'4/— day of Octdber 2012.

                                        %nnefieklebert, Chief |
                                          —    Mobile Source Operations Division

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