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Valid E.O.


This Executive Order approved the specified parts on on February 6, 2017.
As of Monday, October 14th, 2019 this Executive Order has not been overturned or superceeded.

Approved Parts

Part Number

This Executive Order may be listed as:
  • C.A.R.B.E.O. D-770
  • Executive Order 770 / D770
  • ARB # D-770
  • Executive Order No: D-770
  • C.A.R.B. No. D-770
  • Resolution D-770
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D-770 Document:

                                     State of California
                                 AIR RESOURCES BOARD

                                EXECUTIVE ORDER D-770

                        Relating to Exemptions Under Section 27156
                                   of the California Vehicle Code

  inTune 12 CE, inTune 13 CE, inTune 12, in Tune 13, Predator 2, and Trinity 2 Programmers

Pursuant to the authority vested in the Air Resources Board by Section 27156 of the Vehicle
Code; and

Pursuant to the authority vested in the undersigned by Section 39515 and Section 39516 of
the Health and Safety Code and Executive Order G-14-012;

IT IS ORDERED AND RESOLVED: That the installation of the inTune 12 CE, InTune i3 CE,
in Tune 12, in Tune 13, Predator 2, and Trinity 2 programmers, manufactured by Powerteq's
subsidiaries Superchips, Inc. and Edge Products, Inc., 1080 South Depot Drive, Ogden,
Utah 84404 and marketed by DiabloSport, 1790 East Airport Boulevard, Sanford, Florida
32773, has been found not to reduce the effectiveness of the applicable vehicle pollution
control systems and, therefore, is exempt from the prohibitions of Section 27156 of the
Vehicle Code for the following 1998 through 2016 model year gasoline powered veh icles
listed in Exhibit A.

The in Tune i2 CE, in Tune i3 CE, in Tune 12, InTune 13, Predator 2, and Trinity 2
programmers is a hand held programmer designed to reprogram the FLASH memory chip
located in the vehicle's ECU module. The stages of enhancement are: transmission only,
87 octane, towing, and performance. Emission-related data files cannot be modified by the
end user.

This Executive Order is valid provided that the installation instructions for the InTune 12 CE,
in Tune 13 CE, in Tune 12, inTune 13, Predator 2, and Trinity 2 programmers will not
recommend tuning the vehicle to specifications different from those submitted by the device

Changes made to the design or operating cond itions of the InT une 12 CE, inTune 13 CE,
inTune 12, inTune 13, Predator 2, and Trinity 2 programmers, as exempt by the Air
Resources Board, which adversely affect the performance of the vehicle's pollution control
system shall invalidate this Executive Order.

This Executive Order shall not apply to any in Tune i2 CE, inTune 13 CE, InTune 12,
in Tune 13, Predator 2, and Trinity 2 programmers advertised, offered for sale, sold with,
or installed on a new motor vehicle prior to or concurrent with transfer to an ultimate

Marketing of the InTune 12 CE, InTune 13 CE, inTune 12, inT une 13, Predator 2, and Trinity
2 programmers using any identification other than that shown in this Executive Order or
marketing of the inTune 12 CE, InTune 13 CE, InTune 12, InTune 13, Predator 2, and Trinity
2 programmers for an application other than those listed in this Executive Order shall be
prohibited unless prior approval is obtained from the Air Resources Board.


This Executive Order does not constitute any opinion as to the effect the use of the
in Tune i2 CE, in Tune i3 CE, in Tune i2, in Tune i3, Predator 2, and Trinity 2 programmers
may have on any warranty either expressed or implied by the vehicle manufacturer.

This Executive Order is granted based on previously submitted emissions and OBD II
test data that was generated in support of prior Executive Orders. The test vehicles
were a 2007 model year 4.6L Ford Mustang, certified to the Low Emission Vehicle II
Ultra Low Emission Vehicle (LEV II ULEV) emission standards, with a measured 20
horsepower gain, a 2007 model year 5.4L Ford Shelby GT 500 Mustang, certified to
 LEV II LEV emission standards, with a measured 55 horsepower gain, a 2007 model
year 5.7L Chrysler 300, certified to LEV II ULEV emission standards, with a measured 20
horsepower gain, a 2009 model year 5.3L Chevrolet Suburban. certified to LEV II ULEV
emission standards, with a measured 10 horsepower gain, a 2006 model year 6.0L
Pontiac GTO, certified to LEV I ULEV emission standards, with a measured 12
horsepower gain, and a 2011 model year 3.5L Ford F-150, certified to LEV II ULEV
emission stand ards, with a measured 53 horsepower gain.

The Air Resources Board reserves the right in the future to review this Executive Order
and the exemption provided herein to assure that the exempted add-on or modified part
continues to meet the standards and procedures of Title 13, California Code of
Regulations, Section 2222, et seq.


No claim of any kind, such as "Approved by the Air Resources Board", may be made
with respect to the action taken herein in any advertising or other oral or written

Violation of any of the above conditions shall be grounds for revocation of th is order. The
order may be revoked only after a ten-day written notice of intention to revoke the ord er, in
which period the holder of the order may request in writing a hearing to contest the proposed
revocation. If a hearing is requested, it shall be held within ten days of receipt of the request
and the order may not be revoked until a determination is made after the hearing that grounds
for revocation exist.

                                            6"""""''--- day of February 201 7.
Executed at El Monte, California, this _ .....

           Annette Hebert. Chief
           Emissions Compliance, Automotive Regulations and Science Division

                       DIABLOSPORT- PROGRAMMERS- D-770


   wue          wovet         Yow            snone               ProductName         Part Number
    foa          e            ®n         T5 Eegcen         ntine a comiwen ce _|_Eooone
    fo           Te           m          3 5t Ecboont      infure 2 CEinture 5 cE _|_eosors0so
    fos          aca          En         35 Exoboont       infure 2 CEinture 5 CE _|_e0soio0s0
    fos          rise         ow         35 Eoo            infure 2 CElnture is CE _|_e0sorsos0
  Casise         ars          Esn          20 Tuto         inture 0 CElntune 5 CE _|_etsoioso
  Casie          ars          Ein          20 Tuse         inture 0 CEinture 5 CE _|_eteounco
  Caste          ars          fow          20c Ture        inture a CElatune i CE _|_exsou060
  Cadiae         ors          ow           200 Tute        intun a CElatune 5 CE _|_aosotos0
  Gadias         ars        Eigin          200 Tuse        intun i CElatune CE _|_evsoos0
  prom           Ge         zesns          20. use         intune a Gtintine 3 ce rosonoso
   Doige      Neon srta       zo0s         Z4 Tuve         intune a GEintine i ce_|_ osoroso
   Doige      Neon stt        zoo          24 use          intine a CEintuni GE aosoroso
|~bosge       Neon sate       Ec           24 Tuse        intune i Geinture 5 cE "|_aosora0%0
|~bosge      Caine: snte      Zooe         24 Tuse        intune i GEinture 5 ce 25500050
teage        Cainer sate      Boos         24tTose        intune i CEinture 5 cE _|_a%so060
            T150 Lgninng      Toee    TL S.o0@0000—|      inture a CtimTure o CE —|_cosoiateo
    ts      ESS Corre         2t        4t Sxucraned      intire i CElnTure B ce     aosou060
     Ts     ESS Gorire        zo        4T Epeshaed       nture 2 CinTure 5.CE_|_2csor6050
    Tos     T—150 Ggrinng    o        £41 Supmnhaed       inture a CEmTune 8 CE _ostraoto
    fos     F150 Lgninrg     Bs       51t Superrges       infure 2 CEnTune 8 CE |_iosoraiso
    fos     F—150 Lgninng    zo       5 it Superharged    inture 2 CEnTune 9 CE |_eosoraoto
    fos     Mistang GTsoo    Ror              sa          inture 2 CmTure 5 c _|_aosorrnso
    fos     Marg GT5o        2oo              sa          infure i CEnTure 5 cE _|_edboiotso
    foo     Mistang 61500    Ea               sa          jnture i2 CElnture 5 ce 20600050
    foo     Mistang G1500    zoro             sa.         inture i GEaTune 5 cE _|_egsotsoso
    fod     Mistang Gr500    Ean              sa          inture s GEaTune 8 oE _|_adsotoos0
    fod     Mustang Gr5oo    zore             sac         inture i2 GEaTune i oE _|_205ol0s0
    Buis        Enow         zes          Tak Tuse        intune i2 GEmne i oE aosot3os0
    Bus.        Ercore       Tor          1t Tume         inture s GEatine s oE _|_2dsotoos0
    Bue                     zons          Tt Tumo         infure i CEnTore 9 CE _|_2osoi50s0
  Crert                     zons          Tal Tume        infune i2 CEune 9 CE 05015060
  Ghser     PTomse or        Eoa          2iTute          inture 2 CEinTure 5 CE _|_adsors0s0
  Chysir    PT Guse or       Ei           2ATuce          infu2 CEinTure 8 CE @0b0i5050
  Ghyser    P Guser oT       zes          24 Tuce         inture 2 CEimtune B CE 205013080
  Gipie     PT Gvise or      Bs           24 Tome         inture 2 CEnTune 8 CE _|_adsoi00so
Boige        Fam 1500        Fea              sn          inture 2 CEntuxe 8 cE 205010060
   Deige:    RamBs00         ae               sn         ‘nfure 2 CEimtune B CE |_aosorat%o
|~~Boige     Fam 1500        Bor              en         inture 2 CEimTure 5 CE |_adsors0so
[~boige      Ram2so          io               sn             ure a CEintune GE —|_eosarsoso
   Doige     FRam 1500       z0s              sn         inture 2 GEimTure 5 CE _|_acsorsoso
   Dodge     Ram2s00         2eos             en         inture 2 GEinTure 5 ce _|_adsorsoso
   Doige     Fam tso0        zo0              sn         infure 2 GEinture 5 cE _|_0boi3050
   Doige     Ram 2500        Zovs             sn         infure 2 GEintune is CE 205013060
   Doige     Ram 100         zeor             sre        intune 2 GEintune is cE 205013060
   boige     Ram 2500        2007             s7e        inture a GEintune i cE _|_20sol00s0
   Doige     Pm 1500         20e              sn         intune i GEintune is ce _|_e05ol3060
|~Bodge      Ram2s00         20e              sn         intune a GEintune is cE 205010060
   Deige     FRam 1500       20e              sn         ‘atune 2 CEintune s CE _|_aosor30%0
   Doige     Ram 2500        2oo              sn         infure 9 CEinTure i CE "|_absorsoso
   Dadge     Fam ts00        zm               sn         iafure & CEinture 5 CE e0soi00s0
   Dctge     FRam2500       ie                sn         inture 2 CEinture s CE _|_aosois06o
   Daige      Duargo        Eau               Ec         inture a GElnTure 5 CE _|_atsorooso
   Daige      Duarge        zon               sn         inture 2 GEinture is CE e0bors060
|_Googe       Duarge        Fan               3e         infune 2 CEinture 3 cE @0sois060
   Doige      Duarge        m                n           ‘nfure 2 CEinture CE |_aosol50%0
   Deige      Duarge        Ein              Ec          infure 9 CEinTure 9 CE absorstso
   baige      Duargs        zos              sn          infure 2 CEinture i CE _|_eosoi5050
[~Doige       Duange        zon              260         inture 2 Ceinture i CE a0soi30%0
                              oinmosront— mostammer—o.7r0

                                  exhibit A

  ware       mooet      Your        enome              ProductName          PartNumber
  Doge       Buargs     m            sn          m 2 Comiwen ce "|_eoene
Chemoit       Giize     zon        Tat tome      intuni CEMtine is ce 2osormoso
Chevale       Guze      2o         1t Tomo       intune a GEmtune s GE 2050100
Cheget        Sone      Forr       1t Tumo       intune i2 GEmPune s GE "|_aosorsos0
Chevaet       Guze      zo         1t Ture       inTune i2 GEPune i GE _|_2osor90%0
Chenset       Sone      zoo        TaTube        iiTune i2 CEmPune a CE _irosoraoso
Ctuset        Cuze      zo         Tat Tuto      inTune i2 GEintine i GE "|_irosoraoe
Craset        Sore      zow        1t Tuse       inTune 2 GEintine s GE "|_irosorsoso
Chaoet        Guze     aoiens      Ti Tume       intune a GEintine is Ge "|_irosorsoso
Chewoit       Sone     zesns       l Tubo        intune a CEintune is ce _eosorsoso
Creroit     Shemso      2000         cxm         infue i GEinture is ce "|_aosorsoso
Ghenget     Stvrmso     Eoa          en          jnfwe it GElaTure is ce "|_eosorsos0
Chevislet   Suturn      Eu           en          infure i2 GElaTure s ce "|_eosoraoso
Chevglet    Smerado     20e          en          inture i2 Gtinture 5 oE _|_aosoiooso
Cheuget     Situmn      200          cum         ‘aluai2 Geimture 5 ce "|_aosoros0
Chvost      Sherado     zo0          sic         ‘atwait Glatuxe s ce _|_eosoros0
Chwoet      Sitwben     zons         cxm         watws GElnture i ce rosoroso
Chewae      Shomdo      200          cxm         inTune 2 GEintune s GE "|_rosorsoso
Crenoit     come        zoo          sc          intune 2 GEintine is GE "|_irosorso0
Chensiet    Shendo      Zoos         en          inture i CElnture is ce _|_eosoraos©
Chersiet    Sicwren     is           en          intune i CBmtune s ce "|_eosorsoso
Ghenie      Smanco      20e          enc         intune i CEmtune i ce _|_eosoros0
Chevsint    Situen      zoo          enc         intwee i2 CElature o ce_|_aosoiaos0
Chevsint    Sivumen     2oor         en          intwiz Ceimturea ce rosorsoso
Ctvoet      Suvumen     200          cxm         intura i2 GEimiune s o6 _|_zosoros0
Chevout     Situman     zo0          sc          intwra i2 GEatnei o6 _|_rosoos0
Chevsit     Sipuman     Eau          it          wntwe 2 CElntine is ce eosoroso
  cue         Sora      2ooo         ain         l i GEintune is ce "|_eosoroso
  ue          Sera      zoo          sn          infii CElntune is ce _|_2ostia0%0
  uc        YaenXt      200          en          inlune i GEintune is ce _|_aosooose
  ue          Sera      200          enc         intune i GElature s ce "|_eoserooso
  ue        VueeXt      200          an          intuxe 2 CEature o ce _|_eosoraoso
  Gue         Sora      zo0          e           intue is Cemtine o ce rosoroso
  ahc       Yuonxt      200          sc          intwni2 GEmtun o6 "|_rosoroso
  ue          Sera      zoo          sc          intwne 2 CETune s oE _|_2osoroso
  uc        YaenXt      2001         ait         inTune i GEatine s oE _|_zosoose
  euc         Sere      200          cxin        inTune GEatune i CE _|_rosoraoso
  Eva       Vuent       zes          en          intne CElntune i CE _|_i2os0m0%0
  uc          Sera      20e          an          intun a GEiatine i ce _|_eosoraose
  ouc       Yuorxt      zo0          en          intune i GEatune s ce "|_zosorsoso
  ue        YuerXt      2007         enc         intum 2 GElatune s ce "|_2osorsoso
  ouc       YaenXt      zo0          enc         intunis CErine s ce_| aosorsoso
  Guc       Yaenxt      2000         ait         inture 2 Grtun s o6 rosorsoso
  ue        YoenXt      Eo           cxim        intwn iz GEmtune a o6 _|_eosorsoso
 Emser         E2       zoos         sin         infure 2 CTmTune s ce "|_eosorsos0
 Ciyser        300      200          sn          infure 2 CtimTure 5 CE 2050050
 Choser       Zopen     zeor         sn          intune a GEintune 0 GE "|_eoso@o0
 Choer         300      zeor         sn          intune a CEintine i CE "|_rosorao%o
 Chyser       Papen     200          sn          intune o GEintunis GE "|_rosorsoe
 Chpter        300      z00          sic         intun 2 GEmmtunis Ge "|_zosoraoo
 Chser        Rupon     200          sn          lntun 2 GEmtineis ce eosorsoso
 Ciower        300      200          care        intune 2 GEmtune is ce _|_eosorsoe
 Ciser         zo       Eo           en          infure i GElnTune is ce "|_eosat0s0
  Doie      Duargs      zes          sn          intune 2 GEintune 5 cE 05000
  Doige     waghun      zons         en          ‘alune 2 Gtinture 5 ce eosoroso
  boige     Durange     ze0s         sn          inTune a GEntine a GE "|_aosora0%0
  Doie       Chaiger    2000         sn          intune a CEmtine a CE "|_eosoraoso
                          awerosronr ~mosmmwtn—o70


use         wovet       Your          snome                Product Name        PartNumber
Doige       Wagam       Ees            n             ntue 2 Chtwe ice _|_eostmoo
Doige       Duringo     El             sn            inTune a CEinture 8 CE _|_2osDi0%0
Doige       Crarger     Zoor           en            inTune a GEintune 5 ce _|_aostooso
Doige       Wagrum      zoor           cur           infune 2 CEintuee is ce _|_eostiaos0
Seige       Duarge      2s             sn            inTure 2 CElnTue is ce _|_e0sti2060
Deige       Chager      Zme            cum           waTire 2 GEinture is cE 205013060
Doige       Magrum      200            en            wnTune 2 GEinture is ce 2050050
boige       Duringo     2000           sn            intune 2 GEinture is ce eosor3050
Doige       Chaiger     2000           ain           wnture 2 GEinture is ce eosor2050
Doige       Dvenge      200            sn            inTune a Gtintune i oE "|_aosarooso
boige      Chaterger    z00            cxre          infure 2 GEinTure is ce _|_acsors0s0
Dodge       Grager      Imo            en            inTune a CElature is ce _|_eostmoso
 Jeeo   Gand Creriee    2s             sn            wnTune a CEinture i CE 205013050
 Jeeo     Commande      200            an            inTure a GEintuna is ce _|_eosotsoso
 Joco     Commande      z0s            sn            intur CEintune is ce 20502060
 Jeeo   Gand Greckee    Eo             eic           inTure a GEintune is ce _|_aosoisoso
 Jeeo     Gommander     2oo            ar            inTue 2 GEintue is ce _|_aosoisos0
 Jeco     Commane       Ecu            sn            intuxe 2 CElntwe is ce aosoi2050
 Jero   Grind Cneckee   Eu             sn            waTuee 2 CEinture is CE 205013060
 Jeeo   Grand Crecee    Eu             en            ‘aTune 2 GEinture 5 ce _|_acsors0s0
 Jeeo     Conmander     Z0             an            ‘nture 2 GEinTure is ce acsois0s0
 Joeo     Conmander     200            sn            ‘atuee 2 GEInture is Ce_|_a0s015060
 Jeeo   Grind Chackee   200            en            ‘nTure 2 GEinTure is ce "|_acsors0s0
 Jeeo   Gand Chersiee   2me            aic           infure 2 CEimTuxe s ce _|_acsorsoso
 Joeo     Commnder      ie             an            infure 2 CEnTune is CE _|_atsoi3050
 Jeeo     Commander     Zme            sn            inture 2 CEnTune n CE _|_aosore0so
 Joco   Snd Grenies     200            sn            inture 2 GEintuna is ce "|_eosorsos0
 Joep   Giand Cheriee   zo             sn            intine 2 GElntune is ce eosotsos0
 Joep     Conmander     Eu             an            watune 2 CEinture is ce aoso12050
 Jeep     Commnder      Eo             en            intuneit Gtinture 5 ce _|_aosorsoso
 Jerp   Gand Grerciee   Eau            sn            infure 2 GEinTure i ce _|_a0sot0050
 Jorp   Gand Creciee    ze             aic           inture 2 CEinTure i CE 206019050
 red         sze        19e            sa            intune i GtinTure 5 ce _|_acsorsos0
 fos         Exo        i9se           sa.           infure 2 GEinTune s ce acsois0s0
 fod          riso      1950           sa            inture i2 GtinTune 5 ce _|_acsotaoso
 foa         E250       Eca            sa            infure i2 GEimTure s ce _|_acsors0so
 fos         es         Zu0o           s«            infwe 2 CEimTure n ce _|_atsore0so
 roo          reo       Ea             sa            intwre 2 CEimTune o CE _|_atsor3050
 rod         E350       2001           s             inture i GEletune 5 ce _|_aosotoso
  foo         Exo       zoo             sac          intuna 2 GEnTune is ce _|_aosot050
  fod         rso       z001            sa           intune s GEntune is ce 20502050
  fod         Exo       200             sa.          intune 2 GEtuna is ce aosotsoso
  fos         Exo       20e             sa.          inture 2 GETune s ce 2050050
  fod         reo       Eo              sa           inture 2 CEinTure is CE 206019050
  fod         Exo       ams             sa           intune i GtinTure 5 c _|_acsorsoso
  fos         exo~      2o              sa.          infune i GEmTune i CE _|_acsore050
  fos         riso      2oo             sa.          infure i2 GEImTune o ce _|_acsors0so
  Fod         E250      Zwor            sa.          infure i GEImTune in CE _|_atsot60%0
  fod         se        zoo             sa           intwre 2 CEimTune n CE _|_ateo13060
  fos         riso       200            s«           infwe i2 CEimTune 5 CE acsora0s0
  fos         Es        Zos             sa           infure i2 CEinTune nE acsoratso
  es          esso       Zms            sa            inture 2 GEinTure is CE 205019060
  rod         m          200            sa            inture it Gtinture i ce _|_aosorsos0
  fos         E2s        200            sa.           infune 2 GEinTure is ce acsorsos0
  fos         E30        20e            sac           inture 2 GEinTure s ce acsoia0s0
  fod         e          Te             sa            inture i GtinTune i c _|_acsorsoso
  fos         Exo        z007           sac           infune i GEmTune s ce aceore050
                           pstossont — moonsumen—o—7r0


  ue         wooe      Yeour         snome               ProsuctName       Par Nunber
   ros        Es       zoor           sit         ‘ntueis GEimtwe n ce      _|_rosounse
   fod         riso    Zoor           sac         intwra 2 GEintune is o6   2050050
   fos        E450     200            sa          wntne 2 GEinture is ce    _|_eosom0s0
   fos        Em       2o             sac         intre i CEinture is ce    eosoraoso
   fos        riso     Zone           sa          intune 2 CElnture o ce    _|_eosoiaoso
   fos        rise     zoc            sac         intune iGeinture o ce_|_aosoiaoso
   foo        riso     z0             sa          intureiCElature a ce      eosoraoso
 Tean        wartr     Zovs           sa          intune s GEture # o6      _|_rosoroso
  en         marcer    z007           sac         intune is GEmiwne m o6    _|_rosoroso
  Trein      on Cr     zo0            sac         intine s Geimtune s oE    _|_rosormoso
 Caste      Excaode    rose           sat         intine CElntune is cE     _|_eosoios0
 Cadtec     Excaide    ow             ao.         wntue @ CEintwe is ce     _|_eosoroso
 Castc      Excaide    zoo            65          intune 2 CEintue s ce_|_aosticco
 Catie      Excaide    Zovo           eo.         intune a Geinture o ce    _|_costcso
 Catisc     Excice     zo             sa          inture iCElnture s ce     eostrsoso
 Casie      Excaice    zo             sou         lntuns CElatune o ce      aosorsoso
 Caiie      Excalace   zoo            so.         intune i2 Geatune a o6    _|_rosorsoso
 Casie      Excaince   z00e           sac         intin i2 GEmTune s o6     Posoroso
 Caste      Excaice    zon            so.         intinis GETwnea CE       _|_rosoroose
 Gastee     Excaice    zo0            so.         inture i GEetne @ CE     _|_rosormose
 Castee     Excaice    zow            sa          inture 2 CElatune is CE  _|_eosaoso
 Gadtee     Excaide    zoo            so.         intune 2 CEletine 0 cE   _|_osoraoso
 Gadice     Excaice    zons           soc         intume 2 Geintune a ce   _|_gosoraoso
 Casie      Excaice    zoo            s5          intun a CElmtune s ce     osoraoso
 Casine     Excalice   zoo            so.         intune s CElatine a ce    osorsoro
 Caine      Excainse   zoo            sou         intun 2 GEatune o ce      _|_osorsoso
 Cadie      Excace     z008           s5          intinis CEmTune a ce      rosorsoso
 Cadiec     Excaice    zons           so.         inture i CBlature a ce   _|_etsoraoso
 Cadtee     Excaide    zons           so.         infure 2 GEimTune 9 06   "|_acsotsos0
 Gastee     Excaide    zo0            s5          intune a CEmtune i CE    "|_irostrao%0
 Cadize     Excaide    zes            so.         iatune 2 CEatine o CE    _rosoraoso
 Cadic      Excalade   zoos           eoc         intune a CElatne a ce    zosorsose
 Caie       Excaince   zoor           e5c         intune 2 GEintune is Ge  "|_zosorsoso
 Casine       crsy     zoor           so.         intuneiCEmtuna is ce      gosorsoso
 Cadise       crsy     zo0            son         intune iCEimrine s ce     aosorsoso
Tnmot      Fularens    ica            s           inture i2 Glntune s ce   "|_aosotaos0
Chevalt    Antarehe    zo0            e           infure i CElmTure 9 ce   eosbrsos0
Chewaet     Sendo      zoc            eot         wntue 2 CElnture a ce    _|_aotoisoso
Crewoet    Situmin     z000           eot         intuve 2 GEmtune CE      _osoraoo
Chset      Anlanere    zoo            eot         wiTune o CEmTine a ce    _irosoraoso
Chewoet     Sveaco     Eol            eoc         intune a GEintine e Ge   |_eosoraoo
Chewoie    Suwman      zo0            soo         intune 2 CEintine s CE   2osoraoo
Charoiet   Anlanere    zoce           sou         intune a CEinTine is ce  eosoraoso
Cheveie     Svendo     zoce           o           infi CEinture is ce       "|_eosotos©
Chevidet   Sutwbin     20e            o           inture i CEinture is ce  _|_eostiaoso
Crevoiet   Aalarene    ams            60.         intue i CElnture s ce    eostiaoso
Chavait     Samdo      Tms            60.         ‘ntune i GEature s ce    "|_aosaoso
Chevoet        se      zoo            c           ‘nture 2 CElature o ce   eostraoso
Croit      Swoman      20e            c           inTune 2 CEmTine s cE    |_eosorsoso
Cheoiet    Avanere     zoo            60.         intune i CETine a CE     |_osorsoso
Cheweie     Siveado    zoo            eoc         intune 2 CEmTune a CE    *|_osordoso
Chesit         Ssn     zoo            s           inture 2 GElnture i CE   _|_Posooso
Chewalt    Suwbn       Zor            60.         intune G CEintwe is ce   _|_eosorse
Chewalt    Anlarene    2s             60.         intune a CElatue is cE   _|_eostroose
Crenet      Siverado   205            o           ‘nture i CElature s cE   _|_2ostraoo
Creoit         se      Zms            con         inTureis CEinTune is CE  |_aosoratso
Chewoit    Sivcrsin    Zoos           sou         inture i2 CEintune is ce |_aosoraoso
                          ematossort— moonumer—o—m0

                                  Exhibit A

  we         mooe      Yeae         mmone              ProductName         PartNumber
Cramet      iecos      Ec            sx          nluea ctminence |_comnne
Crerviet    Anlorcne   Ee            soc         intune a GEintune is C_|_0so%o
Chamint     Stveado    Zeos          soc         intune GEinture 5 ce _|_eusooso
Chamint        Sn      z0e           s           inture a GEintune 5 ce _|_ausoiooso
Chamie      Sautin     z00e          s           inlure 2 CEmiune s ce _|_ausoisoso
Crendiet    Aniarcre   Zeor          sc          intune & GEinture 5 ce 2050060
Cheardiet   Stveado    Eu            sn          intune 2 GinTure 5 ct _| 050060
Charmiet    comen      2007          con         intune a GEintuni GE _|_aosoroose
Choist      Anlarcne   2005          so.         intune a Gtintune a oE "|_2osorcose
Crmiet       Shedo     Zoos          com         intune a GEintun i ce_|_ 2osoos0
Craoist     Scempen    Zoe           e«          intune a GEintune s ce _|_eosooso
Charmiet    Anlorene   20e           s           intune a GBntune a ce _|_ausouore
Crarviet     Stveado   Era           s           intune GElnture 5 ct _|_acsounso
Charvie     Suuten     Ee            sc          intune i GEintune 5 ce 20500060
Charsiet     Streado   2000          sa          intune i GEmnTure 5 ct _|_aosonoso
Chmoiet     Scouten    z00           ss          intune i GEinture 5 ce _|_acsouoso
Chardiet      Terce    zoro          a5          iature & CEinture 5C _|_20s0G0%0
Charmiet    Znlarars   zn            sx          inture a CtinTure 5ce |_aoseroso
Charciet     Shando    ane           sx          ‘ntuee a CEinture CE 200050
Creroiet     Suuben    Exo           e           intune a GEinture 5 ce_|_eosonoso
Charoiet     Stamdo    z0e           ex          intune a GEatune 5 ce _|_aosoroso
Chamit       Svtwben   zow            s3         intune a GEinture 5 cE 2060060
Charmiet      Tarce    zon            s3         intune a GEaTure 5 Gt 20600050
Chamist      Shemdo    zon           ex          intue i GBaTure 5 ce _|_aosouoso
Charsiet     Sivendo   zon            sa         intune i GEinture 5 cE "|_acso050
Charsiet     Sutuben   zow            s3         ‘ntune i GEinTune 5 ct 20500050
Chariet       Tarce    zon            con        intune i GinTune 5 CE _|_20soie0%0
 Chaoist     Shendo    zor            so.         intune a GETune s oE _|_eosotooso
 Charoiet    Sivemdo   zo             ax         infure 2 GEinture 5 C_|_adsors050
 Crerviet    Svtuben   zes            sa          inture i CEmlune a ce_|_edsouoso
 Charoiet     Tarce    z0s            s           inture i GEmTune a ce _|_acsorose
 Charsiet    Stemcs    zns            ex          inture 2 GEmture 5 ce _|_acsonoso
 Charsiet    Streado   Esn            ex          inture i GEinture 5 c_|_@0bo0%0
 Cheriet     Scomben   zo             cen           Ture i Gintune 5 ce _|_acsorsoso
 Charsiet      Tarce   zou            sa.         inture i Gtinture 5 ce "|_acsors0s0
 Chersiet    Siveads   zou            s           inture 2 Ctinure 5 ce _|_e0b0i3060
 Cherdiet    Stveado   zon            sx          inture i CtimTune 5 CE _|_aosora0%0
   uc          Sera     2m0           s           infure 2 CEimTune 5 cE aosors050
   ouc       Tuent      Ea            eo          inture i2 GmTune 5 Ge_|_a0%0i30%0
   ouc         Sera     2001          soc         inture is Gtintune is ce _|_aosorsos0
   ouo       Yuenst     zoo           soc         inture 2 GEintune i ce 205015060
   ouc         Sera     Z0z           soc         inture i2 GEintune 5 ce _|_edsoi3060
   ouc       Tuenxt     2e            s           intune i GtinTune i ce _|_aosors0s0
   ouc         Sere     ams           so.         infune i GEinTune 5 ce _|_aosor3050
   ouc       Yuenxt     zo            sou         intune i GtinTure 5 CE 205003080
   ouc         Sera     Zoor          sou         inture i GtimTune i CE 205015000
   ouc       Yoenxt     zoo           sou         infure i GEimTune s CE 20015050
   ouc         Sera     208           s           inture i2 Cinture 5 CE 20%0i3050
   auc       Tuenst     Eo            e           inture 2 CEimTure 5 CE a0s0130%0
   ouc         Sera     zo            e«          infure 2 CEmTure 5 CE |_aosors0%0
   ouc       Tuenkt     Era           sx          inture it Gtinture s ce _|_acsorsoso
   oue         Sera     zoor          60          inture i2 GEintune 5 ce 20500060
   ouc       Yuen‘t     zoor          e           intune i2 GEinture 5 ce _|_edsois060
   ouc         Sera     20e           sc          inture i2 GEinTune 5 ce _|_adsoi3060
   ouc       Yuenit     ame           s           inture i Gtinture 5 ce _|_acsors0s0
   ouc         Sere     zo            sou         inture i2 Gtinture i CE 2003060
   ouc       Yuen‘t     zoo           sot         inture i2 CmTune s CE 20013080
                          owsoseort— mostmmer—o—zr0

                                 Exvbit A

 mare       wovet      Your        enome              ProductNane        Par Numter
  uc         Sire      zo           sz          tw o commen es "|_eooreo
  ove       Yoout      Eau          sac         intune i CEmTine is ce zosorsoso
  ouc        Sera      zow          cros        infunei G6inture s ce "|_eosonoso
  oue       Fooa‘t     zow          s           infure it GElnTure s ce "|_eostiaos0
  auc        Ser       zow          x           infure i GElaTure a ce _|_eostiacs0
  Ee        YoorXt     zon          sa          intune i Gtinture 5 oE _|_eosorooso
  cue        Sara      zon          so.         inTure 2 Gintune s ce "|_eosorooso
  cuc        Sare      zon          s           ‘nture 2 GEinture s o6 2050050
  cue      Yaenkt      zow          sac         intine 2 GEInTure is oe _|_eosomoso
  ETe        Sia       2o           soc         wntine e GEinture is ce rosomose
  ue         Sera      Eon          sa          infune GEmTune is ce "|_eosotoso
  ouc      Yueakt      ros          sa          intunei GElntuneis ce "|_zostt0%0
  ouc        Sera      mm           c           inture i CElnTure 6 ce _|_20500%0
  auc        Sore      Ean          sx          inture i GEinture s o _|_aoserooso
  ue       Yuenxt      zow          sa          intine i GElntune s ce "|_osraoso
  aue        Sera      zo           son         intur2 GEaTwne s oe _|_aostraoso
  Eo         Sare      zow          hn          watune 2 GEatune s oE eosorsose
Hummer         ie      zo0          so.         wnTun2 Gintunei oE _|_osoro0s0
Hmner          m       2o           sor         intne 2 GElnTure is ce _|_roso@os0
remmer         ta      2005         so          intuee 2 CEinture i CE _|_eosboso
rummer         ta      200          so.         intune 2 GEmmtune s ce _|_eosoroose
Hummer         2       zeor         so          intuna CElaTuee s ce"|_ostaoso
 Fontsc       aro      2005         so.         inture i CElaTune o ce _|_2ostrao%o
 Ponise       aro      200          so.         intui GEmmtune 5 o_|_aosaroose
 Posisc        os      zo0          sou         ‘ntun 2 GETune i o6 _|_aosorooso
 Poniac        ce      200          s           wntune 2 GEatne s oE _|_eosors0s0
 Fomiae        ce      2000         so.         wnTine 2 GElaturei CE eosorooso
 Porte         es      zoos         sa          inTune i GEmtune is cE _|_rosoroose
Chyser        Ea       2s           sn          intune a GElntune is CE _|_rosoreos0
Chyser        El       2me          sn          intune 2 CEinTure i CE _|_i2os0raoso
Cmser         sco      zoo          sn          intune a GEatuneis ce"|_osoreose
Chser         3co      zow          sn          inture a GElatuee s oe "|_zosoreoso
Ciner         Eo       2000         sn          intunis CEarine o ce 2osorsoso
Cinser        Tco      200          sre         ‘nture 2 GEmtune s o6 "|_aosorsose
 Soige        Ram      2005         an          wntwna i2 GETine a o6 _|_eosorsoso
 Sooge      Hegrum     2005         sn          iTure 2 GEmiine 5 ce _|_aosarsose
 boige        fam      zo0          an          inTure 2 GEatune i CE "|_aosorsose
 Dome       Meguim     Ec           sn          iaTune i CElatune 8 CE _osoraose
 boie         Ram      zeor         a7          intune a GElatune s CE "|_eosorsose
 Doige      Chager     zo0r         sn          intune a GElatune is GE "|_irosorsos0
 Dodge      Magnim     2007         sn          intune a CEiTuna is ce _|_irosoraoso
 boige        Rom      200          an          intune a GEmtune is ce "|_eosorsoso
 Doige     Graterger   200          sn          inture a GEtune is Ge _|_zosorsoso
 Sooge      Chager     zow          sn          intire i2 CEmTune s cE _aosorsoo
 Dosge      Magrum     zo0          sn          1iTure i2 GEmJune CE "|_aosorsoso
 Doige        fam      zow          an          inTure i2 GETune 4 CE "|_aosors0%0
 Doige     Chalerger   zoc          sn          inture 2 CEintine i CE "|_osor60%0
 Dodee      Chaige     zo0          s7          inTune GEintuns GE —|_eosorsose
 boige        Ram      zoro         ane         intune a GEintune is Ge eosoraoso
 Doige     Caterger    zor0         s           intune a GEintune is Ge "|_rrosoraoso
 Doige      Charger    z0           sn          intune a CEmtune is ce "|_irosoraoo
  deco    Wanger T3    2005         10.         infunei GEinture s ce "|_e0sou0%0
  Lee     Wargler T3   zow          10.         jnfuee i GGinture s ce "|_eosemoso
  Jero    Wanger s     zeor         3e          ‘atuee 2 CElnTure S ce _|_20%bn0%0
  Fero    Wrnger 2k    zo0          se          ‘alue i Geimture 5 ce _|_aosonoso
  Feeo    Wanger Jt    zo0          se          inTure i2 GEitune a CE "|_eosoratso
  Jeeo    Wrargler     zoro         se          inture 2 CEimtine a ce "|_eosoraoso

                                   Exhioit A

woe         movet       Yoar         snome                  ProductName       Par Numbor
ros          Exo        mes           sa            mt chutwence |_eosoune
fos          Esso       To            sa            inture i Cw is ce _|_aosorsos©
fos       Ecusen        To            sa.           inture i CEmtwe s ce _|_aosorsoso
fos     Fiso Speniy     Tose          aa.           infure i CEintwe s CE e0sor0s0
rod     Figo Supeciuy   Tose          aa            infue 2 CElnture s CE 206010080
es           Easo       B             e             infure 2 CEinTure is e _|_acsors0so
2s           ess        20            es            infure @ CEimTure is CE aosoro0so
 fos       Excumen      B             se            intune i CElatwe 6 CE 2060050
 fod    Fio Seericy     20            es            intune i GEatune 5 ce _|_aosonoso
 fos    F350 Supey      Ea            es            intune i GEmTune is ce_|_aosoroos©
 fos         Easo       2001          sa.           infuve i GEmTure 9 ce "|_eosoroos0
 fos         E50        zoo           sa            inture i GElnTure s cE 20sora0%0
 fod       Euon         Eul           sa.           intune i Ginture 5 cE _|_e0s000%0
 fos    Fiso Sweday     zon           sa.           infi i GEnune i ce "|_ecsore0s0
 fos    Fiso Supenuy    2oo           sa.           infre it GElnTure 9 CE "|_atsoro0s0
 Fos         E250       20            s             inture i CEinTore 9 CE atsora0s0
 Ts          Esso       Foa           es            intune i GEntune a ce_|_aosonso
 fod       Exavor       B             es            inture i GElntune 9 cE _|_eosoroso
 fos    Fito Supecany   Zor           cem           intuve i CElntwe a cE e0soraoc©
 fos    F350 Superioy   Eo            com           intu iGtntune 5 ce _|_acsor0s0
 fos         Exo        2o            es            intire i CElaTure s cE _|_eosore0s0
 fos         E40        zoo           sa            infune i Gfntune s cE _|_a0sota0%0
 fos       Ecumon       2oo           sa.           infure i GETune s CE _|_aosora0%0
 fos    FZs Superiay    2s            sa.           infure i2 GlnTune 5 CE "|_iaosore0s0
 Fos    F30 Supertuy    2005          sa.            intune i GETune a o5 "|_osotoso
 foo          Fiso      2oo           a2             intun i2 GETini oE "|_zosonoso
 foo         E250       2oor          com            intine is GEtune ce rosonoso
 fod         Easo       2004          crom           intin 2 CEa ce Bosoraoco
 fod       Exunor       zoo           es             intun 2 GETune s ce "|_aosoraos0
 fod    Fiso Supecaly   zoo           c              intun i2 GElnTune 9 cE "|_iacsoroos0
 fos    F360 Superday   Zoor          as             intune i CElnune 9 cE 2060050
 fod        Mustarg     205           45             inture i GEune s ce "|_aosora0%0
 fos        Exione      2o            12             inture i Cw 8 CE _|_acsore0s0
 fos          Fiso      Zos           a2             intwe i2 ClnTue 9 CE atsoiaoso
 fos        Exionr      2s            «s             intwre 2 CEimTure 5ce _|_acsoraoso
 fos          riso      200            15.           infure i2 CEmTune 9 CE "|_atsora0s0
 fos          riso      2s             15            infwe i2 CEimTune CE _|_etsoratso
 rod                    200s           is            inture 2 CEimTune 5E |_osora0%0
 fod        riso        2ms            sa            intue i GETure a o6 _|_acsonos0
 fos        E2s         ams            es            intuxe i CElnTue a cE edsoro0s0
 fod        esz         Zoos           es            intune i GEinture 5 o5 _|_acsonoro
 fos      Ecover        208            es            intune i2 GinTune 8 cE _|_acsora0%0
 fos    Ese supecay     zo             esc           infuee i2 CEinTure o cE _|_ateorcos0
 re     1350 Supediy    2oo            ast           infure 2 CenTure SCE      2te0i00%0
 ros       Mustong      Zoos           10.           infure i2 CmTune 9 CE _|_a0so130%0
 fod       Exione       Zoos           i2            infwre i CEimTure 9 C "|_atsore0%0
 rou         riso        2000          1x            inture i2 CinTune 5CE _|_eosora0s0
 Foa       Evow          2000          c             inture i CEimTune CE |_aosora0%0
  fod        riso        200s          a5.           infure i GEinfure a cE _|_acsonos©
  fos        riso        20e           45            intuxe i CEnTure a cE aosoloos0
  fos                    zow           4s            inture i GEintune 5 ce _|_euson0s6
  fos        riso        Exo           sac           intune i GElnfune a cE _|_a0sor30%0
  fos       Eo           Ec            es            infure it Gtintune 8 cE "|_acsore0so
  fos       es           Ec            com           infi it GEinture a cE _|_atsoreoso
  ros   ¥250 Supecaly    20e           ex.           intune it GEinTune 5 ce 205010080
  fos   r3s0 Supcaty     zoo           sa.           infune i2 GEnTune 5 CE "|_zosor30%0
  fod      Mustang       2oor          10.            intunei2 GEmtune 9 cE "|_zosotsoso
                           pmaoseont — mosnaumer— 0270

                                     Bxhibit A

  wee         woves        Yosr        snome               ProguetNiane       Par Number
   red        Smoer        zeor         ce           mtue a commnenee ‘|_eomne
   fes         riso        z007         a2.          intune o GEintune is Ge _|_aosarsose
   fos       Eoow          z007         «s           infi GEiTune is ce "|_eosorsos0
   Foc         Fiso        zeor         46.          infure i2 GlnTune s cE "|_eosol0s0
   fos         rrso        Zoor         ie           infure 2 GElaTure 9 ce 2050050
   fos       Hosiang       2007         i8           ‘alure i2 GEinture 5 oE _|_eosotos0
   foo         riso        2oor         sac          ‘aTwi2 Gtintune 5 ce "|_aosomoso
   foo         Exo         zoor         es           ‘nturei2 Ginture a o6 _|_eosonos©
   foo         Ex0         Bwor         aa.          infune is CEmTune s ce "|_irosorsoo
   foo    T2 Sweria        zoor         sa.          inTune GEintine s GE rosorsose
  es      F350 Superiay    zeor         sa.          infi GEintune is ce "|_eosanos0
  Fea        Mistang       Zme          40           inturei CEinfue is ce _|_2e0stia0%0
  fos        Eon           200          12           intune Gintweis ce _|_eosorsoso
  fos          Fiso        zo0          a%           infune i GEmTureis ce"|_eosoraos0
   o         Eoo           zo           a6.          inture i GElature o o6 _|_eosoos0
   fes         riso        200          16.          inture s Gemtunea ce eosomoso
   foo         riso        zoo          40.          inturt GEmtuna i 06 "|_rosoooso
   foo       Husing        zo0s         c            intune 2 GEntine i o6 "|_zosoros0
  e            riso        ame          sat          wntue i CElatwe is cE _|_eosotos0
  ce           zs          200          sa.          nlune a GEintune s oE "|_oosaiose
  foo          esz         zo           sa.          intune a GEintuxe is ce "|_zoseiaoso
  rod     Eis Siperiay     2me          ea           intune a CElatuee is ce _|_2osti0%0
  ros     F3 Sweriay       2005         es           inte i CElature s ce eostrscso
  fos        Wustarg       z00          10.          intune 2 GErmTune s o6 "|_osorooso
   foo       Emowr         zo0          a            intune i2 GEaTune s o6 "|_rosorsoso
   a         Eier          2000         com          intine 2 CEtune s ce rosorsoso
  fos          riso        200          16.          inture i2 GEmtine a oE _|_rosorsost
  fos          riso        2o           4s           inTure i GETune s CE _|_osoroso
  fos        Husrg         200          i8           inlune a GEintune i GE —|_eosoreose
  fos          riso        zooo         sa           intune a GEintune a CE "|_eosoroose
  rod     F20 Swrday       2000         ea           intune a GElatune i GE _|_2os0ra0%0
  red     F350 Superiay    2000         sa.          intune a Gtintune o ce _|_aosaraose
  fod        Mustarg       Eio          40.          intune a GEintune s o6 "|_zosorsoso
  fod        Emiorer       200          a2           intun 2 GEmrune s ce aosorsoso
  fos        Eio           zo           46.          intune 2 Gmtunes ce "|_aosorsoso
  fos          riso        zoo          45.          infure i2 GEaTune s ce "|_eosotos0
  fos          rzse        Eau          4st          infure 2 CEnTure o cE 2050060
  fos        Mustrg        Eau          18.          ‘nfure i2 CEimture a ce "|_aosorooso
  foo          Fiso        zoo          sac          intune a GEnPune i GE "|_ros0r00s0
  fed     FimSweriay       zo0          sac          intune i CEintine a CE _irosoraoso
  fed     350 Superivy     zoro         sac          intune a GEintine s Ge "|_eosoraose
 Caae        Excance       z007         s2.          intune a GEintune s Ge "|_rosoraoso
 Casise      Excaide       200          ea           intune a CEmTun is ce "|_zosoraoo
 Casise      Excaice       200          x            intune i GEintune 5 ce _|_eosols0s0
 Casise       crsy         mo           cra          infune i GElntune is ce "|_aosaioso
 Cadiie      Excaie        zo           ez           infure i CElature i ce "|_aost0s0
 Casiic       crsy         zon          x            intune i GEinture 5 oE _|_20s0/00%0
 Catie       Escaice       zon          s2.          ‘alune 2 GEmtune 5 o6 eosorooso
 CaSiee       crsy         zore         sa           inture 2 CE          o6 20509050
 Cadtsc      Excainse      zore         a2           inTune o GEinTune o GE —|_2osor3050
 Casise       crsy         zes          s2.          inTune 2 GEintine a GE eosoraoso
 Gadisc      Excaide       zoo          x            intue 2 CEintue i ce _|_eosomoso
 Casize       cisy         aoe          x            intune i GEitine is ce "|_eosoroose
 com         Excane        zow          ex           infii CEatune is o5 _|_osoreose
 Casie        crsy        zosis         on           infur i2 CElaTune i ce _|_2ostra0%0
 Cagic       Excance      zons          sa           intunei Geinture s oe "|_aosaraose
Thansit      Sivende       ove          c            intune 2 GEmtune s o6 aosorsose
                            ovetossonr — mostsmmen—o—r


  wae           wovet        Yoar         enome                Product Name         Part Number
Gerse           Aagnge        To            s            inture 2 Ctwe 8e           |_eosoooe
Cheset           Smends       oee           sa           infure 2 Cinture a CE      acsou0so
Cherset          Swenco      zo0            45           infure 2 Cintune a ce      @tsois0s0
Cheirie            Tarce     Eo             5            inture 2 CEinture 9 CE     _|_atso060
Cheiriet        Aalnce       El             55           inture 2 Cinture a CE      _|_acsor0so
Chrmiet          Smerado     2mo            s            inture 2 Ginture a ce      acsouso
Charsiet         Suuman      2o             s5           inTure 2 GEinture o cE     20sot0s0
Chewsiet          Tatce      2000           s5           inture 2 GEintune 8 cE     _|_iacsoloo6©
Chwsiet          Sheado      z00            48.          inture i2 GEintune s cE    _|_eosorooso
Churoit           Tarce      2001           48.          inlune i GEintunei cE      2dsotaos0
                Anlnere      2001           s5           inture 2 GEintune is cE    205010050
                 Shends      z001           sa           intune i GEintune i cE     _|_aosotsos©
                Suran        zoo            sa           intune a GEinture i cE     aosatooso
                  Tarce      Ec             s5           intune a GEintune is cE    2050060
                 Shendo      2o            45            intune a GEintune 8 CE     _|_eoseraoso
                  Takce      Te            48            intune a GEimtune 8 cE     _|_eosorose
                Annere       Tos           s             inlune a CEinture o ce     @tsons050
                Stendo       z00e          s             infune 2 CEinture i CE     _|_@05015060
                Suxten       20w           s5            infune a CEinture i CE     _|_adsois060
                  Tarce      zon           s             inlure a CEiture s ce      eosotsoso
                Sterado      To            45            infune 2 CEinture 3 CE     205013060
                  Taice      Es            aso           intune i GEinture 3 cE     _|_adsorso60
               Anlanere      awos          sa            intune a Geimture 5 cE     eosorsoso
Cheirsint       Steraco      Em            sa            infune a CElntine s ce     dsoloo%0
Chewsiet           sor       Zo0s          sa            intune i Geimture a cE     aosorooso
                Suwran       a0os          sa            intune i GEintune s cE     Posoraoso
Chewit            Tarce      2001          sxc           intune a CEmtune s cE      osoroos0
Chewsiet        Sheado       zoo           «8.           intune i Gemtune a CE      2osorooso
Chavoiet          Tarce      Zoor          48.          intune i GEintune 5 cE     egsotsos0
Cheviet        Avinare      Zoor           s5           intune i CEinture 9 CE     205015060
Cheveiet        Shends      Zoor           s5           intune i GEimture s cE     _|_aosorsos0
Chensiet           son      Toor           sa           intune i CEture 5 ce       eosouso
Grevsie         Suumen      Zwor           s5           intune 2 CEture 3 CE       20500060
Ghevnie           Tarce     Zoor           s5           infure 2 CEimture a CE     |_aosorsdso
Cheviet         Smeads      ams            c            intune @ Cinture 9 CE      atsosso
Genset            Tarce     Zoos           i5           infuee @ CEinTure S CE     Cosora0so
Crevset        Rabree       2oo            s5           infune 2 CEinture 8 CE     050050
Charalet        Sherado     zons           sa           intire it Ctinture a cE    atsounso
Grevsiet           Sor      Zoos           s5           infure i CETure a cE       2060060
Chevsie         Sutwben     Zms            s5.          intune i2 CEimture 8 cE    2050060
Chevoiet          Taice     Zmos           sa.          intune 2 GEinture a cE     _|_acsorsoso
Chvoet          Shorado     2005           aa0          intuni2 GEinture o ce      eosotaoso
Een               Tarce     Z00s           c            intuni2 GEmtwnei cE        205010050
Chevoie        Antanare     200s           sac          intune i2 GEimtune i cE    _|_aosotso60
Chvoit         imoata 5o    Zoos           s5           inTune is CEintune o CE    |_izosors050
Crevst      Howe Garo 5o    Zo0s           s5           infune 2 GEintune o C_|    2tsoia0s0
Charoet         Stveado     zon            s5           infure 2 CEintune o CE     05015080
Charot             Sor      zons           s5           intune 2 G&intune CE       "|_acsor3050
Chenset        Suuten       20e            s5           infure 2 CEinTure 5 cE     _|_@050060
Censet           Tarce      ams            s5           inture 2 CEinture 8 CE     205010060
Crensie      Taimiazer s    amos           o            inture 2 CEintune a CE     |_ecsor60%0
Chenet       Gomete 206     Zwos           7e           inture 2 CEinture o CE     aosors0s0
Crenset        Sterado      zor            i8           infure 2 CEinture 9 CE     _|_eosot60%o
Chevot        Aubarere      Zeor           55           inture 2 Cinture 9 CE      |a0so13060
Charoet        impain s     zeor           s5           inture 2 Cinture s CE      |_atsor30s0
Charont     Honie Caro SS   zwor           s5           inlune 2 GEinture s CE     atsor30s0
Chewset        Shendo       zoo            s5           inture 2 CEinture o CE     205013060
                              oisosront— moonwmmer —o0270


  wee           mooet      Yewr        mone                ProsuctName        PartNumoer
Gers           Em          zeor         x            mtweit Ctmiwesce |_eeonno
Chvost       Comte 205     z007         Toc          intwei2 GEintune s ce "|_edsoos0
Chvoet         Shouds      200          «sn          intwe 2 GEinture is ce "|_eosomos0
Chvoet         Aularene    zo0          sat          intwiGEinture is ce "|_eosomoso
Chvoet          Coomo      zo0          sac          ‘nfunei GEintuna is ce "|_e0sot2050
Chamsit        Inpas s     200          sac          inte i GEintune is ce "|_eosomoso
Chewsiet    Worie Care S   200          s50          wntve i CElnture is ce "|_eosoraos©
Charset        Shenco      zoo          s            inlune i GEintune i ce 20501050
Cheimit        Siturn      z00          sa           intune i GEatune is ce "|_2usonaoso
Chensiet     Covete 206    200          To           intune i CElatune s ce eosorsoso
Chesint        Sheads      zoc          «8           intune i GElntune s oE 20501050
Cheiist       Anlancre     zo0          sac          intune i2 GEatune s ce "|_eosol0s0
Chevals         Coorade    2000         sac          intune i2 GEtune s o6 2osoroso
Chvalt         Incais s    2000         sac          intune is GEmtne i o6 zosomoso
Chviet      Hon Gare 55    2000         sac          intine s GEmtune is o6 "|_irosomoso
Chviout        Shendo      200          sac          inture iGEtuna is o6 2050050
Exm             Conate     20           s            intwe i GEintine is ce "|_eosomoso
Chset          Eomm        200          sa           intwve i CElntune is ce "|_aosoiros©
Charvet      Govete 208    zo0          rax          intune a GEintine is ce _|_2osti0s0
Chensit        Seraco      e            48.          intune i Ctine is ce _|_eostiaoso
Chensiet      Anarere      200          55           intune i CElatune i cE eostos©
Chesint         Cdbrade    zoo          55           intune a CElatune o ce eosoioso
Cheirit        Sherndo     zoo          65           intune 2 GEmtun ce_|_eosoroso
Chewsist      Canare 56    zo           sx           intun2 GEmtune a ce eosorsoso
Chvalt          Coneie     zor          sa           intunis GETune o o6 "|_zosoroso
Emem           Sioupan     zoro         sn           intun2 GEmTune o6 "|_2osot0s0
Chevalt      Comate 206    zor0         Tou          intune 2 GEtune a o6 "|_2osooso
Crewoet        Shendo      zou          com          infure is CElnune o ce "|_atsoraoso
Grmset         Goerado     zon          s5.          infune 2 GEimTune s ce _|_e0soie050
Crewset        Shendo      zou          s5           infure a CEaTune i GE |_2050i0%0
Charset       Gamar55      zon          sa           infure 2 GtinTune 5 ce 080050
Chasit          Coveie     zon          sa           intune & GEatune is CE _|_20s0/a0%0
Chewsint       Siowben     zon          sa           intne a CElatune i CE "|_eostrsoso
Chaaint          Tarce     zon          s2           intune a GEintunis Ge _|_2osttoose
Chewsist     Comete 206    zon          70c          intune i GEiatum s ce gosorsoso
Chewolt        Shorado     zore         28.          intune 2 GEatuns o6 rosorsoso
Chvalt          Cdoras     zore         s3           intinei2 CeMtine s oe rosorsoso
Ghsit          Shendo      zo           s3           intune i2 GEmtuns oe _|_Posorsose
Crewoet       Gamare 58    zor          ez           infura i GinTure a ce "|_eosorsos0
Crewoet         Conate     zow          6x           intune i2 GEinTune 5 ce _|_20500050
Gruset         Eomm        ros          ex           infure 2 GEinTune 5 cE 20500060
Chensit          Tarce     zor          ez           infure 2 Ctinture 8 cE 20som0s0
Chaset       Camar 207     ze           e            infue 2 CEinTure o ce _|_ecsor0s0
Charvit      Govete 206    ze           7c           inTure 2 GEinture 5 GE_| 20500050
Chaoit         Siveraco    zoo          com          intune a GEintune i GE _|_2os0rsoso
Chewoit        Sizerado    zm           sa           intune a CEmtun s Ge "|_zosorsoso
Charoiet      Ganaro55     Esn          sa.          intune o GEintun s o6 "|—2osersos0
Chavrslet       Coate      zor          s2           intune a GEintunis ce gosorsoso
Chevalt        Eomm        zors         62           intune i CEmrunis ce aosorsoso
Chsit            Tance     zos          6x           infune iGEintuna is ce "|_e0son0s0
CGrevdet     Gamare 207    zo           7ou          infi GGinture s ce 2050050
Crwaet       Comete 206    zo           To           inture i GEintune 5 ce _|_eusol0s0
Chmset         Smemdo      zo           450          ‘nlune i GEntune 5 ce "|_eusols0s0
Chenset        Swendo      zow          s5.          jnfune 2 GElatune 9 ce eosonos0
Choit         Cinars 56    zow          ex           ‘alune 2 GElature 5 o _|_eosooso
Chaoit          Conete     zon          sz           intune 2 GEinTune GE 2050500
Chewsit        59 Sedon    zow          e            intune 2 GEmTune 2 GE "|_i2os0ra0s0
                             eetosront— mostsumes—o—70

                                     Exhibit a

  wae          wooe       Yoar         enome               ProsuctName            PartNumber
Croet         Siamin      zove          sa           Tatine 2 Cotwe 5 ce          ooo
Chaoet          Tarce     Zove          ea           intunei CElaTine o ce _|     20s00%0
Chewoet     Gamaro 22e    Tove          70.          intune i GEmmiune 5 ce       eosorsoso
Chewait     Gimere 21     To            To           intire it CEnture a ce       eosoisos©
Chenset     Comene 208    zoe           To           inture i CEmTure s ce        20soia0s0
Chewset       Smendo     Estic          ce           inture i CEimture 5 ce       205015060
Chevolet     Camar 55    zsns           sa           intune 2 GEmtune s ce        gosorcose
Chewsit        Conete    zerene         sa           intune i2 GEmTine a CE       rosorooso
Chevolt       Shondo     Zerene         e            intine i2 GElatine s oE      rosorooco
Chesiet       5o Sedan   zorsne         eac          intune i2 GElaTune a ce      gosorooso
Chenisit      Stwnan     zesns          sa           inture i2 CElatine a ce      eosoraos0
Chevsin         Tarce    Zeisne         ea           intune i CElatuee o ce _|    2060060
Chevsiet    Camere 22e   zowns          zo.          intune i CEjaTune s ce       eosorsoso
Ghevisiet   Camare 201   zowne          To           inture it CEmTure 9 cE       eosois0s0
Chevet      Comete 206   zons           To           intue i CEinture is ce       205015060
  uc            Sera      Toee          «80          intune a CEmtune GE           eosorooso
  ouc            Sars     Tose          sac          intune i2 GEmPuni ce          rosoraoso
  ue             com      Zo0o          as           intune i2 GEmTine s oE        rosorooso
  uc            Yiien     Zoco          «sn          intine 2 CEarune o oE         eosorsos0
  Guc            Sora     z000          sa.          intine 2 Gemmture o Ge        eosoroco
  ue            Yuien     200           sa.          intune i2 CElatune a ce       aosoroos0
  uc          Yaenkt      Zoco          s5           intine i CEWmTure o ce        20soisos0
  cuc            Sera     zo            aso          intunei CEimture 5 cE         205012060
  ue            Yuien     2w            ast          inture i2 CEmTune i ce        eosoisoso
  auc            Sere     Z1            s5.          infure iCEinture i ce         20509080
  ue            Yuion     zo            s5.           intune 2 GEmtine o GE        rosorooso
  oue         YuorXt      201            sa           intune i2 GEmTuns ce         posorooso
  uc             Sora     2oz           c             intine 2 CEmmTine o oE       rosorooso
  Guc           Yuion     Eim           aso           intine 2 Geinture a Ge       eosooc0
  uc             Sere     2s            s5            intune i CElatune ce         eosorsos0
  uc            Viien     Toz            es           intune a CElature o cE       20505060
  cuc         Yuenxt      2ooz           sa.          intune i CElatune is ce      eosorsoso
  ue             Sere     zow           45            intune i CEinture i cE       205019050
  auc           Yigen     zow           aso           intune i GElnture is ce      20505060
  ETe            Sora     zons           s            infune 2 GEintune is ce      osoroose
   ue           Yiken     zo0            s            inTune i2 CEin s CE          aosorooso
   uc         Yoenx       2ooo           s5           intune a CEintine s ce _|    rosorooso
   uc            Sora     Znos           «s           intune a Celntune s GE       rosoraoso
   uc            Viien    Zmor           a8           intune a CElntune s ce       eosoraoso
   uc            Sere     Zror           s            intune a CElature i CE       20s0060
   uc            Yiien    Zor            s5           intune CElnture 5 CE         206012060
   ouc        Yuenxt      Zwor           s5           intune i CElnTune is ce      e0soisos0
   ue            Sera     Zms            45           inTune i GEinture is ce      20505050
   ouc           Yien      Zoos          «s           inTone 2 GEinture is ce      205015060
   ue            Sra       zoos          sa           intune a CEintuneis Ge       rosorsoso
   oue           Yuken     200           sa           inTune a GEintinis ce        osoraose
   uc         YoenXt       2005          s5           intune a CEintin s ce        aosorooso
   uc            Sora      zu0s          «80          intune a CElatune s cE       2osbrso%0
   uc            Yuien     200           «8.          intune a GEiatine i ce       eostraoso
   ue            Sare      2e            s5           inTune a CElatune is cE      eos060
   ouc           Yuien     ame           e5           intune CElnture 8 cE         20sDi2060
   ue          Yuen‘t      2e            s5           intune a GEimture is ce      eosoia060
   ue            Sere      mor           45.          inture i CEinture is ce      eosois0s0
   ue            Sere      Zoor          sa           wnTure 2 GElntune is ce       205013060
   uc          Yuenkt      Zoor          ce           intune i2 GEmtune is ce       205012060
   uc            Sora      20e           «80          ‘ntune 2 GEimtune is ce       aosorsos0
   uc           Canjon     zo0           s5.          wntire 2 CElmtuneis ce        eosore050
                             omsossont —moseamimer—0—70

                                    sxhibit A

  wake        wooeu       Your        enome               ProsuctName         PariNumber
  avc          Sere       zon          ex          intire s Glaturea or        _|_aosoroose
  cuc        Yaeaxt       200          sa          wntine 2 GEmtune s o6       rosorsoso
  auc          Sera       zov          480         watune CEtune i cE          rosoroose
  ouc         Ganen       zow          es          ita GEintwe n ce            _|_aosorose
  ouc          Sera       zo0          s5          intune 2 CElntue is cE      _|_zosGo%0
  uc         Yaenxt       zow          sa          intune a CEinture i CE      _|_zosoraose
  cuc          Sora       zow          «e          intune a CElature a ce      _|_zosoraose
  ue          Ginyon      z0           s3          intune a GElature a o5      "|_zosorsoso
  uc           Sera       zo           s5          intuni2 CErine s oe         osorsoso
  cuc          Yiren      zor          ea          intuni CEtine a oE          aosorsoto
  aue        Yueat        zoro         ez          wnture is GEetine a ce      aosorsoto
  ue           Sera       En           48.         inture 2 GEaTune is GE      _|_2osorso%o
  Euo         Camen       zon          s5          inture i CEeTwne i CE       _irosoraoso
  Ela          Sera       To           s3          iatune a CEletwne 8 CE      _irosoraose
  uc          Yiken       zou          ea.         intune a GElatune 8 ce      _|_eosoraose
  ouc        YueaXt       zon          sa.         intune a GElatune s ce      _|_zosoreo%o
  cuc          Sora       zore         z8.         intune a CElntine a ce      _|_zosorsoso
  ouc         Ganyon      zor          s5          intune i CEMmrine a ce      aosorsoto
  cue          Sera       zore         e5          inture i GEmtune 3 o6       "|_aosorsoso
  auc         Yaien       zo           x           inture i2 CETine s ce       aosorsoso
  cuc        Yaerkt       zo           x           wnture is CETine a CE       _|_aosoraoso
  uc           Sera       zs           48.         inTune 2 GEmntune 8 CE      |_osor5o%0
  auc          Sera       zou          s5          intune 2 CElatune is GE     "|_itosor30%0
  cuc         Yiken       zo           ce          intune a CElaTine 8 CE      _irosoraose
  cuc        Yueaxt       zors         cem         intune a GEintune m ce      _|_osoraoso
  uc           Sra        zow          a50         intune a CEmmtune s ce      zosoraoo
  cuc          Sra        zow          sa          intune a Celntine s ce      _aosorsoto
  ouc         Yuiee       zo           x           inture i2 Célnture 5 ce     "|_20%ot0%0
  ouc        Yuenxt       To           on          ‘atue i CeimTure s ce       _|_eosbisoso
  cuc          Sera      zons          45.         inture iCElntune a CE       _|_aosorsoso
  auc          Sera      zorsns        6x          inture i2 CEintune 9 CE     "|_os0i300
  ouc         Yilen      Zmiens        x           inTure a CEintine 8 CE      _osoraoo
  cuc        Yueax       amiens        ce          inture 2 GElatine e Ge      eosorsoro
 Himmer         hs        zoos         ea          intune 2 CEintine s GE      "|_iro50(30%0
 Hurmmer        ie        zo0          ce          intune a CEintune s CE      _irosoraoo
 Homener        s         2oo          sa          intwe© CEinture is ce       _|_eosoroto
 Hommer         i2        Foa          6x          inture 2 CEinture s ce      _|_aosoiooso
 Pootse        aro        Zmor         sn          infuee i CETure 9 ce        _|_eosoranso
 Postac    Gan pror       Zms          s5          ‘atue 2 Ceinture a ce       _|_aosoroco
 Posiae    Gand pore      aros         s5          inture iz GEintune 2 Ge     "|_eosorstso
 Posise    Gant PxGi®     2oor         sa          inTure i2 CEintune Ge       *|_eosoraoso
 Poniae    Gan picGx®     20e          sa          intune iCEintine 2 cE       |_eosoraoro
 Poniae    Gand picoxe    Eoa          sa          intune 2 GEintune Ge        |_rosordo%o
   foo       Mistang      zon          an          intwe i CEinture is ce      _|_eosoroso
   Fod       Mistang      zore         in          intune a CEinture i ce     _|_rosorose
   Fod       wistang      zors         sn          intune i CEatue is ce      _|_2osta0%0
   foo       Hostng       Ein          sn          intuee 2 CETure 6 ce        _|_eostraoto
Chwast        Tarce       2007         480         ‘atue 2 CEmrure o ce        _|_aosorsoso
Chawoet      Suvein       2007         es          inture is Geatune a Ge _|_aostrsoso
Chvoin        Tare        2007         sa          ‘atunei2 Gemtune a ce       posorsoco
Churoie       Tarce       2oos         48.         iiture i2 CEintune a e      |_eosorsoso
Chenoit      Siowban      20e          sat         iiTune i2 CEinTane s GE    "|_eosordtso
Chereiet      Tarce       ame          sac         intwxe 2 CEinture is cE    rosorsoso
Charoet       Tarce       2mo          ce          ntune a CElntwei cE        _|_irosorsoce
Chewaet      Suwben       2me          sa          intune a CElatuxe is CE    _|_2o5000%0
Crevoet       Toree       200          sa          intuxe 2 CEaTure s cE      _|_2os0ra0%0
Croit         Tatce       200          48          intune 2 CEmrune o ce      zosorsoo

                                 Exhibit A

  wse      wooet      Yeoar        enone               ProductName          PartNumber
Crewaet     Tarse     zon           ce           mlred CBurmance |_eomeo
  oc      Yuenkt      zoor          s5           infune iGElaTune is ce 205012050
  ouc     Yuenxt      zoo           s3           infure i2 GElnture is ce e0sorsos0
  ue      Yuenxt      zow           s            inture i Gintune 5 ce 20501050
 Cmpser      ao       Zows          35           infure i2 GeimTune s ce e0sois050
 Cher        zo       zo0           s5           inture i2 GEmTune o6 eosos0
 Ciser       300      2007          25.          inture i2 GETune a cE rosoroso
 Emom      Swomrg     2oo           an           intine 2 GEatine o ce rosoroso
 Chnser      30       200           $5.          inture is GEmtin is o6 eosotoso
 Emom      Scomrg     2oo           i5           intune 2 GEaTne is ce rosotaos0
 Ghser     Em         zus           an           inture iz GEimtune i o6 eosonoso
 Cinir       30       2000          35           ‘nfure 2 GEintuna is ce _|_20som050
 Giser     Scomg      200           Ec           infure 2 GEinture i ce _|_eosoros0
 Ghqper    Sebing     io            in           inture i2 GEinture 5 ce _|_eoso0s0
 Chyper      300      zo            s            infure 2 GinTure 5 cE 205010050
 Chser     Serg       o             is           infure i2 CElnTne i CE _aostsos0
 Ghyser      2o       zon           se           inTure a GEintune i CE eosaioose
 Chsier      se       zon           ce           intune i GEiatune is cE _|_eosbi0s0
 Ghyser      ao       zon           sn           inTure i CEintune is cE _|_eosot0s0
 Ghysir      z00      zow           Ece          wnTure i CEimtune is ce _|_eosoraos0
 Ghysir      zo       Eun           se           inTure 2 GEintuna is ce _|_eosotsoso
 Chyslr      300      zor           sn           inTure i GEintune is ce 205012050
 Chpier      300      zo            sa            intune 2 CEmTun is cE _|_aosorsose
 Chywer      200      Tos            se           inTune a GEintune is Ge "|_2osotoos0
 Chower      300      zow            se           intune a GEintunis o6 "|_2os0r00%0
 Stwer       0o       To             sn           intune 2 GElntunis cE _|_osormoso
 Cher        3co       zo           san           intine CEmrine a ce_| aosorsoco
 Chser       200       zow           se           intune a GEatune i o6 2oso0s0
 Chyser      swo       zow           se           intune i CElatwe a ce _|_eosol0s0
 Ghyser      Ea        zow           sre          intune a GBNatune s ce _|_eosooso
 Chser       30        zow           sac          intune i GEaTune s ce 2050050
  Doige    Wapum       zons          35.          intune i CEaTune a ce _|_eosot0s0
  Doige    buraege     Beos          an           inture i GEinture a ce _|_eosoonso
  Dedge    Crarger     zo0           35.          infune i2 GEfmTune 5 ce 2050050
  Geige    Chaiger     2me           is           infure i2 CEmTune o ce _|_atsorc0s0
  Dooge    Magnim      200           s            inture i GeimTune 5 ce 2080050
  boige    Duringe     2s            anc          infune i GEinTure o CE 205010050
  Doige    Chaiger     aor           35.          intune i2 GETine a ce _|_zosoraoso
  Doige    Magwum      Eu            sa           intune 2 GEmtne is o6 "|_eosomoso
  Doige    Durargo     zeor          ane          intune i2 GETn is ce_|_zosonos0
  Doige    Avenger     2os           an           intini2 GEte is ce _|_rosonoso
  Doige    Avenger     zoo           25.          intine 2 GElatwne is ce rosoraoso
  boige    Charger     zo0           35           intureiz GEimtuna is ce "|_2osomoso
  boige    Magoim      zo0           35.          inture i2 GEintune is ce _|_eoson050
  Soige     Daiot      zo0           an           inture 2 GEinTune is ce _|_eosor20s0
  Doige    Duiarge     zon           an           inture i2 GEinTune is ce "|_20sou050
  boige    Avenger     zo0           an           infure 2 GinTura is ce 205012050
  Daige    Avenger     20e           5            infure 2 GEinTure in ce _|_adsore050
  Deige   Gratenger    2me           35           ‘nfure 2 CEimtune is o€_|_atsors0s0
  Deive   Gratenger    ame           s            inTure a GEintune is ce _|_eosorsoso
  Doige    Gharger     2s            s5.          inTune i GEintune is cE 205012050
  Doige     Dakots     2e            an           inTune a CENntune is ce _|_eosorsos0
  Doige    Durange     2me           an           wnTune 2 GEimture is ce _|_e0sora0s0
  Doige    Avenge      zoro          an           inTune 2 GEintuna is ce e0sols050
  Doige    Avenger     zoro          35.          inTune 2 GEinTure i ce 205010050
  Doige   Chaienger    zoro          i5           infune 2 GEinture o cE "|_edsors0s0
  Doige     Crarger    zoro          35.          infune i G6inTure 5 ce a0s015050
                         siaossont — mostaumer—o—20


wwe           wooes        Yor         enome               PoductNane         Porthumber
Doige          ow          zio          an          intuna Comiwace           _|_soene
Doige         Durarge      Eau          ane         intun 2 GEatune s ce      "|_2osoisoso
Doige         Arenge       zon          zen         intuni2 GEtune a o6       "|_eosorsoso
Dodge        Chalenger     zon          se          intune 2 GEmTune s o6     205015000
Goige         Crarger      zon          set         intunei2 GEmTuna s o6     "|_2osorooso
Doige           Ram        zon          se          inture 2 GEmtune a cE     _|_osorsoso
Dodge          Daiois      zou          an          intie 2 CETine a cE       "|_osorooso
Soige           FRam       Eau          an          inTure 2 GElatune i CE    _|_2osarooso
Doige        Chaterge      zon          sn          inTune i GEmtune i cE     _|_eosorsose
Doige         Charyer      zon          sn          intune a GEintune i CE    "|_irosoreoso
voige        Tom 1508      zon          sn          intune a CElatne i GE     "|_irosoreoso
Doige        FRom2500      En           s7e         intune 0 GEintune s oE    _|_eosoraose
Doige        Cralenger     zon          sa          intune 2 GEintum s ce     "|_osorsoso
Dodge         Arenger      zore         sac         intune a GEinTuns 6E      "|_irosorsoso
Doige        Chalanger     zore         2ec         intunei CEMrins Ge        "|_zosarsoso
Doige         Charger      zor          se          intune a GEintuneis oE    _|_2os0rs00
Deige           Ram        zo           se          intune i GEmtun is ce     _|_2osarsoso
Deige           Fam        ze           an          jnfure i GElaTune i ce    "|_eosonos0
Deoge        Chaterger     zor          sn          infwri CEimTure S ce      "|_eosbiaos0
Seage         Crarger      ane          sn          ‘aluee i CmmTune s cE     _|_20soi2060
Deige        Ram tso0      moe          sn          infuee i GEinture a o5    eosoisos0
booge        FRam 200      e            sn          inTure 2 GEiPune o GE     —|_eosorsoso
beive        Ghatenger     2o           san         inTune 2 GEintune a GE    "|_2osoraoo
Doive         Charger      ae           sac         intune a CEintune a GE    "|_rosorsoso
Doige         Avenger      zes          se          intune a CEmrune i 6e     rosoraoso
Dose         Catenger      zo           se          intune a GEintune a GE    "|_i2osor3o%o
Dodge         Charger      zor          c           intune a CEintune i GE    "|_osoraoso
Deige           Rim        zoo          se          intune i GEintuna is o    205000
Dodge           Ram        zon          an          infune i GEntuna is ce    _|_2ostt0%0
Deige        Chaterger     2o           cus         infure i CElaTuxe is ce   "|_eosiaose
Doige         Changer      ams          sn          intuee i CElatune i ce    "|_eostioso
bodge        Ram 1500      aos          sme         ‘alunei GEnTune is ce     _|_20s0ta0%0
Doige        FRam 200      ams          sn          ‘atune 2 GElatune i oE    "|_eostrooso
Doige        Chatanger     mos          san         intureis CEmTune is CE    "|_eosoraoso
boipe         Charge       zoo          san         inTune 2 GEinTune s GE    205013050
Doige         Avenger      2ou          sac         intune 2 CETune a GE      "|_eosor30so
Doige        Chatanger     zow          se          intune 2 CEmTune s CE     *|_eosorsoso
Doige         Charge       zon          se          intune 2 CEmTune o GE     205013050
Doige           Rm         zow          se          inTune a GEntune a CE     eosorsoso
Doige           Ram        2o           an          intune a GEintune i GE    2050600
Doiee        Ghatenger     ron          sn          intune & GEintune i GE    _|_i2os0rsoso
Doige         Charger      zow          sn          intune 2 CElatune i CE    "|_irostraoso
Doige        Ram 100       Fore         s7e         inlune a GElatune i 6E    "|_eosorsose
Dotge        Ram 2500      zo           sn          intune a GEatune i 6E     "|_irosoreoso
Dodge        Chalerger     zo           sa.         intune i CBarine s ce     "|_irosoraoso
Dodge         Chaiger      zor          sa.         ‘nluni GEatunis 6e        "|_2os0rs0%0
 Jeeo     Snd Croies       2005         35.         ‘ature 2 GEatunis 6E      osorsoso
 Jeeo     Gand Charsies    2005         35          watini2 CEarin s ce       aosorsoso
 Jeeo"    Gind Chroiee     zon          se          iiTune i2 CEmTune s CE    205015000
 Jeeo       Wianger J      zon          s           inlure i GEmtune a cE     _|_eosorsoso
 Jeeo     Gand Chersies    zon          sn          inture 2 CEatine a GE     "|_eosoisoso
 Jeeo     Gand Chersiee    moe          36          intune 2 GEintune 9 GE    2050900
 Jeeo       Wirngler 2     zore         se          intune 2 GEintune a GE    "|_20s0r500
 Jeeo    WingeRubicon      zo           se          intune 2 GEintune GE      "|_eosorsoso
 Jeeo     Gand Grarien     zo           sn          intune a CElatune a GE    _iosoisoso
 Jeeo     Gand Crerice     zore         sa          intune 0 GEintune i GE    —|_2os0rsoto
 Jeno     Giand Charokes   zos          5oc         intune a Gtintuni 6e      "|_irosoraoso
                             omecosront— mosnmen—o—70


wse         wovet         Yoar        enome              ProductName          Part Nurber
Sere      Winger          e            se          mtwelECSmtwence |_ersosnd
Jeeo   Wanger Rubesn      To           se          infurei2 GtinTune s ce eosoioso
Jeep    Gand Gremiee      zo           sn          infure 2 GEmmTune o cE 20500050
Jeen    Gand Grerciee     Ein          s           infure i2 GEmTune i CE _|_zosoroso
Jeeo    Giand Greiskeo    zow          ser         inture iz GEmtune s o5 "|_eosonse
Jeeo      Wrargler 2      zow          seu         inture 2 GEatina is ce eosoroso
       WangleRubicon      zow          se          int2 CElaTune is ce _|_rosoroso
        Grand Charice     zow          sn          watine GEinture is ce eosotaos0
Jeeo    Gand Creries      zow          sat         ‘nture 2 GEintuna is ce eosonos0
Jeeo      Wargler J      zons          se          wnture 2 GEintune is ce "|_eosorcos0
       WangleRubiesn     201010        se          wntire 2 GEinture is ce _|_eosoraos0
            Musiang       ose          se          ‘nfune 2 GinTure is ce adsois0s0
            Mustang       ioer         se          intune 2 GElatune is cE _|_zosorooso
fos         Mvang         1ose         Ec          intune a GEintune i oE _|_aosaroose
fod         Mustang       19se         se          infune 2 GElatune is ce eospiaoso
fod         Mosang        zeco         se          infune i CElntune is ce eosoiaoso
fos         Misang        zoo          s           wntune i CEinture i ce _|_eosoraos0
fos         Miming        Eoa          3e          inTune @ GEintune is or _|_eusolaoso
fod         Musiarg       zow          s           inTune i GEintune is ce eusots0s0
ro          mosiang       200          s           infure 2 GEmTure is ce _|_eosonos0
fos         Misting       Zoor         30          inture i GEinture i ce _|_eosorsos0
fou          FRanger      2oor         40.         inTune 2 GEmPuneis oE "|_osoroose
foo          Ranger       20e          40.         inTune i GEmTun a o6 _|_aosorsoso
foo          Ranger       200          «on         intune i CEmrine i oE osorsoso
fod          Ranger       zoro         «0.         intune a GEtun s o6 "|_eosoroose
fod          Ranger       zon          clom        intune i2 GETuna o6 osorcoso
fod           riso        zon           sac        intune a GEintune i oE osooose
fod           riso        zon           sou        intune i GEaTune 5 o6 Posoloso
fos         Muvarg        zou           sou        intune i2 CElnTure a cE rosoros0
fod           Fiso        Eau           sz         inture i GEatune 5 o5 _|_eosonso
fos     Fiso asio SVT     Eau           sa.        intune i GEaTune s ce _|_eosotos0
fod           rso         zon           ce         inture i2 CEmTure a ce _|_aosornos0
fod           riss        zm            sou        intuxe t GEmTure S or _|_eosouso
fos           riso        zoe           sou        infue i2 GElnfure s ce 20501050
            Mostarg       Eid           so.        infure i CEimTune a ce _|_aosoios0
              riso        zow           sa         inture t GinTure 5 ct "|_etsouoso
        FiS0 RaporSVT     Eun           sa         infune i2 GElaTune s ce 205000050
              raso        ame           x          infure i2 CElnTune o CE _|_a0soi2050
              Fiso        zow           soc         intune i GEmtune s o6 _|_osomose
              raso        2o            soc         intune i2 GEmiuni o6 eosoos0
            Mislng        zon           sou         intine i2 GEaTn is ce rosotoso
         Misiang Grsoo    zo            sac         intine i2 GEMTune s ce rosooso
              Fio         zow           s2.         intun2 GEmtune s oE _|_2oso0s0
        FiEoRasioSVT      zons          sac         intune i2 GeTuna is ce _|_eosonos0
              riso        zoo           ce          intune 2 GETune is ce _|_aoson0s0
              riso        To            soc         inture 2 GEimTure is ce _|_eosora0s0
              Fiso         zow          so.         infunei2 GeinTure s ce _|_acsorsos0
            Movarg         zow          sou         infure 2 GEimTure is ce _|_acsoie050
         Husiang C505      zow          sa          inture i2 Geinture i C _|_acsorsoso
              Fiso         zow          sa          infune i2 GEimTure is ce _|_ecsorsoso
        FiSO rapiorSVT     zow          x           infure 2 CEmTuxe o Ce_|_aosore050
              rase         Eau          ex          infure 2 GETnTune is CE _|_aosore050
              rise       zons           soc         infure 2 GEimTune is CE "|_aosorsoso
              rase       zorns          soc         infune 2 GEinTume is GE"|_eosor3050
             8 Seres       2oor         «0.         intune 2 GEinTune is ce "|_eosonoso
             8 Seres       200          con         intine 2 GEimtune is ce _|_2osomos0
             8 Seres       zo0          «0.         intune 2 GEintuna is ce aosotsos0
                            enmosronr— rrocemmer—o—70

                                   Extibit A

  woe         wones     Yesr         enome               PoductName         PorNumber
  wasgs       ceam      zo            c            mti Comiwe s ce _|_eoamoe
  Masis       8 Seres   zon           a0.          intuni2 CEarune o o6 "|_zostrsose
 Caste         crsy     z001          sre          intune 2 GElatune i o6 _|_2os0r50s0
 prom          crsy     200           sre          intune i2 GEmtune a o6 "|_zosorsoso
Chwot       Camare 56   1o08          sn           intue i2 GETune a o6 _|_osorsoso
Chessit    Gimare 220   iss           sn           intine i2 CEmtune a CE "|_aosorsoso
Chenst        Conete    es            sn           ‘nfune 2 GEinTune 5 ce _|_2050050
Chewset     Canare 58   200           sn           ‘nfune 2 CtimTune s cE "|_essorsos0
Chewsit    Ganare 228   20            sn           infure 2 GEinture 8 CE 20501060
Chesint       Covere    2o            en           intue 2 cemTure n ce "|_ecsooso
Cheimiet    Canaro 55   zoo           s7e          ‘alure 2 GEinTune 5 C_|_ 20500050
Chewolt    Game 228     2oo           sn           inTune a GEintune s GE "|_i2os0rGoo
Chewnit       Covete    zon           sn           intune a GEintine is GE "|_irosoraoso
Cheimit    Comete 206   zeor          s7e          intuse a CEmmtun s Ge "|_rrosoraoo
Chewset     Camaro 5$   20            a7e          intune o GEintunis Ge—|_2osoraoso
Chevalt    Cinare 220   200           sn           intune a GEmTunis 6e "|_osoraoo
Chuset        Conete    zeoe          sn           infii CEintune is ce "|_eosomose
Chenet     Covete 206   2e            en           intune i CEnTuna is ce "|_2usttaoso
Chset         Covete    2ms           sn           infure iGElntune is ce "|_eosttaoso
Chaset     Covete 206   Ee            en           intire i CEmTune o ce "|_eostiaoso
Crenset       Coete     2oo           sn           intunei GEmtune s ce _|_eustaos©
Chwost     Coven 206    200           sn           intue it GEntue a ce eosoios©
Craoit        Covete    2005          sac          intine i2 GEture o oe "|_eosoioso
Cheasit       Coete     200           soc          ‘nlune 2 GEmTune s oE _|_2oso0s0
Chwoit        Coete     2oor          soc          wntune 2 GEetune i o6 2osoroos0
Chroit       Cdrade     atos          i7           intine 2 GEtune is o6 _|_eosorsoso
Charsit       Covete    2oo           soc          @aTune 2 GETaTine s oE _|_2os0r90s0
Chenalt      Coerade    200           sn           inTune 2 GEntune is cE _|_2os0rSs0
Chavalt      Cderade    z0o           in           infu a CElntune is CE _|_izosraose
Chmset       Gdordo     zon           sn           inlune GEintune is ce _|_ieosaroose
Chevidet     Casrase    zoe           sn           intune a GEintune i ce _|_i2osorsose
  ouc         Gimon     2e            in           intune a CElatuxe is CE "|_izosoraose
  ue          Gamon     z00           sn           inlune a GEintune i o5 _|_2os0raos0
  uc          Gamon     zo0           sn           intune a GEatune s ce "|_2osorsoso
   cve        Ginon     zom           in           intune 2 CEatuns Ge zosorsoso
   cuc        Ganon     zor           sn           intune o GEintuns oe _|—2os0ra0%0
 Posie        Fvobed    is0e          sie          intun 2 GEatunis oE eosorsoso
 Posise      Trans An   es            sne          lntini2 CEtin s oE aosorsoso
 Posiae       Fiobee    200           sn           inture 2 GEmTune is GE "|_2osorsso
 Ponise      Trans Am   2000          sn           inture 2 GEmtune a CE "|_eosorsose
 Ponise       Frebes    zoo           sn           iiTune 2 GEiTune GE —|_eosorsno
 Posise      Trans An   zo0           sn           1nTune 2 GEitune GE _|_20s0r30%0
 Posiae       Frevia    zece          sn           intune 2 GEintune GE _irosorsoo
 Poniae      Trons An   zes           sn           inTune 2 GEintune s GE —|_osorsose
 Cadie          ars     zon           se           inTune 2 GEintine GE "|_i2osor300
 Cadtse         ors     zoo           2ec          inTune a GEintune a GE "|_irosorsoso
 Cadtsc         Ais     zow           2en          intune a CEmtine s Ge irosorsoso
 Casiec         ors     zo            se           intune a GEintuno GE —|_20%0(90%0
Gremsit      Cocmo      z00           29           intune a GEmtunm s ce "|_eosoraoso
Crewsit      Ccraie     200           Ece          inture i GEintune is ce "|_eosoiso
Charvet      Cvemdo     zoo           28           intune 2 CEintune s ce _|_zus00s0
Charset      Cderado    zon           zo.          intune i GEaTune is cE _|_20s0/s0%0
  ouc         Ganyon    2os           25           ‘nfune i GElaTune i ce"| aosoroose
  uc          Ganyon    zoc           260          ‘atiee i CElature i ce_| eosoioso
  uc          Ganyon    zio           zoc          ‘alune i2 Geatun s ce _|_eosoioso
  uc          Ganyon    zon           29c          inTune i2 GEmTune is Ge "|_eosoratso
   fod        Ranger    zoo           25.          inTune i2 CEitune s GE osor30%0
                          ovetossorr— mosnmamer—o—20

                                  exhibit A

 wwe       wovet       Year         none                 ProsuctName         Parthumber
  roe       Ranger     zor           s            mlneioontwence             |_oeonne
  fos       Ranger     2s            25           infure i2 CEinTune a cE    _|_acsoie0s0
  Fos       Ranger     Zoe           20c          infure i GtinTune 5 C      _|_acsor5050
  foo       Ranger     2o            25.          inTure iz GEmtune s oE     2osotos0
  foo       Ranger     200           sou          inture 2 GEmtin is ce      "|_eosonos0
  ros       Ranger     zo0           25.          intre 2 CEaTune is ce      _|_eosonos0
  fos       Ranger     zoo           soc          wntine 2 GEmtwne is ce     _|_eosor0s0
  rod       Ranger     zou           25           inTure iz GEintune is ce   20503050
  rou       Ranger     zon           soc          inTunei2 GEintuna is ce    adsot3050
 en        8 Seres     Zoor          25           wnture 2 GEintune is ce    "|_adsor30s0
 Nazde     8 Seres     Ec            sac          ‘nfure 2 GEintuna is ce    agsors0s0
 Marde     8 Seres     20e           25.          inTune a GEintun s ce      _|_aosora0%0
 Mazia     & Seres     ame           5oc          intune i CEintine s ce_|   aosoraos0
 oz        8 Seres     zo0           25           intune a GEintune is ce    eosoloso
 Warde     6 Seres     zoc           10c          intune a CElntune i ce     eosolaos0
 Mazge     6 Seres     Eau           250          intune i CEimTure o ce_|   aosorsos0
 Marda     5 Seres     zo            10.          intune a GEimtune is ce    _|_eosolsoso
 Mazda     6 Seres     zon           25           infurnei CEjaTune i ce     _|_eosot0s0
 Maria     6 Sores     zon           a0.          inture i GEmTure s cE      "|_acsoreos0
Chevciet   Case       zomns          10           infure i GEmTure 5 ct      "|_ecsonos0
  cue       Garyon    zons           se           infune i2 GEinture 9 ce    20500050
  e        Fiowa 5T    zons          rar                   Predacr2              To
  rod      FasiaST     zore          rar                   Prodatr®              To
  fod      FesiaST     zo            ol                    Predator®             To
  fod      FsiaSr      zo            Te                    Prodaor®              To:
  fod      Fosi sr     fors          zow                   Prodatr®              To
  fod      Foust       zon           zor                   Prodar®                arn
  fos      Fouis sr    zors          zou                   Preswor®              Tiow
  fos      Foow S      zore          zow                   Preéwor®              Tiow
  co          or       200          sause                  Pressioc?              mo
  ros         or       2o           sacse                  Preduor®               To
   fo       Misiang    zon            in                   Predaor2               row
   fod      Mustang    zor           sn                    Predaroct              To
   fos      Mistang    zoo           in                    Predaor2               Tow
   fos      Mistang    zow           in                    Predacc2               To
   ros      Mistang     ime          sa.                    Preducc®              Tiow
   fos      Mistang     oo           s                      Prodacr®              Tiow
   fos      Mistang     se           sat                    Predaor®              To
   foo      Mastarg     ow           sa.                    Predacc®              To
   fod      Mistang     2000          se                    Predac®               To
   fod      Mistang     zoo           se                    Frodator®             To
   fod      Misiarg     200           sac                   Prodator®             To
   fod      Mistang     2s            se                    Prodairs              To
   fod      Mistang     20e           se                    Prodwor®              To
   fod      Mistang     Zror          560                   Prodaccs              Tow
   fod      Mistang     Zms           49                    Prdsort               Tiow
   fos      Mistang     Zms           10.                   Presuor®              Tiow
   fos      Maang       Zor           20.                   Predaor®              Tiow
   fod      Msarg       zo0           20.                   Preduior®             T
   roo      Mustang     zoc           20.                   Presaoc?              To:
   fos      matang      zoo           20.                   Predaror®             To:
   Fad      Mistang     rses          «80                   Predator2             To
   fed      Musiarg     eer           «s                    Predaror2             mie:
   fed      Mistarg     oo            «s                    Presaort              To:
   fos      Mistang     oso           z6n                   Predaor®              mio:
   fod      Musiarg     zo0           15.                   Prodwcc?              rio:
   fod      Husting     zon           «50                   Predacc®              To:
                          owmostant ~rocewamer—o—7%0


we           wooe       Yewe        enome             PoductName   PartNumber
 en         Wisling     z0e          ze                Pedese         To
 foo        mistang     200          260               Prodaiort      To
 fors       Mustong     200          ce                Prodar®        To:
 fos        Mistarg     2005         «6.               Prodaior®      To:
 foo        Mistang     2005         16.               Prodair®       To:
 ico        Misting     zoor         16.               Predator®      um
 fos        Mastarg     200          16.               Pressor?       To:
 fos        Mastang     2o           48.               Presaror?      Tiow
 foo        Mustang     Eiu          z6.               Predaror®      To
 rod        Mustang     zon          so.               Preduor2       Tow
 fos        Mustang     ie           soc               Predaoc?       row
 fod        Mustang     zm           soc               Prodair®       mow
 fod      Mistang GT    es           zen               Prodar®        To
 rod      MustongGT     z000         «0.               Predawrs       To
 fos      mistirg GT    zo0          «8c               Prodato®       To
 fos      Mistang GT    z00          26.               Prodai®        To
 foo      Misling Gr    zes          46.               Preducc®       T:
 fos      Masting oT    z00          16.               Predaoct       To
 fos      Musting GT    2s           18.               Predaort       To
 fos      Masting GT    zon          «80               Predaor®       Tw
 fos      Mustrg GT     zor          18.               Pressoce       Tow
 fos      Mustirg GT    zo0          18                Presacc?       Tow
 roo      mistangGT     zoce         z80               Predacr®       To
 ros      Mustong GT    zo           a0c               Preducc?       To
 fos      Misting GT    zon          soc               Predacc?       To
 fos      Misting GT    zor          soc               Preducc®       To
 ros      Musing GT     z6           sac               Preducc?       To
 fos      Misung or     zo           sac               Predacc?       To
 fos    MussangG1s00    zoor         sa                Predacr2       To:
 rod    Mustang GTsoo   zes          sac               Prsuoc?        To
 fos    Mustang GTsoo   E0s          sac               Prosuort       To
 fod    Mustang GTsoo   zoo          sac               Preswor®       To
 rod    Wustarg GTsoo   Ean          sac               Presuoce       To
 fos    MistangGTsoo    zore         sac               Prosort        To
 fod    mistangGteoo    zors         sac               Predaor®       To
 fos    Mustang Greoo   zow          sac               Predaors       To
 foo     Shany Grsoo    2007         sa.               Prodacc®       To
 foo     Siem Grsoo     zo0          sa                Preducct       To
 fos     srey arsoo     zo0          sac               Prodacc?       To
 fos     smey arsco     zo           sa                Preducct       Tiow
 rod      Taous S0      rn           sar               Preducr?       Tiow
 fos      Toos sno      m            sar               Produccs       To:
 fos      Taws io       zow          sar               Proswoct       Tiow
 Fod      Tosi0         ze           sar               Predaor®       me:
Tncon        rom        z005         sac               Predaor®       To:
men          marcer     zeor         sa                Posors         To:
wen          maicer     200          sa.               Prosaor®       Ti
Lnean    m Eeopoon      zor          sar               Predaor®       mow
ncon     k Ecotoon      zore         saur              Produoce       To
Treon    S Ecotoon      zus          sar               Producct       mow
Thean    ks Eeobcon     ame          sar               Preducc®       m
 ros        Exnion      ie           com               Predacc?       Te
 fos        Excumicn    zoc          es                Projuccs       Tioe
 rod        Exonion     Zoco         sa.               Producrt       Tios
 en         Exunion     zoo          es                Proswcct       Te
 foo        Excumon     z001         sa                Proswors       Tioe
 fos        Exurson     zo0          sa                Presuor®       tita
                          onsosrort— mostames —o.70


 ez        tmmag                >          se         ons      mes
 cou       mepna                aer        soor       ons      mos
 ind       tmapna               er         rooe       osis     mos
 ce        tmepna           omcs we        sioe    wie morse   mos
 tou       trepna           mremanse       sice    Tecemade    se
 Em        cmeme            isesecss t9+   rice    Tismoge     se
 Em        cmmug            iseosmss To    pa      ie morde    se
 au        zomad                Ty         se       wode       sea
 e         tmerng               ies        mot      neda       se
  iz        comng               Tor        aice      moga      mes
  cz        enerna              y          se        mose      se
  es        ces                 ae>        sooe      moga      ses
  cz        tiomag              ov         sone      moga      se
  en        comad               B          sooe      moga      se
  e         iesns               ier        sooe      moda      se
  au        ciomim              o+         sooe      moda      sea
  w         comng               Toy        a0oe      moge      se
  mu        comme               i+         z00e      roge      se
  m         ciomme              Tor        z00c      moda      sea
  ome       copad               w+         soor      moda      E2
  ce        compng              Tey        soce      megs      mes
  aie       tmapna              o+         se        megs      jes
  t         tmapng              Tor        sooe      es        ses
  m         tmapng              Ter        Evea      meeg      mos
  m         torpna              Tor        soe       moes      m
  m         cmmmmd              Tor        rost      noea      mros
  m         emerna              er         se        meeg      mos
  m         tmepng              Tor        zoo       mogs      mes
  enz       cnepng              Tor        soce      wmoga     se
  m         mepna               Tor        ooo       moga      se
  cour      vmepma              Tor        Em        woge      bea
  Em        mepna               ws          ma      wwinedar   mos
  c         compna              ws         oi       wurede     sos
  en        commg               we         sooe     scupede    mos
  mu        tm                  s          sox      wurate     mes
  mu        Aeuem               Ts         zoo      wursse     pos
  w         cmema               s          se       wupeee     mos
  ai        tomma               Ts         sor      ieupsde    jes
  zow       zomug               io         row      wupsaa     ses
  Em        emmrna              Ts         reoe     wemes      ses
  Em        topng               y          io       veupsde    2
  u         zmepng              Ts         sooe     wapes      mes
  i         cmmmm               Tr         Ee       wares      mes
  mu        cmeime              ae         ce       vesrene    mes
  i         zmm                 wr          ma      wonee      mes
  eour      imepng               is         iooe    dowpsse     pea
  enz       tmepng               Tsr       se       voupsne     mos
  on        imepad               Ts         ooo     vompien     on
  ce        cmepna               1+         seos    vompson     mo
  es        comna                Ts         con     soumee      mos
  com       comna                we         sooe     wame       mos
  en         cmag                o          sooe     wame       mos
  m          commg               Ts         ros      somnse     ses
  au         tmerma              e          reoe     warme      mes
   m         comma               Ts         se       wearsg     sos
   in        comag               we         ie       wosnse     ses
   m         treong              s          e        warnse     cz
mauniueg   surn meols          swous        weon      zoon     som


                                  Exhibit A

MAKE    MODEL    Year               ENGINE             Product Name   Part Nllllbe<

Ford    F150     2005              54L                  Predator 2       7102
Ford    F150     2006              42l                  Predatl)( 2      7102
Ford    F150     2006              4.6L                 Predatl)( 2      7102
Fotd    F150     2006              5.4L                 Predator 2       7102
Ford    F150     2007              4 2L                 Predator 2       7102
Ford    F150     2007              4 6L                 Predator 2       7102
Ford    F150     2007              5.4l                 Predator 2       7102
Ford    F 150    2008              4.2l                 Predator 2       7102
Ford    F150     2008              4.6l                 Predator 2       7102
Ford    F150     2008              5.4L                 Predator 2       7102
Ford    F150     2009              4.6L                 Predator 2       7102
Ford    F150     2009              5.4L                 Predator 2       7102
Ford    F150     2010              4.6L                 Predator 2       7102
Ford    F150     2010              5.4L                 Predator 2       7102
F()(d   F150     2011         3.5L EcoBaast             Predator 2       7102
Ford    F 150    2011              S.OL                 Predator 2       7102
Ford    F150     2011              62l                  Predat()( 2      7102
Fotd    F150     2012         3 SL Eco8aas1             Predat()( 2      7102
Fotd    F 150    2012              S.OL                 Predatl)( 2      7102
f()(d   F150     2012              6 .2l                Predator 2       7102
Ford    F150     2013         3.5L EcoBoost             Predator 2       7102
Ford    F150     2013              S.OL                 Predator 2       7102
Ford    F150     2013              6.2L                 Predator 2       7102
Ford    F150     2014         3.5L EcoBoost             Predator 2       7102
Ford    F150     2014              5.0L                 Predator 2       7102
Ford    F150     2014              6.2L                 Predator 2       7 102
Ford    F150     2015              S.OL                 Predator 2       7102
Ford    F150     2016              S.OL                 Predator 2       7102
Ford    F-150    1999              54L                  Predator 2       7102
Ford    F-150    2000              5.4l                 Predator 2       7102
Ford    F-150    2001              5.4l                 Predator 2       7102
Ford    F-150    2002              5.4L                 Predator 2       7102
Ford    F-150    2003              5 .4L                Predator 2       7102
Ford    F-150    2004              5.4l                 Predator 2       7102
Ford    F-150    2004              4.6L                 Predator 2       7102
Ford    F-150    2004              4.2L                 Predator 2       7102
Ford    F-1 50   2005              5.4L                 Predator 2       7102
Ford    F-150    2005              4.6L                 Predator 2       7102
Ford    F-1 50   2005              4.2L                 Predator 2       7102
Ford    F-150    2006              5.4L                 Predator 2       7102
Ford    F-150    2006              4 .6L                Predator 2       7 102
Ford    F-150    2006              4 .2l                Predator 2       7 102
Ford    F-150    2007              54L                  Predator 2       7102
Ford    F-150    2007              4 .6L                Predator 2       7 102
Ford    F-150    2007              4.2l                 Predator 2       7102
Ford    F-150    2008              5.4 L                Predator 2       71 02
Ford    F-150    2008              4 .6l                Predator 2       7102
Ford    F-150    2008              4 .2l                Predator 2       7102
Fotd    F-150    2009              5.4l                 Predator 2       7102
Ford    F-150    2009              46l                  Predator 2       7102
Ford    F-150    2010              54L                  Predator 2       7102
Ford    F-150    2010              4 .6l                Predator 2       7102
Ford    F-150    2011         3.5L EcoBoost             Predator 2       7102
Ford    F-150    2011              3 7l                 Predator 2       7 102
Ford    F- 150   201 1             5 .0l                Predator 2       7102
Ford    F-150    201 1             62L                  Predator 2       7102
Ford    F-150    2012         3 5L EcoBoost             Predator 2       7102


                    DIABLOSPORT    PROGRAMMER- D-770

  znz      zmapag              we         se                se             se
  Em       pesan               Tor        sooe              o              mos
  Em       compna              Ts         ra                oses           mos
  en       <rmrois             Tev        ic                oc             sos
  en       tss                 es         sece              oes            mos
  Em       Zmevia              Tr         s                 n              sos
  ic       imeriia             Ts         se                oi             pos
  aie      tmermg              Tr         se                wa             ses
  w        trepna              s          rox               ces            se
  en       tmmma               Ts         es                ces            se
  c        Tomma               irs        w                 ces            se
  i        ces                 is         rea               ces            se
  wu       tm                  Ts         o0                oc             m
  cour     ciomand             ies        seos              on             mes
  coue     ciomme              Te+        sooe            Sie ons          en
  m        £ommg               ies        vioe        Te man oora          se
  coud     £osbma              Tte        sioe        wesaem ons           m
  cou      zu504               ies        cioe        —ine—em on           mies
  Em       mapna               ies        riee        insd ons             se
  t        nepna               Ts         oiee        ue memiona           mos
  Em       mapna               Ts         rice         »ne midea onna      mes
  e         ziesns             Ts         tice         momsre—m            mea
  t         <meraig            Te         aice         insroidea osia      mos
  ie        imeraig            Tee         tioe        1e dn osia          mes
  ie        tmerng        mmepeee we      rose          Seminonca          pos
  ie        tmepng        mbeasis io      eoce          Ermtarem           pos
  c         tmepna        setimemans is   —|_con        Seadbonca          s
  au        toepna        smtenins is      rea          Bounoncs           sos
  wu        iesns         retmemins irs   _|_o0         Sumosts            se
  mu        comme         retwadre is     —|_sser       sommosrs           se
  wl        comme               s         aioe       vermnea Toven org     |_nea
  Em        Eomm                ies       soor       vermnea faven oor—a   |_nou
  Em        cmevna              is         s00e—|    somnea feveonra       |_med
  coud      ind                 Ts         ioos      sorneg fave oni4       mea
  tou       2mamng              Ts         sooe|     vormnea faven osi—1~|—mes
  zou       inapna        mtapene e        _|_ioe    vommea femionis        |_hed
  c         peson         setmamins ts     —|_case   vewnea fevmosica       es
  e         tmrra               we         sose      omneo Teoora           mea
  t         imerna              Ts         sooe      voremea fmveiosi—s     |—mes
  ic        imerng              Tr         se               m               mes
  wie       tmeng               Tr         w                asis            mes
  aie       imeag               er          roa             ce              mos
  cm        tmepna              Ter        cce              cica            mes
   un       tnmna               wr         seer             cits            mos
   m        cimand              Ts         sice             ons             mos
   w        ciorsng             Ts         sice             ass             mos
   w        imrsng              s          vioe             o               mos
   coud     comad               Te         rice             o5              sos
   Em       cmm             esn e          rice             ons             mos
   cou      tmmmg               ies        vice             ow              se
   cou      pecem               ies        tioe             am              mes
   tou      cnepna              Ts         tioe             osiss           se
   zue       zmeag              ie         tice             osis            mes
   ic        imera          weosma se       rie             ces             se
   ic        <mereg             ies         zie             ces             mea
   wir       Zmevns             Ts          zie             cirs            se
   Em        imerag             ie          tice            asra            sns
wountuea   suenmpoy           swous         weon            woon           snm


                       ora—wanmmsow — moesowne
  cz       ©ompag               To           sose   Axa wins one4     mes
  Em       tmepna              s            soce    Iazame ooea       sia
  w        tmepna              o            sone     Srazeans ces     mos
  wu       topna               Ts           rose    frazsms oc        mos
  w        emepna              To           rove    |—Arazsme oca     mos
  i        tomng               Ts           Eoo     —|—fram@ecsea     mos
  Em       cmd                 s            ts      Sro es oca        mos
  zi       tommg               e            ze      ~|fampooes        Bs
  m        tmemg               Ts           zu0e    fra mds ceea      sos
  Em       comad               Te           iooe    Mno wire cea      mes
  to       enerma              Ts           inoe    —|—Anaume ooea    mea
  ioi      cmmng               Ts           aeoe    Nea mains ooca    sos
  ce       emesma              Te           aene    fnaisins oses     se
  Em       Bacem               To           seo.    mazsms ooea       se
  zi       cmpng               Ts           sest    Inazsins osea     se
  cous     imerng              Teo         ausioe   fmazeme oses      sioa
  c        Halam               Ts           rice    Argons osea       mos
  Em       cmapmg              Tes          sice    framae ooca       mos
  c        2mmng               Ts           tice     wa zes oea       mos
  w        rerng               Te           rioe    Tra wire ooca     mos
  tz       imepng              To           oioe    |—Rrawere osea    mes
  cr       ¢mpng               Ts           sn      To wirs coca      mos
  mu       ©mmmg               s            sox     Aro wire oca      mos
  zu.      tmepns              Ts           e       Ina ie coca       se
  zon      trerns              Ts           sooe    tina mtre ce      se
  t        tomas               Ts           in      ~|—framne es      mea
  em       ces                 Ts           zo0e    To mis osca       se
  Em       irermia             Trs          seor    _|—fmazsine ce    se
  Em       Zrmng               Ts           seor    Tra mss osca      se
  cm       tomng               Ts           sooe    mazms oses        mos
  Em       csmm                To           sooe    Iramms oc         siea
  cour     commg               Ts           rooe    Ana ons osca      mos
  zou      comag               To           rove    frawms oo         sw
  en       <maa                ws           soce     ira mie oca      mos
  Em       nsm                 Te           sove    Tma ie oo         mos
  ue       zmm                 Ts           zons    fna wore ooca     Em
  ce       2merng              B            zons    Tra mire ooca     s
  enz      <meing              e            iooe    To ame ooea       s
  ie       Zmming              To           m       Tamme ces         moa
  iz       cmmpns              Ts           one     No mire oaca      pos
  ane      tmming              Te           cce     —|—fnaimine cea   se
  Em       imeim               Ts           ses.    Tazmme wsea       sea
  in       emmng               Ts           seo.    Tra is osca       sea
  m        tmesns              Ts           sice          ds          se
  Em       crmaid              Ts           sice          ces         mes
  Em       ind                 Tes          rice          ces         se
  m        tomag               Ts           rice          ases        ss
  cour     iommg               ies          sice          ases        mes
  coud     cmmag               Ts           sioe          ases        mioa
  cm       commg               eo           cioe          ases        mou
  am       immag               Ts           cioe          asea        mos
  Em       Zmmong              ie           rioe          ase         mes
  zol      zomm                Ts           sioe          a           mos
  tie      cmmag               Ts           oice          aes         mos
  ane      £mmpns              Tr           oi            we          wos
  ie       <mmrmg              s            sw            e           pos
  Em       <meimg              Tor          soxe          ies         mos
»oumvea   summimmors          swous         won          Toon         um


mae          wooes           Year        enone             ProductName    Par Number
rod      TS Suve buy         zs           sa                 Padece          ree
fos      7—360 Super buy     Zoor         sa                 Producrt        Tez
fos      360 Super buy       zeor         sa                 Preéatoc®       miee
fos      F350 Super Duy      zo0          sa                 Predact         Te
fos      7350 Suver Day      zo0          sa.                Predatoct       Tee
 fo      1350 Suve Baty      200s         sac                Predaor2        mee
 foo     T—350 Super Duny    200          sac                Prodato®        Te
 fod     T—350 Suver Duy     z0o          sac                Predaiors       Tce
 foo     iso Soper bay       zon          sa                 Predaor®        Toe
 fod     1—50 Super boy      zow          sa                 Prodator®       To
 fod     F—350 Siper Duy     zoo          ea                 Predars         To
 foo     7—350 Siper Day     Fan          sn                 Preduor®        Tioe
 fos     350 Super puy      zons          sn                 Predaor®        Te
 fod         Ranger          foso         40                 PresaocZ        Tice
 fo          Ranger          ieso         sac                Presac®         Te
 fos         Ranger          zoc          40                 Predact         Te
 fos         Ranger          Eoa          sou                Fresor2         Te
 fos         Ranger          zo           40                 Predoc?         Te
 fos         Ranger          zoo          sou                Predaict        Te
 fos         Ranger          ame          40                 Predaccs        Te
 Fod         Ranger          2s           s                  Predacct         miee
 fod         Ranger          ams          10.                Preducrs         Tice
 fod         Ranger          ams           sac               Proéaor®         Fice
 fod          Ranger         zo           10.                Predaccs         Tiee
 fod          Ranger         zoo           soc               Preduors         Tice
 fod          Ranger         zo0s         «on                 Prodato®        uira
 fod          Ranger         ze0s          soc                Predato®        Tice
 fod          Ranger         zons         40.                 Prodatr®        mee
 fod          Ranger                       soc                Prodator®       Fice
 fod          Ranger         zeor         40                  Predait         Tiee
 fos          Ranger                       20c                Producrt        Te
 fos          Ranger                       250                Producc®        Tice
 fod          Ranger                      49c                 Preduccs        Te
 ros          Ranger                       20.                Preducrt        Tiee
 fos          Range                        250                Pedact          Te
 re           Ranger                       10.                Preéacct        mee
 roc          Ranger                       soc                Predaccs        Tioe
 fed         Ranger                        250                Predaor®        moe
 fod         Ranger          Eau           «0.                Prodato2        Te
 rod         Ranger          Zoro          soc                Predaiot        Tce
 fos         Ranger          zor           25                 Predator®       moe
 fod         Ranger          zon           Z3                 Prodato®        To
 roo         Ranger          zon           soc                Predairs        Te
 ros         Ranger          zon           i0                 Prodaor®        Te
Tncon       Bacwess          Eca           sac                Prodsit         Te
Tncain      Blasmoss         zo0           sac                Predwort        mee
Tncain       warcer                        sa                 Preduor®        Tice
tnesin       Worktt          zeor          sa                 PresaocZ        mc
Tnean       Nevgais          es            sac                PresaiocZ       Te
trean       Navigais                       s                  Predatoce       Te
Trcon       Navgaic          zoo           sa                 Fressor2        Tice
Tncon       Nevgair          zo            sa                 Predstor2       Te
Tncon       Navga            Foa           sa                 Predair#        uira
trcon       Navgae           zoo           sac                Predwors        Te
tncan        Navgmr          Zo0s          sac                Prosaor®        Te
Tean         Nevgater        Zze0s         sac                Prodacc®        uira
Tincon       Navgter         zo07          sa                 Preduort        mice


  ware       wooet       Year        enome            ProsuctName   Por Number
  Trca      Navpaer      zoo          sa                ressort        Te
  Tnea      Navgar       2000         sac               Prosuort       mce
  Tnean     Navier       200          sac               Predwor®       ree
  Hazia     a Seres      Zoor         40.               Presuor®       mc
  Mares     8 Seres      zoo          soc               Presors        mc
  Marsa     8 Seres      2005         40.               Prodaic®       mee
  Maria     8 Seres      2ms          se                Preducrs       Te
  Mara                   Eo           i0                Preducc?       ia
  Wasss                  zce          20.               Producrt       Tiee
  Massa                  aoor         +0                Profucct       Tiee
  Masda                  Eu           200               Predairt       Te
  Mess                   zo0          «0.               Prodaccs       Tiee
  Mards                  200          sc                Prodacrs       Tiee
  Mazds     8 Seres      2000         10.               Prodwor®       tita
  tozn      8 Seres      200          se                Prodators      Tice
  Mazds                  z00          10.               Prodatr®       Te
  Mizio                  zo0          se                Prodator®      ita
 wereiy                  iess         10.               Predsor®       mee
 Weraiy                  z000         10.              Predator?       Tiee
 Merciy                  201          a%               Predarcc?       Tiee
 Werciy                  Eoa          z0.               Preduio®       Te
 Mersiy    Neunaneer     zes          10.               Pedcr?         ira
 NHerewy   Nountanee:    z00.         z0.               Prodacrt       Te
 Hercay    Nountanee:    200          zo.               Prodai®        To
 morciy    Nountaneer    Zo0s         «0.               Prodator®      Tioe
 Merouy    Nountanee:    zoor         10c               Prodato®       Te
 Hercoy    Wountameer    200          10.               Prodaior®      Te
 wercoy    Nouaie        Zoos         40c              Presaoce        Tiee
 Mereuy    Nownaineer    zmo          10.              Prosatoct       Te
 Castae       ars        zo         2o Tute            Predaor®        Tan
 Cadie        Ars        Ein        20. tute           Pressoc?        Ts
 Casise       ars       zons        20tube             Predur®         Tan
 Casie        ers        fors       200 tuse           Peducc®         Tav
 Casie        ers        zo         20cture            Prodacc®        Tan
 Cadtse       ors       zorsns      200 tuse           Preducc®        Tan
 Cadtee      mevi        zoo          sn               Prducc?         Tan
 Gasie       ersy        200          sn                Prodace?       Tan
 Casise      crsy        zo0         sniss              Produe?        Tan
 Gaize       crsy        zow         sniss             Predacr?        en
 Gasise      crsy        zor          sx               Prodacct        Tan
 Cadie       crsy        20           h                Preduor®        Tam
 Cadise      crsy        zo           ex               Pressoct        n
 Caie        crsy        zon          ez               Prosaoct        Tam
 Cagise      ersy        zore         sa               Preswor®        Tam
 Catitse     crsy        zors         sa               Predwor®        Tam
 Gadie       mevi        fow          sa.              Prswors         Tam
 Gadie       crsy       zons          ce               Podwcr®         Tam
Chewale    Ganare 56     iose         sn               Predaor®        am
Chevat     Ginars 56     zo0          sn               Peduoc®         Tan
Gresit     Canase        zoo          sn               Produccs        Tao
Creivit    Ganare 56     z00          sn               Preducr®        am
Charvet    Gamare 56     zo           x                Prdacc?         n
Cravit     Canao 56      zon          sx               Prodwcct        Ts
Chnit      Ganare 56     zore         sz               Predaort        To
Chemsin    Cinare 56     for          ex               Predacct        Tam
Cheimit    Ginare 5s     zo           ei               Proswors        Tam
Chewsist   Cinare s     zorsne        sac              Predaio®        es
                           onsiossort— mostames 070

                                           Exhibit A

 MAKE         MODEL          Year            ENGINE                 Product Name   Part NL.ITlber

Chevrolet    Camaro Z28      1999              5.7L                  Predator 2        7201
Chevrolet    CamaroZ28       2000              5.7L                  Predator 2        7201
Chevrolet    CamaroZ28       2001              5.7L                  Predator 2        7201
Chevrolet    CamaroZ28       2002              5.7L                  Predator 2        7201
Chevrolet    Camaro Z28      2014              7.0L                  Predator 2        7201
Chevrolet    Camaro Z28     2015/16            7.0L                  Predator2         7201
Chevrolet    CamaroZL1       20 12             6.2L                  Pred<ltor 2       7201
Chevrolet    CamaroZL1       2013              6.2L                  Pred<ltor 2       7201
Chevrolet    CamaroZL1       2014              6 2L                  Pred<ltor 2       7201
Chevrolet    CamaroZL1      2015116            6.2L                  Pred<ltor 2       7201
Chevrolet    Camaro ZL1      2012               7.0L                 Predator 2        7201
Chevrolet    Camaro ZL1      2013               7.0L                 Predator 2        7201
Chevrolet    Camaro ZL 1     2014               7.0L                 Predator 2        7201
Chevrolet    Camaro ZL1     2015116             7.0L                 Predator 2        7201
Chevrolet      Corvette       1999              5.7L                 Predator 2        7201
Chevrolet      Corvette      2000               5.7L                 Predator 2        7201
Chevrolet      Corvette      2001               5.7L                 Predator 2        7201
Chevrolet      Corvette      2002               5 7L                 Predator 2        7201
Chevrolet      Corvette      2003               5 7L                 Pred<ltor 2       7201
Chevrolet      Corvette      2004               5 7L                 Pred<ltor 2       7201
Chevrolet      Corvette      2005               6.0L                 Pred<ltor 2       7201
Chevrolet      Corvette      2006               60L                  Predator 2        7201
Chevrolet      Corvette       2007              SOL                  Predator 2        7201
Chevrolet      Corvette       2008              6.0L                 Predator 2        7201
Chevrolet      Corvette      2008               6.2L                 Predator 2        7201
Chevrolet      Corvette       2009              62L                  Predator 2        7201
Chevrolet      Corvette      2010               6 2L                 Predator 2        7201
Chevrolet      Corvette       201 1             62L                  Predator 2        7201
Chevrolet      Corvette       2012              62L                  Predator 2        7201
Chevrolet      Corvette       2013              62L                  Pred<ltor 2       7201
Chevrolet      Corvette       2014              62L                  Pred<ltor 2       7201
Chevrolet      Corvette     2015116             62L                  Pred<ltor 2       7201
Chevrolet      Corvette       2016              6 2.L                Pred<ltor 2       7201
Chevrolet    Corvette Z06     2001              5.7L                 Predator 2        7201
Chevrolet    Corvettezoe      2002              5.7L                 Predator 2        7201
Chevrolet    Corvette Z06     2003              5.7L                 Predator 2        7201
Chevrolet    Corvettezoe      2004              5.7L                 Predator 2         7201
Chevrolet    Corvette Z06   2015116           6.2L SC                Predator 2        7201
Chevrolet    Corvette Z06     2016            6.2L SC                Predator 2         7201
Chevrolet    Corvette Z06     2006              7.0L                 Predator 2        7201
Chevrolet    Corvette Z06     2007              70L                  Predator 2         7201
Chevrolet    Corvelle Z06     2006              7.0L                 Pred<ltor 2        7201
Chevrolet    Corvette Z06     2009              7.01.                Pred<ltor2         7201
Chevrolet    Corvette Z06     2010              7.0L                 Predator 2         7201
Chevrolet    Corvette Z06     2011              7.0L                 Predator 2         7201
Chevrolet    Corvette Z06     2012              7.0L                 Predator 2         7201
Chevrolet    Corvette Z06     2013              7.0L                 Predator 2         7201
Chevrolet    Corvette Z06     2014              7.0L                 Predator 2         7201
 Chevrolet   Corvette Z06   2015116             7.0L                 Predator 2         7201
 Chevrolet   Corvette Z06     20 16             7.0L                 Predator 2         7201
 Chevrolet   Corvettezoe      2001              5.7L                 Predator 2         7201
 Chevrolet   Corvettezoe      2002              5.7L                 Predator 2         7201
 Chevrolet   Corvettezoe      2003              5.7L                 Predator 2         7201
 Chevrolet   Corvettezoe      2004              5.7L                  Predator 2        7201
 Chevrolet   Corvettezoe      2006              7.0L                  Predator 2        7201
 Chevrolet   Corvette Z06     2007              7.0L                  Predator 2        7201
 Chevrolet   Corvette Z06     2008              7.0L                  Predator 2        7201


                                OIABLOSPQRT - PROGRAMMER - 0 -770

                                    Exhibit A

  nae           wooet       Yoar      enome          ProsuctName   Par Number
en          Conmtezr        zo0        x               Pesuor®        Tam
Chset       Comene zm       200        aa              Prodalor®      Tan
Grerst      Gonate ani      zou        sa.             Prodacc®       es
Chenst      Govete on       zor        s               Preducct       Tas
Chevsiet    Comete 2i       zo         sa              Preducrt       Tan
Greveie          Cuze       zon        rar             Podaccs        Tao
Chenge:          Cuze       zore       racr            Prodacrt       Tam
Chvoet           Cuze       Eun        rar             Predwort       Tam
Chvoet           Cize       zore       rar             Prodaor®       Tam
Creoet           Cure      zons        rar             Prosaiot       Tam
Chenst        Tmpa56        200        55.            Pressor2        Tam
Chensit       ingaisss      zoor       s5             Predator2       Tan
Chersist      woss s        2oo        55.            Predaor®        To
Chensit       ingain s      zoc        65             Predacc?        Tam
Chevalst   Nn Gare 55       zo0        s3             Predacc?        fem
Chevialt   NMom Gare 55     z007       s5              Prodaior®      tem
Chevalet   HMonGare 55      200        55              Prodator®      tem
Creroet    Nonis Gate SS    200        sa              Prodarot       To
CGrenst          Sone       ze         rar            Predator2       Tam
Cheisit          Soae       zon        rar            PresstorZ       Tam
Charset          Sone       zou        rar            Prossioct       Tan
Chesit           Sone      Eacio       o              Presacc2        Tam
Chevisie      SS Seam       zow        er             Predacc?        To
Cheveie       SS Sedan      zors       eac            Pedacc®         Tao
Emem          5SSedan       zore       ez             Predacc?        Tao
 Foriac         Froora      oo         sn             Padacc®         io
 Foniae         Freord      2000       sn             Prdacc?         Tas
 Posise         Frend       z001       sn             Predacct        Te
 Postac         Freore      zon        sn             Predac®         Tan
 Porise           se        ams        60.            Projuioct       Tam
 Posise           c3        zo0        soc            Presoc®         Tan
 Poniae           E3        zoo        sa             Presaor®        Tan
 Penine           ss        z00        sz             Prodacct        Tan
 Poriac         ceer        z00        sou            Predacc?        Tao
 Fotac          ceer        zow        sou            Predacc?        Tam
 Fonise    Gurd peeG®       2005       s3             Producct        es
 Posise    GardPmo®         zo         s5             Predacct        Tam
 Posiac    Gand pecor®      Zoor       s5             Proéacc®        Tam
 Poniee    Gand Preox®      2s         s3             Projucct        T
 Ponise    Gand Prcox®      zo0        sa             Preswor2        Tan
 Poniae          cro        zoo        sn             Predaor®        Tam
 Poatae          ero        zons       soc            Prosacct        To:
 Ponise          sro        200        soc            Presaort        Ta
 Pontse       Trans Am      ose        cvin           Prodaor®        Te
 Ponies       Trans Am      200        sn             Prodaioct       en
 Postse       Trans Am      zon        sn             Preducct        Tam
 Postsc       Trans Am      zoo        sn             Prodaic®        Tam
  Boex          Encow       zoo        rar            Prodwct         Tam
  Buk           Encow       zow        rar            Prodator®       Tace
  Bs            Ecsw       zons        rar            Prodare 2       Tace
  Buc.     LaGiowe Siper    zo0        sac            Prodator®       ace
  Bua:          Ranier      zecs       sa             Predator®       Tace
  Bva:          Ranier      zoo        sa.            Presstor?       To
 Gadtee        Excaoce      Eu         ce             Predaioce       7ace
 Gaslse        Excance      20         sa             Predacc2        7ice
 Cadiic        Excace       2s         s3             Proda?          en
 Cadiic        Escatade     zoo        sa             Prodacr®        Te
                             pnsosort— mostwms—om0

                                       Exhibit A

 MAKE        MODEL       Year            ENGINE                 Product Name   Part Number

Cadillac    Escalade     2005              5.3L                  Predator 2       7202
Cadillac    Escalade     2006              5.3L                  Predator 2       7202
Cadillac    Escalade     1999              5.7L                  Predator 2       7202
Cadillac    Escalade     2000              5.7L                  Predator 2       7202
Cadillac    Escalade     2001              6.0L                  Predator 2       7202
Cadillac    Escalade     2002              6.0L                  Predator 2       7202
Cadillac    Escalade     2003              6.0L                  Predator 2       7202
Cadillac    Escalade     2004              6.0L                  Predator 2       7202
Cadillac    Escalade     2005              6.0L                  Predator 2       7202
Cadillac    Escalade     2006              6.0L                  Predator 2       7202
Cadillac    Escalade     2007              6.2L                  Predator 2       7202
Cadillac    Escalade     2008              6.2L                  Predator 2       7202
Cadillac    Escalade     2009              6.2L                  Predator 2       7202
Cadillac    Escalade     2010              6.2L                  Predator 2       7202
Cadillac    Escalade     201 1             6.2L                  Predator 2       7202
Cadillac    Escalade     2012              6.2L                  Predator 2       7202
Cadillac    Escalade     2013              6.2L                  Predator 2       7202
Cadillac    Escalade     2014              6.2L                  Predator 2       7202
Cadillac    Escalade    2015116            6.2L                  Predator 2       7202
Chevrolet   Avalanche    1999              5.3L                  Predator 2       7202
Chevrolet   Avalanche    2000              5.3L                  Predator 2       7202
Chevrolet   Avalanche    2001              5.3L                  Predator 2       7202
Chevrolet   Avalanche    2002              5.3L                  Predator 2       7202
Chevrolet   Avalanche    2003              5.3L                  Predator 2       7202
Chevrolet   Avalanche    2004              5.3L                  Predator 2       7202
Chevrolet   Avalanche     2005             5.3L                  Predator 2       7202
Chevrolet   Avalanche    2006              5.3L                  Predator 2       7202
Chevrolet   Avalanche    2007              5.3L                  Predator 2       7202
Chevrolet   Avalanche    2008              5.3L                  Predator 2       7202
Chevrolet   Avalanche     2009             5.3L                  Predator 2       7202
Chevrolet   Avalanche     2010             5.3L                  Predator 2       7202
Chevrolet   Avalanche     201 1            5.3L                  Predator 2       7202
Chevrolet   Avalanche     2012             5.3L                  Predator 2       7202
Chevrolet   Avalanche     2013             5.3L                  Predator 2       7202
Chevrolet   Avalanche    1999              6.0L                  Predator 2       7202
Chevrolet   Avalanche     2000             6.0L                  Predator 2       7202
Chevrolet   Avalanche     2001             6.0L                  Predator 2       7202
Chevrolet   Avalanche     2002             6.0L                  Predator 2       7202
Chevrolet   Avalanche     2003             6.0L                  Predator 2       7202
Chevrolet   Avalanche     2004             6.0L                  Predator 2       7202
Chevrolet   Avalanche     2005             6.0L                  Predator 2       7202
Chevrolet   Avalanche     2006             6.0L                  Predator 2       7202
Chevrolet   Avalanche     2007             6.0L                  Predator 2       7202
Chevrolet   Avalanche     2008             6.0L                  Predator 2       7202
Chevrolet   Avalanche     2009             6.0L                  Predator 2       7202
Chevrolet   Avalanche     2010             6.0L                  Predator 2       7202
Chevrolet   Avalanche     1999             7.4L                  Predator 2       7202
Chevrolet   Avalanche     2000             7.4L                  Predator 2       7202
Chevrolet   Avalanche     2001             8.1 L                 Predator 2       7202
Chevrolet   Avalanche     2002             8.1 L                 Predator2        7202
Chevrolet   Avalanche     2003             8. 1L                 Predator 2       7202
Chevrolet   Avalanche     2004             8.1 L                 Predator 2       7202
Chevrolet   Avalanche     2005             8.1 L                 Predator 2       7202
Chevrolet   Avalanche     2006             8.1L                  Predator 2       7202
Chevrolet   Avalanche     2007             8.1 L                 Predator 2       7202
Chevrolet     Blazer      1999             5.0L                  Predator 2       7202
Chevrolet     Blazer      2000             5.0L                  Predator 2       7202


                            OIABLOSPOR'r - PROGRAMMER- 0 -770

                                Bxhioit A

  wike      monet     Year        snome           Product Name   PorNumber
Een         Bz        wee          sn               Pesure          e
Chewaet     Slazer    2mo          sn               Predaor®        Taw
Chvoet     Cacaie     Zme          2s               Prdars          Te
Chuset     Cscrate    200          2e               Prosaort        Tam
Chenset    Cocraie    200          290              Predwor®        Tace
Chewoet    Coctais    zon          250              Presaors        Tace
Chwoet     Cocraic   zons          5e               Presators       Tace
Chusit     Corae      z0e          sa               Prosaor®        7ace
Choie      Coere      z00e         am               Preswors        Tace
Chioin     Coraie     2000         sn               Presaor?        Tace
Chavoin    Corae      2o           Exn              Prosaors        7ace
Cheie      Cocradc    zon          in               Predaoc®        Te
Chasie     Coerade    z0s          in               Preducr®        Tace
Chevaist   Corade     Zme          s                Predaors        Tace
Thevelst   Cdrade     2e           s5               Preducc®        Te
Tharsie    Cderae     z00          55               Predaccs        Te
Chewdet    Coerate    Eau          s                Predaort        Te
Cherait    Cdrads     zo           ce               Prodacc         Tam
Chale      Shendo     zow          45               Preducr®        Te
Chevale    Shoudo    zns           45.              Predatrs        Ti
Chewaot    Sheado     oo           450              Predators       Tam
Chmset     Shendo     2000         a8               Predwort        Ts
Chvoet     Shomdo     z001         a5.              Predators       Tss
Chwoet     Sheado     2000         aa0              Prodators       Te
Chuoet     Shomdo     200          c                Prodator®       Tess
Chwoet     Shendo     zoo          c                Prodator2       Tace
Choet      Sverado    Zo0s         as0              Presators       e
Choie      Sheindo    200          c                Predator®       Taoe
Chenoit    Steindo    Zeor         a8.              Presaor?        Tace
Chaoie     Shendo     Zoos         con              Predator®       Tace
Cherit     Smeinco    200          a8.              Predaor2        e
Chemsie    Sheindo    zoo          a8               Presaor?        Tace
Cheeie     Smerace    En           «80              Predarore       T
Chersiet   Sheads     ze           ce               Preducr®        Tase
Cheaie     Shonds     zo           48               Preduor2        Tase
Chvaiet    Sheado     wmee         55               Predwors        Te
Chvsit     Sheado     zo0          s                Preducc®        Te
Chvaie     Shoudo     zo0          s5               Predaor?        Tace
Chevaet    Sheado     200          s5               Predacc®        Tace
Chusiet    Shend      z005         55.              Paduccs         Tace
Chevoet    Shoudo     zu0.         s5               Predaors        Tace
Chwaet     Shendo     2005         s5               Predacc®        Tas
Chwoet     Shemdo     200          §5.              Peduor®         Tw
Chewoet    Sheido     zoor         s5               Pedacrs         Tw
Chanoet    Sherado    200          s5               Predacc®        Tac
Chevole    Sheindo    zoo          s5.              Pedaors         Te
Chesint    Sheindo    zow          s5               Prodacc?        Taw
Cheoit     Sherndo    zon          s5               Predwcr®        Tw
Chersit    Smeinco    zow          s5               Predaor®        Tam
Chemin     Smende     zow          sa               Prodaic®        Tam
Chmoie     Smead      zow          s5               Predwor®        Te
Chmoie     Smeace     zow          65               Predaor®        Tace
Chvaie     Sheud      2o           eo.              Presaors        Tace
Chevein    Sheado     Eoi          eoc              Proswor®        Te
Chaot      Sheado     2002         so.              Presaor®        zce
Chuset     Shendo     200          so.              Presaors        Tace
Chevoet    Shondo     2000         soo              Prsaors         7ace
                        cverosonr— mosnmmer—070

                                             Exhibit A

    MAKE    MODEL           Year               ENGINE                 Product Name   Part Number

                            2009                 6.0L                                   7202
                            201 1                6.0L                         '2        7202
                            2011                                              r2        7202

                            2                     >.2L                                  7:
                            2011                                              '2        7202
                                 112                !L                                  7202
                                 )13                !L                                  7202
                                 )14                !L                                  7202
                                                    !L                                  7202
                            2016                 6.2L                                   7202
                            2000                  1.1L                        r2        7202
c                                                 Ill                                    '202
                                  ts                1L
                            2006                 8.1L                                   7202
                   •1500    2016                 4. l L                                 7202
Ct                 '1                            4
                   '1                            4
(                  11                             4
(                   1500                          4
                    1500    2• D2                 4,6L                                   7202
                   '1500    2003                  4. 1L                        •2        7202
           ilverado 1500    200                   4. 1l                                   '202
           ilverado 1!      2005                  4 , IL
                   ' 1!     2006                  4. 1L
                   ' 1!     2007                  4. 1L
                   '1 500   20()8                 4.6L                                   7202
                   ' t oc   2009                  4.ll                         r2
                   ' 1'                           4. ll
                   ' 1'                           4. ll
                   ·1                             4. ll
                     1501                         4.8L
                   '1500    1999                  5.3L                                   7202
                   '1500    2000                                                         7202
                   •1       2001
                    1!            )5                ll                                   7202
                    1500    2• t06                53L                                    7202
                   •1500    2007                       IL                      c2        7202
                   '1500    2006                       IL                      r2        72 2
                   '1500    2009                       IL
                   '1            )1(                   IL
                   '1            )1'                   IL
                   '1            )1:                   IL
                     1!          )1:                  •.3L


                                   DIABLOSPQRT - PROGRAM MER- 0.770


  wee              mooe           Year           enome             Posucthime   Parthumber
Chamaet       Shoud 1500          n               ce                Padast         Te
Cheimiet      Siveraio 1500       zs              sa                Preducr2       Tace
Gharit        Siverado 1500       en              so.               Predaor2       tea
Chanit        swetade 1500        zoo             e                 Prodaior®      en
Chnlt         smataso 1500        Em              crom              Prodator®      Tace
Charoit       Sivetaio 1500       we              sou               Presaor2       2e
Cheaoet       |__Siverad 1500     e               sou               Predator2      Taw
Charoet       |__Siveraio 1500    zoo             e                 Predacca       Te
Chamoit       |__Sivemdo 1500     zo              sou               Predacce       Te
Cheimt        Sivemdo 1800        zoo             sc                Predacc2       Ts
Cheiriet      |__Siverado 1600    2oor            soc               Predai®        Te
Chewroiet     |__Siverido 1500    2005            soc               Predacr®       Tas
Cheimiet      Siverado 1500       zoo             eac               Preducr2       Tase
Cheimit       Siverado 100        zon             cem               Preducc2       Tase
Chewoie       Siverado 1500       zow             cre               Prodato®       teva
Cheoiet       |__swardo 1500      o               ea                Prodwor®       Tase
Chaoit        smetado 1500        zo              sx                Prdaore        Te
Cherit        |___Stverade 1500  20156            ex                PredaorZ       e
Chert         |___Sevemso 1500    zo              s                 Prssore        Te
Churoot |—Smerace 1500 X°E__|_    2009            s3                Presuore       Te
Cruoet |_Sterado 1800 x7E         _|_2010         sa.               Presaoc?       Te
Crevrost |_Smerado 1500 x9E       _|_20t1         550               Presoct        Tess
Chevmt |_Sterado 1500 x9E         _|_20re         s5                Predur®        Tess
Chirmiet |_Shedo 15007E           2013            s3                Predacc?       220
Cheoit Sieraco 2500 H0            1009            soc               Predacc®       Tas
Cheimit |—sveraco 2500 HO—|       2000            soc               Preduct        Tess
Cheiroet |—Sierado 2500 N0        2001            sc                Preducc?       Te
Cheait Serado 2500 h0             2002            60                Preducc?       Tac
Chewroit Streado 2500 h0          2003            c                 Preduor®       Tacs
Cheirdet |—Siverado 2500 h0       2004            s«                Preducc?       Tw
Cheuroit |_smerado 2500 h0        _|_2000         6«                Preducc2       teva
Churet |_sermio 2s00n0_|_2000                     e«                Proucrt        ea
Chuoet      |—smerade 2s00H0—|_2oft               e«                Preduor2       Tw
Crevret     |_Serado 25000        2012            Cmm               Predacct       Tae
Chevrst     smerado 2500 H0—|     20fs            sac               Presworz       Taee
Chevrnt     Siverace 2500 H0—|_20re               sac               Presaoc?       ten
Crevrt      |_Siveraco 2500 H0—|  2006            sac               Preswor®       Tace
Chevrit     |—siverade 2500 N0    —|_200e         sac               Preswor®       es
Charoit |_Sivemdo 2500 HD         2007            sou               Predsort       T20
Chardiet |_Stvemdo 2500 h5        |_2008          sou               Preducr®       Tez
Chardit     |—Sivemdo 25005       1089            Ta                Preducc®       Tw
Charmiet Stvedo 2600 hD           |_2000          Ta                Preducr®       Ts
Chardiet    |_Stvedo 2500 10—     |_2001          enc               Preducr®       Te
Chrsiet     |—Sivendo 25000       2002            an                Predcr®        Ts
Gharmit     Siveado 2500 ho       2005            enc               Prodacr®       Tase
Ghevt       |—Siverada 2500 h0    2oot            sit               Predators      To
Chevnt[     Siverade 2500 0|      200s            sit               Prodaro s      Tas
Crevront|_Siverado 2500 0|        _200é           sic               Prodaio2       reva
Charoet Siveaso 2600h5            |_2007          ait               Prsaore        Tess
Charnit       Svemdo 300          Toso            crom              Presaoce       teva
Cheroit       Shrado 3500         zo              sou               Prdsor?        Tess
Charmiet      Siverado 3500       zoo             sou               Predore        Tace
Chardiet      Stvaraco 3%00       ze              sc                PreduorZ       Ts
Charniet      Sivarade 2500       zo              sou               Predoc?        Ts
Ghevalet      |_Sived 9500        zoo             eoc               Predaor2       en
Cneaet        |__Smvemdo 3500     zoo             soc               Predars        ies
Crvost        Smemdo 3500         zon             sou               Predar?        aco
                                      exsiosrorr— mosesimer—o—r0

                                       Extibit a

  wae          wovet        Yesr         snome             ProduatNane    Partumber
Grevser     Sanse ssto      ze            s                  Prsscce         Te
Ghevsiet    Siverndo 3500   zo            so.                Predr?          Tam
Chewalt     Sivrace 600     zow           sn                 Presaort        Tw
Chevelt     Stveraco se00   Zos           son                Prosaors        Tav
Cheviset    Shverndo 9500   ame           crom               Preducrs        Tawe
Chevalt     Siverado s500   Eou           sor                Prodaor®        Teoe
Chevolnt    Siveraco 2500   zoo           so.                Predacrs        teva
Emm         Sverado 2500    1900          7ac                Predaccs        To
Chevalet    Siverado 2500   Zoco          Tac                Padaccs         Taoe
Chevalnt    Siveraco 2500   zoo1          e                  Preducrs        7ace
Cheviin     Sverado 2500    zove          en                 Frodator®       Taoz
Chesin      Sverado 3500    zons          ic                 Prodatrs        To
Grevelnt    Serado 3600     2ooe          aic                Predators       Tave
Chevset     Siverado 3500   2s            xm                 Predart         Te
Chewoet     Smerade se00    zns           enc                Prodator®       Tw
Chevoet     Smerado 3600    Eou           en                 Pedsors         Tace
Chevoet      Sheado 5s      Teo           s                  Preducr®        en
Chewsit      Sheads se      2o            e                  Predator®       Te
Cheisit      Shvemde se     Eou           60.                Predaor?        Te
Chevsit      Sverado So     2o            60.                Predaror®       Tace
Chemint      Sorndo SS      am            o                  Predaor?        Taw
Chsit        Shendo So      Zoor          60                 Predor2         Taw
Choit        Shvedo So      Zoos          soo                Presaors        Taw
Chwoin       Shomdo So      2000          eo.                Preduor®        Te
Chwoit       Shendo S       2007          son                Prodaor®        To
Chsiet       Shedo So       20e           soo                Prodaors        Troe
Cheoint        Sumwban      zie           «5c                Predacr®        Tass
Chsit          Sutwban      reee           sa                Predaoc®        To
Chawsiet       Sumwben      200            sxc               Predac®         Tace
Chensit        Sumween      zoo            s5                Preducc?        Tess
Chewsin        Suwean       ze             e5                Prdacc2         Tez
Chersint       Scwnin       To             es                Predarec?       Taw
Chesin         Suwben       Zmox           s5                Predacr?        Tace
Chersiet       Siwbin       zo             es                Fredwcr2        Tave
Chersiet       Suwein       ho             s5                 Preduccs       Te
 Chevit        Suzwean      Zoor           s5.                Prodacc®       To
 Chevolt       Suzwean      Zoos           esn                Prdaccs        Tace
 Cheveint      Suwean       2000           sac                Predacrs        Tace
 Chewiet       Suagran      2mo            sa                 Predaor?        7Tace
 Chevolt       Susiman      zow            s5                 Prdaore         7as
 Chevalet      Susaran      zore           sa                 Prodators       Tace
 Chevolt       Suurman      zo             s3                 Presators       Tace
 Cheisit       Susoman      To             s3                 Prodwor®        Tz
 Chvset        Sizumin      To             sa                 Prodator®       e
 Chwoet        Suran         1oeo          e7e                Preswors        Tao
 Chset         Suswmen       z000          sn                 Preduor®        T
 Chewset       Suzwrn        1oee          son                Predaor®        To
 Chwoet        Surorven      Zovo          eo.                Predaors        Tao
 Chewoit       Summn         zoo           eo.                Preduers        Te
 Cheisit       Suwren        zoc           sn                 Predacc2        Te
 Chemit        Surormen      Eou           eon                Predaor2        Te
 Chirit        Surn          Zoor          eo.                Preducrs        Tw
 Chesint       Sumten        2s            son                Predcr2         Tace
 Choie         Susamen       Zoos          eon                Predaor 2       Taw
 Chevoie       Sumomen       Zor           eoc                Predaors        To
 Chamoin       Sussmen       ams           soo                Predaors        To
 Chesit        Suwrban       zoo           son                Prodaor®        Tz0
                               onswossort— mosmmma—o.770

                                 sxhibit A

  wake       wooe      Year        enome             Prosuct Name   PartNumber
Chavait     Suwmin     zo           soc                Pesuor®         Te
Chemoit     Suwrmin    2or          ea                 Presaor®        Taoe
Choint      Ermm       anos         sa                 Prosaors        en
Chevelst    Suoumin    ame          sa.                Predaor®        T20
Cheveiet    Suowrin    zo           eac                Predaor#        Taw
Chewalt     Suxman     Eau          ce                 Predaor#        en
Chevalst    Sioaten    me           ex                 Predaers        Tac
Cevat       Suwben     aos          e                  Preducr®        Tace
Crenset     Erm=       To           ex                 Predaor?        Tw
Creniset    Sutwben   zons          ex                 Predairs        Tace
Crwast      Sutwben    zo           e                  Prodaict        Tace
Chuset      Suwben     se           Ta                 Prodaort        7ace
Chset       Suwmen     2000         Ti                 Prodator®       Tace
Chsit       Sutwoen    z001         oc                 Prodars         Tice
Chowait     Suuman     200          it                 Prodair®        ice
Choit       emmn       2ooo         ic                 Prodator®       ace
Choit       Suuman     200          aic                Predaors        7ace
Chersit     Suzwren    zes          en                 Predator®       Tioa
Chersiet    Suuran     zen          cxim               Predaor2        ace
Chersin     Suzwrn     zeor         en                 Proswers        Tioe
Cheveiet    Suzwran    Zeos         en                 Preduor®        Te
Chevain     Sumen      zoc          en                 Pedaor®         To
Chvaet      Suen       zoo          aic                Pesers          Taoe
Chvont       Tane      zo6          +3                 Predacrs        Tace
Chvset       Tarce     ies          c                  Predaor®        Tace
Chvoet       Tarce     2000         «e                 Predacrs        Tawe
Chvoet       Tae       zo           z8                 Predacc®        Taee
Ghewslt      Tarce     zow          c                  Predacc?        Tw
Chewoit      Tarce     zow          «5                 Padaccs         Taw
Chewsit      Tarce     zoo          «50                Preducct        Taw
Cheirsiet    Tance     ams          a50                Preduort        Tace
Chewsit      Tarce     Te           @50                Prdacrs         Tave
Chewsint     Tatse     mor          «50                Predwort        7Tace
Cheimit      Tarce     ame          as                 Prodaor®        Tace
Cheait       Tarce     2000         as0                Prosaiors       Tace
Chawein      Tirce     Eau          w0                 Prodator2       Tace
Chewsist     Tirce     zon          c                  Prosators       Tace
Chewaist     Tahse     19e          sat                Prodatr®        7ace
Grenset      Tarce     Eou          es                 Predaor2        7ace
Cheviat      Tarce     2o           s5                 Predaors        Taoe
Chevaet      Tarce     ae           65                 Predaror®       Tio
Crenet       Tarce     m            65                 Predaor2        ie
Cheset       Tarce     To           #5                 Prdccs          ea
Chost        Tarce     zoo          65                 Predor®         Te
Chwoet       Tarce     Zoos         s3                 Preduor?        To
Chamoit      Tarce     Znor         sa                 Prodaors        Taoe
Chamoit      Tarce     200s         s5                 Prodacr®        T20
Chsin        Taice     2oo          sat                Prodair2        e
Chveie       Tarce     zo           sa                 Prdaccs         e
Chevale      Tarse     zon          s5                 Prdacrs         72w
Chersiet     Taree     zor          §5.                Preducc?        Taw
Cherelst     Tarce     n            s3                 Predacct        Tw
Chenset      Tace      zow          s5                 Producct        Tam
Cevaet       Tace      zow          s5                 Predaort        Tace
Chvaet       Tarce     mee          sn                 Predaiors       Tace
Chset        Tarce     2000         sn                 Prodwors        Tam
Chwoet       Tarce     zom          sa                 Predaor®        7ace
                        omeroseont~mosmanmer—0 770


 woe          wovet         Yer         enome             Prosucttame    PartNumber
Crenset        Taree        m            x                 Peduer           Te
Ghevsiet       Tarce        ams          sn                Preducr2         Tw
Cheviiet       Tance        zo           x                  Preduert        Te
Chewaet        Tance       Zowns         sa                 Predaors        e
Chewait        Tance        aoe          h                  Prodace®        Tao
Chst        Tarce xre       Eo           sac                Predacrs        Tace
Cheslt      Tarcexre        zoro         sa                 Predacrs        Tss
Chvolt      Tarce ce        zon          sa                 Prodac?         7ace
Chsit       Tarce xre       zore         sa                 Pdacrs          To
Een         Tarce xre       zors         sa                 Predators       7ace
Chavoin      Taiazer        zooo         s5                 Frodator®       Taos
Ghesint      Taiazer        zoo          ea.                Prodatrs        tea
esn          Trabiacer      zon          s3                 Predatrt        Tace
Crevcie    Taibiazer s      zoc          eon                Prodatrt        Tace
Chset      Traibiazer SS    Eou          so.                Prodatrs        Tace
Chevdet    Trabiazer so     Zme          so.                Preduces        e
  uc          Garyon        Te           26                 Prodator®       To
  ce          Gamyon        2o           25                 Preéucc®        To
  ue          Garyon        zo           2s                 Produtor®       Te
  uc          Garyon        zon          2w                 Predator®       Tam
  ue          Garyon       zouns         se                 Prdaor?         7i
  auc         Gimjon        zo           se                 Predaors        Tace
  uc          Ganyon        zo0          i7                 Predaor2        Tace
  cuc         Ganyon        zoo          in                 Prodatr2        Taw
  cuc         Ganyon        zoro         an                 Presators       To
  cuc         Ginyon        zo           an                 Prodaor®        Taoe
  uc          Garyon        zore         a7e                Prodaor®        Taee
  cvo         Garyon        200          s5                 Presaors        To
  cuc         Ginyon        2000         s5                 Presaers        Tess
  uc          Ganyon        zo           65                 Predacc®        Te
  uc          Garyon        Eau          s3                 Predaor?        Tao
  uc          Gamen         zore          ce                Preducrs        geva
  uc           Genal        Eou          x                  Preducr2        Te
  uc           Deral        Te           6x                 Preducrs         Tam
  uc            Devai       ame          on                 Predarcr2        Tav
  ouc           berai       zoro         6x                 Fredaor?         Taw
  uc            Devai       zon          6x                 Predarora        Te
  uc            Derai       zor          x                  Prodaor®         Te
  cuc           Gerai       zors          sz                Predaers         2
  uc            Envoy       200           s5                Predacrs         Taos
  uc            En          2004          s3                Predacc®         Taoe
  Guc           Sora        Zore          450               Prodaoc®         To
  uc            Sora       zorns          a5.               Predacr2         7ace
  uc            Sers        ooo           a80               Predarr®         Tace
  uc            Sera        2000          48                Predace2         7ace
  uc            Sera        zoo           «s                Preduce2         7a
  uc            Sera        20e           «s                Preducc?         ic
  ouc           Sere        ame           a5                Predaces         Te
  ouc           Sera        ame           «50               Predac?          Tme
  aiic          Sera        Ts            is                 Predwrs         To
   ove          Sera        Zm            as                 Predut          7ice
   ue           Sera        Zor           «s                 Prodacc®        Tam
   ue           Sera        zons          480                Prodater®       7am
   ue           Sere        zo0           ie                 Prdaors         tea
   uc           Sera        zoro          4s                 Predaor®        Tace
   uc           Sere        zo            ce                 Pedaor?         Tas
   Ghc          Sera        zore          «s                 Prodator®       7z
                              omatwseont — mocnmen—o—20


wue      wooes      You           snome             Product Name   PatNumber
uc        Sarm      zo5            a                  Peduor®         tea
uc        Siera      isee          saz                Predator®       7ace
uc        Siora     z000           sc                 Prosator 2      Tave
Ghc       Sore      zoo1           sat                Prosators       Tace
ouc       Sora      2000           sa                 Prodaor®        Tam
Guc       Sera      zow            sat                Predaor2        Taw
uc        Sere      zoo            esc                Predacr?        Taw
ue        Sera      z00            s5                 Predarcra       Tam
ENo       Sare      2ms            s5                 Predacc2        Taw
uc        Sera      zor            65                 Predwcr?        Taw
cuc       Sera      zoo            es                 Prodaiors       Tace
ouc       Sara      200            s5                 Prodart         Te
uc        Sra       zoro           55                 Prodwor2        Tace
uc        Siera     zon            s3                 Prodatr2        Tace
cuc       Siora     zore           s5                 Prodatrs        Tace
ue        Siore     zors           s5                 Prodatr®        7ice
uc        Sera      zore           s5                 Predator2       7ace
cuc       Sera      2o             sa                 Predator2       Tice
uc        Sera      200            cra                Prodatoct       Te
oue       Sers      zon            so.                Preducr2        Te
ue        Sera      ame            son                Predaor2        Taoe
Eo        Sara      aos            soc                Predacrs        Tace
cuc       Sera      20e            s0c                Preducc2        Te
cuc       Sira      zeos           soc                Predacc?        Taoe
uc        Sire      zoc            co                 Predaces        Taoe
ue        Siere     zoor           sou                Predacc2        To
ue        Siera     zo0            sou                Prodator®       Tace
uc       Sora       2oo            sou                Pedaors         Tw
ove       Sra       2oo            o                  Predator?       Te
cuc       Sera      zon            o                  Predaor2        Tw
ciic      Sera      zns            s                  Prssor®         Tav
ouc       Sena      ams            s                  Predwor®        Te
cve       Sera      ame            sot                Prssor®         Tac
cvc       Sare      2000           sz                 Proswor®        Tice
cuc       com       200            sa.                Predaor®        ic
cuc       Sare      zon            ce                 Prosaors        Tace
cuc       Siars     z0e            sa                 Produor®        Tas
cuc       Sira      zor            sa.                Predaor®        Tac
cuc      Sora       To             6x                 Predacrs        Tace
uc       Sora       mm             x                  Producct        Tam
ouc      Sere       ams            sn                 Preducr2        Tam
Eo       Sera       Zo             an                 Predaor®        Tioe
oue      Sore       z0             aic                Preducct        To
cue      Sere       z00e           ic                 Preduor®        To
cue       Sera      zoo            sc                 Prodator®       Tace
cuc       Sore      Znos           ic                 Prosators       Tace
cuc       Sars      2005           sit                Prodwor®        Tae
cuc       Sis       2005           sc                 Presaor2        Tace
cuc    Sia 100      Zoos           45                 Prosatr2        Tace
uc     Sora 1500    1900           «8                 Predaror2       Tss
uc     Sera 1500    Z0             «8.                Predior2        Tace
auc    Siera 1600   zoo            «8.                Predacr?        Tioe
auc    Sera ts00    2e             a8.                Predircr®       Te
Gic    Sere 1500    zoo            «8.                Preduce?        Tw
auc    Sera 1600    zoo            48.                Preduces        Ti
ouc    Sara 1500    200            a8.                Predair?        To
ahc    Sere 1500    Zo0s           as.                Prodators       Te
                       owesosrort— mosenumen—o 20

                                  Exhibit A

s         wooet        Year         snome             Prosucttame    PartNumber
ce      Sera en        zo            zm                 Pasesds         Te
ETo     Siona 1600     ame           i8                 Preducc?        Tave
uc      Siora 1500     zo0           «8                 Predaort        Tess
ue      Siera 1500     zoro          c                  Prdacrs         To
uc      Siera 150      zon           48                 Predacc®        To
uc      Siera te00     zore          20                 Predaoc?        To
auc     Siora 1e00     zors          zen                Prodator®       Tace
auc     Siora 1s00     es            sa                 Prodatrs        Tace
cuc     Siera teoo     2000          s3                 Predwors        Ta0
uc      Siena 1e00     zoo           sa                 Prodaor®        tee
cuc     Siora 1600     20e           s3                 Prosaor®        Taoe
uc      Siera 1500     Zmos          es                 Presaors        Te
uc      Siera te00     Zoor          s5                 Preduor®        To
cuc     Sera 1500      Zms           sa                 Predaor®        Taw
uc      Sere 1500      ame           sa                 Preders         Te
uc      Sera 1500      Zoor          sa.                Predaor?        Tam
ue      Sore 1500      Zme           s5                 Preduce?        Tam
uc      Sere 1st       zue           es                 Preducr2        Tam
euc     Sere 1500      zor           s5                 Predaer®        Tam
ue      Sora 1500      zow           s5                 Prodairs        Tave
ouc     Sere 1s00      zore          ea                 Predaers        T20
cuc     Sra 1500       zo            #50                Prodacc®        Te
uo      Sora 1500      zow           65                 Prdaccs         Tess
uc      Sera te00      Zoos          sou                Predacc?        To
Guc     Sra 1600       Zooe          so.                Predacc?         7ace
ouc     Sre 1500       Zwor          sor                Prdacc®          7ace
uc      Sere 1500      2e            sou                Predatrs         Tace
uc      Sera 1500      zow           6x                 Prodator®        Tace
auc     Sere 1500      zon           6x                 Prodatrt         7ace
uc      Sere t5to      for           ez                 Prodators        Tace
uc      Sere ts        zo            6x                 Predwort         Te
auc     Sere tooo      Ein            sa                Predor®          To
ue     Sore 150 h5     ze             sor               Prodaor®         To
auc    Sere 1st no     ame            so.               Preduor®         Te
auc    Sere tsoono     2or            so.               Predator®        Te
ue     Sere tstond     ame            eon               Predator2        Tam
oue    Siena 2600 ho    en            so.               Predator®        Te
avc    Sra 2500 ho      z000          eo.               Fredaor2         Tan
auc    Sere 2500 h0     zoo           soc                Presaors        Tw
avc    Sera zs00 ho    20             soc                Predwor®        T0
ahc    Sere 2500 ho     zo0           soo                Prosaor2        Tao
ave    Sere 2500 h0     zoo           sou                Presaors        Taos
Eie    Sere z500 ho     2000          eoc                Preduor®        To
cuc    Some z500 ho     zoro          son                Predaor®        Tase
cuc    Serazscond       zon           eon                Predaors        Tace
uc     Sere 2500 ho     zore          eoc                Predac®         Te
uc     Sere z500 ho     Ein           eo.                Preducc2        Tace
cuc    Sena 2500N0      ane           s                  Predace 2       Tace
uc     Sere zs00n0      ams           s                  Predatrs        Tave
uc     SeraZecono       Te            s                  Preducc?        Te
ouc    Serazeoono       zoor          o                  Predaort        7am
uc     Sere zs0on0      Zme           0                  Predaoc®        7ace
on     Serazsconp       oee           Tac                Predaors        7ace
aic    Sere z600 ho     zoo           in                 Predaor®        Tam
 Guc   Sors 25000       200           en                 Predaor2        Tam
 ovc   Sera 25000       200           en                 Prodatrs        tea
 Ghc   Sera 2ooo        Zoor          wic                Predaior®       Te
                          onosrort— moseammer—o—7r0


make      movet      Yeu         snone             PoductNane    Par Number
ETe    Serazonp      zow          en                rresacrs        Te
uc     Serazscono    zoc          en                Predacc?        To
ouc    Sera 25000    Bor          en                Preduc 2        Te
oue     Sm sseo      es           eo.               Predaors        Tase
ove     Sena 3500    zoc          eoc               Prodaors        Te
uc      Sera as00    zo0          so.               Prodaio®        Tw
ouc     Siora 200    Eoa          soo               Predairs        Tase
ouc     Sn sso0      2005         so.               Predator s      Tase
ahc     Sere se00    2000         eoo               Prodators       Tase
ahc     Sre 2500     200          so.               Prodaior®       Tao
cue     Sere 2500    zon          so.               Predator®       Tace
auc     Sore seo0    zore         so.               Predaor2        Tace
ouc     Sera 3500    zns          0                 Prodaror®       To
ue      Sere s500    zore         o                 Predaor®        7ace
ouc     Sere Ss00    2s           s«                Presaor?        Tace
uc      Sere 3500    m            e«                Presaors        Te
uc      Sena 3500    zeor         c                 Predaor®        e
ouc     Sere S500    Zue          o                 Presaor2        Tiee
ovc     Sere 3500    Toeo         Ti                Presaors        Tw
uc      Sena 2500    Eoa          7a.               Predacc®        Te
ouc     Sira sso0    zon          en                Pedaocs         Tase
avc     Siere se00   zuce         enc               Predacrs        Tw
avc     Siera 2600   200          cxm               Prodar®         Tase
ahc     Siore ssoo   200.         Exm               Predators       Ts
ahc     Sne se00     2oo          aic               Prodatrs        Tase
cuc     Sera 3500    zo0          enc               Prodaie®        Tao
cuc     Sare ssoo    z007         sn                Predator 2      Tss
cuc      Sizean      c            sn                Predaors        Tace
auc      Sutwein     zo0          sn                Predacr?        Tam
uc       Suswren     c            Tac               Predor®         Tess
uc       Suzuren     2oo          Te                Presaor?        Taee
ouc        Yuien     Te           «sc               Predator®       Te
ouc        Yien      2oo          48.               Predaor®        e
ouc        Yiden     To           48                Presaors        T
ouc       Yaken      2e           «8.               Predac?         Te
ouc        Yuen      Zms          «80               Predor®         Tase
avc        Yuea      2oo          Eon               Presscct        Te
avc        Yuon      200          «8.               Pedcr®          Te
ohc        Yiien     2000         c                 Presaors        Tase
crc        Yuion     z007         «8.               Predar2         Taw
cuc        Yiion     zo0          «8.               Predara         Tass
cuc        Yiien     2000         280               Prodatrs        T20
cuc        Yuion     o            55                Prodir2         Tw
cuc       Yiken      Zo0o         sa                Prodairs        Tw
cuc        Yien      2oo          s5                Predaors        Tave
auc        Yien      20e          s5                Predact         Tw
auc        Yaen      ams          s5.               Predar®         Tw
ouc        Yien      T            s5                Predaort        Tw
ouc        Yie       ns           es                Predator?       Ti
auc        Yiiee     20e          s5                Predaort        Te
ouc        Yuen      200          s3                Predor®         T
cve        Yiien     Zme          sa                Presaor®        ies
cuc        Yiiee     zow          e3                Presers         Tace
ue         Yuion     z00          s5                Predcc®         Ti
cuc        Yilen     ose          sn                Pedors          Tace
cuc        Yilen     2000         sn                Prodatera       Tace
cuc        Yuien     zoos         so.               Prodwr2         Tace


wue     wooet      Yoar         snome              ProductName    Par Number
uc      Yaken      zes           soc                Peducr?          Te
cuc     Yaren      aor           so.                 Presuort        Tam
auc      Yuien     zoo           x                   Presaers        Taw
auc      Yien      zon           ea                  Preducct        Te
uc       Yon       To            6x                  Predacr®        Te
ue       Yuen      zors          ex                  Prodaccs        Tao
oue      Yien      zore          ea                  Preducrs        Tawe
Guc      Yien     moung          ea                  Predacc®        Te
ave    Yaenxt      ose           zen                 Frodato®        teva
ave    Yaenxt      zo0           «en                 Prodatrs        Tace
ave    Yaenx       zoo           «8c                 Predators       Tace
auc    Yakenx      200           «8.                 Prodaort        7ace
avc    Yarenxi.    2me           «80                 Prodator®       Tam
cve    YaeaXt      Z0            «80                 Prodaors        Taw
uc     YikenX      Zms           «sc                 Prejwort        Tme
ove    YaeaXt      ame           «8                  Predaor®        Te
ue     YaeaXt      Tmor          «80                 Predaor®        Te
ue     YaeaXt      ame           «8                  Predaroct       Tee
uc     Yaenxc      o             s5                  Predator®       Te
ue     YaeXt       zoc           s5                  Predaor?         Taw
uc     Yaeaxt      zo0           s5                  Presaors         Te
uc     Yoork.      200           s5                  Presaor®         Taw
 cuc   Yorenxc     Zoos           sa                 Prodaors         Tao
 cue   Yuerxt      Zoos           sat                Predaort         Te
 cuc   Yoorx,      2005           sa                 Prodaor®         To
 uc    Yaeext      Zoos           sa                 Predacrs         Tace
 uc    Yaerxt      Zor            es                 Predacc®         To
 uo    Yueaxt      Zmos           sa                 Prdaccs          Tam
 oc    Yaleext     Zm             ex                 Preduces         Tace
 Guc   Yalenxc     zow            es                 Predacc2         Tam
 ue    Yorenxt     zon            s5                 Predac?          Tam
 ue    YaieXt      zow            s5.                Produces         ea
 ouc   Yakenx      zoo            es                 Preducrs         Te
 ouc   YaeaXt      zow            s5                 Predacrt         Te
 ouc   YaeeXt      zow            s5                 Prdsors          To
 auc   Yasaxt       weo           en                 Prdaors          Te
 uc    Yaenxt      2ooo           s1                 Predaort         Te
 ue    YaeaXt       Toso          on                 Predator?        7ace
 ue    YaerXt      2ooo           soc                 Predator®       Tace
 El    Yaenxt      2001           soc                 Predator®       Tace
 auc   Yaenxt       Zooe          soc                 Prodator®       7an
 avc   YaeXt        zoos          soc                 Prodators       Tace
 ahc   Yaenxt       zoo           eou                 Preswort        Te
 cve   Yaenxt       zo0           son                 Predaor®        Teo
 cuc   YaenXt       zons          eon                 Predaor®        Taee
 cuc   Yakenx       zeor          eoc                 Predac®         Te
 uc     YaerXt      z00e          e                   Predaor2        To
 uc     YaeaXt      2o            sn                  Predwcr2        Tam
 uc     YaeaXt      zoo           e                   Preducrs        Taw
 uc     YaenXt      wor           6x                  Predr?          T
 uc     Yaeaxt      ame           ce                  Predacr 2       Taw
 oue    Yaeaxt      2me           x                   Predars         Taee
 ue     Yaeaxt      zoo           6x                  Preducrs        Tez
 cve    Yaenxt      zon           ea                  Preducc®        Tase
 cvo    Yaeaxt      zore          s                   Pedaccs         7ace
 ue     Yaenxt      zors          s                   Predacr?        ace
 uc     Yuerke      zore          sa                  Predaior®       teva
                      onewseort — mosnumer—o—770

                      cuo—enmnsow — mosoes

  mt       Zmmg              Te          205         co¢        mibio
  oer      emsig             se          saoe          oo       Eoo
  oer      cmd               ise         seoe          so¢      malo
  ioer     cmemng            we          roe          ce        Eocm
  ioer     emmimg            ce          aice         ce        se
  ioer     cmmind            e           esc          o         malo
  n        cmerng            e            viee        ce        mamo
  e        emeing            ies         zoo        ay war       Em
  e        tinmsois          ies          ioee      wysen        se
  ce       ciming            s           sooe       wysn         sexing
  ce       covng             Te          sees       wysen        Senieg
  ce       ciomaig           aes         rose       movimny       nsm
  aa       tiomeid           is          se         mncemy        m
  t        Beuan             as          se        ww sn        Feuung
  t        compna            Ts          s         ww en        muum
  m        commy             Ts          sxx        w en        eauny
  e        tmmua             Ts          se         sn t        eaang
  Eon      emepna            ies         se            en       meuu
  ce       commd             Ts          se            en       mm
  ce       peuan             Ts          sooe          e        muung
  ae       zmmpmg            Tto         sose          en       moung
  en       cmmpmg            Ts          zooe          en       muung
  En       imapng            To          sooe          an       uin
  e        cmpng             Te          sooe          en       muan
  ce       cnepaa            e           reee          ai       wuung
  ta       emerna            Te          oo            En       un
  en       cnernd            e           zce           a        muun
  ze       tmerma            s           sie          sonk        ETo
  e        tmmmg             es          moe          ons         ons
  e        corng             ies         sioe         vom         ons
  con      imereia           Ts          zce          vomk        ono
  ce       crrom             Ts           noe         womk        ons
  e        camoid            i+          sice         voms        ono
  ce       Toirsmg           To          sioe      sosr se        ETo
  ze       comna             To         susie      oost se        ano
  aa       compna            ies         sice      cost mas       ons
  m        comng             Ter         sice      oowies         one
  wa       tctpna            Ts          sice    meveg T vond     ano
  Eon      coupna            ies        susiee   e newonk         Evo
  e        coapud            Ts          rice    iveg n vomk.     one
  ma       pelon             is          seoe    imveg n vomk     Evo
  w        coapna            oo          zoc     irvso n vomk     ono
  e        cimes             on          Eca     ievomk           ano
  d        Tmerva            iop         too     imao n vork      ono
  coer     compag            To          sooc    ied nxcome       ano
  w        comnd             Ts          soce    ieveg nvome      ons
  w        comna             mg          oice       To            one
  con      comug             e           soe        oo            one
  Ezn      crmrma            Te          enc        moonk         ns
  czn      comma             e           rea        moonk         ons
  ie       crmmmg            Ts          sooe       Trwork        one
  ze       commg             Ts          sooe       Trove         ano
  ce       coomrmg           Ts          ros        Ton           ano
  en       Tomred            Ts          soor       Toork         ono
  Eon      csmm              Ts          coce       Toork         Evo
  eoce     ism               Ts          iooe       poonk         no
  coce     c                 ies        ausiee      Tooig         ano
muniueg   summinons         awous        weon       xoon         sam


                                     Exhibit A

 we           movet       Yowr         enome              Productame     PartNumber
               o          zes           35                 Pasusd           Tam
                zo        ame           35                 Fredace2         To
               o          Eau           35                 Prducrt          To
                To        zon           s5.                Preduccs         To
                o         zore          sat                Prodacc®         tew
                sco       2ors          se                 Predaroct        To
 Chpter         Ea        zore          se                  Predaor®        To
 Chynter        To        zo0           sn                  Predaior®       T
 Shnter         o         zo0           a7e                 Prodator®       To
 Ciyater        wwo       z007          sie                 Prodaiccs       To
 Chter          zo        200           sre                 Prodair®        70
 Chnier         zo        2000          sn                  Predwort        70w
 Chysier        seo       2mo           en                  Prodwcct        To
 Cher           zo        zon           sn                  Presurt         To
 Chser          zo        zor           sn                  Presuor®        To
 Giser          o         zoo           sn                  Presaoc2        To
 Giser          30        Esn           sn                  Pressor?        Tam
 is             zo        ams           en                  Presaioct       Tam
 Cmser          Eo        zow           en                  Predaror2       To
 Ghyser         ao        Zoor          en                  Prosaoc®        To
 Chysir         zo        zo0           sic                 Presaccs        To
 Ghsir          30        2000          en                  Predaor®        To
 Ghysier        zo        zmo           sn                  Prdaccs          en
 Chysir         30        zor           sa.                 Predacc®         To:
  Ciywer        300       zoo           sa                  Predacr®         Tm
  Ghoper        300       zow           san                 Predac?          T
  Chwer    PTouserer      205           zar                 Predacc®         T
  Gher     PT GwserGr     zoo           zar                 Frodatr®         To:
  Ghper    PT GuserGr     zo0s          zar                 Prodaio®         Tam
  Chyser   PT Guse ar     zoo           zar                 Predwort         To
  Chyser      Seing       Zove           zn                 Producrt         To
  Cher        Setirg      Zove           in                 Prdacct          To
  Chyslr      Searg       Eo             in                 Prdwcct          To
  Chnier      Serg        2me            35.                Preducr®         To
  Ciyile      Scaing      2e             sst                Préaoce          Te
  Chnsie      Setarg      zo             Es                 Preéatort        To
   Daige      Avenger     ame            an                 Predator®        Tor
   Doige      Avenger      zooo          an                 Predaor?         To
   boige      Avenger      zio           an                  Predaior®       To
   Dodge      Avenger      zons          35.                 Predaior®       Tan
   boige      Averger      zovo          35.                 Prodwor®        Taor
   boige      Avernger     zor           sa.                 Prosac?         To
   Doige      Avenge       zon           20c                 Presuor®        To
   Doige      Avenger      zor           EC                  Predaoc®        en
   boige      Avenger      Eun           26.                 Presaoc?        To
   Doipe      Avenger      Eun           26.                 Preducc®        Tam
   Doige    Caine sate     z00e         zar                  Predaor2        To
   Doige    Caine: sare    2000         zar                  Predaoc?        To
   boige     Craterger     20e           i5                  Predarer®       To
   Doige     Chatenger     2oo           i5                  Presucct        on
   Doige     Chaterger     zon           Ec                  Prdacc®         e
[~Doige      Chatenger     zo            se                  Predacc®        To
   Dedge     Chatenger     2o            Ece                 Predacc®        Too
   beige     Chaterger     Ein           ze                  Prdac 2         To
   Dodge     Ghatenger     Zov           sn                  Prdaoce         Te
   boige     Ghatenger     z000          sn                  Predator®       To
   Doige     Chatenger     zor0          sn                  Prodator®       70
                             onsoseont — mosnmimer—o770

                                         Exhibit A

MAKE         MODEL       Year               ENGI NE               Product Name   Pan Nllllber

Dodge                    2011                5.7l                          2        7301
Dodge                    2012                5 7l                                      11
Jo<Jae                     113                ·7l                                      11
 IOdae                                         .7                                      11
 lodge                                         .1                                      11
 lodge                                                                              7 11
 lOdge                                                                              7301
 lOdge                   2011                6.4L                                   7301
Dodge                    2012                6.4L
Dodge                      113               6.4l
 IOC IQG     (
 loclge      (                                                                      7301
 IOC ig e                                                                           7301
 IO<Ige      (           200                 3.5l                          2        7301
lodge                    2010                3.5l                                   7 11
Dodge                        )1              36l                                       11
 lodge       (             11 :                                                        11
 IO<IQG      Charger       11 :                                                        11
 IO<Ige      (             11·                                                      7 11
 loclge      (           2•107                                                      7301
 IO<Ige                  2008                  .7L                                  7301
 lodge                   2009                5.7L                                   7 11
Dodge                      110               5.:                                       11
 1oc1ae      C harger      11                                                          11
 loc lg e    C haraer      11                                                          11
 loc lg e    (             11                                                       7301
 IOCIQe                  201 ·                ·.1L                                  7301
 lodge                   2005 .              5 7l                                   T )1
 lodae                                        •.7L                                  T l1
  lodge      c1\arQer                         ·.1L                                  7: )1
  lodge                                        '1l                                  7:!01
  lodge      (           2    )8               ·. 1l                                7301
  lodge                  2009                6.1l                                       11
 lodJIS                     111              6.1l                                       11
  lodge      (              11                1.4                                       11
  loclge     (              11 :              1.4                                   7 11
  loc lge    (              11·               L4                                    7301
  IO< Ige                2•)05                I.SL                                  7301
  IO< Ige                2006                3.5L                                   7; 11
Dodge        M•nnum      2·                  3.5l                                      11
 >odae                                                                                 11
  IOC iae                                                                              11
  loclae                                                                               11
  loc lae                                                                           7301
  1oc1ge                 2008                 ·7l                                   7301
  lodge                  2005                6.1l                                      )1
 lodge                                       61L                                    7 )1
  lodQG                                       :.1l                                  7 )1
  lodge                                       •.1l                                  7 )1
  lodge     Neon SRT4                         '.4LT                                 7301
  lodge     Neon SRT4    2004                2.4LT                                  7301
 lodge      Neon SRT4    2(                  2.4LT                                     )1
                 Aspen                                                                 )2
                 Aspen                                                                 )2
                 Aspen                                                              7302
                 Aspen                                                              7302


                              OIA8LOSPORT - PROGRAMMER - 0 ·770

                               Exhibit A
ware     wooet     Year          enome               PoductName     PartNumber
Boie     Saow      mss            se                  Padese           Tace
Doige    Diioi     ess            25.                 Predaor2         en
Doige    Doi       2000           5e                  Presaore         730
Doie     Diiois    zon            25                  Prosccs          Ts
Dogge    Daiots    200            sc                  Presaccs         To
boige    baice     Zoos           20                  Presaoc?         Ti
Dotge    Dric      z005           an                  Predaccs         To
Doie     Baice     z000           an                  Predacc®         Toz
Doige    baio      zoro           in                   Predato®        teva
Doige    Diiot     zon            an                   Prodacrs        7ice
Doige    Do        2000           an                   Predarot        Tice
Dodge    en        zoo            an                   Predaore        7e
Doige    Diow      20e            an                   Pedaore         730
Doige    Doi       200            an                   Predairs        Tsc
Doige    bstoi     Zoor           a7e                  Presaor2        Te
Doige    Ds        205            a7                   Prossoce        e
Doie     Doi       2005           an                   Presuoct        To
Doave    Doi       Zoor           are                  Predacc?        ce
boige    pren      iess           s                    Presaoce        Tace
Dogge    Daioin    Tess           sa                   Prsacce         30e
Doie      Daice    Zoco           sa.                  Preda?          ea
Doige     bric     Ec             sa                   Predator®       7300
boige     Drict    z00e           s2                   Pradaore        7300
Doige     Diiot    200            sa.                  Prodars         Tsc
Doige     Diicis   Te             sec                  Predaor2        teva
boige     Diion    1ose           se                   Pessore         reva
Doige     Diron    200            s5                   Presaors        Taoe
Doige     Diion    zoo            se                   Presaoi?        To
boige     Di       200            s5                   Presaccs        To
Doie      Diiots   2m             crm                  Predacc®         en
Deaze    Dirangs   zon            ser                  Prodato®         Tace
Dogge    Dorango   2o              se                  Prodacrs         7500
Dotge    Durano    zoo             se                  Predaiot         70e
Doige    Dorange   Eau             se                  Prodare          7x
Doige    Durargo   ies             se                  Prodancs         Ts
Doige    Duiargo   Toso            se                  Predait          To
boige    burargo   z000            5e                  Prosaor2         Te
boige    burarge   Em              2e                  Presaors         To
Doige    burange   2000            2e                  Predacc?         Tace
Doige    burange   z005            5e                  Predaor?         Ti
Doige    Durage    200             an                  Prdaors          race
Doie     Durange   2007            an                  Predaccs         Tace
Doine    burange   2005            ar                  Predace?         Tace
Doie     Durange   Zo0s            an                  Frodate®         730
 Dogge   Dirange   zo0             an                  Prodacrs         750
 Dogge   Durange   200             an                  Predaiors        Ts
 Dogge   Durange   zow             an                  Predaioe         To
 boige   Doringe   200             in                  Prodac®          Ts
 Doige   burargo   2ms             an                  Predwor®         To
 Doige   Dirargo    zoo            an                  Presaor?         Tace
 Dodge   burargo   zs              an                  Presaor?         e
 boige   Durargo    en             sa                  Prsaors          teva
 Doige   Durargo    oo             sa                  Predacc?         Tace
 Doige   burargo    ze0o           cem                 Predaoc®         Tace
 Doige   Durargo    zo0            sa                  Predaccs         T3ce
 Dote    burange    2000           s                    Prodars         7500
 Doge    birange    2003           cra                  Predator®       tea


wee     wove      Year        enone             ProductName   PartNumber
Dedge   Svargs    zs           sn                 Pesust         ree
Soize   Duargo    ame          sn                 Preduor®       ea
Doige   Durargo   2oo          sn                 Preducrs       ea
boige   Durargo   200          sn                 Predwors       ea
Soige   Durargo   2000         sn                 Prodairt       Tace
Soige   Durargo   zoro         sn                 Prodato®       Tice
Doige   Durargo   zon          sn                 Predaics       Tioe
Googe   Durargo   zor          sn                 Predaio t      ea
Doige   Dirargo   206          sme                Prodaior®      Tice
Doige   Durargo   zo           sn                 Predaioz       Tc
Dooge   Durargo   200          s7e                Predato2       ea
Doige   Durargo   rose         si                Presaoce        ea
Doige   Diringe   ca           Emm               Presaore        ea
Doage   Diriige   Ela          sc                Prssore         ea
Dooge   Durnge    En           sat               Presaioc?       Te
Doige   Duarge    zoc          sac               Presaoct        Te
Doige   Duarge    Ea           se                Presaore        ea
Doige   Wognum    Em           35.               Presuoce        Tw
Soige   Magrum    Zeos         sn                Pressor?        Te
Soige   Hagnim    zoo          s7e               Pressors        Te
Soige   Wagnum    zeor         sn                Presuor®        ea
boige   Hagram    Zo0s         s7e               Predaor?        To
Doige     Ram     zon          se                Predacrs        e
boige     fam     zor          se                Predaor®        To
boige     fam     zors         Ece               Predacc?        Ti
Dodge     Ram     zore         se                Predas          Ti
Doige     Ram     mme          se                Preduccs        ee
Soige     fom     iooe         35                Produor?        Tae
Sodge     Fam     2oo          se                Preduccs        Tc
Doige     Fam     zo           ce                Preduccs        Te
Soige     fom     zoo          35                Preduces        Te
Soige     Ram     2o           se                Producrt        Te
Doige     a       2            an                Prduccs         T
Sooge     FRam    2s           an                Produces        e
Doige     Ram     Zoor         in                Prducrs         Tice
voie      rom     ans          an                Preducc®        Tice
Soige     Ram     El           a7                Prdaors         Tace
Doige     om      zio          an                Prodacrt        Tace
Soige     fom     zon          an                Predas          ea
boige     fm      zor          an                Presas          Tc
Dodge     Ram     o            an                Prodaiocz       7ice
Doige     m       zo           an                Predao s        70e
Goige     fam     200          an                Prodator®       Tc
Doie      Ram     zo           an                Procatoc®       Tsc
boage     m       2s           an                Predaior®       ea
Deige     hem     2oo          an                Presaore        rice
beage     fom     2e           an                Predore         Tw
Sooge     Fam     iose         s                 Predaor?        e
Soige     fom     se           aa                Freswor2        e
Seage     fom     Eo           sx                Presuors        e
Soage     i       zoo          sa                Presuor2        Te
Doige     Ram     200          s                 Predaior®       Txe
Daige     Fam     amos         sa                Predacr®        ea
Doive     Fom     20           s7                Predair2        7x
Doage     ftom    zoo          sn                Predaors        Te
Doige     em      zoo          sic               Prodar2         7x
Doige     Rm      zow          sic               Producr2        tea
                    omsosront— mostsimen—o—ro

muke       wooet       Year       enone             ProductName    Par Number
            Em         To           in                Pesuet          ree
            em         Zoos         sn                Predatoct       Txe
            fom        2o           sn                Presaore        Tse
            fom        zo           sn                Presor2         Te
            m          Esn          sn                Predatoc®       Tice
            Ram        zor          sn                Prodaiocs       Tace
            Ram        zoo          sn                Predwor®        Te
            Ram        zow          sme               Presaor®        To
            Ram        co           sac               Prodacc?        Tao
            Ram        Toso         sa                Preduors        To
            Ram        200          se                Predaor®        To
            Fam        Ee           sac               Predac?         Tace
            Ram        ze0e         sac               Predac®         Tooe
            Ram        zons         sec               Fredaoc2        Tace
         Tom 1580      Zeos         sn                Predatt          Tace
         Ramts00,      zoo          sn                Preduert        Tsc
         FRom 1500     Zoos         s7e               Preduo®         eaa
         Ram1s00       zoo          sn                Prdacc®         Twe
         FRom1sto      Eu           sn                Preducc®        Tz
         Ram1s00       2s           sn                Preduoce        Te
         Rom 1500      zow          in                Predaroc2        Tice
          FRom 10      zero         s7e               Predator®        Tace
          Rom 1500     zon          sn                Predaor?         7sce
          Rom 1500     zo           sn                Predaio®         Tsc
          Ramtod       zors         sic               Prodac®          tera
          Ram 100      zore         sn                Predwor®         To
          Ram1500      zon          sac               Preduot®         Taoe
          RamTsoo,     zore         sa                Prosait          Tace
          RamT500      zors         san               Preduort         To
          ram2500      zs            sre              Preduor®         Tsz
          Ram 2500     zo0           sn               Presaor2         Tace
          Ram2500      2ms           sn               Predacr2         Te
          Ram 2500     zow           sn               Predaror2        Tace
          Ram 2500     zoor          sn               Predace          Tae
          Ram 2500     To            sn                Preducrs        7x
          Fom 2500      zo0          sn                Prodacc®        Te
          Fam 2500      zo           sn                Preducc®        Tice
          Fam 2500      zou          sn                Preduce®        To
          Ram 2500      zore         s7e               Predacc2        ea
          Ram 2500      zo           sre               Predaoc®        Tice
          Ram 2500      zow          sme               Predators       730
          Ram 2500      zon          sat               Predator®       750
          Ram 2500      zor          sn                Prodaio®        Tice
          Ram 2500      2o           cri               Predair®        7e
         Gommanter      zo        smcrew               Predwior®       Tw
         Conmander      Zns       s revew              Prodaot®        Tiow
         Conmander      Zoos      s nevem              Predwoc®        Taow
         Conmander      Zor       s nvem               Preduior®       Taor
         Conmander      Zos       s rerew              Presuor?         Te
         Conmander      zo           an                Presaior2        Tam
         Connanéer      zoo       anposy               Presaor2         Tan
         Conmanier      Zoos      parm                 Predaror?        To
         Gommander      Zoos      a7w                  Predor2          Tao
         Commanser      zoor      4n pue)              Prodaors         io
       Gand Gheroies    Eau       srcnem               Preduors         Tao
       Gand Gheroiee    Zovs      s rerew              Preducc®         Tao
       Giand Cheice     Zoos      s rerem              Predac?          io:

                                                 Exhibit A

MAKE          MODEL              Year              ENGINE              Proouct Name   Part NlJllber

Jeep      Grand Cherokee         2006             57LHEMI               Predator 2       7401
Jeep      Grand Cherokee         2007             5 7L HEMI             Predator 2       7401
Jeep      Grand Cherokee         2008             5 7l HEMI             Predator 2       7401
Jeep      Grand Cherokee         2010                 4.7L              Predator 2       7401
Jeep      Grand Cherokee         2008             4.7L (Auto}           Predator 2       740 1
Jeep      Grand Cherokee         2009             4.7L (Auto)           Predator 2       740 1
Jeep      Grand Cherokee         2005             4.7L (Auto}           Predator 2       7401
Jeep      Grand Cherokee         2006             4.7L (Auto}           Predator 2       740 1
Jeep      Grand Cherokee         2007             4.7L (Auto}           Predator 2       7401
Jeep      Grand Cherokee         2003             4.7L !Auto)           Predator 2       7401
Jeep      Grand Cherokee         2004             4.7l (Auto)           Predator 2       7401
Jeep      Grand Cherokee         2003                 4.0L              Predator 2       7401
Jeep        Wrangler JK          2012                 36L               Predator 2       7401
Jeep        WranglerJK           2013                 3.6L              Predator 2       7401
Jeep        Wrangler JK          2014                 3.6L              Predator 2       7401
Jeep        Wrangler JK          2007                 3.8L              Pnedator 2       7401
Jeep        Wrangler JK          2008                 3 8l              Predator 2       7401
Jeep        WranglerJK           2009                 3.8L              Predator 2       7401
Jeep        Wranqler JK          2010                 3.8L              Predator 2       7401
Jeep        Wrangler JK          2011                 3.8L              Predator 2       7401
Jeep        WranglerTJ           2003                 4.0L              Predator 2       740 1
Jeep        Wrangler TJ          2004                 4.0L              Predator 2       7401
Jeep        Wrangler TJ          2005                 4.0L              Predator 2       7401
Jeep        WranqlerTJ           2006                 4.0L              Predator 2       7401
Jeep      Grand Cherokee         2004                 4.0L              Predator 2       740 1
Jeep        Cherokee XJ          1998                 4.0L              Predator 2       7401
Jeep        Cherokee XJ          1999                 4.0L              Predator 2       7401
Jeep        Cherokee XJ          2000                 4.0L              Predator 2       7401
Jeep        Cherokee XJ          2001                 40L               Predator 2       7401
Jeep      Grand Cherokee         1999             4 .7l (Auto)          Predator 2       7401
Jeep      Grand Chemkee          2000             4 .7L (Auto)          Predator 2       7401
Jeep      Grand Cherokee         2001             4 .7L (Auto)          Predator 2       7401
Jeep      Grand Cherokee         2002             4 .7l (Auto)          Predator 2       7401
Jeep      Grand Cherokee         1999                 4.0L              Predator 2       7401
Jeep      Grand Cherokee         2000                 4.0L              Predator 2       7401
Jeep      Grand Cherokee         2001                 4.0L              Predator 2       7401
Jeep      Grand Cherokee         2002                 4.0L              Predator 2       7401
Jeep   Grand Cherokee 5.9L Ltd   1998                 5.9L              Predator 2       740 1
Jeep      Grand Cherokee         1998                 5.2L              Predator 2       7401
Jeep        Wrangler TJ          1998                 4.0L              Predator 2       7401
Jeep        Wrangler TJ          1999                 4 OL              Predator 2       7401
Jeep        Wrano ter TJ         2000                 4 .0L             Predator 2       7401
Jeep        W ranglerTJ          2001                 4 .0L             Predator 2       7401
Jeep        Wrangler TJ          2002                 4 OL              Predator 2       7401
Jeep      Grand Cherokee         2005                 5.7L              Predator 2       7401
Jeep        Wrangler TJ          2005                 4 .0L             Predator 2       7401
Jeeo        WranglerTJ           2006                 4 .0L             Predator 2       7401
Jeep         Corrrnander         2006                 4.7l              Predator 2       7401
Jeep         Corrmander          2006                 5 7L              Pnedator 2       7401
Jeep      Grand Cherokee         2006                 6.1l              Predator 2       7401
Jeep        Wrangle< JK          2007                 3.8L              Predator 2       7401
Jeep         Commander           2007                 4 7L              Predator 2       7401
Jeep         Commander           2007                 5 .7L             Predator 2       7401
Jeep      Grand Cherokee         2007                 5.7L              Predator 2       7401
Jeep      Grand Cherokee         2007                 6 .1L             Predator 2       7401
Jeep        WranglerJK           2008                 38L               Predator 2       7401
Jeep         Commander           2008                 4 .7L             Predator 2       7401


                                   OIABLOSPORT    PROGRAMMER- 0· 770


          wooe           Yeae         snone               ProductName   PartNumber
        Commanter        zm            sn                  esns            Tan
      Snd Chesice        Zme           sn                  Predaor2        Tam
      Gand Cheiiee       Eca           cum                 Predaccs        Tam
        Wianger 2        2s            s                    Predacc®       Tao
        Commander        ame           an                   Prodacc?       Tan
        Commender        Zmo           sn                   Preduccs       Tao
      Gand Greoies       zo0           s7e                  Predacc?       Taow
      Grand Ghemies      zo0           sic                  Prdacc®        Taow
        Wirangle         zoro          sac                  Predaoce       Tio:
        Conmander        zow           an                   Predacc?       zio:
        Conmanier        zero          s7c                  Predaccs       To:
      Gand Greoies       zoro          s7e                  Predacc2       To:
      Grand Cheaciee     zow           sn                   Predacce       zio:
      Gurd Cesiee        zon           se                   Predwort       To
        Wranger          zon           se                   Preducrt       Ti
      GiandChacies       zow           sn                   Prdwccs        To
      Grand Chersies     zm            Ece                  Preducrt       Tav
        Wanger J         moe           se                   Prodacce       Tiow
      Wanger Rubicon     zow           s                    Preducct       Tio:
      Grand Chesies      Ein           sn                   Prodccs        Taow
      Grand Cheroice     ame           crim                 Prodacc        zio:
      Grind Chemsee      To            se                   Preéucc?       m
        Wanger J         zo            se                   Preducc®       Ti
      Wiangler Rubicon   zoo           se                   Pedacce        zio
       Gand Cheroien     zoo           sn                   Predacc?       To:
       Gund Greroies     ros           sa.                  Predacc®       To:
       Gand Gheriee      Tow           se                   Pedacc2        To:
        Virngor i        zow           s0.                  Predacce       zio:
      Wanger Rubiesn     Tow           Ec                   Predart        To
       Gand Gherciee     zow           sn                   Prodar®        T
       Gand Greroiee     zow           sa.                  Prdaccs        Ti
       Gand Gremiee      2e            sn                   Predwrs        To
       Gand Grerciee     2ms           en                   Preducrt       Tav
       Gand Greisiee     Zms           35.                  Produs         Tiow
       Gand Gremee       Fea           35.                  Preéacc®       Tao
          Fesast         zs            iar                   ntwed         si0
          Fiova st       2e            rar                   ntwes         sio
          Fesast         zow           rawr                  nlwed         sico
fod       Fiesa s        zo6           rar                   atwe®          sic0
fod       Foow Sr        zo            rou                   ntwes          Gta
fod       Foow ST        zow           zow                   atwes          s10o
fod       Fouw ST        zo            zou                   ate®           Ga
fod       Foow sr        z0e           zow                   tw             s1c
fod          er          Zms          sacse                  alwes          s1co
fod          or          200          sacse                  alueds         src0
fos       Misiang        zon            s7e                  atues          s1
fos       Mistang        zo             sn                   nluwes         sico
fod       Mestarg        z0s            5re                  alwes          sico
fos       Mestarg        z0e            in                   iitine         si0
fos       Mostang        Te             se                   intre          s1
roo       Mtang          Toer           se                   ntwed          eico
rod       Mostang         iss           3                    atwed          sico
fed       Mostang         ic            se                   atwe@          si0o
fod       Miving         zo0            sa.                  ntwes          eico
red        Mustarg       zo0            s                    atwes          arco
fod        Mustarg       z000           se                   atues          erco
fed        Mistarg       z00            sa.                  atwes          srco
                           omawosronr —mostammmer—o—rz0


wae        wooes        Your        enome           Producttame   Par Nummer
rea        Musing       zow           se              mtues          aio
red        Mustang      zoo           35              intine a       si00
fe         Mistang      2us           a0.             wtwem          a1c0
fox        Wustang      zoo          40               intuneis       sico
Eo         Wustang      Eu           a0               intire         sico
Fart       Mistang      20e          450              iatwe®         s1c
fos        Mustarg      200          «00              iatwe          ei00
foo        Hustng       zo           49.              tw             si0
foo        Hustng       rose          «8c             atwes          srco
o          Hustng       rour          zsc             atwed          s1
fos        Musang       1oss         cce              atued          si0o
foo        Mustarg      o            a5.              intnes         Gra
fod        Mustarg      2o           45               intined        s1
fos        Mistang      zo0          «60              atwed®         sico
en         Wustarg      2002         45.              intue®         si00
foo        Wastarg      zo0          «50              intwreis       Ga
ros        Mistang      200.         «50              intwreis       sic0
foo        Hustng       200          «80              atwe           2100
fos        Maxiang      2o0s         45.              intwes         s1co
fos        Misang       2oor         co               ntwed          ero
fos        Mustarg      zoos         cca              atued          e1o
foo        Muxtarg      200          ccs              iatne          amo
fos        Mustang      zoro         45.              intines        s100
fod        mistang      zon           soc             intine         s100
foo        Wustarg      zore          sat             intune‘s       s100
foo        Wistang      zes           sac             intines        s100
fos      Misang GT      ow           «50              intineit       sioo
fos      Mustang GT     200          10.              tw             sico
fos      Mastang GT     zo           18.              murza          si0o
fos      Musting GT     2e           «8.              intues         ei00
fos      Mustang GT     2005         ccs              to             e100
foo      Mustary GT     zo0          46.              intunes        eico
red      mistang Gr     200          15.              intine s       sio
fos      mistang Gr     2005         160              intine®        Ga
foo      Masirg GT      z007         a5.              intiness       sioo
ca       mosang GT      Zos          260              intweis        eio0
fos      Musiing GT     200          16.              intineis       sico
fos      Masting GT     To           45.              ntued          eico
fos      Mustang GT     zon          s                atueG          Ga
foo      Musting GT     ze           soc              atwes          si00
o        musting Gr     zor          sou              inTune 6       Gta
feo      HMustang GT    zo           5o.              intune o       Gla
Fod    Hustirg GTs00    ze0r         sac              intunes        e100
Fod    misting Greoo    zow          sac              intne@         s100
fe     Mustang Grsoo    200          sac              nted           Ga
e      Husing GTsto     zoo          sac              intwes         si00
foo    Husting GrS00    zon          sac              intned         si00
rea    Husing Grsco     tow          sa               atined         s100
foo    HMustang GTSoo   zo           se               atuei          s100
foo    HMustang Groo    zo           s                intunes        s100
Fod     Shaby Grsso     z007         sa.              infune 5       si00
roa     Shaby Grsoo     zon          sa.              ntwe           ai00
Fos     Snaby Grsco     zo0          sac              intwes         aico
Fos     Shany areco     zoo          sa               intne          ei00
res      Toaus Sro      z0s          s57              iatned         s100
foo      Toous S        zo           sau              intwes         s100
foo      Toous So       zor          sar              intine         s100
                          pnstosort— mootwmn—o—m0

                     ceea—mmwnsous— mossove
 cors     seany              T>          soe      mode         mos
 cors     ts                 o+          soor     meda         sos
 coie     coouw              Toy         n        mds          mos
 coie     comu               ies         ame      mds          mos
 cote     wene               Tor         inz      moda         seg
 cols       zol              wy          s        made         se
 ce       wome               Tey         se       mees         c
 core     eome               or          se       mega         mos
 ons      weog               o+          seoe     mega         se
 ons      croms              i+          sooe     meso         mos
 ons      eroumg             Tov         soo      moga         mos
 coie     sw                 Tor         wo       noga         mos
 cois     weoug              o+          sece     meea         mes
 sois     erovmim            o+          zoo      mees         mes
 cote     se                 Tor         reoe     mesa         se
 core     EcS                Tor          axse     mose        se
 cots     wome               o+           sees     mosa         sos
 cors     womu               Te           rioe    wanes         ses
 cors     weme               we           aice    wupsee        ses
  oois     sromum             Ts          sooe     wupide       sos
  ons      pruu               as          sooe     wupade       mos
  cois     B                  we          zove     wupde        mos
  coie     sounlg             e           soxe     voupsde      mos
  cois     eomig              Te          swe      wursda       mes
  coie     en                 o           rose     wupsde       mes
  coie     nome               e           rece     woree        mes
  coie     omm                oo          Eo       wumeds       mes
  cois     mm                 Ts          e        warsee       nes
  Sols     somin              wr          zo       wande        En
  cors     omm                Ts          zoo      wursee       sos
  oors     Ecuu               >           m        woumde       mes
  ce       pruu               ws          iooe     woumee       mos
  oore     puu                y           sooe     wuree        mos
  sais     womin              Te          ons      soumida      se
  cois     pwu                Tr          ses.     somsen       mes
  coie     se                 Te          seo      somse        mos
  coie     sems               Te          Ee       werse        mes
  ane      se                 we          se       wrrse        mos
  coie     en                 s           roe      wrree        mos
  cos      weme               cB          resc     warse        mos
  core     weme               Ts          se       wame         mos
  ons      wome               To          zoo      wame         mos
  oois     ons                Ts          zon      wae          mo
  oois     wene               To          zoo      wame         mos
  oove     pome               Ts          ose      waee         mes
  ons      come               To          o        ware         mes
  ons      neme               Ts          oane     wase         mos
  ane      nome               To          axe      wane         pos
  coie     eome               we          con      woarie       ses
  cois     sns                The         sioe   moones o      sesn
  ce       es                 awe         sice   imoosess o    uesn
  covs     ceme               awe         rioe   incousss ow   veain
  oove     weme               use         tioe   iseonsss oi   vesin
  oois     eome               Ts          sooe      invem      vesin
  cois     wene               Ts          ioce      ovw        veain
  ooie     come               Ts          sooe      Febom      uesn
  cois     esns               Te          sice    Ohe snner     ses
muniiea   sumisons           awous        weon      waon       smm


we       wooe       Year         snome             ProductName   PariNumber
fea     Emoc        zovs           1                 mace           a1co
foo     Ewoer       z00            40.               intners        sic0
fos     Ewioer      200            i%                intureis       6t
fos     Eicer       2o             i8                intunes        en
fos     Emour       zoo            10.               atwes          si0
fos     Exier       zoro           iz                inture d       2100
fos     Exier       zo             28.               tm             s100
red   EmorerSpot    zors       35 Exofoon            intune s       a100
fod   EmorerSpot    zom        35 Exotoont           intne          io
fod   Exirer Spon   zo         35c Exoboont          intiner        sic0
foo   Eicer Spon    ame        35tEecBoon            intwem         s100
fos       rise      2001           in                intines        sim
fos       rise      zoo            im                iatined        e10
fos       Fiso      Eca            +8                atuwe®         s1
fo        Fiso      zes            sa                intureis       en
fos       riso      ze0s           a2                intune s       sic0
foo       riso      200            w60               intunea        s100
fod       Fiso      200            san               intne s        Ga
red       rise      zeor           a                 intiness       sico
fos       Fise      zeor           45.               intueeis       sic0
foo       Fiso      zeor           sa                intweis        sico
fos       rise      zeos           ar                intwres        s1c
foo       riso      zoo            45.               alwe®          e100
foo       riso      200            sa                intune         s1
red       riso      2000           15.               inture         sioo
fos       riso      200            sa                intune t       si00
foo       Fiso      2o             48.               intwer         aic0
rod       rise      zo             sat               intned         sico
fos       rise      zon        35C Eesn              intured        eic0
foo       riso      Eau            sou               intwe          si00
foo       riso      zon            sa.               ntweis         sico
fes       riso      zore       33 Exstoon            atwe d         s1c
fod       rimo      zore           5oc               infure         B
fod       Fiso      zo             sa.               inture s       sioo
fos       rise      zes        35CErotcon            intune a       eioo
fos       Fiso      zoo            sou               hess           sico
fos       rise      is             ez                intned         sico
fos       Fise      zow        35CE——doon            istned®        ei00
foo       Fiso      zow            sou               intwed         s1
fos       riso      zom            ex                intweis        ei00
fod       riso      zor            sou               atues          €100
fod       Fiso      26             soc               atweds         s1
fod       rase      rooe           sac               intune 8       si0o
fos      riso       200            sa                ntwes          s1
fos      Fiso       zo             sa.               iatwes         Gra
fos      mso        2000           sac               intned         si0o
fos       rase      zo             sa                intwed         ei00
foo       rase      200            sa.               intune         Gta
fod       Fiso      2004           «50               intureis       sic0
fed       rase      200            az                tw             si00
fos       rase      200            s4c               atwed          si00
fos      riso       2o0s           46.               atres          s1co
fos      mso        2oo            ar                nte 4          s1
fos       rase      zo             sa                atues          sito
fos       Fise      zo             +8                intne          si00
fos       rase      zoc            a2                intne@         si00
foo       rase      El             sac               tues           si00
                      onstoseont —mocewauen—o—r0

                                             Exhibit A

MAKE          MODEL             Year           ENGINE                Product Name   Part Number

Ford             F-150          2007              4.6L                 inTune i3       8100
Ford             F-150          2007              4.2L                 inTune i3       8100
Ford             F-150          2008              5.4L                 inTunei3        8100
Ford             F-150          2008              4.6L                 inTune i3       8100
Ford             F-150          2008              4.2L                 inTune i3       8100
Ford             F-150          2009              5.4L                 inTune i3       8 100
Ford             F-150          2009              4.6L                 inTune i3       8100
Ford             F-150          2010              5.4L                 inTune i3       8100
Ford             F-150          2010              4.6L                 inTune i3       8100
Ford             F-150          2011         3.5L EcoBoost             inTune i3       8100
Ford             F-150          2011              3.7L                 inTune i3       8100
Ford             F-150          2011              5.0L                 inTune i3       8100
Ford             F- 150         201 1             6.2L                 inTune i3       8100
Ford             F-150          2012         3.5L EcoBoost             inTune i3       8100
Ford             F-150          2012              3.7L                 inTune i3       8100
Ford             F-150          2012              S.Ol                 in Tune i3      8100
Ford             F-150          2012              6 .2 l               inTunei3        8 100
Ford             F-150          20 13        3.5L EcoBoost             inTune i3       8 100
Ford             F-150          2013              3.7l                 inTune i3       8 100
Ford             F-150          2013              5.0 L                inTune i3       8100
Ford             F-150          20 13             6.2L                 inTune i3       8100
Ford             F-150          201 4             6.2L                 in Tune i3      8100
Ford             F-150          2014         3.5l EcoBoost             in Tune i3      8100
Ford             F-150          2014              3.7L                 inTune i3       8100
Ford             F-150          2014              5.0L                 in Tune i3      8100
Ford             F-150          2015              S.OL                 inTune 13       8 100
Ford             F-1 50         2016              5.0L                 inTune i3       8100
Ford             F-150          1999              4.6l                 inTune i3       8100
Ford             F-150          2000              4.6L                 inTune i3       8100
Ford             F-150          2001              4.6L                 inTune i3       8100
Ford             F-150          2002              4.6l                 inTune i3       8100
Ford             F-150          2003              4.6L                 inTune i3       8 100
Ford    F-150 Hartey Davidson   2000              5.4L                 inTune i3       8 100
Ford    F-150 Hartev Davidson   2001              5.4l                 inTune i3       8 100
Ford    F-150 Hartey Davidson   2002       5.4L Supereharaed           inTunei3        8 100
Ford    F-150 Hartey Davidson   2003       5.4L Supercharged           inTunei3        8 100
Ford    F-150 HarlevDavidson    2006              5.4l                 inTune i3       8100
Ford    F-150 Harley Davidson   2007              5.4l                 inTune i3       8100
Ford    F-150 Harley Davidson   2008              54l                  inTune i3       8100
Ford    F-150 Harlev Davidson   2009              5.4l                 inTune i3       8100
Ford    F-150 Harley Davidson   2010              5.4L                 inTune i3       8100
Ford        F-150 Lightning     1999       5.4l Supercharged           inTune i3       8100
Ford        F-1 50 LightnillQ   2000       5.4L Supercharged           inTune i3       8100
Ford        F-1 50 OOhtnino     2001       5.4L Suoercharged           inTune i3       8100
Ford        F-150 lightning     2002       5.4L Supercharo<!d          inTune 13       8100
Ford        F-150 Lightning     2003       5.4L Supercharged           inTune i3       8100
Ford        F-150 liahtnina     2004       5.4L Suoercharged           inTune i3       8 100
Ford       F150 Raptor SVT      201 1             6.2L                 inTune i3       8 100
Ford       F150 Raptor SVT      201 2             6.2L                 inTune i3       8 100
Ford       F150 RaPtor SVT      2013              6.2L                 inTunei3        8 100
Ford       F 150 Raptor SVT     2014              6.2L                 inTunei3        8 100
Fo rd     F-150 Raptor SVT      2010              5.4L                 inTunei3         8100
Ford      F-150 Raptor SVT      2011              6.2L                 InTune i3        8100
Ford      F-150 Raotor SVT      2012              6.2L                 in Tune i3       8100
Ford      F-150 Raptor SVT      2013              6.2L                 inTune i3        8100
Ford      F-1 50 Raptor SVT     2014              6.2L                 inTune i3        8100
Ford           F-150 SFE        2009              4,6l                 inTune i3        8100


                                   DIABLO SPORT- PROGRAMMER- D-770

                      ora—iinmnsou — mousonne
 sns      some                 we          se      Imamms caes      se
 sos      ©eime                15         susioe   Jn wins onea     mo
 ce       iomy                 Ts          nioe    Tno wains onea   m
 cors     weme                 Ts          sige    Kng wins osea    soi
 sols     pEt                  s           €i0¢    ng ing vee4      ES
 ce       como                 keo          rioe   Ang wins osea    mes
 one      nome                 cB          aice    Irasms oc        mes
 ons      nome                 Ts          eanc    Imareds osca     tan
 ons      wome                 Ts          eoce    Ieamde ces       ses
 one      wome                 Ts          sooe    Ara ie ooa       pes
 one      come                 Ts          save    Iramdscca        ms
 cove     erommo               s           z00e    Ara wins osca    mes
 oe       eroomm               Ts          zoc     Tra wae coca     mos
 cove     Bs                   Ts          sove    Tra mirs osca    mos
 oois     comia                Tss         Eon      ina mins osc4   mos
 ons      womig                Ts          sooe    Trazans ona      se
 ooie     erooig               To          sooe    Jinaons osca     se
 oove     cromu                Ts          rooc    Hing wine ona    mod
 ons      woms                 Te          oo      Tnaons osea      se
 o0s      seonle               ws          s0o     Mn wins osc4     Em
 ons      semie                Te          oo      Tina wins osea   se
 cois     eome                 Ts          zse     Tnazsans ose     se
 ons      es                   Te          zoc     Tna ons osca     sea
 cos      come                 Tes         iooe    Ira mdns osca    s
 ons      ceme                 Te          ra      Inaisns o5       se
 ce       veme                 Ts          oane    Inareds oo       ses
 ce       wome                 Ts          aace    Irais oo         ses
 ons      cems                 Ts          sees    Imamne oo        se
 cote     ced                  Ts          sees    Tna ds ooca      sa
 oove     ces                  es          sice          w          se
 o0ve     sreim                w5          sioe          ases       moa
 cove     cromo                ies         nioe          osea       mos
 oove     crouio               15          rioc         05e         mod
 ons      sreuio               19          s1c          oo          moa
 cove     eroomd               Ts          gra          en          mos
 ons      crwia                To          tioc        t            moa
 so1s     wouls                ws          cioc        o            mes
 oole     weme                 ies         rioe        ces          se
 cos      EET                  ws          ea          Exm          mea
 coie     eome                 s           oi          ces          se
 ons      peng                 co          oiee        ces          mea
 cole     o emw                B           sox         Exz          mea
 ons      nome                 ev          w           ases         ses
 coie     come                 s           soce        ces          se
 onie     pome                 Ter         sooe        ases         se
 ons      pome                 ies         roa         oses         ses
 onie     wemie                Ter         zoce        ose          se
 ons      comis                Ts          sooc        ez           se
 oole     somin                Toy         w0          ored         moa
 c0ts     s omio               is          su0         d5ed         poa
 c0ls     pa                   1+          soo         o            pea
 301      semie                Ts          +oo         8e           moa
 cole     womm                 is          too         Exz          moa
 o0       EEwu                 ws          Es          Exz          mos
 cois     weine                ws          toe         o            mos
  on       come               Te           ce          ces          mos
  m        woma               Ts           se          ases         sos
»omure   ewen préoi          awous         veon       "oon          som


                                          Exhibit A

MAKE        MODEL           Year            ENGINE                Product Name   Part Number

FO<d    F-350 Sl4)er Duty    1999             54l                   onTunel3        8100
FO<d    F-350 Sl4)er Duty   2000              6.8l                  onTune o3       8100
FO<d    F·350 Sl4)er Duty   2000              54l                   onTune 13       8100
FO<d    F-350 Super Duty     2001             68L                   mTune 13        8100
Ford    F-350 Super Duty     2001             5.4l                  anTune 1J       8100
Ford    F-350 Super Dutv     2002             6.8L                  InTune o3       8100
Ford    F-350 Super Duty     2002             5.4L                  inTune i3       8100
Ford    F-350 Super Duty     2003             6.8L                  1nTune 1J       8100
Ford    F-350 Super Duty     2003             5.4l                  lnTune o3       8100
Ford    F-350 Super Duty     2004             6.8L                  inTune i3       8100
Ford    F-350 Super Duty     2004             5.4L                  inTune t3       8100
Ford    F-350 Super Duty     2005             6.8L                  lnTune o3       8100
Ford    F-350 Super Dutv     2005             5.4L                  InTune o3       8100
Ford    F-350 Super Duty     2008             6.8l                  InTune o3       8100
FO<d    F -350 Super Duty    2006             5.4l                  inTune o3       8100
FO<d    F-350 Super Duty     2007             6.8l                  inTune o3       8100
FO<d    F-350 Super Duty     2007             54l                   inTune i3       8100
FO<d    F-350 Super Duty     2008             6.8L                  inTune i3       8100
FO<d    F-350 Super Duty     2008             5.4l                  InTune i3       8100
FO<d    F·350 Super Dutv     2009             6.8l                   InTune 13      8100
Ford    F-350 Super Duty     2009             5.4l                  inlune i3       8100
Ford    F-350 Super Duty     2010             6.8L                  inTune 13       8100
Ford    F-350 Super Duty     2011             6.2L                  InTune 13       8100
Ford    F-350 Super Duty     2012             6.2L                  inTune i3       8100
Ford    F-350 Super Duty     2013             6.2L                  inTune 13       8100
Ford    F-350 Super Dutv     2014             6.2L                  InTune 13       8100
Ford    F-350 Super Duty    2015116           6.2L                  inTune i3       8100
Ford          Ranger         1999             4.0L                  InTune 13       8100
Ford          Ranger         1999             3.0L                  InTune 13       8100
Ford          Ranger         2000             4.0L                  inTune i.3      8100
FO<d          Ranger         2000             3.0L                  InTune 13       8100
FO<d          Ranger         2001             4.0l                  InTune 13       8100
FO<d          Ranger         2001             3.0l                  inTunei3        8100
FO<d          Ranger         2002             4.0L                  lnTunel3        8100
Ford          Ranger         2002             3.0L                  InTune 13       8100
Ford          Ranger         2003             4.0L                  inTune i3       8100
Ford          Ranger         2003             3.0L                  inTune i3       8100
 Ford         Ranger         2004             4.0L                  InTune 13        8100
 Ford         Ranger         2004             3.0L                  inTune i3        8100
 Ford         Ranger         2005             4.0L                  inTune i3        8100
 Ford         Ranger         2005             3.0L                  InTune 13        8100
 Ford         Ranger         2006             4.0L                  InTune 13        8100
 Ford         Ranger         2006             3.0L                  inTunei3         8100
 Ford         RanQer         2007             4.0l                  InTune 13        8100
 Ford         Ranger         2007             3.0L                  InTune 13        8100
 Ford         Ranger         2007             2.3L                  inTune i3        8100
 Ford         Ranger         2008             4.0L                  inTune r3        8100
 Ford         Ranger         2008              3.0L                 inTune o3        8100
 Ford         Ranger         2008             23L                   onTuneo3         8100
 Ford         Ranger         2009              4.0l                 1nTune •3        8100
 Ford         Ranger         2009              3.0L                  onTune o3       8100
 Ford         Ranger         2009              2.3L                  onTune o3       8100
 Ford         Ranger         2010              4.0l                  1nTune t3       8100
 Ford         Ranger         2010              3.0L                  1nTune ,3       8100
 Ford         Ranger         2010              2.3L                  InTune t3       8100
 Ford         Ranger         2011              2.3L                  inTune i3       8100
 Ford         Ranger         2011              3.0l                  inTunet3        8100


                                OIAOLOSPOR1 - PROGRAMMER- D-770


 wue        wooes        Yos         enome            Proguthiame   Parthummer
  roa        Ringe       Ean           zoc              ues            s
 Tneain    Scwost        zece          sa.              ntwes          si0o
 Tnesin    Bacwesd       205           sa.              alwed          s1c
 Tiain      Manr         2oo           sa               alwed          sio
 Teain      rrmg         2007          sa               intnes         s1c
 m=a       Navgaer       oo            sa               intine@        eic0
 Tncan     Navgair       200           sac              intine         s1c
 Tnean     Navgaio       zon           sac              intweis        sic0
 Thean     Nivgator      200           sac              intwneis       a1co
 rcon      Nevgaio       2005          sat              intreis        eic0
 Tneein    Navgaio       zoo          sat               intwems        B
 tneain    Navgaio       zoos         sa                nture          s1c
 m=a       Nevgar        To           s4                atwes          sim
 m=s       Nevgar        200r         54                atweds         s1
 Tincan    Nevgter       zo0          sa                intine G       s100
 men       Navaer        200          sa                intures        a100
 Lncan     Navimr        20           sa                intune t       si00
 Mazia      8 Seres      200          40.               intine©        s100
 Mazio      8 Seres      z00          20c               intines        sio
 Maria      8 Seres      zoo          10                intines        sio
 Wards        Seres      z005         300               intwed         sico
 Marda      8 Seres      zoc          10.               intue®         sic0
 Masia      8 Seres      zoc          10c               intwreis       sic
 Warie      8 Seres      zoor         i0                intwet         si0
 Maeia      8 Seres      z007         sac               mms            s10
 Masia      8 Seres      z00          +0                intwress       s10
 Mess       i Seres      z00          zoc               atwed          si0
 Maria      6 Seres      zo0          40.               iatwes         B
 Mazda      6 Seres      2me          s0c               intne          si0
 Mess       6 Seres      200          i0                intune 0       s100
 Masi       8 Seres      200          sac               intunes        s100
Nercuy    Neuntaneer     o            40.               intinet        s100
Mercuy    Mourtaneer     2000         a0.               intune o       a100
eem       Hountaneer     2001         «9.               intunes        s100
Necuy     Moinaneee      ame          a0.               intine‘t       aic0
Mecuy     Mosntaneer     zo           10.               uts            sico
Mecuy     Mosntancer     ame          10.               ntwneis        sico
Neruy     Mountaneer     zo           +0                atwes          s1c
Weruy     Wountanee:     zow          40c               inture         2100
Wercuy    Wountainee:    z007         10c               inturess       sico
wercuy    womaineor      zoo          20.               intune 8       si0
Wercuy    wounaneer      zo0          10.               intune o       s100
Herouy    Wountaneer     z00          10.               intune s       sico
Cadtee        ars        zo         20 tute            intwreis        szco
Gadiee        ars        zon        20 Tute            ues             savo
CaStec        ats       zons        20 tute            atwes           sano
Gaitec        ers        Ein        20ctute            alwes           saco
Casie         ers        zore       20ctuse            inTume s        saco
Casie         ors       zon         200 tume           inture 5        saco
Casac        crsy        200          s7e              intune s        saco
Caslie       crsy        200          cyin             intue o         aaco
Casise       crsy        zo0        smiss              intnes          sio
Cadie        crsy        zo0        sniss              intued          e
Cadie        crsy        zeor         so.              intwe           aro
Catise       crsy        z00          ez               intwres         sin
Catie        crsy        zow          ez               atue®           c
Cadie        crsy        zom          ez               atwei           sa00
                          onsiossor — mootwves—o.m0

                                   exhibit A

  wre        wovet       Your        enome             ProductName   Pari Number
 Caate       ersy        ze            sa                mmwes           amo
 Casine      crov        zoo           eac               latines         ar0
 Cagine      crsy        zow           sz                atweG           sz
 Catic       crsy       zons           sn                inture a        aroo
Chevoit    Gamare 56     es            si                inture‘s        szoo
Chevain    Gimare56      zow |         cun               inture o        szoo
Chevolt    Gamare 55     zo0           sie               intune o        saco
Chvoet     Gamaro 56     Zo0e          s                 intinert        sz00
Emm        GanareSs      zoro          ez                intiners        saco
Crevioet   CansroSe      zon           sa.               intune o        arco
Chvset     Canase        zore          sa.               intneis         sro
Crenset    Canarse       zore          eac               intine o        ez
Crenset    Cansiose      zoa           sz                ntwed           ez
Chemoit    Canao 5e     zons           sa                atwed           sz
Chamoit    Canare z20    Teeo          s7                aties           sz
Chamoit    Ganaro 225    2000          sic               intune o        szoo
Chewit     Cansio 225    zoo           sn                inture s        szco
Chewalt    Cinaro 220    zoce          sn                tm              saco
Chevat     Ganaro 225    zoi           Tou               intine o        saco
Chevolt    Ganaro 220   zons           Tou               intners         aaco
Chvoet     Canao 201     zore          sa                intineis        szco
Emem       Gamare21      zors          eac               twis            sz
Chvoet     Ganare 201    zora          sa.               intweis         ez
Cheset     Gimao 201    zons           sa                iatwreis        sz
Crearsit   Gam201        zore          Too               aties           szoo
Chevoet    Ganaro 20     z0e           Toc               inture 6        aroo
Chamoit    Cansi 2       zo            To                infure o        szoo
Chamoit    Enrcra       zons           To                inture o         saco
Chamsit      Conete      Tose          si                intine o         saco
Chewint      Gonete      Zoro          si                intiners         szco
Grevoin      Goveie      2o            cxn               intineis         sz
Chevat       Gonete      z00e          sie               intine o         arso
Chvoet       Gonete      ze0s          cxin              intineis         sz
Crevoet      Conere      zoo           s                 iatine s         sz
Creviet      Conete      2000          eon               atued            sz
Chevioet     Conete      zu0s          sou               atwed            szoo
Crenset      Conene      z007          eon                infues          sa00
Cremset      Covete      2005          eou                inture o        azco
Chasit       Covete      Zo0e          sa                 infure G        saco
Chamoit      Convere     20e           ex                 intiners        saco
Chaoit       Covere      200           sa                 intine o        saco
Cheoint      Covete      zon           sn                 intiners        sz
Chevsir      Gonvere     zow           sz                 intneis         sz
Chevols      Govete      2oo           hm                 intine o        sz
Chvalt       Gonete       zow           sa.               intueis         aroo
Chveet       Gaveie     zons            sac               iatwreis        sz0o
Crevoet      Gonete       zo            eac               atines          sz
Crevoet    Comete 205     zo01          s7e               inture 6        saco
Crevoet    Conete 205     on            s7e               infure s        szco
Chewaet    Conete z0s     z003          sn                intue s         saco
Creanset   Conene z0s     zu0e          a7                intune o        saco
Cheamsit   Conete 205   zorone        eacse               intine o        saco
Chewsit    Comene 205     zore        szuse               intineis        szco
Ciesie     Comene zos     Zo0s          Tou               intineis        ez
Cheoist    Comete 205     Zor           Tou               intineis        ar0
 Chevlt    Comete z0s     Z00s          zoo               lnture o        ez
 Cheviet   Comete z0s     z0s           7ou               intwreis        sz
                           enmosearr—nrostwmen —o—ro

                                        Bxhibit A

  ue           wooes        Yexr          enone             ProductName   Pariumber
Chevein     Covere m        zo             To                 mines          sc
Chersie     Goveie 206      Eau            To                 twes           samo
Chersin     Comee 205       zore            Te                ntwe@          saco
Chevsin     Goneie z0s      Ein             Te                intue@         simo
Chavoint    Comere z0s      Ein            To                 inture s       eaco
Chvot       Comee ros      zorne           To                 intuneis       exto
Chvale      Gomene 20e      zor            To                 iatune o       eavo
Chvaet      Covete zo5      2001            sic               inture is      savo
Chvoet      Covee zos       200            sn                 intuneis       aato
Chvoet      Covere zos      zo0            sn                 intwneis       savo
Chevset     Covete 20       2001           sn                 intuneis       aco
Chvoet      Covete zo5      200            To                 intureio       aico
Crvoet      Govere Zos      zoo            Tou                intueis        s
Chensit     Goveie 205      Zoe            To                 intreis        s
Crewset     Comete ani      zow            6x                 inture         amo
Chewost     Comate mri      zoo            x                  atwes          ezco
Chaoet      Comeie mt       zon            x                  atwes          exco
Crensint    Covete zi       zo             x                  atweds         amo
Chewsit     Comete i        zoo            ex                 ntwes          arco
Chawoit         Guze        zo             rar                atue s         eaco
Chasit          Guze        zo             rar                atwe@          exco
Ciewoit         Guze        2oo            rar                ‘atures        erco
Chwoit          Guze        To             rar                ‘atwe          arco
Chewsin         Cuze       zmione          rar                atue o         arco
Chevoit      impan se       zo0            s5                 atue           aaco
Chwoie       impan se       Zoor           sa                 atwe s         arco
Cheisie      imeas so       Zoos           s5                 atwe           arco
Chevoit      imoan se       2oo            sa                 atwes          saco
Chaveie    Horie Garo SS    2s             s5.                atwes          se
Cherse     Harie Gare So    Evu            s5                 atie a         aroo
Chevein    Morie Caro SS    ame            s5                 atire o        aio
Tharele    Hore Gare S      Zme            sa                 atiwe          eico
Chevsie         Sone        Ein            rar                atue d         amo
Chede           Sone        zons           Tad                nture          aro
Charaiet        Sone        Ein            Tar                intwre         eico
Chrgt           Sone       mm              rad                intine a       eaco
Chevaet      S Seam         zow            e                  intine o       azco
Chvaet       S Sedan        zow            ez                 intune a       sz
Chevset      5SSedan        zo             eac                intune a       B
 Foiksc        Ereors       es             c                  intine o       azco
 Fomlac        Frevid       zoc            sn                 intune a       sz
 Foinc         Ereora       zo01           sn                 intune o       sz
 Fomiac        Frovid       200            sn                 intune o       eaco
 Foniac          ce         zo0            60                 intuwe a       B
 Poriac          ce         2oo            soc               etues           aaco
 Portse          6e         Zoe            x                 etwes           eaco
 Porine          ce         zo             6x                atwes          zo
 Posine        Cl           zo             e«                nture©          saco
 Posiae        ceor         zoo            o                 nted            saco
 Porise    Gani paor        Ts             sa                Te             smo
 Posine    Gan prcoxe       Ts             s5                intue@          saco
 Postae    Gand pGr®        zoor           sa.               intnes          eavo
 Porsae    Gand picGx®      20e            s5                intune ®        saco
 Poniae    Gan pic ow       2o             s5                intune o        saco
 Postae         sro         zoo            sn                intunes         sav0
 Pomiae         ero         Zoos           so.               intweis         saco
 Pontae         cro         Zoos           sor               intune is       sazo
                              omoszont ~rrocsamies —0 270

                                            Exh ibit A

 MAKE          MODEL          Year            ENGINE                 Product Name   Part Number

Pontiac       Trans Am        1999             5.7L                    inTune i3       8200
Pontiac       Trans Am        2000             5.7L                    inTune i3       8200
Pontiac       Trans Am        2001             5.7L                    inTune i3       8200
Pontiac       Trans Am        2002             5.7L                    inTune i3       8200
 Buick          Encore        2013             1.4LT                   inTune i3       8200
 Buick          Encore        2014             1.4LT                   inTune i3       8200
 Buick          Encore       2015116           1 4LT                   inTunei3        8200
 Buick      LaCrosse Super    2008             5.3L                    inTune i3       8200
 Buick          Rainier       2003              5.3L                   inTune i3       8200
 Buick          Rainier       2004             5.3L                    inTune i3       8200
Cadillac       Escalade       2001              5.3L                   inTune i3       8200
Cadillac       Escalade       2002              5.3L                   inTune i3       8200
Cadillac       Escalade       2003              5.3L                   inTune i3       8200
Cadillac       Escalade       2004              5.3L                   inTune i3       8200
Cadillac       Escalade       2005              5.3L                   inTune i3       8200
Cadillac       Escalade       2006              5.3L                   inTune i3       8200
Cadillac       Escalade       1999              5.7L                   inTune i3       8200
Cadillac       Escalade       2000              5.7L                   inTune i3       8200
Cadillac       Escalade       2001              6.0L                   inTune i3       8200
Cadillac       Escalade       2002              6.0L                   in Tune i3      8200
Cadillac       Escalade       2003              6.0L                   inTune i3       8200
Cadillac       Escalade       2004              6.0L                   inTune i3       8200
Cadillac       Escalade       2005              6.0L                   inTune i3       8200
Cadillac       Escalade       2006              6.0L                   inTune i3       8200
Cadillac       Escalade       2007              6.2L                    inTune i3      8200
Cadillac       Escalade       2008              6.2L                    inTune i3      8200
Cadillac       Escalade       2009              6.2L                    inTune i3      8200
Cadillac       Escalade       2010              6.2L                    inTune i3      8200
Cadillac       Escalade       2011              6.2L                    inTune i3      8200
Cadillac       Escalade       2012              6.2L                    inTune i3      8200
Cadillac       Escalade       2013              6.2L                    inTune i3      8200
Cadillac       Escalade       2014              6.2L                    inTune i3      8200
Cadillac       Escalade      2015/16            6.2L                    inTune i3      8200
Chevrolet     Avalanche        1999             5.3L                   inTune i3       8200
Chevrolet     Avalanche       2000              5.3L                   inTune i3       8200
Chevrolet     Avalanche       2001              5.3L                   inTune i3       8200
Chevrolet     Avalanche       2002              5.3L                   inTune i3       8200
Chevrolet     Avalanche       2003              5.3L                   inTune i3       8200
Chevrolet     Avalanche       2004              5.3L                   inTune i3       8200
Chevrolet     Avalanche       2005              5.3L                   in Tune i3      8200
Chevrolet     Avalanche       2006              5.3L                   inTune i3       8200
Chevrolet     Avalanche       2007              5.3L                   inTune i3       8200
Chevrolet     Avalanche       2008              5.3L                   inTune i3       8200
Chevrolet     Avalanche       2009              5.3L                   inTune i3       8200
Chevrolet     Avalanche       2010              5.3L                   inTune i3       8200
Chevrolet     Avalanche       2011              5.3L                   inTune i3       8200
Chevrolet     Avalanche       2012              5.3L                   inTune i3       8200
Chevrolet     Avalanche       2013              5.3L                   inTune i3       8200
Chevrolet     Avalanche        1999             6.0L                   inTune i3       8200
Chevrolet     Avalanche        2000             6.0L                   inTune i3       8200
Chevrolet     Avalanche        2001             6.0L                   inTune i3       8200
Chevrolet     Avalanche        2002             6.0L                   inTune i3       8200
Chevrolet     Avalanche        2003             6.0L                   inTune i3        8200
Chevrolel     Avalanche        2004             6.0L                   in Tune i3       8200
Chevrolet     Avalanche        2005             6.0L                   inTune i3        8200
Chevrolet     Avalanche        2006             6.0L                   inTune i3        8200
Chevrolet     Avalanche        2007             6.0L                   inTune i3        8200


                                 OIABLOSPORT - PROGRAMM ER - 0·770

                                      Exhi bit A

MAKE   MODEL        Year                ENGI NE               Product Name   Part NuiT'bet

                    2008                   IOL                 •nTune 1
                    2009                   IOL                 1nTune 1
                    2010                   IOL                 inTune
                1 999                     7.4l                 inTw1e
                          iO             7.4[                  in Tune           1200
                                         8 1L                       'u ne       8200
                                           [i'                 1    'u ne       820(
                                               .1              1   ·une
                                              .. 1                 ·une
                    2005                   1.1                     'une
                    2006                   •.ll                inTune
                200                       8.1                  inTune           12
        i3Zer   1                        5.0[                  in ·une          8200
        i3Zer       2                                              ·une         8200
        lazer       1'                                            rune          820
        lazer       2                                             ·une          820
                    2                                              'une          12
                    200                                        inTune            12
                2010                      2.9l                 inTune            12·
                20f                      2:9L                      une          8200
                                                                   une          8200
                    201!                                          une
                    200!                                          une
                    2009                   .7l                 inTune
                     liD                  3.7l                 inTune            12
                     l1                  -3TL                     'une          8200
                         )1                                       ·une          8200
                                                                  ·une          82(
                    200                                           'une          82(
                    2010                                       inTune           82(
                     Oil                                       inTune           8200
                        oi2                                    in 'une          8200
                        014                                    in ·une          8200
                                                               In rune          8200
                    1999                                       in rune          8200
                    2000                                       in Tune          8200
                200                       4.8l                 in Tune          8200
                -20(                     4.8[                  in 'u ne         820(
                                         -4                    in ·une           1200
                                          4                    in ·une
                                          4                    in 'u ne
                                          4 Bl                 inTune
                                         4.8[                  '"rune           8200
                                         -4                    "rune             1200
                                         -4                    ir rune           1200
                                          4                    <r rune
                    201                   4                    ., rune
                    2012                  4.8l                 inTune
                2                        4.8[                  W>Tune           8200
                                         53l                     rune           8200
                                                               •n rune '
                                                               in Tune
                                                               inTune           8200
                                                               inTune           8200


                          DIABI OSPORT - PROGRAM M£R- D-770

                                       Exhibit A

  wae          wooe         Your         snowe              ProsuctName   Par Number
Cremt         Shaags        zo            s5                  mves           ame
Chensit       Shoade        Zms           s                   ‘ntues         eo
Cheiit        Shemds        20e           sa                  ‘ntweis        exo
Chemint       Sheado        zoo           s5                  ntwes          saw
CGhein        Sverdo        zon           ea                  wtine          arco
Cheimint      Shomds        zore          s5                  wtues          eaco
Chwsie        Sverado       zors          55                  mme            sz
Chasit        Sverado       zow           65                  atine o        azoo
Chwsie        Shomdo        zs            es                  atwes          aroo
Chasint       Shoado        z000          crom                atined         sz0o
Chewsit       Sheado        Zoor          son                 infune o       saco
Chewsie       Shemdo        Toz           eou                 nture          azoo
Cheiint       Shondo        2005          eo.                 inture o       saoo
Cheisint      Sheade        Zmor          s                   intune a       eaco
Charsie       Shorado       zs            60                  antine@        saco
Chesint       Sheado        Zms           s«                  atine o        saco
Chesint       Sheads        Twor          o                   Te @           eaco
Chersiet      Shemdo         zow          6.                  Geds           erco
Grevsiet      Sheado         z000         eo.                 Te             zoo
Chewat        Shedo          zo           eat                 tues           szo
Chewalt       Shermco        zow          sou                 ntweis         sz
Choit         Shermco        zo           so.                 intweis        sz
Chewalt       Sheado         zoo          crom                intine‘s        sa
Chevalt       Shemdo         Zow          sor                 intne io        san
Chevolet      Shoraco        2008         e                   intneis         arco
Een           Shendo         Eau          s                   intine‘s        eaco
Chesit        Sheado         zon          62                  intine‘s        srco
Ghemsit       Sivodo         Tor          ce                  iotwneis        erco
Cheviet       Sheado         e            6x                  intine          eaco
Chewaet       Shemdo         To           62                  intine®         ez
Chmset        Steado        ons           6x                  intues          ez
Cheviset      Siveads        zow          ex                  intueds         eao
Chewoet       Stemdo         Zovo          en                 inture®         s
Grewoet       Stemdo         zow           en                 intwes          ao
Crensit       Siemds         2e            uim                intwes          e
Chewit        Sheado         Zoos          en                 ntwes           ez
Gevoet        Smerco         To            enc                 ntineG         zo
CGrensint     Stindo         Zms           e                   inture o       ezco
 Chwoet       Shendo         Ztos          it                  intine a       sz
 Chvout     Shraco 1500      zow           45                  ‘ntine         saco
 Chset      Shorado 1500     20e          a5.                  twes           zoo
 Choet      Sherado 1500     1900          com                 atue@          szoo
 Chwoet     Sherado 1500     Zoco          «6c                 aties          szoo
 Chwot      Shoindo 1500     zon           a8.                 atues          aroo
 Chewoit    Shveado 1500     Zoce          28.                 atues          szoo
 Chesit     Shverado 1500    Zocs          «80                 atues          emo
 Chaoit     Sherndo 1500     zoo           a8.                 atume o        sano
 Chewsit    Sheiado 1500     zons          «8.                 inTune         sazo
 Cheisit    Shermde to00     Zove          «80                 intune 0       saco
 Charset    Svernto te00     Zeor          «80                 Te @           aamo
 Cheet      Sverndo T500     2o            48                  atine@         eano
 Cheiit     Sherado tooo     2e            «8                  atwed          eaco
 Cheimit    Sverado 1500     zow           «80                 ntues          seoo
 Cheoit     Sivraco 1500     zon           «80                 ntues          szoo
 Chesit     Sverndo 1500     ze            28.                 atuwes         zoo
 Chewoit    Siverado 1500    zo            Cc                  intune o       saco
 Chwoit     Sherado 1500     e             sa                  intune G       saco
                               ommoseont —mostammen—o—rz0

                                             Extibit A

  wee              wooes          Ves          enome          ProoutName    PartNumber
Chamnt         Smame io           zo            s               atmes          sn
Cheiroiet      siverade 1900      zoo           sa              intune s       aazo
Chairit        Siverade 100       z00           sa              intune s       aas0
Ghewniet       |__siverade 1900   200           s5c             iture o        aaz0
Ghewrnit       siverade 100       zoo           sat             intune s       sizo
Ghewnit        Siverada 1500      zo0           sa              inTune 6       szso
Cheiroit       Siverado 1800      zo0           ce              atwed          saso
Chewroit       Stverade 1500      zeor          s5              intre s        sxco
Cheoit         Shrade 1500        zes           s5              intned         saze
Cheimt         Siverado1300       zooo          s5              inted          saze
Cheirit        |__Siverade 1500   zoo           s5              inture s       saco
Cheimist       |__smame 1500      zon           550             intwre is      saco
Cheimit        smm 100            zor           55              inture‘s       saco
Cheimit        Siverade 1900      o             s3              inture‘s       saco
Chewroit       |__siverade 1o00   zora          sa              inture is      saco
Chewniet       |__swerade 100     zo            sat             intureis       sazo
Chrlet         serad100            ica          sou             iTune s        o
Chrsit         Shrado 1900        zeco          sou             alwes          aico
Cheot          |__Siverado 1500   zo0           sou             intune 3       s
Choet          |__Samio 100       e             soc             intune 4       siso
Cheirit        Sharad1500         zoo           sc              alumed         se
Cheimit        |__Siverade 1500   zoo           soc             intune 6       se
Cherit         |__sarade 1500     zo0           soc             intunes        eico
Cheimit        Sivarado 1500      zo0s          soc             intneis        szco
Chewroit       |__srade 1o00      zoor          soc             intine s       sz
Chewoiet       smerade 1500       200           soc             intuneis       sico
Cheirt         Smd 1500           Eum           s               intureis       saso
Chnit          |__Siveado 1600    zon           ea              intureis       sase
Chamiet        |__sivarado 100    zm            x               tureis         sico
Cherost        Smd1500            zs            x               murcra         szco
Chevroet       Shormde 1500       zow           x               ature s        eae
Creost         Sarade 1500       201576         x               inture         sico
Chaot          Sharad1500         zie           sa              ntue s         sro
Charmit     |_Sivea1500 XFE_|_2000              sa.             intune s       arco
Chewroit    |_Siverado 1500 x7E   2010          s5              intune s       sico
Chemit      |—Smveaso 1500 x6E    zon           sa              intune 6       szco
Chemie      |_siveaco 1500 x7E    _|_20r2       sac             intuw o        a200
Chemet      |_Smarmso 1500 XFE_|_2oto           s3              intune o       sic
Cheet        Smeraso 250010        1959         o              intune is       saso
Charoie      Smeraco 2600 HD      |_2000        0              ‘ntureis        saco
Chaot        |_Smemdo 2500 HD—|_2001            c              ‘ntwes          sico
Chevroet     |—Smerdo 2500 10|    2005          Cmm            atwes           sazo
Cheamoet     Sterado 2500 h0      |_2005        60.             iture is       saco
Charot       Streado 2500 10—     2004          com             ifure is       sico
Cheimit      |—Strado 2500 ho     2009          con             nTures         arzo
Charmit      Sterado 2500 ho      —|_2010       soc             inture 6       sico
Cheoit       |—sherado 2500 ho    20t1          soc             intune o       sico
Cheimet      |—Sherado 2500 10|   2012          soc             intune 6       azco
Chrnit       Siverado 2500 10—    2015          eoc             intune o       aaco
Charait      Smerado 2500 n0—_|_20re            60             inture s        sico
Cheoit       |_Smerado 2500 :D    2005          so             intune i        szzo
Chrot        |—Smermdo 2500 hb    —|_2006       s«             intured         sazo
Crunoet      Smerado 2600 hD      —|_2007       60.            intwre is       saco
Crewroet     Sterado 2500 h0      |_2008        con            ‘ntweis         sazo
Chmet        Sterado 2500 hb      1906          Tac            alued           sazo
Cheimet      Sireado 2500 ho      —|_2000       Ti              inture s       saco
Chewoit      Sherado 2500 ho      2001          enc             infure s       sico

                                          Exhibit A

  wae             wovet         Yer         enome              Productame     Part Number
Cremaet      Shamde rscono      zo           n                   atuee            azo
Cheiiet      siverade 2500 ho   2s           aic                 atue             eaco
Chwaiet      siveado 2500 D     amor         n                   intne            eaco
Gheirlet     Siverado 2500 HD   Zms          it                  watine           ar0o
Gheslet      Siverado 2so0 ND   Zme          ic                  aties            ez
Chewalt      Sivemdo 2500 ho    Zwor         aic                 atues            arco
Chwoiet        Smerado 3500     1900         s                   intune s         sz
Crsit          Shormdo 3500     amo          o                   ntwes            Baa
Chewsit        Shemde 5500      zoo          o                   ntue             amo
Chewniet       Shveade s50      zuce         6«                  atireo           amo
Chewsit        Sverado 2500     zo0          60                  atwe             ez
Chevsint       Svorado s600     Zmos         so.                 Te               ez
Creiiet        Sverado 3500     2ooo         so.                 atues            sroo
Chevoiet       Sverado 3600     zon          so.                 atwe@            eaco
Chvoet         Sverade s500     zore         so.                 Ti               azoo
Chwot          Siveado s600     Te           so.                 atmes            zoo
Chvoet         Siveado 3600     zoe          so                  inTune o         sz
Chaset         Shvorado 2600    ams          s                   ntwes            arso
Chewoet        Sivede 5600      Te           e«                  meaa             amo
Chevoit        Smerade 3600     aor          o                   atwes            ez
Creviset       Sherade 5500     ame          o                   intine a         ez
Crewslt        Smd 5500         o            Tac                 atires           exo
Chevit         Siverado 3500    ze0          Tac                 intire            eaco
Emen           Siverado s600    zo0          ac                  atwe@             aroo
Chesolt        Sverado se00     zoc          ec                  atines            sa
Cheoiet        Sverado 2000     2000         wic                 intures           erco
Een            Serado 2500      zu0e         en                  intine o          sz
Chevslt        Serado seoo      zons         enc                 ntues             aroo
Cheveie        Smerado 3600     zons         en                  ‘atwes            eao
Grevsiet       Sverado a600     Eou          en                  intwe®            se
CGrevsiet       Sheado So       wee          eo.                 intwes            amo
Chevsiet        Smeado So       2oo          e0.                 ntwes             ez
Cheviset        Shveado S       Eou          so.                 intwes            ez
Chewalet        Sivend S        e            so.                  intureo          s
Chwaiet         Svendo 5o       zo0s          soc                 intureis         eao
Emen            Sveado 55       Zoor          soc                 intineis         sz
Chevalet        Sende 5s        Zoos          sou                 intineis         arn
Chewit          Smendo 5o       zoo           soc                 inture s         arco
Chevist         Swende SS       Zwor          soc                 intine ®         ezco
Chevsie         Swendo s        ame          eot                  intwe@           arco
 Cheveie         Stwnan         ze            i5                  intweis          exco
Ghevsint         Suwein         ieso          s5                  intwes           szo
 Chevale          Suwein        Zovo          sa.                 intwe s          s
 Chevaie          Suwein        zoo           s5.                 intwers          sz
 Chasit           Suswbin       200           s5t                 inture is        eaco
 Chewslt          Suswean       zu0s          s5                  intine‘s         sao
 Chawoit          Suwean        Znos          sac                 intune is        sn
 Chniet           Suwban        2005          s3                  intume‘s         arco
 Een              Suswben       zm            s5                  intine s         srco
 Chevaiet         Suwein        Zwor          es                  intine@          srco
 Charoie          Suwban        Te            s5                  ietwe            arco
 Chvaie           Suswben       ame           s5                  intuneis         eo
 Crevsie          Sutwben       amo           65                  intureis         sico
 Chevoie          Suwben        zon           s5                  intweis          smo
 Chaveie          Suputen       2o            s5.                 intweis          ao
 CGrewnint        Situne        2ors          s5                  intineis         exco
 Chevais          Sutwban        zie          sac                 intune is        saco
                                  emesosront —mocnamer—o—7r0


  wae       wooe      Your         snome             Producttiame   PortNumber
Chevaet    Suomin     zors          sx                 m               azvo
Chevalt    Siuman     iooe          sn                 intineis        sa0o
Cevelt     Suuman     200           sn                 intineis        o
Crenset    Suvuben    oee           6«                 intireis        arco
Crewset    Subuten    zoc           6«                 intune          eico
Craroet    Sutwban    zoo           o                  mirm            ero
Chewost    Suwsin     h             o.                 intune o        arco
Crewoit    Siwein     Zeos          60.                ntune           arco
Cheoit     cemm       zoo           soc                intune a        sz0o
Cheisie    Sivoran    zoos          so.                intune 0        sa0o
Cheveie    Suvoman    Zo0s          eon                wtwes           arco
Cheviet    Suturn     zeor          o.                 ntned           sz0o
Chewisit   Sururen    2s            s«                 inted           saco
Chevaet    Suwben     Zmo           s«                 ‘atues          saco
Chevaet    Subwman    zo            60.                atues           saco
Creoet     Sutwman    2oor          x                  atwed           saco
Chaoit     comm       2s            x                  mutma           sz
Chewsie    Soaman     amo           e                  intunes         eaco
Chenoint   Suvaran    zow           eac                inture 6        aaco
Cherois    Erm=       zon           x                  alwed           sz
Chevsle    Suren      2o            x                  atwes           saco
Crenset    Suputen    zors          ex                 twes            sace
Chenset    Sutumen    To            sa                 intue@          sato
Chwaet     Suvusan   zorens         x                  intureis        saco
Creoet     Suwoi      ane           6x                 latue is        saco
Chevoit    crmm       19e           Tac                atweis          sa00
Cheoie     Sipwman    2mo           Ta                 atie@           exco
Cheveiet   Susten     zoo           en                 inture a        aico
Ghevsiet   Suruben    2e            e                  alwed           e
Charslet   Subwben    2ms           an                 atue            so
Chevae     Suwben     Zmoe          e                  ntine@          saco
Chviset    Suturen    2005          en                 intune          sato
Chvoet     Susuman    Z00s          in                 intureis        sa00
Chevoet    Suwoi      Eul           ic                 intweis         sato
Chenot     crm=       2me           sc                 ntwreis         saco
Cheveiet   Sunaman    2e            ai                 atwe            arco
Ghensiet   Situtin    zoo           e                  atwes           e
Ciersie     Tarce     ame           450                atued           aro
Chevels     Tarce     wee           «8                 atue@           aro
Chevoet     Taree     200           a5                 intine          s
Chvoet      Torce     zo0           «s                 intune o        saco
Chavaet     Tarce     2oo           Cc                 intunis         savo
Creset      Taree     zo0           as.                intuneis        saco
Cheinit     Tarce     Zoor          c                  intireis        zoo
Chersit     Tarce     Zoos          c                  intwre is       arco
Cherdiet    Tarce     zue           a8.                itures          sico
Chevelst    Tarce     Eu            45.                atined          arco
Chvoie      Tarce     200           +8                 atineo          sz
Chvaet      Tarce     2000          as                 ntines          saco
Crvost      Taree     zo0           as.                intine          zoo
Crevoet     Tarce     zon           as                 intune‘s        seoo
Cheisit     Tarce     Toee          sat                intwers         saco
Cheiint     Tarce     2ooo          65                 intweds         aco
Cheinit     Tarce     zo            s5                 atwes           seco
Chevsie     Tarce     20e           65                 ature@          eico
Chesiet     Taree     200           s5                 intune@         erco
Chevoit     Tarce     z00.          s5                 intine o        ar
                        onmosront — mostwamen—o710

                                     Exhibit A

 wae         wovet         Yoar        enome              Product Nane    PartNumber
Cremit        Tae          ze           sx                  atwes            o
Cheisiet      Tarce        Te           e5                  ate              sano
Ghensint      Tatce        Zoor         s5                  atie o           eaco
Chensint      Tarce        Zoos         s5                  atwes            eaco
Chesiet       Tarce        Zoos         es                  atwes            szoo
Chsie         Tarce        zow          e5c                 atues            seco
Chewsit        Tarce       zon          s5                  ntues            saco
Chwoit        Tarce        zo           es                  atuews           szoo
Chwsiet        Tarce       To           sa                  intune o         saco
Cheimit        Tare        zow          s5                  intune t         saco
Chewdit        Tace        zow          sa                  intine G         saco
Chawsint       Tarce       Toso         enc                 tines            saco
Chewsiet       Tarce       2ooo         s7e                 intne G          saco
Cheisint       Tarce       zon          x                   ntue             saco
Cheisint       Tarce       zor          sa                  intue@           eaco
Chevsin        Tarce       zon          e2                  Geds             szco
Chensint       Tarce       Zou          ce                  intnes           e
Chevie         Tarce      Excio         sa                  intueis          ero
Chevciet       Tarce       ze           ea                  intwers          ao
Ghevset     Tavcexte       ame          s5                  intwreis         eio
Chevstet    Tavexre        zoro         sa                  intwes           ez
Chevolt     Taroe xre      zon          64                  intwreis         arco
Chsit       Taroe XFE      zor          sa.                  inture is       eaco
Chewslt     Taroe Xre      zors         sa                   intwne‘s        eaco
Chewolt      Traibazer     205          sa                   intines         arco
Emem         Trombaser     2o           sac                  intures         saoo
Een          Traibacer     zons         sa                   intine s        eaco
Chevoin    Taibiazer so    zoo          sou                  lntine          zoo
Chesint    Traiblacerss    2oor         so.                  intune          sz
Chessit    Triblazer s     Zone         son                  inture@         eaco
  cuc         Caryon       Zone         26                   intwes          amo
  ue          Genven       zo0          25                   atwes           ez
  oue         Gamyon       Eau          25                   ntwed            eavo
  uc          Caryon       zon          2w                   ues              sato
  ue          Gamyon      zons           se                  iture s          a
  ouc         Ganyon       Esu           se                  atwed@           saso
  uc          Garyon       zus           in                  atwe@            szoo
  ue          Ganyon       Z%s           an                  alwed            szoo
  uc          Ginyon       zow           in                  atwe®            szoo
  uc          Giryon       zon           sn                  intue 6          saco
   cve        Ginyon        zor          in                  intume o         saco
   cuc        Ginyon        zons         55                  tw o             saco
   ue         Ginyon        zo0          es                  intine o         eaco
   cuo        Ganyon        zor0         es                  atine            saco
   cuc        Ganyon        Ean          s5                  intine o         eaco
   uc         Ginyon        zor          sa                  tine®            exco
   uc          Deras        Eou          sx                  itine®           eo
   ue          Deral        zce          ea                  etes             ero
   ue          Devai        2me          sz                  tues             eico
   Eho         Deras        zoo          x                   istineis         e
   ETo         Denas        zon          x                   intwes           e
   cla         Denal        zo           ez                  intweis          ez
   uc           Derai       zo           6x                  intwneis         e
   ouc          Emoy        zons         es                  intwes           aas
   cuc          Emoy        zoo          es                  intwes           en
   uo           Sira        zora         aso                  inture is       eaco
   uc           Sera      zomns          aso                  intine s        eaco
                             pmswossonr— mostamer— 0770

                        Extibit A

wae   wooe    Yer         snome             ProductName   PatNumber
Ee    Sora    Te           i                  mnwes          se
uc    Sora    2000         «8.                intuneis       sa00
Ghc   Sere    z001         «8.                intuis         sa0o
ahc   Sora    z00e         «s                 inturois       savo
uc    Sora    200          48                 intwneis       saco
uc    Sore    2004         a8.                tw a           zoo
uc    Sere    zow          4s                 inture o       e
auc   Sera    zow          i8                 inture         eaco
uc    Sara    zeor         i8                 iitine d       sz
uc    Sare    zeos         ie                 iatne d        amo
uc    Sera    zoo          +8                 ntine G        sc
cuc   Sera    zow          «8                 ntine s        eaco
Guc   Sra     zon          «ic                ntines         B
Ghc   Sora    zore         «8.                intine s       zoo
Ghc   Sera    zors         «8.                intune is      Hao
Guc   Sere    ic           sa                 intune is      sa00
auc   Sora    zoc          s3                 inture s       zoo
ouc   Sare    zon          §5                 intwels        ca
uc    Sera    zow          s5                 intwers        eaco
cuc   Sere    Zwor         s5                 intwes         samo
ouc   Sere    Zmor         s3                 atwes          arco
cuc   Sera    2ms          e5c                wtues          eaco
cuc   Sra     2s           s3                 atueds         amo
uc    Ser     zeor         s3                 atwe®          exco
uc    Sira    zoo          s3                 etues          eaco
cuc   Sire    zooo         s5                 intune 0       sz
ouc   Sore    zor          sa                 intuw o        arco
uc    Sera    zon          sa                 ntwes          eaco
ue    Sore    2o           sa                 ntueis         srmo
e     Sera    2o           sa                 intwei         sano
El    Sere    ame          sa                 intwe@         eaco
ue    Sera    z0s          sa                 intwres        sato
Eio   Sera    200          s                  iatwe®         sa00
cuc   Sera    zoo          6.                 intues         savo
cic   Sora    20e          60.                intureis       sazo
cuc   Sore    2s           so.                iatweis        sano
cuc   Sira    Zoos         sou                intines        savo
cuc   Sira    2s           sn                 atwed          sazo
oue   Sira    2s           sou                atued          aio
cic   Sera    Ecu          eo.                atue o         siso
oue   Sore    2e           o                  atwe d         aroo
oue   Sere    2e           so.                atne@          o
cve   Sere    zmo          s                  tue@           sro
cuc   Sere    zon          e                  intunes        aro
cvc   Sars    zo           so.                intune s       ic
cuc   com     zo           so.                intureis       eaco
cuc   Sore    Zne          so.                intureis       azoo
cuc   Srs     2000         x                  intune s       savo
cuc   Sera    Eau          sa                 inture‘s       sz0o
uc    Sera    zon          sa                 intureis       szoo
uc    Sera    ane          sa                 intneG         pra
ouc   Sera    zoo          ex                 inture         seco
cuc   Sora    Ein          sa                 atune          aemo
ouc   Sere   zons          62                 atineo         eaco
cuc   Sere    ze           6x                 intine         aamo
cue   Sera    zo           aic                intine o       aaco
cic   Sora    zon          s1c                intine o       eaco
               onmosront — mostaimen—o—10

                                      Exhibit A

MAKE      MODEL          Year           ENGINE                Product Name   Part Number

GMC        Sierra        2002             8.1L                 inTune i3        8200
GMC        Sierra        2003             8.1 L                inTune i3        8200
GMC        Sierra        2004             8.1L                 inTune i3        8200
GMC        Sierra        2005             8.1L                 inTune i3        8200
GMC          Sierra      2006             8.1L                 inTune i3        8200
GMC      Sierra 1500     2006             4.3L                 inTune i3        8200
GMC      Sierra 1500     1999             4.8L                 in Tune i3       8200
GMC      Sierra 1500     2000             4.8L                 inTune i3        8200
GMC      Sierra 1500     2001             4.8L                 inTune i3        8200
GMC      Sierra 1500     2002             4.8L                 inTune i3        8200
GMC      Sierra 1500     2003             4.8L                 inTune i3        8200
GMC      Sierra 1500     2004             4.8L                 inTune i3        8200
GMC      Sierra 1500     2005             4.8L                  in Tune i3      8200
GMC      Sierra 1500     2006             4.8L                  inTune i3       8200
GMC      Sierra 1500     2007             4.8L                  inTune i3       8200
GMC      Sierra 1500     2008             4 .8L                 inTune i3       8200
GMC      Sierra 1500     2009             4 .8L                 inTune i3       8200
GMC      Sierra 1500     2010             4 .8 L                inTune i3       8200
GMC      Sierra 1500     201 1            4 .8L                 inTune i3       8200
GMC      Sierra 1500     2012             4.8L                  inTune i3       8200
GMC      Sierra 1500     2013             4.8L                  inTune i3       8200
GMC      Sierra 1500     1999             5.3L                  inTune i3       8200
GMC      Sierra 1500     2000             5.3L                  inTune i3       8200
GMC      Sierra 1500     2001             5.3L                  inTune i3       8200
GMC      Sierra 1500     2002             5.3L                  inTunei3        8200
GMC      S ierra 1500    2003             5.3L                  in Tune i3      8200
GMC      S ierra 1500    2004             5.3L                  inTune i3       8200
GMC      Sierra 1500     2005             5.3L                  inTune i3       8200
GMC      Sierra 1500     2006             5.3L                  in Tune i3      8200
GMC      Sierra 1500     2007             5.3L                  inTune i3       8200
GMC      Sierra 1500     2008             5.3L                  inTune i3       8200
GMC      Sierra 1500     2009             5.3L                  inTune i3       8200
GMC      Sierra 1500     2010             5.3L                  inTune i3       8200
GMC      Sierra 1500     2011             5.3L                  inTune i3       8200
GMC      Sierra 1500     2012             5.3L                  inTune i3       8200
GMC      Sierra 1500     2013             5.3L                  inTune i3       8200
GMC      Sierra 1500     2014             5.3L                  inTune i3       8200
GMC      Sierra 1500     2005             6.0L                  inTune i3       8200
GMC      Sierra 1500     2006             6.0L                  inTune i3       8200
GMC      Sierra 1500     2007             6 .0 L                inTune i3       8200
GMC      Sierra 1500     2008             6 .0 L                inTune i3       8200
GMC      Sierra 1500     20 10            6 .2L                 inTune i3       8200
GMC      Sierra 1500     2011             6 .2L                 inTune i3       8200
GMC      Sierra 1500     2012             6 .2L                 inTune i3       8200
GMC      Sierra 1500     2013             6 .2L                 inTune i3       8200
GMC      Sierra 1500     2014              6.2L                 inTune i3       8200
GMC    Sierra 1500 HO    2005              6.0L                 inTune i3       8200
GMC    Sier ra 1500 HD   2006              6.0L                 inTune i3       8200
GMC    Sierra 1500 HO    2007              6.0L                 in Tune i3      8200
GMC    Sierra 1500 HO    2008              6.0L                 inTune i3       8200
GMC    Sie rra 2500 HD   1999              6.0L                 inTune i3       8200
GMC    Sierra 2500 HO    2000              6.0L                 inTune i3       8200
GMC    Sierra 2500 HO    2001              6.0L                 inTune i3       8200
GMC    Sierra 2500 HO    2002              6.0L                 inTune i3       8200
GMC    Sierra 2500 HO    2003              6.0L                 inTune i3       8200
GMC    Sierra 2500 HO    2004              6.0L                 inTune i3       8200
GMC    Sierra 2500 HO    2009              6.0L                 inTune i3       8200


                            DIABLOSPORT - PROGRAMMER- 0-710

                                txhioit A

wae      mooe        Year         snome              Proguct Name   Part Number
oc    Serazstonp     me            s«                  mds              e
uc    Serazstonp     zon           o                   aaturet          ao
uc    Serazstonp     zoo           sot                 aature o         arco
ouc   Serazecono     To            a0.                 antureo          erco
uc    Serazsoon0     zore          ao.                 intune s         s
cuc   Sera 2s00n0    Zmos          sot                 infune o         sz
uc    Sara zsoon6    Zms           sou                 iature o         arco
cuc   Sera 200 m6    zoor          sot                 inture           eaco
uc    Sera 2500 h0   zoos          so.                 ts               szoo
uc    Sas 2s00m0     en            7ac                 intuwe a         zoo
uc    Sina 25006     zon           ic                  intune o         saoo
uc    Sana 25006     ame           at                  intwes           zc
ove   Sere 2500 h0   20e           n                   intwes           sz
ouc   Sere 2sconp    Zor           a                   intweis          saco
uc    Serzscond      2ne           an                  intwe s          aaco
ove   Serazscond     200           en                  intunes          pra
ce    Sera zscon0    Ecu           an                  intue®           saco
uc     Sera Ssto     es            s                   intue©           sano
ve     Sere 3500     200           x                   intue®           sazo
cuc    Sara 3500     2001          s                   intwes           samo
ouc    Sara S5to     200           so.                 intue s          saco
cue    Sera Ssto     2oo           so.                 inture‘s         saco
cve    Sae 5500      z00.          so.                 intwes           saco
cuc    Sare Sioo     20            so.                 iatue s          saco
cuc    Sane Ssto     zow           so.                 inturois         saco
cuc    Siare S500    zore          so.                 intwreis         sato
cuc    Sare Ssoo     zoo           so.                 watwe is         aaco
cuc    Sizre 5500    zow           so.                 intureis         sazo
uc     Sirre Sio0    2o0s          crom                atwei            amo
ouc    Sore sseo     2s            sor                 atwe             azo
auc    Sere seeo     Zeor          so.                 atwes            ezo
uc     Sre s500      ame           so.                 atwea            amo
ouc    Sore seeo     es            7a                  atues            azo
ue     Sere seoo     Eoa           7k                  anzeo            exo
uc     Sore ssto     2001          enc                 atuea            amo
auc    Sere seeo     2me           enc                 atue o           aico
ue     Sere 2500     20e           aic                 intine           s
ohc    Sere s500     20e           an                  intine o         sz
cue    Sore set0     2o            aic                 it               saco
cue    Sere se00     20e           aic                 intnes           eaco
cic    Sare s500     2007          ai                  intine o         zoo
cuc     Subwban      i             sn                  intune s         saco
cuc     Subvian      2000          a7.                 intiners         zoo
cuc     Supwben      rose          Tac                 intine io        zoo
uc      Suswean      200           Tac                 intune io        saco
ouc      Yulen       ow            «80                 intureis         zoo
uc       Yuien       2oo           48.                 intureis         saco
uc       Yien        zon           as                  ntwed            zce
uc       Yaea        zon           com                 intues           savo
uc       Yden        zm            «80                 ntwes            aamo
uc       Vn          zo            ast                 atweo            eavo
cuc      Yide        zons          aso                 antwes           samo
uc       Yuen        zuns          «8.                 atwes            amo
uc       Yizen       zoo           a8.                 atues            smo
Guc      Yieen       2000          c                                    aaso
uc       Yuion       200           «8.                                  amo
ohc      Yiion       ose           s3                                   am
                       onsoseont —reostimuee —0770

                            Exhibit A

wae    wovet      Your        snome            ProductName    Par Number
uc      Yaken     m            sa                mtuwe           ae
ouc     Yien      Zoor         sa                whireo          e
uc      Yien      2oo          s5                ntwes           ez
Eo      Yaen      Zoos         s5                ature o         sw
uc      Yiien     Zoor         s5                tw              san
auc     Yiken     Zoos         esc               ntues           sz
cuc     Yiien     Zo0s         s5                inture 0        sroo
Euo     Yiken     Zoor         s5                infune a        saco
uc      Yuion     Zooe         sa                intures         sz
ue      Yiion     2000         sa                inture o        zoo
uc      Yiien     Eau          s5                intune 0        zoo
uc      Yiren     1ose         sn                tm              s
ouc     Yiicn     2000         sn                intine o        savo
uc      Yien      Zme          eot               tm              eavo
auc     Yaien     2o           eot               intine o        saco
ue      Yuies     Zoor         eo.               Geds            eamo
ouc     Yiien     Eau          x                 intune @        eamo
cic     Yiken     zon          sa                intwes          seso
oue     Yuen      zore         ea                intwer          erco
auc     Yiken     zow          x                 intweis         zoo
uc      Yiien     Zor          sa                intweis         io
avc     Yaken    zoune         ea                intine o        e
oue    Yuenkt     Toso         «0                intineis         saco
ave    YaerXt     zoo          «0                intine is        eaco
ave    Yaenxt     2001         aa0               intine‘s         arco
ove    YuenXt     zo0           z8.              intune‘s         arco
avc    YaenXt     zons         «s                inture is        eaco
avc    Yaenxc     zoo           «8c              iatines          B
uc     YaenXt     zons          28.              ‘atweis          sz
 uc    YaenXt     Eoa           Eon              atue@            zoo
 uc    YakenX     Zeor          «80              atues            e
 ue    YaeaXt     ame           45.              nture            amo
 ETo   YaeaXt      Teo          s                mrm              emo
 uc    YaeaXt     Eoa           65               antune o         ca
 uc    YuenXt     Es            sx               atire o          samo
 uc    YaeaXt     im            s5               ntwed            saco
 uc    Yaeaxt     ams           s3               atue@            sevo
 cuc   YaenXt     Zoor          $s               ntwe@            zoo
 uc    Yoeaxt      zons         55                intune a        pa
 uc    Yaenxt      zu0s         65                infume o        saco
 cvo   Yoenxt      2007         e3                intune o        azoo
 uc    Yoenxt      Zo0s         s5                intune t        sano
 uc    YaenxL      2000         65                intw o          saco
 ue    Yuerk:      zor0         65                intine o        sano
 uc    YuenXt      En           s5                intine o        eaco
 uc    Yueaxt      zore         s                 intine @        eaco
 uc    YuenXt      zs           6x                intine®         eaco
 ouc   YuenXt      zore         $s                intne®          eaco
 ouc   YoeaXt      ams          sa                intne®          eaco
 ouc   YueaXt      Teeo         en                intueis         paa
 aic   Yueaxt      lo           en                intwei          amo
 ue    YuienXt     19e          6«                intweis         e
 ue    Yaieaxt     200          o                 intwreis        e
 ue    Yaeaxt      zoo          6.                intweis         eaco
 uc    Yoenxt      200          so.               intwes          aaco
 uc    YoienXt     200          eo.               inture is       samo
 Ghc   Yoienxt     z004         son               intne is        eaco
                    omatosront—mosnsumer— 20


 we           mooe          Year        enone             Prosuttiime   Parthumser
 cuc         Yaenxt         zes          sa                 mines          o
 cuc         Yaenxt         2oo          soc                intune s       sc
 ouc         Yaenxt         Ec           soc                intune is      sace
 ouc         Yout           Zoos         soc                intune is      sace
 ouc         YX             z00e         soc                intuneis       sa00
 ouc         Yueaxt         zo           cra                inture s       sico
 ouc         Yuenxc         zoor         6x                 inture s       eico
 ouc         Yuenst         zo           6x                 inture         sico
 ouc         YakenXt        Eo           x                  itures         aio
 ouc         Yaenx          zoo          6x                 itune s        sico
 ouc         YaenXt         zow          x                  intune 6       sio
 ouc         Yeenxt         zo           sac                murma          sn
 ouc         Yarenxt        zns          eac                intune o       saco
 ouc         Yoorxt         zow          cem                intune o       pos
 ouc         Yoorxt        zons          ce                 intune io      sz
 ouc         YorenXt        zoo          en                 intine is      saco
 oue         Yuioaxt        zoce         aic                intune s       sico
 ouc         Yuorst         zo           aic                intune s       szco
 ouc         YarenXt        Ts           sic                intured        pra
 ouc         Yuenxt         20           enc                intwres        eico
 ouc         Yuenxt         zon          cxe                atwed          aro
 ouc         Yuenst         zoo          sn                 alwes          a
 ouc         Yurenxt        ze           enc                inture 5       sico
 ouc         Yoort          zow          enc                intune o       aico
 ouc         Yoonst         zo           enc                intune 6       sz
 ouc      Yalonx Denal      zecs         sc                 intne s        sz
 ovc      Yaken xt Denal    zoce         soc                intune s       sico
 ouc      Yurent Denal      zoer         sc                 intune is      sz
 ouc      Yaren xDenal      zece         6x                 intwred        se
 ouc      Yaren t Denai     Eu           6x                 intureis       sico
 ouc      Yieon t Denas     zow          6x                 intwre         smo
 ouc      YurenXt Denal     zore         sa                 atwes          sazo
 cuc      Yuren t Denai    201976        ea                 atues          eizo
 ouc      Yaren xt Denal    ze           sa                 murma          azzo
 nc         Sera 1500       zos          45                 inture 0       eaco
 cue        Sera 1500       zi6          c                  intune 5       sico
 ouc        Sera 1500      Estig         sac                intune 6       szco
 cue        Sera 1500       zo           eac                intune 6       sico
 ouc          Yuen          zie          is                 intuneis       sico
 uc           Yuien         zon          cen                intuneis       se
 Ela          Yuien         in           s5c                intureis       cra
 ouc          Yoken         zoo          s5                 intweis        sizo
 ouc          Yien          Tore         s3                 atweis         eaco
 ciic         Yaken         zos          s5                 atueis         eaco
Hummer          a           zoo          soc                iTure s        exzo
Hummer          ns          zow          sou                inture s       exzo
Hummer          ta          zoo          eoc                inture 5       sico
Hummer          o           zo0          eoc                intune o       sizo
Hommer          m           z006         s                  intune o       saso
Humme           ra          zo0          e                  inture s       saco
rummer          ve          zo           ea                 inture         sazo
Hummer          re          zow          sa                 inture         sazo
Hmmec           ra          z0e          e5                 intwreis       save
ruemmer         s           zow          s50                ‘atweis        saco
Hummer       TG No          zeos         s50                alue           sazo
Hummer        o Now         zo0          sa                 nture s        saso
Hummer       rot Aone       zo0s         s                  murcra         sico


 ware      wooeu      year        enome              ProductName    Part Number
Hmmer     nor m       z0s          sa                  mnaee            se
 lives    Aacender    amos         s5                  intineis         eaco
 Isves    Aacender    Znos         a5                  atwer            ez
Pontac    Trons Am    1000         sa                  aties            az0
Portae    Trons Am    zovo         sa                  inture o         ez
Poniae    Trons Am    zon          sc                  intues           zoo
Foriac    Trans Am    zoce         es                  inture s         szo
Chywer        z00     zon          se                  atie             sso
Chnger        200     zore         se                   infuneis        sz
Chgter        2o      zors         se                   intureis        sac0
Chnser        200     zora         sen                  intures         saco
Cinser        Eul     zons         35.                  intune s        eaco
Cinser        zo      zu0s         25.                  intune G        saco
Cinser        zo      2007         25                   intines         aaco
Cmser         zo      z0s          35.                  intiness        esco
Ginser        zo      20e          25.                  intiners        esc
Giser         30      zor0         250                  intine‘s        as0o
Ciwer         zo      zon          250                  intine o        es
Giser         zo      zor          cce                  intineis        esc
Cioser        300     z0s          se                   iatineis        eaco
Chmer         300     zo           se                   atwe@           aso
Cmser         30      Zms          sm                   atwed@          sio
Cmser         2o      2e           sn                   wtwes            saco
Chser         300     zeor         sn                   inture o         saco
Cmger         3co     Zone         sie                  intune s         exco
Chaer         To      zooo         se                   intune o         sa00
Ciser         El      zoo          sn                   intune o         aaco
Cmger         sco     zon          s7e                  intines          exco
Cinaer        xo      zore         a7                   intners          s
Gmaer         so      zo           sn                   intines          es
Ciser         zo      zore         s7.                  intineis         esc
Ginaer        zo      Zoos         uim                  intineis         Eo
Ciser         zo      200          cxm                  iatine           ssvo
Giser         zo      2oor         sn                   atweds           sco
Giser         zo      Znos         en                   watwneis         saco
Chmer         300     2000         xm                   atieg            saco
Gmer          300     zmo          sn                   intunes          aaco
Chser         zo      foe          com                  intureds         sac0
Cmser         300     zo           san                  inture o         saco
Chper         300     zow          san                  intune s         esco
Choser   Prouserar    Znos         zar                  intnerg          sa00
Chser    Prouse or    2oo          zadr                 intners          exco
Cinser   Pr onor      Zoos         zar                  intine o         Esw
Cinger   Prouseor     Zme          zar                  intineis         Exo
Cinser      Seoing    2e            z7                  intineis         eo
Ciner       Scoing    zo0           an                  intine o         s
Eem         Seeang    zor           27                  intineis         e
Cinser      Seomng    zons          55.                 intwneis         Exo
Cinser      Scomng    zove          26.                 latineis         easo
Cinier      Sdoing    zoro          25.                 latue o          azo
 Doige      Arenger   zon           a%                  atine            axco
 Dogge      Avenger   z000          27                   intures         saco
 Dogge      Avenger   zor0          2n                   infure o        sano
 Doi        Arenger   zons          35                   inture o        asco
 Dotge      Avenger   zu0e          as                   infune‘s        eaco
 Done       Avenger   zor0          as                   intune s        exco
 Dogge      Arenger   zom           se                   intineo         as0o

                                            Exhibit A

                 MODEL      Year              ENGINE               Product Name   PartNtmber

                              )12               36l                  on·rune i3     8300
                              113               36L                     rune
 '<X IQe                                        3.                        une
 IOC Qe     C llber SRT4                       2 .T                       une
 IOC ge     C llber SRT4                              .T                 'une
 rocge           I                              3.                       ·une
 IOC ge                     20 10               3.                   InTune          1300
Dodge                       201 1               3.GL                 InTune I       8300
lodae                         )12               3.6L                     'une       8301
 IOCIQe                        113                                        une
 IOCIQe                        114                                        une
 1oclge                        108                                   rn 'une
 IOCige                     2' 109                                   in une            10
 10ege                      2010                 .7L                 inTune I       8300
Dodge                       2011                5.7L                 1nTune •       8300
Oodoe                         )12               5 7L                     ·une       830
:loc!le      (                   113             .7                     une         830
 IOC!Ie      (                   114             .7                     une
 IOClle      (                   08              i,1                 111 une
 1oege       (              21109                i. 1                inTune            )0
Doege        (              20 10                 . 1L               inTune         8300
Dodae        Cl             2(                  6.4L                     une        8300
Doege                                            i.4                     une
 IOI Q&      (                                  1.4                      une
 10 1 ge     (                    4             iA                       une
 101 ge                           16             15                   n une
 IOI ge                     2007                 I.Sl                inTune         8300
Oodae            <-narger   2008                3.5L                     une        8300
)OCR&                         )09                                        une
 ,oe ·ge                      )10                                        une
 1oe!19                       )11                                       une
 1oege                      21)12                                   inTune           1300
 1oege                      2013                3.6l                inTune '        8300
DOCIOe                      201                 3.6L                1nTune          8300
Doekle                      200                                     inTune           1300
Dcxae                       21                                      in une            00
Doege                       21                                      1n' une           00
Doege                       21                                                        00
Doege                       2011                5.7L                                8300
Doeoe            <-narger    )12                5.7L                                83
Dodae                        )13
DO< ge                       )14
 )OI ge                      )05
)OI ge                      2006                   7L                inl une        8300
 )OI ge               ,.,   2006                6.1L                 in ·une .      8300
Oodae            <-narger                       61L                     'une         1300
 >oeae                                            .I                   ·une
 )01   ge                                        i.1                   ·une
 >01   oe                                        i1                 on"une
 lOI ge                     21)1                 i.4                inTune '        8300
)01 ge                      2013                6.4L                inTune '        8300
 locge           Charger    201•                6.4L                   ·une         83(
 lodae                      200                     ;L                  une
 lodae                      20C                                         une
DO< ge                      20C                                         une
DO< ae                      20C                                         une
DO< ge                      200                                     InTune '        8300


                                 DIA6LOSPOR1- PROGI\AMMER- 0·770


 ware      woveu     year         enome             ProsuctName   Par Number
 Doie      Waoim     z0s           s                  maee           samo
 Dogge     Magim     aor           sn                 intine o       Esu
 Dogge     Wagiim    Zme           sn                 intneis        exco
 Doge      Magnim    2ms           en                 intine‘s       eaco
 Doige     Magnim    zoc           sn                 iatines        exco
 boige     Magiim    Zeor          sn                 latwreis       ssoo
 Doige     Magrim    zons          sn                 iatines        so
 Doige   Neonsrta    2005          zan                twe            sio
 Dodge   Neon srra   zo0           zar                infune s       esc
 Doige   Nesn srra   zocs          zar                intune 6       aaco
Cmaser      Aasen    2007          sn                 intune a       sazo
Chser       Assen    z00           enc                intunes        exco
Cmser       Asen     2000          sie                intine o       esco
Ginser      Zasen    zo            sn                 intines        exco
 Doige      Datoi    ooe           5en                intine‘s       e500
 Dodge      Doi      ose           25                 intine o       esc
 Doige      Diicis   2000          se                 intineis       es
 Dogge      Doi      2oo           se                 intineis       s
 Dogge      Diicis   2o            20                 latwe is       ssvo
 Doge       Dieis    Zmos          m                  iatwreis       smo
 Dogge      Daots    2e            an                 iatine         sio
 Dogge      Daioin   zooo          an                 atired         saco
 Doige      Doi      zow           an                 infuneis       axco
 Doige      Bc       Ean           in                 inture s       exco
 Dodge      Di       zoc           a7                 infured        aaco
 boige      Doi      zoo           an                 intune o       esco
 Doige      Diict    zoce          an                 intune @       s500
 Dodge      Bc       2003           an                intine o       aa0o
 boige      Daicis   zon            «n                intines        esco
 Doige      Diot     200            ar                intineis       sxo
 Doige      Diica    200            an                intines        xt
 Doige      Doi      z007           an                intines        ssoo
 Doige      Doi      wee            sa                intineis       so
 Boige      Dicis    ose            sa                iatwreis       so
 Dogge      Diicis   2000           sa                intwreds       sz
 Dogge      Doi      2001           52                iatwre          sa00
 Dogge      Diiois   200            s                 atieo           saco
 Doige      Diois    Z0os           sa                 inture o       eaco
 Dogge      Doi      ose            se                 intune         exco
 Doige      Daiots   Tose           se                 intune s       exco
 Dodge      Ditois   200            sa                 intine o       es
 Doige      Drice    Eo             se                 intine         exco
 Dodge      Daroin   ame            se                 intine‘s       en
 Dodge      Daice    zoos           se                 intines        es
 Doige     Dirange   un             se                 intineis       es
 Dodge     Dirargo   zor            2e                 intneis        Exo
 Dodge     Duramo    zor            se                 intine‘s       e
 boige     Digo      zow            se                 intine o       amo
 Dogge     Dirargo    ie            5e                 intweis        ez
 Doige     Durargo    Hooe          260                intineis       sa00
 boige     Durago    Zoc0           20.                latire o       saco
 Dogge     Durage    zoo            55                 iatwre         sa0o
 Dogge     Dirarge   2002           25                 latire         exco
 Doige     Durago    2005           25                 atine          saco
 Doi       Dirage    zo0            a7                 atues          sano
 boige     Dirange   Zoor           an                 infue s        exco
 Dogge     Diraige   200s           a7                 intune o       sx00


wue     wooe      Year         snone             ProsuctName   PartNurber
Soge    Duans     zoo           an                 mines          se
Doige   Surarge   zoro          an                 ntes           ssco
Dooge   Dirarge   200           an                 ts             sxco
Doige   Diame     z001          an                 intne          saco
boie    Diringe   Eoa           an                 intine a       sso
Doige   Uvange    z0            an                 intunes        sxco
Doige   Duange    z000          an                 intines        sxc0
Doige   Diringo   200           an                 intine t       si00
Doige   Sirango   se            sat                intune s       saco
Doge    Durango   oos           sa                 intine‘s       s500
Dogge   Durango   2000          sat                intine‘s       sa00
Deize   Durargo   ze01          sat                intineis       aa0o
Dedge   Duringe   zoo           sa                 intune is      axe
Deige   Drarge    zoo           sa                 intuneis       s
Deige   Duarge    200           sn                 intureis       exo
Deige   Duarge    zo0           sn                 intweis        axo
Deage   Duarge    zeor          sn                 tueis          se
Doie    Suarge    zos           sn                 alweds         axe
Deige   Duane     200           sn                 atwes          exo
Soie    Dirgo     zo0           sn                 atwes          s
Doie    Suange    zon           sn                 alwed          se
Dooe    Duarge    zore          sn                 atwei          e
Doie    Surame    zo            sn                 intune it      Eoa
Dodge   Giringe   Ean           sn                 intuness       exo
Dogge   Dirange   z001          sn                 intumeis       sa00
Doige   Durango   roee          sot                intunes        sa00
Doige   Sirango   1ose          se                 intune         asco
Dodge   Durargo   200           s                  intune o       sa00
bedge   Durane    zon           se                 intnes         sxo
bedge   Durarge   Froa          se                 imtnes         sw
Deige   Durange   To            s                  intwes         es
Deige   Wagiun    Zoor          35                 intine         exo
Doige   Wagrum    Ts            cus                intined        sxo
Deige   Wagum     206           sn                 intwe s        sxo
Deige   Magrun    zeor          sn                 intunes        se
Doive   HWagum    zes           sie                intuneG        exo
Doave     fam     zon           se                 inture®        exo
Deie      Ram     zor           se                 iatureis       as0o
boige     Ran     Ein           se                 atureis        sxo
Doige     Ram     zow           Ece                iatwreis       s00
Dodge     Ram     oes           20c                twis           as0
Doige     Ram     oss           se                 atwe is        sa00
Doige     Ram     2000          35                 atweis         s3
Doige     FRam    zoo           se                 inture is      ss0o
badge     Ram     200           3e                 alwes          saco
Dedge     Fam     z005          3                  nfi             so
beige     e       Zoos          a7                 atwed          savo
Daige     fom     zo            an                 aluwe          se
Doige     Fom     2oor          a                  atues          sato
Deige     Ram     zoc           a7                 tm             Es
Deige     fom     T             ar                 intine s       sico
Doige     fom     o             ar                 intnes         saco
Doize     fam     zo            an                 intine         sat0
Doige     m       Eun           an                 intine G       sxco
Dooge     Tom     o             ar.                intnes         s5c0
boie      Rum     zow           ane                intiners       saco
Doige     Ram     z000          an                 intine s       asco
                    ommoseont ~rocnamues —o—m0


wwe     wooeu      Yeor         enome            PoductName   Part Number
Doige    fom       zoo           a7               infune s       saco
Doige     Ram      2002          an               intune s       saco
Doige     Ram      2005          a7               intine o       saco
Dodge     Ram      2nos          a7e              intines        eano
Doige     Ram      oee           sa               intiners       e
Doige     Ram      ooo           sac              intiners       sa00
Doige     Ram      2000          sz               intners        esc
Doige     Ram      zoo           sa               intiners       esoo
Doie      Ram      2oz           sc               intineis       s
Doie      Ram      2s            sa               iatwre s       ao
Dodze     Ram      zons          sme              lature o       aso
Deie      Ram      Zoor          s                iatwre         siso
Dode      Rom      zo0s          sc               atwes          sio
Dogge     Ram      zoos          cxin             atues          exoo
Dogge     Rom      zoor          sie              infure a       aco
Doge      Ram      zoo           se               inture s       saco
Doige     Ram      zone          s7e              inture o       aaco
Doige     fom      zoro          s7e              intune s       esco
Doige     Rm       zon           a7e              intinert       exco
Dodge     Ram      zore          s7e              intine o       aaco
boige     Rim      zors          sn               intiners       esco
Dogge     fam      zore          cus              intineis       s3
Dodge     Ram      wase          se               intine o       es
boige     fam      ese           se               inteis         esc
Dogge     fam      2000          se               intwneis       eaco
Dooge     fam      2001          se               iatine o       sao
boige     Ram      2000          s                iatwe o        aso
Boige     Ram      200s          se               iatwreis       sio
Googe   Ram 5oo    z00e          sr               aties          ssoo
Doige   Ran Tsoo   200           sn               atired         amo
Doie    Ram tooo   Zoos          sn               atweg          sa00
Doige   Ram Tsoo   2005          sn               aties          saco
Doige   Ran Tsco   Znor          sm               infune s       exco
Doie    Ram Tooo   Znos          sn               inture s       exco
beage   Ram tsco   Z0os          sie              tw             saco
botge   Ram Tsoo   zoo           cxin             intune o       esco
Dogge   Ram tooo   zow           sre              intine o       s500
Dogge   Ram Tsoo   z0s           sre              t‘             exco
boige   Ram Tsso   zo            s7e              intiness       es
Doie    Ram Tsoo   Zow           s                intineis       Exo
Dodge   Ramsoo     zon           sac              intine‘s       sn
Dodge   Ramssoo    zor           sac              intue is       svo
boige   Ram oo     zors          sac              inteis         ao
Doige   Ram 2500   zons          en               intwers        xo
Dodge   Ram 200    zo0           sn               latineis       sa0o
boige   Ram 2500   zons          sn               latire o       saco
Doige   Ram 2500   zons          sn               ature@         sa00
Doige   Ram 2500   2007          ere              atime@         saco
boige   Ram 2500   200           sn               ates           saco
Doige   Rim 2500   2000          s                 infure s      exco
Doine   Ram 2500   zoro          en                infure s      saco
Doige   Ran 2500   zon           sn                infune o      aaco
Dogge   Ram 2500   zore          sn                intune        exco
Dogge   Ram 2500   zons          sn                intiners      exco
Doge    Ran 2500   z0e           sme               intine‘s      aa0
boige   Ram 2500   zo            san               ntine o       es
Dote    Ram 2500   zor           san               intine‘s      es

                                     Exhibit A

 wae          wovet       Yoar        snome             ProductName   Partumber
 Soge       Ranae         mm            sa                mlmes          o
 Doige         Pm         zos           sn                intwres        esn
 beage      Ram 1500      zs            sn                intwes         e
 Sooge      Ranzsco       zs            s7e               intwreis       sn
 Dooge         fom        zoo           sre               iatwe o        se
 Deine      m 1500        zo6           s7e               intweis        e
 boige      Ram2500       zo6           sn                intweis        e
 boige       Duangs       zow           5en               mma            sn
 Dogge       Durarge      zo            s7e               mme            se
 Dodge       Duarge       zo6           25.               intwes         se
 Doige       Duarge       zow           sn                atined         Bal
Smwer           zo        zo            sec               atwe d         sz
Chsier          z0        zois          sn                atwed          sz
            Ghatenger     zors          2e                atwes          szo
            Cialeiger     aos           sn                atwed          sazo
              Grager      ame           se                nlue           sseo
              Chager      z0s           sn                alwed          sxzo
                zo        zore          25.               ntwe G         sazo
                Ea        ame           sn                ntine d        sazo
            Graterger     zore          se                intine s       sazo
            Ghaierger     zow           sn                intine s       sazo
              Charger     zme           se                wtned          sazo
              Change      zo            sre               intiness       sazo
           Conmanter      zo0        s7chom               intiners       sico
           Conmander      z000       s7chem               intineis       sico
           Conmanter      zo0        sncrew               intineis       sico
           Conmander      z0or       sncrewm              intineis       sico
           Conmander      Zmos       s7chem               intine‘s       sico
           Gommanier      zoo           an.               intuneis       sio
           Commanéer      2e         anpuoy               intureis       sw
           Commander      zoo        anw                  intunes        sio
           Gommanéer      200        an w0                intuneis       s«
           Conmanter      zeor       an wwo)              intwreis       sw
         Giand Cheoice    zio        screm                inture         sico
         Gand Greice      Eoa        snerem               intwreis       s
         Gand Creice      zes        sncvew               intureis       s
         Gand Chaice      zow        s rcrem              intures        sico
         Gand Grerice     Eou        s ncrem              intureis       sico
         Giand Craisice   200        s ncrem              intweis        s
         Giand Charice    zoro          an                inture s       sico
         Gand Crerice     z00        anpao)               intune o       saco
         Giand Cheroice   zow        17c u0)              iatwne         sc
         Gand Creriee     z005       a7cpan)              tw o           sico
         Gand Ghemiee     200        a7c@uwo)             intwre s       s
         Gand Chersice    z007       17c0)                atine d        sico
         Gand Cheroiee    To         47c                  atwe           sa0
         GrandChecice     Zoor       a7o)                 atwe s         sn
         Grand Chaciee    zow           40.               intne s        sn
           Wanger t       zow           56.               ated           sao
           Wanger 2t      s             se                atues          sao
           Wanger i       zow           se                intine         sa0
           Wianger k      zoor          25                atined         sato
           Wranger i.     zoo           Ece               nlne          sie
           Wrangeras      z000          2e                intines        sico
           Wranger i      zo0           2e                intines        sico
           Wangerak       zo            sac               intines        sico
           Wangerts       zo0s          40.               intinis        sico
                            ommosront— mostwumer—o—r0

                                              Exh ibi t A

MAKE          MOOEL              Year           ENGINE                Product Name   Part Number

Jeep        Wranoier TJ          2004             4.0L                  inTune i3       8400
Jeep        Wrangler TJ          2005             4 .0 L                inTune i3       8400
Jeep        WranglerTJ           2006             4 .0L                 inTune i3       8400
Jeeo      Grand Cherokee         2004             4 .0 L                inTune i3       8400
Jeep        Cherokee XJ          1998             4.0L                  inTune i3       8400
Jeep        Cherokee XJ          1999             4 .0L                 inTune i3       8400
Jeep        Cherokee XJ          2000             4.0L                  in Tune i3      8400
Jeep        Cherokee XJ          2001             4.0L                  inTune i3       8400
Jeep      Grand Cherokee         1999          4.7L (Auto}              inTunei3        8400
Jeep      Grand Cherokee         2000          4.7L (Auto}              inTune i3       8400
Jeep      Grand Cherokee         2001          4.7L (Auto}              in Tune i3      8400
Jeep      Grand Cherokee         2002          4.7L (Auto}              inTune i3       8400
Jeep      Grand Cherokee         1999             4.0L                  inTune 13       8400
Jeep      Grand Cherokee         2000             4.0L                  in Tune i3      8400
Jeep      Grand Cherokee         2001             4.0L                  in Tune i3      8400
Jeep      Grand Cherokee         2002             4.0L                  inTune i3       8400
Jeeo   Grand Cherokee 5.9L ltd   1998             5.9L                  inTune i3       8400
Jeep      Grand Cherokee         1998             5.2L                  inTune i3       8400
Jeep        Wrangler TJ          1998             4.0L                  inTune i3       8400
Jeep        W rangle r TJ        1999             4.0L                  inTune i3       8400
Jeep        Wranoler TJ          2000             4.0 L                 inTune i3       8400
Jeep        Wrangler TJ          2001             4.0L                  in Tune i3      8400
Jeeo        W rangler TJ         2002             4 .0 L                inTune i3       8400
Jeep       Grand Cherokee        2005             5.7L                  inTune i3       8400
Jeep        Wrangler TJ          2005             4 .0L                 inTune i3       8400
Jeep        WranglerTJ           2006             4 .0L                 inTune i3       8400
Jeep         Commander           2006             4 .7L                 inTune i3       8400
Jeep         Commander           2006             5.7L                  inTune i3       8400
Jeep       Grand Cherokee        2006             6.1L                  lnTune i3       8400
Jeep        Wranaler JK          2007             3.8L                  in Tune i3      8400
Jeep         Commander           2007             4.7L                  in Tune i3      8400
Jeep         Commander           2007             5.7L                  inTone i3       8400
Jeep       Grand Cherokee        2007             5.7L                  inTune i3       8400
Jeep       Grand Cherokee        2007             6.1L                  inTune i3       8400
Jeep         Wrangler JK         2008             3.8L                  inTune i3       8400
Jeep         Commander           2008             4.7L                  inTune i3       8400
Jeep         Commander           2008             5.7L                  inTune i3       8400
Jeep       Grand Cherokee        2008             5.7L                  inTune i3       8400
Jeep      Grand Cherokee         2008             6.1L                  inTune i3       8400
Jeep         Wrangler JK         2009             3.8L                  inTune i3       8400
Jeep         Commander           2009             4.7L                  inTune i3       8400
Jeep         Commander           2009             5.7L                  inTune i3       8400
Jeep      Grand Cherokee         2009             5.7L                  in Tune i3      8400
Jeep      Grand Cherokee         2009             6.1L                  inTune i3       8400
Jeeo         W ranoler JK        2010             3.8L                  inTune i3       8400
Jeep         Commander           2010             4 .7L                 in Tune i3      8400
Jeep         Commander           2010             5.7L                  inTune i3       8400
Jeep      Grand Cherokee         2010             5.7L                  inTune i3       8400
Jeeo      Grand Cherokee         2010             6 .1L                 in Tune i3      8400
Jeep      Grand Cherokee         2011             3.6L                  inTune i3       8400
Jeep         Wrangler JK         201 1            3.8L                  inTune i3       8400
Jeep      Grand Cherokee         201 1            5.7L                  inTune i3       8400
Jeep      Grand Cherokee         2012             3.6L                  inTune i3        8400
Jeep         WranglerJK          2012             3.6L                  inTune i3       8400
Jeep      W rangler Rubicon      2012             3.6L                  inTune i3       8400
Jeep      Grand Cherokee         2012             5.7L                  inTune i3        8400
Jeep      Grand Cherokee         2012             6.4L                  inTune i3        8400


                                    OIABLOSPORT- PROGRAMMER - 0-770

                                                  Exhibit A

MAKE        MODEL                Year               ENGINE                Product Name    Pari Number

Jeeo     Grand                        11                     ll             in rune          l4
 1eeo                 J               11                                    in rune          l4
leep                                  11                                    '"rune           l4
leep     >rane                        11                                    1n ·une          l4
leep     >rane                        11                                    inTune<          !4110
leep     >ranc                   201 ·                 1.6L                 inTune I         8400
 leep                · JK        2014                 3.6L                  inTune •         8400
Jeep               R ooh lc.nn   2014                 3.6L                      ·une •       8400
Jeeo     GrandCI                 1014                 5.7L                       'une        84
Jeep     Grand                                             4L                   rune
Jeep     Grande                                                                 rune
Jeep     Grane                                                                  rune
 eep     Grane                                                               inTune
 eep     Granc                                                              inTune           8400
 eep                 •JK         2015                 3.6L                  inTune           8420
Jeep     Grand                   201 :                36l                      rune          8420
Jeep                 · JK          11:                                         rune          l4
Jeep                                  11:                                      rune          l4
leep     Grand<                     11:                                          rune        l4
leep     Grand<                  2' 11:                                     in Tune          1420
 leep                •JK         2016                 3.6L                  in Tune I        6420
Jeeo     Grand C                 2011                 3.6L                        'une       84 !0
 leeo                Jl                                                           ·une        14
leep               Rubicon                                                        ·une        14
leep     >ranc                                                                    'une        14
leep     >rane                                                              InTune           8421
'ord        Fiesta ST            2013                  .6LT                  Trinity<                 100
 'ord       Fiesta ST            2014                 1.6LT                   rrinitv
 'ord       Fiesta ST                 11:             16                      rrinitv
  ore       Fiesta                    11 1                                    rrinitv
 ore        ocus                      11 :                                    rrinitv
 ore        'ocus                     11'                                    Trinity
Fore        ·ocus iT                  J15                  )LT               Trinity
Ford       Focus ST              2016                2.0LT                    rnnitv
 '()(d        GT                 2: 10<             54LSC                     rrlnitv
 ·ore         GT                 2: 10              s. sc                     rrinitv
 'or<                            2: 11                     71                 'rlnity
 'ore                            2: 11:                    71                Trinity                 1100
 'ore                            201:                  .7L                  Trinity                    VIJ
  ore                            20                   3.7L                     rimtv
 'Ord                            1'                                              inltv
  ore                            1'                                              imtv
  ore                            t·                                             inlty
  ore                            1'                                          Trinity
  ore                            2000                                        Tnnity                   100
For<                             2001                 3.6L                    rnnttv :
                    '"                 12              .8l                    rmitv
 'ore                                  13                                    rnnttv
 'ore                                  )4                                    rmttv
 'ore                                  )4                                   Tr1111ty .
 '()(e                                )()5                   ll             Tr1111ty
Fore                             2006                 40l                    rr111itv ·
Ford                                                  40L                    rir11tv                 ltl
 ·ore                                                 4 .'                   rinity :                )11
 'or<                                                 4:                     rinity ·
 'ore                                                 4'                     rinlty
 'ore                                                 4 .'                  Trinity


                                       DII\BLOSPOR1 - PROGRAMMER- 0·770

                                     bxhibit A

wre           wooes       Year         enome             Product Name     Part Number
ros          musing       mar           Cc                  Tmyz        sooscsomce
eo           Mustarg      ose           cce                 Trntys      serancsonico
rou          Mustarg      To            «6.                 Tingy2      scomscsouico
 fs          Mistang      200           as.                 Tiniys      seommososico
 fos         Mistang      zoo           as                  Tiniys      senonesosic
 foo          Mustang     z00           15.                 Tinnyz      seoomesomico
 ros          Mustang     200           16.                 Tiniys      seooscsostcs
 fos          Mustang     2oo           ae.                 Timiy2      seconesonion
 foo          Mustong     z005          15.                 Tianyz      secomesonroo
 fos          Muslang     2005          as.                 Tiniys      soooncsoton
 fos          mistang     Zoor          1.                  Timy®       secomesontoo
 ros          mistang     Zoos          16.                 Tiniys      secomesontoo
 rou          Mustang     200           45.                 Traiys      soommesotoo
 fos          Mustang     zo            45.                 Taiys       soommesomtoo
 fod          wustorg     zon           se                  Tiiy®       seommosonico
 fod          Wustang     zor           sc                  Tiy         secoscsontco
 fos          Mustang     zos           soc                 Taiys       secoscsorce
 fos        Mustang GT    ica           15                  Tiaiy®      seconssoutco
 fos        Mostang GT    200           4s                  Traty2      secomssonrco
 fos        Mustang GT    Zon           16.                 Tranys      seoomesosrcn
 fos        moslrg Gr     200           15.                 Traiys      socomcsourco
 fos        Mustarg GT    z00           16.                 Toniys      secomosonroo
 fod        MustangGT     zoo           450                 Tniys       sucososontco
 fod        MuslangGT     2005          a60                 Tiaiys      socososon1co
 foo        Mustang GT    200           15.                 Tiaiys      sonososo100
 roo        Mustang GT    z007          «6.                 Taiys       secosasor00
 fod        Mistang GT    Zmos          «60                 Tiniys      seoosesontco
 fod        Mustang GT    2005          com                 Tiniy2      seooseso100
 foo        Mustang GT    zoo           45.                 Tiniys      secoscsonrco
 fos        Mustang GT    zon            soc                Tiniys      sccosssource
 foo        Mustang GT    zo             soc                Tinty2      seconssorco
 fos        Mustang GT    zo             sou                Tiaiyz      seonsesourcn
 fos        Mistang GT    zow            sou                            sccosesource
 fod      Misang GT500    zoor           sa                             secomcsourc0
 fos      Mustang GT500   zns            sac                            seconcsonrco
 fos      Mistang GT500   zow            sac                            socomcsonico
 fou      Mustang GT500   zoo            sat                            secomssomroo
 fos      Mustirg GTsoo   zon            sac                            soommosonrco
 fod      Musng Greod     zor            sa                              secosasontco
 fod      Muslarg GTsoo   z0s            sac                Tiniys       senssasou1c0
 fod      Mustang Gre00   zore           sz                 Tiays        seonsosoutco
 fod       Shaby Grsoo    2007           sac                Tiniys       seonsasoutco
 fod       sneby arsoo    200            sac                Tiny?s       seoosasourc0
 fod       Sneby arsoo    200            sac                Tintys       seonsesontco
 fod       shoey arsoo    zoo            sac                Tiniyz       sconsesostco
 fod        Taims Sio     ams           ssm                 Tiniy2       secoscsomrco
 foo        Taims S0      zow           sar                 Tinty2       seconesorco
 fos        Tains io      z0s           sar                 Tiniyz       seroncsoutco
 fos        Taons SrO     zoo           sar                 Trntys       scomsesosico
Teon           woreet     20e            san                Tiniys       seomnmesosico
Tincoin        warer      zoor           sat                Trniy2       scomcsonice
Tncoin         Marctr      zow           sat                Tiniy        scomsosonico
Tnesin     mke Eopoon      zo           sar                 Trniys       seoosesostce
Tieain     MG Eecpoon      zova         sar                 Tiniy2       seoosesonco
Tncoin     MGG Ecoboon     zo           saur                Tingyz       secomesounco
wen        MR Ecomoost     zore         saur                Tiniyz       seoonesostco
  fod         Exerson      ooo           crim               Timiy®       seoomesounco

                             ccc0~vanvennon— mowsorva
sersssononss      ehon             mssaise         nioe   wonmoos     se
cerevsosnncs      Tham             mssesaise       sice   vote moda   se
seisoscanscs      ehon                Tr           cice     moga      mes
cmscsosons        dhou                ty           S        mesa      Ts
corscsssnnce      ehon                er           oi       nega      se
coisczssors       etrom               Ter          se       meda      sea
sorsossmnoss      ihon                Ts           sooe    mods       mo.
sorsvsosonss      enon.               or           soce    megs       se
sorsososcons     etion                Tor          sone    mode       pes
coisasoscnos     zhn                  i+           sooe    mds        Tez
coisvsoso00s     m                    +            sox     mogg       mos
seispsosons      eham                 er           rea     wmoda      pos
soisososours     ¢han                 +            rova    mosa       mes
corsososonts     Thon                 +            in      moge       mes
seisos0so00s     eham                 Tor          sooe    wmoda      mes
seisor0s000s     Than                 a>           sooc    moda       sos
seisososon0s     Thai                 o+           soor    moga       mes
sersososo00s     chon                 Tr           sooe    moda       mos
corspsosnoss     Thon                 i+           sooe    mega       mes
cersssssnne      Ehsn                 o+           se      meds       se
corsassso0ss     ehin                 Tor          reoe    moga       se
corsasoscons     Thing                o+           iove    aeat       y
corsazoso0ss     ehon                 To+          zace    mdns       mos
sorsasoso00s     eton                 To+          iooe    woda       mos
corssosoons      etion                To+          ooo     wod        mos
sorsosoncons     ehon                 To+          ses:    mds        mos
soisasos000s     ehon                 s            hot     wupena     mes
sorsososonns     ehion                we           oo      wapeda     nes
corsososoncs     eTrom                Te           sox     soapade    mes
soisososoucs     <hon                 s            se      vompoda    wes
ceisorosonts     ehou                 as           zooe    woapida    sea
cersososon0s     chon                 Te           soe     sourseg    nea
sersos0s000s     chou                 we           socc    somsia     pes
cersvsosnons     chon                 Te           rooe    soupsda    pea
corsszosnos      ehion                Ts           roce    wuree      mes
coisoscsne       etian                ter          sooe    compeie    mes
cnsososnns       ehion                e            ie      wapsde     mes
corscsoscoss     ehon                 Tor          zs     wourseg     mes
corsososcons     ehon                 To           zoo    Cupatea     mes
corsososcnss     etion                >            e      veurede     mos
cormososo00s     ehion                Ts           inoe   voupsde     mos
corsasoscons     dhon                 y            ooo    voupde      mos
corsoroscons     ehon                 ws           roa    veweda      mos
soisososons      Ehoi                 y            con    Tss         mod
coimososcons     zhsn                 ws           Em     woires      se4
coisvsoscons     thon                 Ts           seoe   voanse      pos
cersososonns     ehon                 Ts           sene    voumee     bea
sersor0so00s     ehon                 Ts           rooe    owe        sea
seisososcans     chon                 To           reo     wane       mos
corsososoans     chon                 Ts           zoo     waree      mos
corspzosnoss     Th                   To           Eoo     warse      mos
coisezosnos      Ehn                  Ts           zoc     wareg      mos
coisoscscoss     ehn                  Te           poa     wree       mes
corsoeoscone     zhun                 we           io      waree      wes
corsoroscons      ehon               we            iooe    wame       se
corsasoscons      am                 Ts            sose    wame       se
corsosoncons      elon               we            ooo     roume      sea
 mauny ea      ewenionsors          awous          veon    Toon       o


                             Exhibit A

wake    wooet    Year         enome               Product Name     Part Number
 rea     rise    zo            iz                    Tz          sronssomico
 fec     Fise    z0s           a2                    Tinyz       seonsosourc
 fos     Fiso    Zms           4.                    Trniy       seamsososion
 fos     riso    2os            sa.                  Trowy2      eemsososion
 tos     riso    2005           az                   Tinays      seoumosomico
 fos     riso    200            ds                   Tiniyz      seoosesorc0
 fos     riso    2000           sa.                  Trony s     seoosesostco
 foo     riso    Zoor           a2                   Tiniys      sevosesorco
 o       rise    z007           16.                  Timy2       seconesourco
 foo     Fiso    Zoor           sac                  Toaiys      sooosesontco
 fos     riso    Zmos           a%                   Toaiys      secososostco
 fod     riso    Ztos           46                   Tiaiys      secososon100
 foo     riso    20e            sac                  Tintys      seoososont00
 fos     riso    2m             CC                   Tiniys      secasosontco
 fos     Fiso    Zmo            sac                  Tiaiys      seconcsour00
 fod     riso    zoo            asc                  Tinty®      sccosssontos
 fos     Fiso    zoo            sa.                  Tiniyz      secoscsontco
 fod     rise    zon        35CEsoon                 Tiniy?      seconssourco
 Fod     Fise    zon            sou                  Tiniys      seoomesonrco
 rox     Fise    zon            sa                   Trntys      semmnososron
 fod     Fiso    Ein        3SC Eeaicon              Tioiys      socomosomrcs
 red     rise    zor            sac                  Tinys       secoseso1c0
 red     riso    zor            sa                   Tiniy       seonsosorco
 fod     riso    zors       35C Eeoicon              Tiniys      seoosasorc0
 rod     riso    zon            soc                  Tiniys      seoosesorc0
 foo     riso    zo             sa.                  Tiniyz      seonsasotco
 fos     riso    zow        35 Eesioon               Tiniy2      seoonasourc0
 rod     riso    zore           sou                  Tiniys      seconesourco
 rord    Fiso    Ein            sa.                  Troiy2      seoasesostcn
 fot     Fiso    zors           soc                  Trniys      seconesosico
 o       Fiso    zore           sc                   Traiy2       secososo1c0
 fos     mso      Tess          sa                   Troiyz       serasosn100
 fos     mso     Eo             s                    Tiaiys       seoasosonce
 fod     mss     zoo            sa                   Taaiys       seovesourc0
 fos     rase    2e             sa.                   Trnn2       secoscsontcs
 fos     rase    ams            sa.                  Traiy®       soconssoutcs
 rod     rise    Zor            sa                   Tiniy®       secomssouios
 foo     rase    Zoor           15.                   Tonnys      seconccontos
  foo    rase     2001          a2                    Trniys      socosososico
  fod    riso     z005          sac                   Tiays       secososon100
  foo    raso     2005          15.                   Tintys      secaosom100
  fod    riso     2005          a2                    Tiaiys      secososostc0
  fod    riso     2005          san                   Tinys       seooscso100
  fod    riso     zo0           460                   Tinty2      seonscsoic0
  foo    Fise     200           a%                    Tiniy       seopsesosrc0
  fos    Fiso     2007           sac                  Tiniys      seconssotc0
  rod    rise     zoor          45.                   Tiniys      seonscsontco
  ro     rase     2oor          a2                    Tinyz       secancsontco
  fos    rase     Zme            sac                  Tiniy2      socomasorco
  ce     rise     ame           4s                    Tiny?       secomesorco
  roo    rase     2me            ar                   Tiniyz      seoosesonrco
  foo    riso     zo             sac                  Trntys      sconsososrco
  fed    raso     zow            48.                  Tiniys      secnsosource
  fad    riso     zo             sat                  Tiniys      senosesou1co
  fod     Fiso    zoro           40.                  Tintyz      seooscsourco
  tod     Fise    zou       35tEopont                 Tiniyz      seoosesourco
  fos     riso    zom            sn                   Tiniys      sonnsasomrco
                    onswosrort— moonaumer—o—770


sormsosoos       ehon                w           ze             se               se
sorsnsosonns     ehion               we          sooe           ores             me
coisnsosan0s     in                  +           soe            oes              mes
colensoscans     mm                  s           se             ces              mes
coisnsosonss     acom                >           se             des              hes
corsvsosonts     zhon                s           rove           Em               nes
cormososonns     Zlam                ws          enoe           ces              hea
coimorosomns     efron               Ts          cce            oies             mes
corsososons      ehon                Ts          o              ses              mea
sorsccomnons     ehon.               Ts          ane            se               mes
coisoromnoos     chon                ws          se             se               Eon
sorecsononns     chan                >           sooe         se ons             mes
covsosomoons     chon                To          rice      Te.adew oors          sea
coisososonns     chin                is          tice      omcs                  es
coisoensonns     ehin                Ts          Ets       To mdew osi4          mos
coimososcans     ehion               Ts          hee       ins oeg pors          mos
coimossscans     ehin                Ts          se        ans smm osis          hes
coisososcons     ehon                Ts          moe        To rdea oeia         nos
cormososonts     eliam                Tes        se         uns ieidew osia      mes
corsososcons     etion                ies        zie        Ts miden osi3        sea
sorsososoncs     ehon                 ro         voe        T5 miden osia        mes
sorsosonon0s     ehon           ratimpioins we   se          Smb osia            mea
corsososo00s     Thon           sebwpmons ts     sooe        Bnmitn ons          se
sorsososoncs     chon           setimaioms e     zoce        Bindnons            se
sorsososoos      ehon           seternnds wo     soce        Basnows             mes
oosososoons      ehon           meterres wo      ooe      Bamtnosia              mea
coiscsnscons     ehian          mitnnnis wo      ses        Cxathona             ses
cosososcons      eA                  s           oice     somnen feven oors      mes
corsososcons     ehon                s           soor     voemnen Teveoni—s"|    mos
sosososcons      zNoh                Ts          sox      veepieg Koven os1—3    mes
cosoroscons      chon               Ts           inoe     vownea feven oniss~|—mea
coimoscscons     ihm                Ts           Sooe     uereg Termuoova       |—meg
seisos0son0s     ehion          rebnnems wo      soor     vornea favmi ost2"|  mos
cesososcons      zhm            mbmrmeis tro     aoe      vownea Teoniss|      mea
oeisosostons     ihow               we           sose     vosmia avmos12       sei
sersosnnocs      ehom               s            aone—|   sownea ferm osiea    mes
sesososnncs      chon               y            sooe           ons            mes
onisososonce     ehour              Tsr          e              ois            ses
ocrsossscnce     efou               >            soce           oirs           mos
sorsosssonce     ehvan              Ter          es             ces            mos
sorsososcoce     ehr                Tor          ses            ons            mos
soisossscoss     ehon               Ts           sice           ons            mos
sorsossscoss     ehion              Ts           se             oi             mos
corsososoons     etion              Ts           rie            o              m
sorsnsosoos      ehin               we           rice           ois            pea
sorsosoncoss     ehon            woos we         rice           oirs           ses
colsososcnos     efron              is           hoz            ais            mes
corspsoscans     ehoor              ies          sice           ons            mes
ceisveosonss     hoi                Ti           tine           ois            ses
coisososo0s      eho                e            se             ons            mes
ceisososonns     ehon            womenwe         sice           ons            ses
erisorssoans     hm                  Ts          zoe             ors             sos
ceisorosonts     ehon                Ts          zce             ces             mos
soisososo0s      chan               Te           aoe             ors            se
sorsososomns     ihan            wosso Te        zce             ois            Eo
corsososoncs     chion              To           mea             ons            Ean
soisososcns      ehio               Ts           tiee            osis           sos
 maunniueg     sum prooia          avous         en             Tscon           som


                                    Bxhioit A

wke       wovet          Yeor         enome             Producttiame    PartNumber
fea         esu          zoor          sa                 Tiays        secosesonnto
foo         rrso         200           250                Tiniys       seonsosn1t0
o           rrso         Zn0s          san                Tinyz        seoncosne100
o           riso         Z00s          450                Tiniyz       seoosasou1c0
foo         rzso         Zoos          sa.                Toiys        secosesou1c0
foo         raso         200           i5                 Tiniys       seoosesporco
foo         Faso         zo            sac                Tiniyz       seoosesnerc0
fod         raso         zon           sou                 Trniys      senomesourco
foo         ras          zon           cem                Tiniys       secomesonrc
foo         raso         20e           sou                Timy2        serosesosnc
fod         raso         zor           sn                  Traiys      senanesomrco
foo         trso         zo            soc                 Toaiy2      secoosonic0
foo         e            2oo           s                   Tiaiys      Sorocosonic0
fod         raso         zow           sac                 Tiaiys      senocosnm100
foo         Fiso         zo            sa                  Traiys      secozoson100
foo         ras          2o            sac                 Tiniys      seroosom100
fod         raso         zoi           soc                 Tiaiys      seoososon1c0
foo   E250 Siper bay     ies           com                 Tiniys      secososou100
foo   F250 Stoer bay     ioeo          sac                 Tiniys      seonzosnm1c0
fod   250 Supor ouy      z000          sac                 Tiniys      seonsesoutco
foo   E250 Super bay     Zoco          sa                  Tiniys      seoosesou1c0
fos   E50 Super buy      zoo           sac                 Tiniys      seonsesomic0
foo   50 Surer buy       z001          san                 Tiny?       seonsasnmic0
ca    F250 Siner Day     z00e          sac                 Tiniyz      seooseson1c0
fos   5o Siper Dt        zo0           sac                 Tinys       seoosesvorc0
fos   250 Swoer Day      200           sac                 Tiny?       seoosesnerco
fos   F250 Sieer Do      200           sa.                 Trntys      senomesoutco
fos   5o Super Day       z00e          sac                 Tiniys      seoosesonc0
fos   7250 Swoer Day     2004          sat                 Tiniy2      seoosesosrcn
o     F250 Sizer Do      z005          sac                 icore       sevomesonrco
foo   1—250 Swoer Day    Zoos          sa.                 Tiniy2      secomesonco
foo   250 Super bay      2005          c                   Timiy2      sorocossic0
foo   F250 Siver Do      2005          sac                 Traiys      sevomesomico
foo   E2sSiper Dt        zoor          se                  Toaiys      socozosonic0
foo   F20 Sier Day       2oor          s4                  Tiaiys      socomosom1t0
fod   F280 Sirer Day     z00e          esc                 Tiaiys      secososontco
foo   E2o Sipe Do        Zoos          sa                  Traiys      secozosom100
foo   F250 Siver Day     20e           sa                  Tiaiys      secnzosa1t0
fod   F250 Siper Day     2000          sac                 Tiaiys      seonsosoutco
foo   E250 Sipe Do       zoo           sa.                 Tiaiys      seopsason100
foo   F250 Siver Day     zon           x                   Tiniys      seonseso100
fod   F250 Siper bay     zow           ez                  Tiny?       seoncosnmtco
foo   F250 Siper ba      zo            sa                  Tiniys      seopsasontco
fod   taso Siper bay     zow           sa                  Tiniys      seonsesou1c0
foo   250 Super puy     201978         s                   Tiny?       seoosesnrc0
co    F350 Siper bay     <oeo          c                   Tiniyz      seoomesourco
fos   E50 Siper bay      1oso          sa                  Tiniys      seoosesoorc0
foo   F350 Sioer bay     2ooo          crom                Tiniyz      seoosesnerc0
fos   F50 Siper bay      zooo          sa                  Trnty2      seonsesocico
fos   E50 Siper buy      2oo           sat                 Tiniys      senomesounco
foo   F350 Suoer bay     2o            sa                  Tiniys      seoosesourco
foo   350 Supor buy      zo0e          sac                 Tiniys      seoosesosicn
foo   F350 Siper bay     Zoce          s4                  Trniys      socosososico
foo   F350 Stper buy     zons          sac                 Trniys      socozosonic0
foo   350 Super uy       z005          san                 Traiys      serososan100
foo   7—550 Sweer Day    zo0           c                   Tiaiys      secocosns100
fod   £—350 Siper uty    zo0           sac                 Traiys      secasososico
                           emevoseont—rroceammen—o 70

wae           movet          Yeur        enome             ProsutName    Part Number
 rea      T350 Stpor uy      zs           s«                 Tiays      soomsessnce
 fos      150 Swrer Bay      Zms          sa                 Traiys     sccoscsoutce
 fos      F—350 Swer Duy     zo0          es                 Trniys     seooscson100
 fos      350 Sweer Doy      2s           sac                Tanys      seonsason1c0
 foo      1350 Sweer Day     2oor         c                 Taiys       seonsasoutco
 foo      T—350 Swenr Day    2oor         sac               Toaiys      seonscsou1c0
 foo      7—350 SweerDuy     20e          sac               Traiys      seonsason100
 foo      350 Swoer Doy      2me          sat               Taiys       seovsasonrc0
 fod      1—350 Swperboy     Zm           sac               Tiaiys      seovsasostc0
 foo      7—350 Swper Duy    2000         sat               Traiys      secoscsoic0
 fod      F350 Suoer uy      Eau          sc                Trakys      seoveasourco
 fod      350 Super bon      zon          s                 Traiys      seossasoutco
 roc      —350 Sover Bay     zor          x                 Traiys      seooscsorce
 Fod      350 Suver bay      Eu           x                 Traiys      seoosasotce
 Fod      350 Suser Bay      zo           x                 Trnty2      scosscsoutce
 fos      1350 super Baly   EScip         sa                Tinty2      seooscsonce
 fos          Ranger                      18                Tinty2      seoascsnice
 fos          Ranger                      Eve               Trniys      secascsomnc0
 rou          Ranger                      40.               Trnys       secoscsouice
 ros          Ranger                      sac               Tiniys      secascsostce
 fos          Ranger                      10                Tingy2      seoososonic0
 foo          Ranger                      soc               Tingys      secososontco
 foo          Ranger                      10.               Tiniys      scooscsontce
 foo          Ranger                      sac               Tiniy2      seoososon100
 foo          Ranger                      a0.               Tinnys      seoonosam100
 foo          Ranger                      soc               Trniy2      sconsososic0
 foo          Range:                      40.               Trays       seonsosan100
 fod          Ranger                      soc               Traiys      secosasonico
 foc          Ranger                      «0.               Trany2      secoscsonico
 fos          Ranger                      20                Traiys      seomsosonrco
 Fod          Ranger                      10.               Trnny2      eroonasonrcs
 fos          Ranger                      20                Tiniyz      seomncsonic
 ros          Ranger                      10                Tniyz       seaososonrco
 fos          Ranger                      5oc               Traiy2      eeosscsource
 ros          Ranger                      25                Tiniyz      seoonosonrc0
 fos          Ranger                      0                 Tiniy®      cemmmoonrcs
 fod          Ranger                      5oc               Tray?       sesoncsosrc
 ros          Ranger                      25                Tiniys      seoosesorc0
 fod          Ranger        200           20.               Tintys      sonanasourcs
 foo          Ranger        zo0           30c               Tiniys      sevonesosrco
 fos         Ranger         200           25                Tinys       sevonesonrc0
 ea          Ranger         Zoro          a0.               Tiniys      socomsontco
 foo         Ranger         zo0           sou               Tiniys      socosososico
 foo         Ranger         zo0           25                Tiniys      secasosonc0
 fos         Ranger         zon           25.               Tiniys      socomsonice
 fos         FRange         zon           sou               Tingys      soconcsostco
 fos         FRanger        zon           10.               Tinys       seconssoutc0
Trcon       Sudwess         20e           sa.               Trany       soomesontce
Treon       Slagwsd         Eou           sac               Tranys      secoscsoutce
tincon       Warkr                        sa                Tiniy2      seconssoutce
tncoin       Marctr         Ecu           sa                Tmnys       seconcsoutce
tincoin     Navgator        wee           sac               Tray 2      secoscsoutce
Tincoin     Navgnr                        sa                Tiniys      seconcson1c0
mem         Nevter          zo0           sa                Tiniys      seconcsonito
teain       Navgatr         200           sa.               Traiys      seonnasonnco
Tincon      Navgmt          200           sac               Tiniys      soomsasou1t0
mem         Navgmr          zo0           sa                Tiniys      seoonasou100
                              ommsostont— moceamer —o—70


 wue         wooe        Your        snome             ProductName     Par Numer
 Tiean      Naugane      zoos         sat                Taay?       sonsesosico
 ureon      Navgatr      zo0          sac                Traiys      senomesorco
 trcon      Navgiter     zeor         sac                Tiaiys      senomesomron
 reon       Navgator     200          sac                Tiaiys      sonoscsosron
 urean      Navgator     2000         sa                 Tiniys      sonasoson1s0
 Wean       Navgator     zor0         sac                Tiniys      secooson100
 Mazia       8 Seres     zu0s         z0.                Tinys       serososon100
 Mazis       8 Seres     Z00s         soo                Tinys       secasosontco
 NMazda      8 Sores     2005         40.                Tiniys      secososou100
 Mazda       8 Seres     20e          20.                Tiniys      seonseso100
 Noz         a Seres     Znos         «00                Tinyz       seonsesnerc0
 NMazda      8 Sores     2005         20.                Trniys      seomsasourco
 Mazio       # Seres     Zoor         40.                Tiniys      seoonaso1c
 Morse       8 Seres     2oor         30c                Timiy2      senosesosion
 Marso       8 Seres     z00e         10.                Traiy2      senmesosrco
 Wez         8 Seres     ams          sot                Traiys      secomesorco
 Mazis       8 Seres     zooo         40.                Tiaiys      senosesosion
 Mz           Seres      2e           Soc                Tiaiys      sorocosnm100
 Maaio       8 Seres     zoro         10.                Tiniys      secasosom100
 Mazis       & Seres     zoro         5oc                Tiniys      seromosom1c0
Hersiy     Hoinaneer     se           «o.                Tiny?       senasosn100
Herciy     Houaineer     2000         «0.                Tinyz       seoosesos1c0
Herciy     Hounaineer    zo0          «0.                Tiniys      seoosesn100
Here       Wountanee:    2000         z0c                Tiniyz      seonsesnerc0
wercuy     Wownineer     200          com                Tiniy2      seomsasourco
Mercuy     Woininser     200«         «0.                Tiniys      seoosasourc0
Mercuy     Woiniineer    2005         «0.                Timy2       seonsesnsic0
Mercuy     wointinser    2005         20.                 Traiys     sennmesosico
Hercuy     Womnnser      zoor         a0.                Tiniys      secomesonrco
Mercuy     Woinianser    200          z0c                Timiy2      senosesosion
 trem      Mountaneer    2000         10.                 Traiys     senonesomroo
 Nerery    Nountaneer    zmo          a0.                 Tiniys     socooson1c0
 Casie         ars       zoo        Zocruss               Tiaiys     secosososaco
 Cadic         ars       zow        20c Tuse              Tiniys     socososonzco
 Cadie         Ars      zons        20c Tute              Tiniys     secozosonaco
 CaStec        ers       zoo        20. Tute              Tiny?      secozosnsat0
 Gadtsc        ors       zow        20. Tuse              Tiny?      secpsesnnace
 Cadtec        ers      zons        200 tuse              Tiniys     seonsespozco
 GaStec       crsy       zoo           sme                Tiniyz     seonsosnsano
 Gadtsc       crsy       ze0s          sn                 Trniy?     seonsasouece
 Gadtsc       crsy       zo0         smiss                Tiniys     seoomasoueco
 Cadic        crsy       zo0         smiss                Tiniys     seoosesouaco
 prom         crsy       2007          soc                Tiy2       seoosesoszcs
 Casise       mesi       2000          sa.                Traiys     sononesouzcs
 Gadiie       mex        zor0          sa.                Traiys      sorososonac0
 Gadlie       crov       zo            sa                 Tiniys      socasosanat0
 Gadlie       crov       zore          ea                 Tiaiys      sorocosncat0
 Caitic       ersy       zo            sa                 Tiniys      sonoosonaco
 Gaoie        ersy       zove          h                  Tiniys      serozesonato
 Casine       crov      zorene         ez                 Tinyz       secozosnsat0
Chevolt     Ganare 56     ose          sme                Tinys       secosososzco
Charsit     Canare 5e    z0o           Sm                 Tiniys      seoososvuaco
Gheoist     GanaroSe     zon           sme                Tiniy2      seonsesnsano
Chevoint    GanaroSe     2002          sc                 Tinty2      seopsasoszco
Chvaet      Ginare 56    zoo           sa                 Tiniys      seoospsoaco
Ghesit      Ganaro se    zon           ez                 Tiniyz      seonsesnoato
Cheviet     Camare 56    To            sa                 Tiniy2      soomsesouzco
                           evostont —roszammen —o—r0


 www          movet       You         snone             ProsuatName     PartNumber
Chvant      Cansose       zo           x                  Tmays       Emc
Chesit      Canare SS     zo           sx                 Togys       sernscsonaco
Chevaet     CanareSe     zomns         x                  Tinays      secasssousco
Chevaet     Ginaro 26     es           sn                 Trngys      seouscsoseto
Chevsit     CanaroZ2s     2000         sn                 Trniys      seroscsonnto
Chvoet      Ginaro 226    zo0          sre                Tranys      secoscsoato
Chvast      Ganaro 225    2000         sre                Tiniys      soooscsoseco
Chvont      Ganaro 226    ze           To                 Toaiys      senoscsoumto
Chont       Canaro 225   zorn          To                 Trakys      senonosozto
Chset       Cimaroa       zor          sa                 Tiany2      seoosasnszto
Chvoet      Cinao 21      z0s          ez                 Tiaiyz      sooonasoseco
Chevot      Cina2+        zn           sz                 Tiniy2      seooscsnmto
Charoit    Ganwe 207     zons          sa                 Traiys      seooscspozco
Chasit     Gmee 21        zo           70.                Tran2       seoosasoncce
Cheisiet   Gimee 21       zo5          To                 Taiyz       scoososnscce
Chesint    Gamare2L1      zow          To                 Tniy®       senoscsoscce
Chewmie    Gamee 21      mar           7ou                Tniyz       seasospszce
Chrsit       Govee        Eo           sn                 Tiaiy2      seovesnecco
Cheirsie     Covere       Zeco         en                 Tiaty2      seososnsmce
Chewsin      Covete       zoo          sn                 Tiaiys      secaosnscce
Chairset     Govee        2ece         sn                 Tiniys      soomoserco
Chevsin      Conete       ze0s         sn                 Tiniys      seoasosnscco
Chavoit      Covere       zon          sn                 Tiniys      senovososcce
Chevsit      Coveie       200          soc                Tinys       senoosecce
Chevalnt     Comete       z000         so.                Tiniys      seoasosnscco
Chevoit      Conete       zoo          so.                Tiniys      secazosnszce
Een          Coveie       z00          so.                Tinys       secosososzce
Chevolt      Conete       2o           s                  Tiniys      seonsosnszco
Chasit       Gonete       B            ce                 Tingys      seazosnarco
Chewsint     Goete        zoo          s2.                Tiniys      sesoncsosec
Cresot       Conete       zon          ex                 Tinys       socomcsoseco
Chewoit      Coneie       To           x                  Tiniys      seomnososato
Chmvit       Gonete       z0s          ex                 Trngys      secancsoszco
Chewsint     Conete       zow          ex                 Trnys       seconcsoseto
Chemint      Coneie      zmens         ce                 Trngys      seoanssonato
Chasiet      Conete       zoo          ez                 Tngys       seoascsosato
Chewsie    Covere 206     zoo          sn                 Tiniys      secoscsoseto
Chemin     Conete z0s     2e           sn                 Traiys      seconcsonzco
Chsit      Covete 205     2oo          s7e                Toaiys      seoascsoseco
Chewsie    Covete z0s     zoo          sn                 Tiaiys      soooncsoueco
Chewoint   Covene zos    zons         sacse               Toanys      senonosonz00
Chairit    Gonete 205     zo          sacse               Tiaiys      senonesnsato
Chewalst   Coete 205      20           To                 Tiaiys      seoocsoseco
Chewoit    Covere z0s     Eou          Toc                Traiys      senonesonzco
Chset      Conete 206     205          Toc                Tromys      scooscsoszce
Crewt      Comete 205     zus          Toc                Tiaty2      seoocsossco
Chewolt    Coveie 205     zoo          Toc                Trays       serovespszco
Chmset     Coveie 206     zon          Tec                Tray2       seooscsoscco
Cheniset   Gomete 206     zor          Tec                Tinty2      serosososcco
Crewont    Coet 206       zoo          Tec                Tiays       seavospscco
Craset     Covei 206      Ein          To                 Triny2      secomsnerce
Cheviint   Covet 205     zons          Te                 Tiniy2      seososnscce
Chewoit    Comete 205     zme          Tec                Tiniy2      seroososcco
Chusit     Gonete 2os     zo0          sic                Tintys      seazosnscco
Chmin      Comete 20s     200          sie                Tiniy2      sconsosnscco
Chewoit    Comeie 2os     zm           sie                Tiniy2      seonnosnscco
Chimit     Conte 2os      200          sn                 Tinty       sconnosnszce
                           oinmosront mostaumin—0.7»0


 we             wooe           Year         enome              ProsustName     PartNumber
Cramet       coverezos         zoos          To                  Taays       secomesoumte
Cheimit      Goete 205         Zoor          Toc                 Tranys      senosesonsoo
Cheiit       Coete 20          Zoos          Toc                 Tiaiys      socososoncco
Crewsit      Comete ze         zoc           x                   Traiys      secozosonnco
Creisit      —Comete ze        cau           s                   Traiys      serozosoneco
Cheiit       Gomete 2s         on            sz                  Tinys       secazosnnac0
Cheisit      Gomete ze         zore          ce                  Tiays       secososnsece
Chewaet      Gonate zt         fors          sac                 Tiniys      secomesonzco
Creoet           Guee          on            Tar                 Tiny?       seoosesonzco
Creoet           Guze          fore          rad                 Tiny?       seoososnszno
Choet            Guze          Eun           rag                 Tingys      secomesouece
Crevoit          Guze          zore          rad                 Tiny®       seconssouzce
Creamoit         Cure         zons           rag                 Tinyz       secosesouzco
Crevoit       moun se          Zoos          ce                  Timyz       sovoncsouzco
Cheoie        imoan se         Zoor          ces                 Tranys      secomesouzco
Creamoit      imosse           Foos          sc                  Tiaiy®      sevomesonec
Cremsit       imoun ss         Zoos          sc                  Tiay        sorosonmco
Chewsist    Nonte Gare 55      Zzos          sac                 Traiys      secomosonnco
Crewsist    Honie Garo se      Zoor          sa                  Taiys       secozosonaco
Crewsit     Honie Garo 55      Zooe          s                   Tiaiys      secozosnsato
Chewsit     Hon‘e Garo S       Zos           sa                  Tiniys      secosesonzco
Crersit          Sone          for           rar                 Tiaiys      seopsosonaco
Cheisiet         Sone          Zor           radr                Tiny?       seoososonzco
Crewit            Sonie        zo            racr                Tinys       sccoscsosce
Chesit           Sone         zouns          radr                Tiniys      seooscsouzco
Cheisie        Se seam         Ein           sz                  Tinyz       seoosesnzco
Crevsit        SS Seam         zo            eac                 Tingys      secoscsouzce
Chesiet        S Seain         Tore          sz                  Towys       secosssouzce
 Poniac         reves          ioeo          se                  Tiny?       seoosesnuzco
 Pontac         Froms          Zeco          s7e                  Trniy      secomesouzco
 Foniae         rom            oo            se                  Tiny®       secoscsouzco
 Poniae         Frouee         zoc           crin                Tinyz       seoosesoszco
 Fotac             ce          zoo           soc                  Trniys     seconssoueco
 Fonise            ce          zoc           soo                 Tiniys      secosesonsco
 Foniac            oo          zons          ez                  Tinyz       seoosesoszo
 Fonisc            ce          Zoce          ez                   Trniys     sevonesoueco
 Foniss          crer          zoo           eoc                 Timy®       secomesoneco
 Fonisc          ceer          2oce          eon                  Tiaiys     covomesouzos
 Foniae     Gane uc GXP        Zeos          s50                  Toaiys     sevomesonzco
 roniae     Grand uc oxP       Zoos          s5c                  Taiys      seromosonaco
 Foniac     Grane ic ox®       2oor          a5c                  Tiays      secocosona00
 Foniae"|   Grand rix Gx®      zoo           esc                  Tiaiys     socozososmco
 Foniss     Gand Pm @P         zoc           s3                   Trniys     secovosonaco
 Fonise           sto          Zoo           m                    Tiniys     serozosanaco
 Foniae           ero          2oo           crom                 Tinys      seoozosnsato
 Poniac           ero          Zo0s          crom                 Tiny?      secoscsozce
 Ponise        Tans am         rese           sn                  Tingys     secoscsouzce
 Poniae        Trans am        2000           sme                 Tiny?      secospsonaco
 Poniae        Trans Am        zow            sme                 Tiny?      secoscsouzce
 Poniae        Tans im         zoo            s                   Tngys      seconssouzce
  Bus            Enore         for           rar                  Tiniys     secosesouzce
  Buse           Erese         zow           rar                  Tinys      seoosesnszco
  Bus:           Encore     |~Znsns          rar                  Trniys     seronesousce
  crea      TaGome sizer       Zoos           sat                 Tiniys     seromesonzco
  Buee           Ranir         Zoos           €5o                 Tiniys     eevosesoszco
  Bs             Raner         Zoor           sac                 Traiys     sevomesousco
 Caame          Excane         zoo            sa                  Traiys      socomosnnzce
                                 snsoszont —rrosnwmmen—o—rr0

                                  Exhibit A

  wue        woves      Year        snone            ProguctName     PartNuber
 Casie      Euse        o            sx                Ts          eraosssonato
 Cadise     Excaince    zo0          s5                Traiys      eeomscsosate
 Caiise     Excaice     zoo          s5.               Traiys      seooscsouaco
 Caiine     Escaince    2s           sa                Toaiys      seoonpsonato
 Cadise     Escaince    z006         s3                Traiys      eeonscsosece
 Castse     Excalase    o            sn                Toaiys      seooscsouato
 Cadite     Excalado    zo0o         a7e               Tiaiys      seooncsouato
 Gadts      Escaince    zo1          sac               Tiaiys      seoonesonato
 Gadtsc     Excalace    z002         soc               Tiaiys      soooncsosec0
 Cidtsc     Excalase    ze0s         so.               Tiniys      secoscsonaco
 Cidtac     Excalaso    zo0          soc               Tiaiys      seoonesouato
 Caatee     Excance     Zos          soc               Tiniys      soovesonato
 Gastec     Excaince    200          ex                Trniys      sroosesosato
 Caatec     Excaice     200          ex                Tiniys      seooscsoseco
 Cadtac     Excaice     2o           on                Tinys       secovcsoumto
 Castac     Excaice     Zoe          en                Tinys       sooscsozto
 Gadise     Excance     zo           x                 Tinty2      secosososcco
 Cadtae     Excance     zon          x                 Tiniy2      secoscsosmto
 Cadise     Excaice     zns          n                 Tioiys      secoscsosao
 Gadise     Excince     zo5          e                 Tinty2      secososnscco
 Cadiae     Excaice     zone         on                Tiniyz      secoscsossto
 Gadiise    Excaice    zons          sn                Tioiy2      seconosonnte
Chaoit     Aalarene     ow           sac               Tiniys      secosososcco
Chewoit    Artarene     2000         sac               Tiniy2      secnsosnsaco
Chuoit     Ariarene     zoo          sac               Tiniys      secovosnarce
Chaoin     Aulanene     200          sac               Tiniys      secosososco
Chevoit    Aranene      2s           sat               Tiniy2      secnsosnsmto
Charoie    Aaiarene     zo0          sac               Tingy2      secomosnerco
Chevsie    Animnene     2005         sat               Tiniys      eecomcsoueco
Chevoie    Aanne        ams          cen               Tanys       secomosoneco
Chearoin   Amianre      zor          ss                Trany2      seconccosco
Ghevsie    Amianre      200          s5                Tiany2      seconcsoseto
Cheven     Anancre      20           s5                Tianys      seconcsosato
Chevdet    Aninre       zo           ce                Timys       eemosesasato
Chset      Anlncre      zon          s5                Traiys      secoscsoseco
Chevalet   Anlincre     zor          s3                Taiys       seconcsonzto
Choet      Anircre      Esn          s                 Traiys      secosesonato
Chvset     Anlincre     o0           soc               Toaiys      secoscsoseco
Chevaet    Arlarcne     2000         soc               Traiys      seconcsonzco
Emem       Anlarcre     2001         soc               Taiys       seconasoszco
Chvoet     Anlanche     200          soc               Tiniys      secoscsoseco
Chwoet     Arlarche     200          so.               Taiys       seoososonato
Choet      Arlarcre     z001         soc               Traiys      secosasoszco
Chset      Arlarche     2005         soc               Tiaiys      seooscsosaco
Chevolt    Avlanche     200          c                 Tiniys      seoososonato
Ghevit     Aniaree      zeor         ces               Tingys      sooancsonzco
Chmoit     Anlaree      zoo          e«                Tiniyz      soomncsonzco
Chessint   Antarene     2oo          60                Tinys       mooscsonzcs
Chewsit    Ararene      zoo          s«                Trintys     seoanccouzce
Chavet     Aniarere     190          Tac               Tiniy2      eeooncsouzce
Chensint   Antaree      2oo          Tac               Tiniys      seooscsoszco
Chavit     Amarere      zo           si                Trnty2      seoncsouzce
Chasint    Anianere     zece         ait               Tiniy2      socmsosnsmco
Chewsist   Anlanere     Zos          sn                Tiniy2      soromsnerso
Chewsin    Anance       Zoor         s                 Tingy2      socososnszce
Cheirsit   Anlancne     zo0s         an                Tiniyz      socasosnszco
Chewsint   Anlinore     z006         ait               Tinty2      socomososzco
                         cwossont ~rroctamven—o770

                                                 Exhibit A

        MAKE   MODEL          Year                 ENGINE                Product Name   Part Number

    (                                                8.1L                  Trinitv 2
c                                                   5.0L
                                                                           Trinitv 2
                                                                           Trinitv 2
c                                                   5.7l                   Trinity 2
(                                                                           rnnit:v 2
    (                                                                       rrinit:v
                              2010                                               )/

                        0     2011                   2.9l                       IV
                             2015716                3.6[                   Trioitv 2
                                                      f.6L                 Trinity 2
                                                     3.7l                       tv
                                                    3.7[                   Tri tv
                                                    5.3L                   Trinity 2
                                  )1                                            ltv
                                  )1                                             ,ty
               (              2012                                               lty
                              2014-                 4.3[                   Trinity
                             20        i6           43[                    Trinity 2
                   lverado    1                     -4                     Trinity 2
                   lverado                           4.                      rinitv
                                                     4.                      rioitv
                              2002                   4                       rinitv
                              2003                   4.8l                    rinitv
    c                         2004                  4.8[                   Trioitv 2
                              20(                   4.8[                   Trinity 2
                                                    4                      Trinity 2
                                                     4                      rrinitv
                                                     4.                     rnnit:v
    (                         2009                   4.                     rnnity
                              2o10                  <f.8l                  T<inity
(                                 IT                4.8[                   Trinity 2
    (                             Jt                4:81                    rrinitv
    (                             )1                 4. Bl                       itv
    Cl                         199                   5.3l                        itv
c                             200(                  5:3t                         itv
c                                                   5.3[                   Trinity 2
l                                                                          Trinity 2
                              2005                                                itv
                              2006                                                 tv
                              2007                                                 tv
                                  lOS                                      Tiioitv 2
                                                                           Trinity 2
                                                                           Trinity 2
                               2 )13                                              itv
                              2014                                                itv
                              2000                                             initv
                              2001                                         Trinity 2
                               2002                                        TrinitY 2


                                       OIABLDSPORT- PROGRAMMER- 0 -770

                                       Bxhibit A

 wue          movet         Yoar         enome             ProsuctName     PariNurber
Cherait       Sheate        zus           sn                 Tiaiys      seconcsosnto
Chewaiet      Sheaio        Zmor          o                    rmay®     seconcsosa00
Chenst        Shando        a0s           o                  Troiys      secoscsosec0
Cheiit       Sheado         20            0                  Tniy2       soosscsoseto
Chewit       Shemdo         Zor           0                  Trniys      secoscsonzto
Chevin        Shero         2e            crom               Traiys      seonsoson200
Chesit        Siverace      200           crom               Toanys      seoosasos200
Chvale        Siverace      zoo           soc                Toaiys      sooosasos200
Chewalt       Siveraco      zon           so.                Toabys      seonsasoorco
Chvalet       Serdo         zo            soc                Toakys      seoosasonz00
Chvolet       Sherco        zons          soc                Toany2      seonsasoszco
CGrenset      Senco         zon           so.                Traiys      seooscsoneco
Crewalt       Seraso        ans           x                  Toanys      seoovasonzco
Chaset       Smemso         zn            sa                 Toany?      sconncconcco
Chevset      Shendo         zon           x                  Traty2      sooscsoucco
Crewset      Sheido         e             sn                 Tiniys      secasosnszce
Chaoet       Snendo         En            sa                 T2          sccosososcce
Cheniset     Shendo         zow           e                  Tiniyz      seossosnscce
Chewont      Sheudo        zorsne         er                 Toays       secasosnszce
Chaoet       Shemco         Esu           sa                 Tiniys      secosososmce
Chaoit       Sheado         z00           an                 Tiniy2      secasosnscce
Chewoet      Sheado         zon           en                 Tiniys      socasosnneco
Chwoit       Shoudo         z0            cxim               Tiniys      sorozsoncco
Chaoie       Shemdo         zoo           en                 Tiniys      socasososcco
Chewsin      Sheado         zoo           cuie               Tinys       sonasosoneco
Chemoit      Shoido         Zmos          en                 Tiniys      sonozosonec0
Charmiet     Shemdo         200           aic                Tingys      socasoscsnce
Cheimit    Sherade 1500     z0e           as                 Tiniys      socasosnseco
Chewalst   Smernde 1500     Zms           45.                Tintys      sovonesonzos
Een        Smeraso 1500     Tess          «s                 Trngys      seconcsozos
Chesiet    Smerace 1500     2oo           48                 Tintys      soconcsorn
Charoint   Sivernde 1500    zo            ast                Trngys      seroucsonec
Chmset     Smamée 1500      2e            ase                Traiys      scconcsosec
Chevisit   Smerade 1500     ams           com                Trngys      secoscsou200
Chevat     Sherade 1e00     zon           Cc                 Trngys      seconcsosa00
Chset      Smerade 1500     200           um                 Tinayz      scooscsoseto
Cevaet     Sherade 1500     zons          c                  Trniys      secoscsonat0
Emm        Siverade 1500    Fou           asc                Trnnys      seconcsonec0
Chmset     Sherade 1500     200           «5.                Tiaiyz      secoscson2t0
Chvoet     Sherade 1e00     2000          «8                 Traiys      seonnosonaco
Chvout     Sherado 1500     zm            £om                Toaiys      sooosasosec0
Chset      Sherde 1500      zon           «8                 Tiaiyz      seoosesonmto
Chewont    Sherade 1s00     zor           «8                 Traiys      seoncosnnzto
Choit      Shreado 1500     zoi           «8                 Toonys      seoasasoszco
Chanoit    Sherado 1500     c             sa                 Tiyz        seomsosonzoo
Chensit    Smerndo 1500     zow           sa                 Trakys      senosesonzco
Cheoit     Stverado 1500    zoo           sa                 Tran 2      scossososcce
Chemit     Smerado 1500     zow           s5                 Tiniyz      seooscsoszce
Chevoie    Smerado 1500     zes           s                  Teiys       secasosponco
Chevsie    Swende 1500      zon           sa                 Tiny2       seonsosnscce
Chevoir    Smeraée 1500     zo0           s5                 Tinty2      seoasosnscce
Chevo      Smerado 1500     zo0           sa                 Tiniy2      senasosnncco
Chevat     Sverado 1500     zeor          sa                 Tintys      secossoscce
Chvolt     Sverade 1500     z008          sa                 Tiniys      secssosnscco
Chvalt     Siverado 1500    2000          sac                Tiniy2      senasosnncco
Chevilet   Siverade 1500    zo            sa                 Tinty2      sorozosnarco
Chvout     Sivende 1500     zon           sac                Tiniys      sonasososcco
                              ovsosrorr — mosnasmen—o—m0

                                            bxhibit A

  woe              movet           Ves        snome            ProdutNana     PartNumber
Chevein        Shaase td           zn          s5                Tays       soonosonze
Ghesint        Sverado 1500        Eid         s5                Tiaiys     seoosesone00
Cherdiet       Strerado 1500       zon         ss                Tt 2       seosesosaco
Cherciet       Steraco 1500        iess        so.               Tiaiy®     sevoscsouzos
Chevciet       Strado 1500         200         so.               Tiaiys     sevonssouzo
Chewdet        Shvrndo 1500        zoo         son               Tiaiys     seromesomzcs
Chewoit        Siveraco 1500       zo0e        so.               Tiaiys     secososonzco
Chaoit          Siverado 1500      Fg          so.               Tinys      secosososzco
Chsit           Svwrado 1500       zo          soc               Tiniys     seoosos0s200
Chanit          Siverade 1500      zo0s        soc               Tinys      seoososoz00
Chsit           Siverado 1500      zo0         sou               Tiniys     secpsasouzco
Ghemsit         Sverado 1500       zoor        so.               Tiniys     seooscsouzce
Charsint        Siverado 1500      2000        so.               Tinty2     seooscsonzon
Chensint        Sverado 1500       zoro        ea                Tiniys     socoscsouzce
Gresin          Smerade 1500       zon         ea                Tiniy2     secosssouzce
Cherdit         Smemdo 1506        zor         ex                Ting2      secoscsonzco
Crensiet        Smeraco 1500       zos         sa                Trintys    scoasceouzc
Cheset          Smerndo 1500       aoe         ce                Tinys      secomosourco
Charvit         Smermdo 1500      zomns        x                 Tingys     semmscsonace
Emem            Smerado 1500       zoo         cra               Trngy2     eoomsosonzce
Ghewsit      Sivarade 1500 FE      2000        sa                Tiniys     seoosesnseco
Chawsiet     Sivemio tso0XE        2010        sa                Tingyz     seosscsoneco
Chewslt      Siverado too0X6E      2011        sa                Toiys      seomsasozcs
Ghawnie|     Siverade oooXE        2012        s3                Tiniys     seoosesonec
Charoie      Siverado ToodaFE_|    2015        sa                Tingyz     seoospsonso
Chuoit       Siveaco 25000         o6          sou               Tiniy2     soonsasoszc
Chevlt       Sivemco 2500 HD       2000        so.               Tiniy2     seconesoszcs
Choit        Sivendo 250010        z001        so.               Tiny       secomesonzoo
Chuoit       Sivedo 25000          200         sou                Troiy2    sovascsouzco
Chaoit       Sivedo 2500H0         z00e        so.               Timays     seconcsonzcs
Chevet       Siveado 2500HD        200«        sn                 Tiays     senoosnnaco
Cheoit        Sivemdo 2500H0       200         s                  Tranys    seooscsoncco
Cheiit        Stvemio 2500HD       imo         o                  Taiys     secascsoscco
Charoit       |_Stvemdo 2500005    zon         e«                 Tiniys    secoscsoens
Charnit       Stverio2500HD        z0e         e«                 Traiyz    scooscsonzos
Chsiet        Stvaao 2500HD        z0s         e«                 Tioiys    sevosssosecs
Charsiet      Sivemio 500nD        zore        ex                 Traiyz    seconssonzos
Chardlat      Sivetado2500HD       ze0s         so.               Tranys    soconcsonzos
 Chevsit      Siveindo 2500 HD     zons         so.               Tiaiy®    seconesouzc
 Cremoit      Siveado 25000        zoor         s                 Traiyz     secososon200
 Cheit        Sivmdo 25000         zo0          so.               Tiaiys     socasososeco
 Chewit       Siado 2500H0         oo           Tac               Tiaiys     socosos0s200
 Cheimit      Sivendo 250010       2000         Ta                Tiaiys     senazoson200
 Cheimit      Stverado 25000       z001         en                Tiaiys     secasosos200
 Chairit      Siviado 2500H0       200          sn                Tiniys     secoscsosaco
 Chavrsist    Sivedo 2500HD        20e          e                 Tiniys     secoscsouece
 Chsit        Stvemdo2500n0        zoo          cx                Tinty2     secosssonzoo
 Chist        Stvemdo2500HD        2ms          en                Trny2      seonsesnszco
 Chercia      Siverado 2500HD      ams          en                Tiniys     secoscsouzco
 Ghensiet     Sivrado 2500HD       zoor         cxm               Tiniy      semomasouzce
 Chearet        Stvendo 3500       1950         s                 Tingyz     seoomesouzco
 Chaoit         Siveo 5500         200          so.               Trngys     seomncsoucce
 Chmset         Siveido 5500       zoo          so.               Tiniys     seonsosonzce
 Chewsit        Shveid s500        2oor         son               Tiniy®     seooasosece
 Choet          Sverado 3500       z00          so.               Tingyz     seoosesonace
 Emm            Siverado 3500      z00          soc               Troiy      seoosasoszco
 Emem           Siverado ss00      z000         soc               Tiniy®     sevosesouzcs
                                     onswosrot—mootmmmer 770


  we          wooes        Your         enome             ProdutName     Par Number
Gaven      Shease io       zon           sn                 Tmaiyz      sopmenszes
Creniet    Siverado 3500   zow           sou                Taiy2       soconososzce
Chenset    Siverado 500    zos           crom               Toaiy?     seconssoseco
Chenset    Sheradost0      zow           sou                Tratys     secosssoeco
Chewset    Sherado 3500    zoo           sou                Trays      soonssoseto
Chesit     Sherado ss00    Eoo           eo.                Tiniyz     seconssoscce
Chenst     Stveraia 3500   Eou           so.                Tiniy®     seconssoseco
Chenoit    Siveraie 500    200           sou                Tiniy2     secoscsonac0
Chevoit    Siverado 3500   oos           Tac                Tiniys     seonsoson200
Cheveie    Siverado S500   2000          Tac                Tiniy      secosasonzto
Chesiet    Siverace 3500   Em            n                  Tiniys     secoscsonzco
Cheviet    Smerado 3500    z00e          ce                 Ti         secoscsnnaco
C          Sherade 3500    zo            sn                 Tiniyz     serocosnezso
Cheardet   Sherado ss00    zoo           ai                 Tray2      secosososmo
Chenset    Sherado 3500    z005          x                  Tiaiy®     secososnszo
Chenset    Shedo s500      zo0e          sn                 Tiniys     soromosnnzce
Creset     Shado ssoo      zoor          en                 Tiniys     socososonzce
Creoet      Siveraca 55    1900          sac                Taiys      socososnszc0
Creviset    Shemdoss       zoco          soc                Tintys     soromsnszco
Chenset     Smemd 5s       2w1           s                  Trny2      soconssoneco
Chensit     Smamds SS      20e           coa                Tinys      seconssoneto
Cheirint    Shends SS      zoo           s                  Tintyz     seconssoset0
Charsit     Shoado SS      20e           s                  Tinty2     soconcsosece
Cheisit     Shomdo SS      200           so                 Tinty      secoscsonac0
Cheiit      Shendo 55      zo0           so.                Tinyz      seoososonato
Chewale     Shoads 55      z007          crom               Tiniyz     seonnasouzco
Erem        Shemso 55      200           sor                Tiniy2     socoscsoueco
Cheniset     Subuton       ie            45.                Trnys      seonsespnzco
Creidet      Sibween       ow            s3                 Tiniy      seascsnszco
Crenriet     Sutwnen       zoc           s5                 Tranys     secososnszco
Crenset      Emm           zeor          s3                 Timiys     seososnezco
Chset        Sutumin       zo0           ce                 Tiniyz     socomsonmo
Creoet       Sururan       200s          s3                 Tiniys     socososonzco
Chemsit      cemm          zo0           s3                 Tiaiys     soromosnnzeo
Chevsie      Svuman        z00           s5                 Thaiys     socomososzce
Ghendet      Suvuran       z00e          s5                 Tiaiys     seconesonaco
Cheiiet      Erm=          zoor          s5                 Tiniy®     soconcsoscce
Charsiet     Suomben       Zme           s5                 Trnty2     seconssoseco
Chenst       Suteran       zo0           sa                 Tiniys     seconcsoneco
Cheirint     Emam          Euo           s3                 Tiniyz     seconssonac0
Charsit      Surumen       zon           sac                Trniy2     soconcsanec0
Cheisit      Sutuman       zom           sac                Tiniy2     seoovasonaco
Chewost      Eomm          Esn           sac                Trnny2     soopnasonzco
Een          Eomm          Fau           s                  Toany?     soconcsonzeo
Grenset      Scturen       c             sn                 Trays      seroscsnnzco
Chewiet      Sctwmin       zoo           sn                 Tmiy       eecossnemo
Chewset      Siwnan        es            cra                Tmiy®      secasosnsm0
Crewmit      Suoumen       2000          so.                Tiniys     soromosnere0
Chanoit      Emm           Ei            so.                Tintys     socososnszce
Chewoiet     Siouman       200           so.                Tiaiys     sonososnnzco
Cheit        Suouman       200           so.                Tiniys     seozosner00
Chewsist     Sububen       2004          sou                Tinty2     soconcsonzco
Chevlet      Suuten        zo            sou                Trnty2     soconssoneco
Chanalt      Suwsen        zo            son                Tintys     seconssonaco
Chenset      Sutwman       zeor          soc                Tingy2     seconssosato
Chvoet       Subwein       zo0           sou                Trony2     sesonssonec0
Choit        Subuman       2000          soo                Traiys     secoesonac0
                             onstosrort— mostsumen—o—m0

                                        Exhib it A

    MAKE   MODEL        Year              ENGINE                Product Name   Part Number

                        2010                6.0L                  Trinity 2
                        2007                6.2L                  Trinity 2
                        2008                6.2L                  Trinity 2
           Suburban     2009                6.2L                  Trinity 2
c                       2010                6.2L                  Trinity 2
c                        )1                                            tv
                          )1:                                         ltV
(                         )1 :                                         tv
(                         )1·                .2L                  T ·ty
(                      2015/16              6.2L                  Trinity 2
(          ""ho uhon    20 16               6 .2L                 Trinity 2
                        1999                 '.4L                 Trinity
                                             '.4                   rrinitv
                                             .1L                       :y
                        2004                8. 11                 Trinity 2
                        2005                8.1L                  Trinity 2
                                              •. 1!                    tv
                                              •.1'                     tv
                                              •.1                      ty .
                                              o.1                      ty
                        2010                 8.1 L                Trinity 2
            Tahoe       20 16                4.3L                 Trinity 2
            Tahoe                            4.                    rinitv ·
              ·a hoe                         4.                     rinity •
              ·a hoe                         4.                     rinity .
              'ahoe        12                4.·                    rinity
            Tahoe       2003                 4.8L                 Trinity 2
c           Tahoe       2004                 4.8L                 Trinity 2
c            ra ,oe                          4.                    'rinitv
               1oe                           4.                    •nnitv
(              1oe                           4.                    ltinitv
(              1oe         18                4.                    rrinity
(           Tahoe       2009                 4.8L                 Trinity 2
            Tahoe       2010                 4.8L                 Trinity 2
            Tahoe       2011                 4.8L                 Trinity 2
              hoe       1' 19                                           itv
c              hoe      2• 0                                             tv
               hoe      2• 11                                           w
               hoe      2· )2                                           ty
            T lhOe      2003                 5.3L                  Trinity 2
            Tahoe       2004                 5.3L                  Trinity 2
               hoe         )5                     IL                    tv                   0
               hoe         )6                     IL                    tv
               hoe            )7                  IL                    tv
               hoe         )8                     IL                    ty
            T lhoe      2009                 5.3L                  Trinity
            Tahoe       2010                 5.3L                  Trinity 2
            Tahoe         )1                                        rinity_
             ·ahoe        )1                                           itv
             ahoe         )1                                           itv
             ahoe         )1                                           ity
              'ahoe     1 il99                                         ity
             Tahoe      2000                 5.7L                  Trinity 2
             Tahoe      20 11                6.2L                  Trinity 2
    c        Tahoe      2012                 6 .2L                 Trinity 2


                              OIASLOSPORT- PROGRAMMER- D· 770


   we           vooet            Your       snome             Producttiane    PartNumbor
  crereet        Tace            zs          sz                 Tayz         somomesoemto
  Chemoit        Tarce           Zowe        ce                 Tiaiys       seoosesocaro
  Chemsit        Tarce         zons          sz                 Tiaiys       soooscsoumto
  Cheveie        Tarce           zms         sz                 Traiys       sovoncsonzto
  Chesiet     Tarcexce           zoco        a50                Tiaiys       sevonesoscco
  Cheisit      Taroxre           zoro        sac                Tiniys       secosesoseco
  Cresie       Tarsxre           zon         s                  Taiys        sovoncsoumco
  Chevoiet    Taroexre           for         a50                Tiniys       seconesoszco
  Ghevaln      Taroxre           zor         sac                Tiniys       secomesocco
[Grevint       Timacer           zeos        55                 ioove        sovoncsouzco
  Chevcie      Taiblazer         zoo         a5                 Treiys       sovonesoszco
  Chevost      Tribiozer         Zocs        sac                Tinys        sorocosnnzce
  Gheviet    Taibszer s          zece        soc                Tiniys       sovoncsourco
  Cheviaet   |—traibazer se      zeor        soo                Tiniys       sovomesonrco
  Chevaet    Trolbazerss         zoo         soo                Tiniy>       socomosnnzce
    ave         Ganon            zooo        25                 Tiny?        sorocosonzce
    ue          Ganyon           zooo        2s                 Tiniys       secososnneco
    ue           Canon           zoro        2s                 Tiniys       socomosonzco
    auc          Gamon           zon         25                 Tiniys       socomososzce
    ue           Gamon         moune         se                 Tiny?        sorotosoccco
    cve          Ganen           zoo         se                 Tiniyz       sonocososeco
    ouc          Ganjon          zo0         im                 Tagys        soromososzco
    cue          Gamen           2oo         in                 Tinys        socasososcco
    cue          Ganyen          io          in                 Tingyz       secocosccco
    cic          Gamon           zow         an                 Tiogys       socomesonmco
    ouc          Ganyen          zors        5ie                Tiniys       secazososcco
    cuc          Gingen          zoo         sa                 Tinys        scossososnto
    oue          Ganyen          200         sc                 Tinays       sonomesonmo
    uc           Ganyen          Imo         sac                Tinyz        senzesnerco
    uc           Ginyen          on          sac                Tingys       secoscsosmto
    uc           Ganyen          zo          s                  Tiniy2       seomesosmo
    Eva           Do             Zeor        s                  Tinyz        senozesnemo
    ce            Dena           Zoos        sz                  Trniys      seconesonsto
    ue            Dena           Zoos        sz                 Tiniy2       seazesnemto
    ce            Do             zoo         sz                 Timys        seonsosnccmo
    cve           Dena           zon         ce                  Traiys      seconesonnto
    ue            Dora           fow         sz                 Tiny2        seoosesosmo
    ue            Decas          Fow         sz                  Traiys      sccoscsossto
    ue            Emoy           ze0s        sac                 Traiys      seconpsonzto
    ue            En             zoc         sa                  Toaiy2      secosesosmo
    uc            Sera           for         en                  Tiays       seoosesocero
    auc           Sera          mne          ce                  Traiys      sevoscsonzto
    ovc           Sora           Teeo        ze                  Toanys      secospsoszto
    uc            Sera           zoco        zsc                 Tiays       seoosesosero
    auc           Sera           zoo         zsc                 Taiys       sovosesonzco
    auc           Sora           zoce        ze                  Traiys      secospsonzto
    uc            Sore           zons        zsc                 Tiay?       secospsocaro
    ue            Sere           2001        z80                 Tiniys      seooscsounto
    on            Sare           Zocs        zs                  Tiaiys      sevompsosato
    uc            com            Zoos        «sc                 Tiny?       secosesosaro
    uc            Sore           2oo         «se                 Tinyys      sovoncsoumco
    ahc           Sare           200         aso                 Tiniys      sevonesonato
    uc            Sare        [~zocs         «sc                 Tiny?       senonpsoscco
    cic           Sere           2oo         aso                 Tiniys      senosesosato
    ahic          Sare           zon         co                  Tiniys      sevonesosmto
    cic           Sars           zore        a                   Tiny?       secomesocco
[~ove             S              io          ame                 Tiny?       sevomesovaco
                                  onssosro— mosnammes —o—ro

                              Exhibit A

wue     woveu       Yesr        svome              ProductName     Part Number
eve      Sar        Tess         sat                 Taays       semosesoumme
ue       Sere       Zoco         sac                 Traiys      secomesoneco
ue       Sare       zoo          sc          |       Tiaiys      sorososonmco
ue       S          zece         sac                 Tiaiys      sorocosoncco
ue       Sore       zons         sac                 Tiaiys      sonososonnco
ue       Sere       zoo          sac                 Tiniys      seconosonaco
ue       Sere       Zoos         s                   Tiniys      secozesonaco
ue       Sre        zons         €5                  Tiny?       secozosnsaco
ue       Sre        Zoor         sac                 Tingys      seooscsouzce
oue      Sere       Zoos         s5                  Tioiys      seoosssouzco
cve      Sere       zo0          cen                 TinyZz      seoosesnszco
cue      Sore       2mo          sa                  Tingys      seoosesnszco
ouc      Sere       ow           s5                  Trniys      secomesoueco
cue      Sera       for          s3                  Tiniy?      secosesoneo
ue       Sore       ios          s5                  Tiaiys      sovoncsouzco
cve      Sore       Tow          sac                 Traiys      secomosoneco
ouc      Sere       Zmo          crom                Tiniys      sonoosonaco
ue       Sera       Zcor         son                 Tiaiys      secamosonaco
uc       Sore       zoce         crom                Tiniys      secososoneco
ue       Sere       o            son                 Tiniys      seconesonaco
ue       Sare       Zooe         sor                 Tiny?       secazesnnaro
ue       Sore       zeos         so.                 Tiny?       sccoscsousce
ue       Sere       zons         soc                 Tiniys      seconesouzco
oue      Sare       zoor         son                 Tiny?       sconsesnszco
ue       Sare       zoo          soc                 Tingys      seoosesozce
ue       Sere       zoc          soc                 Tiniys      secospsouzco
ue       Sare       zoro         soo                 Tiniyz      seoosesoszco
cve      Sore       on           soc                  Trniys     secomesouzco
oue      Sere       fore         soo                 Tiniys      seconesoneco
cue      Sera       fors         eoo                 Timy®       seoosesoszos
cve      Sore       zore         soo                  Traiys     sevomesonzco
oue      Sere       Zoos         ez                   Traiys     senozosonaco
cue      Sora       foro         ez                   Tiay       socomosnnec0
uc       Sora       zow          sz                   Tiays      socososonece
oue      Sere       To           cr                   Tiniys     seconesonzco
ous      Sere       ims          ez                   Tiniys     secozesnnaco
ue       Sore       Tow          ez                   Tiny?      scooscsouzce
uc       Sora      zons          s                    Tiny?      secosssouzce
ue       Sore       zns          cra                  Tiniys     secospsonzco
aue      Sore       zooo         en                   Tinyz      seoosesoszco
ave      Sore       zoo          ai                   Trniy2     sevoscsouzco
ue       Sere       Zoce         an                   Tiaiys     secomesoneco
ue       Sare       ze0s         en                   Timy®      seoosesonzos
 crc     Sore       zoo          cx                   Tranys     sevoncsonsco
 oue     Sere       Zoos         an                   Traiys     secomesonzoo
 cue     Sn         Zo0s         ic                   Tiays       secososnneco
 cve   Sore 1500    zons         a5o                  Tays        socasosoneco
 cuc   Sera 1500    1oos         48.                  Tontys      500000500200 |
 cue   Sera ts00    zooo         co                   Tiays       secasosnnaco
 uc    Sora tsoo    zo0          asc                  Tiniys      secosesonace
 oue   Sere tsoo    zo0          co                   Tiniys      secovesonzco
 oue   Sera teoo    Zoos         as                   Tiniys      seoasesonato
 ue    Sera s00     Zo0s         as                   Tiny?       seonsosnsato
 ue    Seratsoo     Z00s         am                   Tiniys      seooscsouzce
 oc    Serateoo     Zoos         am                   Tingys      secosssouzco
 ue    Seratso0     Zoor         asc                  Tiny?       secospsonzco
 on    Seratsso     Zoce         a                    TinyZ       seoosesoszco
                      onmossont— mosnammen—o—770


wure      movet       Your        enome           ProsuctName     PartNumber
uc      Enrics        zon          is               Tmays       sccoscsosete
uc      Sena 1500     zoo          48               Trnays      seconssouano
uc      Sera 1500     zon          4s               Toay2       seconssosano
uc      Sera 1500     zow          4s               Trniys      secancsosece
uc      Sena 1500     zow          4s               Traiy2      socoscsosato
uc      Sera 1500     1900         sa               Traiys      secocsonaco
uo      Sara 1500     El           sac              Traiys      seoosasosato
uc      Sra 1500      zoo          sa               Toaiys      seomsesoseco
uc      Siara 1500    zoor         sa               Tanys       seoosasouaco
oue     Sira 1500     20           sac              Tiiys       seovsesosato
ue      Siera 1500    zoo          sac              Toaiys      seossesosece
uc      Siora 1500    2s           sa               Traiys      seooscsoueco
ue      Siera 1500    Eoo          sat              Traiys      secoscsonato
oue     Sera 1500     Ror          sx               Toanys      seoosesosato
ove     Sere 1500     200          e                Traiy2      seooscsoseco
uc      Sere 1500     2we          sac              iccre       secoscsomo
ue      Sera tsto     zmo          sat              Tiays       secascsosato
ove     Sere 1500     zon          sx               Tinty2      secascsoscce
ue      Sere 1500     zo           s5               Tiniy2      secoscsossco
ue      Sere 1500     zoo          sac              Tiniy2      secoscsosato
oue     Sara tso0     zo           sa               Tinyy 2     secomesoscce
ove     Sere 1500     20           s                Tiniy2      secoscsossco
cuc     Sere 1500     z00e         o.               Tiniy2      sconsosonato
cuc     Sarasoo       2007         so.              Toiys       seconosonat0
cuc     Sara 500      2oo          so.              Tiniys      seoosososzto
cuc     Sirra 500     z0o          sn               Tiniy2      secnsosnnato
cuc     Sm 1500       zon          e                Tinys       secosesnna00
cuc     Sarra 1500    zow          sa               Tiniys      secosososato
ouc     Sizia 1500    zow          x                Timys       secoscsonzco
ue      Sara 1500     zow          sa               Timys       soconcsounsco
ouc    Sera 1500 n0   2s           s                Tiny2       secomcsoueco
ouc    Sera tsoo n    zes          sou              icom        sesomnsouzns
uc     Sere 1s00n0    Boor         sou              Tiany2      sessmesoszce
ouc    Sera 1s00H0    ame          so.              Tiniys      seconcsouzno
ouc    Sera Zs00n0    ea           soc              Te3         secoutsosano
ue     Sera 2500n0    2000         soc              Tiaiys      secoscsosato
ouc    Sera 2500H0    z001         so.              Tiniys      secosssouzco
ahc    Sera 7s00N0    200          so.              Taiys       seconssonzto
uc     Sera 2500n0    200          soc              Tniys       sooosesoseso
uc     Sera 2500 N0   200.         so.              Taiys       secocsoueno
ahc    Sra 2500 N     zo0          so.              Tiaiys      senonesonaco
ove    Sere 2500 n0   zo0          soc              Tiaiys      sooosesosess
cuc    Sera 2500 N0   zon          so.              Tiaiys      senonesouece
cuc    Sera 2500 n    zo0          so.              Tiniys      senonesonano
cuc    Sera z5000     2o           soc              Tratys      seconesoszce
uc     Sera2500n0     zow          s                Tintys      sovomssoeco
uc     Sera2soonp     zes          0                Tinkys      senonssoneco
ouc    Sera Zs00n0    zo0          ex               Tinty2      seoscsoszce
uc     Sera2s00n0     Ecu          so               Tiniyz      socoscsoseco
uc     Sera 2500N0    zo0          so.              Tintys      seascsosme
uc     Sera 2500 n0   en           Tac              Trnty2      secoscsosmce
ue     Sera 2500n0    Eo           sn               Tiniyz      secoscsoscco
uc     Sena 2500H0    z00e         cx               Tintys      secoscsoscco
oi     Sera Zso0n0    z005         sn               Trniys      secoscsosmce
ue     Sara 25000     z001         sn               Tiniy       secoscsonzco
ue     Sena 2500 N0   200          ai               Tranys      seconcsonzce
Gic    Siea 2500 n0   zo0          sn               Tomys       sconsososaco
                        oetoseont —mostamue—o70


wee       wooeu      Your         enome              ProductName     Par Number
us     Serazsoono    zor           en                  Taays       senomesouace
uc      Siore se00   1900          so.                 Traiys      secomesouzc
Gue     Siere seoo   Zmo           so.                 Tiniys      seoosesosz
oue     Sere 3500    zoo           son                 Tiaiys      sovocsouzs
aue     Sre 5500     z00e          so.                 Tiniys      sonososoncco
aue     Sae S500     zons          so.                 Tiniys      sonomosnnac0
ue      Sere 5500    zon           soc                 Tinys       secocosnsa00
ue      Sare 2500    zons          o                   Tiniy2      senososonec0
cuc     Siare 2500   zom           sou                 Tiniys      senonosonz00
cuc     Sera 2500    zor           soc                 Tiniyz      seoncosnszto
cuc     Siena 2500   zore          eon                 Tiniy2      seoosososzco
cuc     Siore 2500   zora          eou                 Trniys      seoosasozco
cuc     Siera 2500   2005          soc                 Tiniy2      seonsesnszco
cuc     Siora 2500   Znos          eon                 Trniys      seoosasoeco
Eo      Siore 2500   z007          so.                 Toniys      seoomesoo2c0
suc     Siera se00   Z00s          so.                 Toaiys      seoosesnozc
uc      Siera 2500   reso          Ti                  Toaiys      senoesouzc
uc      Siore 2500   2000          Ti                  Traiys      seconesouec
cuc     Siore ss00   zo            in                  Tiniys      senomesonzoo
ouc     Siere 3500   20e           cuim                Tiaiys      sonoesoszos
uc      Siora 2500   Zms           xm                  Tiaiys      sovomosouzoo
uc      Siore se00   Z0or          sc                  Tiniys      secozosan200
ave     Siere seoo   Zms           cxim                Tiniys      senasosnna00
aue     Sere 3500    Zme           at                  Tiniy2      secosososzco
aue     Sre s500     zeor          ait                 Tiniyz      seopsosonzco
Eo       Suswean     1900          s7e                 Tiniys      seonsesouaco
ue       Sutoman     Zoco          sn                  Tiniy2      seopsesouzco
ue       Suzuman     ooe           Tac                  Trniys     seoosasouzco
cuc      Suzuean     Zo00          Tac                 Timny2      Seoosesouzco
cuc        Yuien     ica           zen                 Timiy2      seoonesouzco
cuc        Yien      2000          «80                  Tomiys     secomesoueco
cuc        Yiien     zo01          280                  Trakys     serosesouzco
cuc        Yiken     200           on                   Traiys     sevoncsourcs
cuc        Yiien     200           a8.                  Toaiys     secomesoue
cue        Yiion     2001          a50                  Tiaiys     seoomesoszco
uo         Yiion     Zn0s          ce                   Tiaiys     sovomesonzos
Guc        Yiien     2005          as.                  Tiniys     socozosonaco
ouc        Yien      Zoor          «s                   Tiny?      secososnsat0
uc         Yiion     Znos          c                    Tinys      seoososanec0
Guc        Yiien     2005          a8.                  Tiniys     senozosnn200
Guc        Yiken     reso          sa                   Tinys      senazesnnato
ouc        Yiion     2000          sa                   Tiniy2     seonsosouzco
oue        Yiion     zon           sa                   Toiy2      seoosasouzco
ENo        Yiion     2e            sac                  Tiniys     seonsasouaco
ave        Yuen      ams           sa.                  Timy2      seoosesnsaco
ue         Yuion     Zooe          s5                   Trniy2     seoosesnszco
oue        Yiion     205           sa                   Traiy2     senoesoueco
 cuc       Yiion     zons          sa.                  Toaiys     seromesouzc
 cuc       Yuien     zeor          s5                   Tiaiys     seoomesosec
 cuc       Yiien     zoos          s3                   Tiaiys      socososszco
 cuc       Yiien     2000          s5                   Tiniys      socozosnaco
 cuc       Yiien     zoro          s5.                  Tiniys      sorozosnna00
 cuc       Yuen       iess         sn                   Tiniys      secnsosonsco
 cuc       Yuion     2000           si                  Tiniys      secososanec0
 cuc       Yiien     Zo0s          sou                  Tiniys      senazesnnato
 uc        Yiken     Zoos          son                  Tiniy2      secoosoneco
 uc        Yiion     2007          so.                  Tiniy2      seonsosonzco

                              Exhibit A

wiee    movet     Year          snome             Prosuct Name     Part Number
ue      Yaen      Esu            x                   Trays       soommesssato
oue     Yuien     zon            x                   Troiys      secascsosace
ouc     Yuien     zo             x                   Traiys      secascsoseto
auc     m         zoo            on                  Traiys      seooscsosato
uc      Yuien     zoe            x                   Toaiys      secosesouato
ue      Yuien    sorsne          s                   Traiys      seonsesose00
cuc    Yien‘t     90e            «80                 Toaiys      seoonesoszc0
cic    YaenXt     2000           «e                  Toakys      sevonesonzto
cuc    Yuerxt     Ei             «sc                 Toaiys      senomesonzco
cuc    Yuerxt     200            ces                 Toaiys      seonsesos2c0
cuc    Yaenkt     200            c                   Toaiys      seossesosece
uc     YaeaXt     200«           Ec                  Traiys      secosesouaco
El     Yuenk      2s             «80                 Tiaiys      secosespaco
oue    Yaork      Eo             15                  Traiys      seoosesoszco
ue     Yuenxt     Eu             ces                 Tratys      secoscsoscco
uc     tm         ame            45                  Tiatys      secoscspsace
uc     YaeaXt     isee           s5                  Tinys       secascsoszco
uc     YueeXt     2eco           es                  Tiniys      secoscsosme
ue     YueaXt     z0;            sc                  Tiniys      secoscsossco
uc     Yaeaxt     zo0            s5                  Tiniys      secomosnszco
ue     Yuenxt     2005           ce                  Tiniys      secoscsosmce
uc     Yuext      zo0            sac                 Tiniys      secososnscco
ouc    Yoenxt     z0             s5                  Tiaiys      secozosnezco
uc     YuenXt     200            sac                 Tiniys      secosososcco
Ghc    YuenXt     zo07           sac                 Tiniys      socnsosonaco
ue     YoenXt     200            sa                  Tinty2      secazosnszco
ue     YuenXt     200            sac                 Tiniys      secnsosnseco
Guc    YaenXt     z0             s3                  Tiniys      secamosnnzco
ouc    Yaenst     zon            ss                  Tngys       seconcsoszco
ue     YaenXt     zow            s5.                 Trniys      secomcsoneto
uc     YaeaXt     zow            s3                  Tany2       secomcsoneco
oue    YuenXt     Fan            s                   Tianys      seommososano
oc     YuenXt     To             sn                  Tromys      soconcsoseto
uc     YueaXt     200            sn                  Tromys      seconssosato
uc     YaeaXt     1906           so.                 Tranys      secospsosano
oc     Yueaxt     20             soc                 Tranys      secosssosace
uc     Yueaxt     zoo            soc                 Tranys      secoscsosato
ouc    Yoerxt     2o             so.                 Toaiys      seoonpsonato
uo     VnX        zo0s           soc                 Toanys      secpasoseco
uc     Yaoaxt     zoo            soc                 Toaiys      seoocsonato
oue    Yienxt     205            sac                 Toanys      seonsasoszc0
ove    YunXt      zo0s           soc                 Toaiys      soooscsoueco
uc     Yaonxt     mor            so.                 Traiys      seooosonato
ove    Yuienxt    Fro            soc                 Traiys      seoosasnscco
ove    VnX        200            ex                  Traiys      secoscsonzco
cuc    YuenXt     zow            o                   Traiys      seosesonaco
ue     YuenXt     mor            ex                  Tranys      sconsosnszco
ue     YaenXt     Eol            ex                 Tiniyz       scossosnszco
auc    YakenXt    2w             cr                 Tiiys        senasespezco
ue     YaenXt     200            ez                  Tras        secososnsme
ove    YaenXt     zon            ce                 Tinty2       secasosnsme
uc     YaenXt     zow            x                  Tiniy2       secozosnszco
cvc    Yaeaxt     zon            sz                  Tiatys      senazosnerco
ove    Yuenxt     zon            sa.                Tiniy2       secososossco
cvc    Yaeaxt    zons            sa                 Tiniyz       secomososeco
cuc    Yuorxt     zoo            sn                 im           secazosnszce
cuc    Yoerxt     200            sit                Tiniy2       scoosososzco
                    onesoseont — mosnimuer—o 20

                                      exhibic a

 we           wooee         Year        snome            ProductName    Par Number
 uo          Yoonkt         zons         mc                Tays        sonsosnerso
 uc          YoenXt         zon          sit               Tiaiys      secososncz00
 ouc         YaenXt         zons         sc                Tiaiys      seconosonac0
 ouc         Yuenxt         zons         cxim              Tiniys      seoasosnna00
 Guc         Yaenxt         2o07         ac                Tiniys      seoncosnsato
 Guc         Yaenkt         z00e         sn                oove        seoososnnace
 oue         Yaenxt         zon          an                Tiniys      seonsasonaco
 oue         Yuenxt         zoro         en                Tiny?       seonsasnsano
 ue       Yiken xt benal    200          soc               Tinys       seoosesoseco
 ue       Yizen Xt benal    zu0s         so.               Tiniys      seoosesouaco
 ue       YiionX Denal      2007         soc               Tiny?       seoosesnsano
 ENo      VnX Denal         z0e          so.               Tiniyz      senosesoueco
 ue       Yoon xX Denas     zoor         sa.               Tiniys      secomesouzco
 ove      YuronX Denal      2oo          sa                Tiniy®      senosesonaco
 cve      YionXt Dena       Zore         eac               Tiniy2      serocosnsrco
 suc      YaronX Denat     zoiens        ez                Traiys      secososnzco
 cuc      Yoronxt Denas     zns          ez                Traiys      Seromosonac0
 ue         Siora 1500      ze           45                Tiaiys      secososnez00
 uc         Siora ts00     Eubic         sa                Traiys      secososonac0
 ouc        Siera teoo      ze           sn                Traiys      senazosnnac0
 uc           Vn            ze           45.               Tiaiys      seonzosnsato
 ue           Yiion         zon          sac               Tiaiys      seonsososzco
 ue           Yoien         zor          sa                Tiniys      seopsasvaco
 oue          Yuion         2oo          sac               Tiniys      seoosesouaco
 ahc          Yiion         zo           s5                Tiny?s      seoosesnsaco
Rimmer          ie          zove         soc               Tinyz       seonsesozco
Hummer          m           zons         soc               Tinys       seoomesouzco
Hummer          ta          zo0          son               Tiniyz      seoosesnszco
Fummer          ta          zons         soc                icore      secomesoueco
Hmmer           i2          2005         soc               Tiniys      serosesonec
Hommer          ta          2007         o                 Tiniy2      sevoesonzos
Hummer          me          zo0          sa.                Trniys     socomosnnzco
Hommer          m           200          sz                Timy2       Secomosnnac0
Hummer          is          200.         sa                Tiaiy2      secososoncco
Hommer          ha          zu0e         sa                 Traiys     secomosonaco
Himmer       nsA            200          s3                 Tiaiys     Secazosnna00
Hummer       ons            2000         s5                 Traiys     secososoneco
Himner       ht hena        Zo0s         s5.                Traiys     seoonesonaco
Himmer       vt Rena        2000         s5.                Tiniys     seoocosnnato
 lives       Ascerder       200          s5                 Tiniys       seovcoso
 Iives       Aacsrder       pus          s3                 Tiniys       seonsoso
Ponisc       Trans Am       rees         s5                 Tiniys     seoosasoato
Ponise       Trans Am       2000         s                  Tinys      seoosesnsaco
Poniae       Tians Am       zon          s5c                Tinyz      seoosesnsaco
Foias        Trans Am       2000         sac                Tiniy2     secomesoueco
Cmer            z0o         zon          se                 Tiaiys     secomesoneco
Cmser           200         2or          se                 Tiniyz     seoosesomeco
Cmwer           200         aos          se                 Tiniyz     secocornsac©
Chater          200         zow          se                 Tiniy2     secozosonsco
Chser           50o         Zoos         35.                Tiniy2     socoosnnsco
Chser           300         zo0          550                Timy2      secnsosnsato
Cinger          El          Zoor         55.                Trniy2     secozosonsco
Cigter          To          Zooe         25.                Troiys     secozosnnaco
Cinser          3w0         zo0o         35                 Traiy2     secazosneato
Gmsir           3vo         zow          25.                Traiys     secososonsco
Gingier         Sco         zon          26.                Toaiys     seonsesnnaco
Cinsier         zo          zore         se                 Taiys      seoososnsaro

                                 Bxhioit A

 wee        mooe       Yoar        enome            ProductName    PartNumber
Cmser         zo       zns           set              ircre       scommexe
Ciser         Eo       zon           se               Tiniy2      secosesposce
Cioser        30       200           sie              Tiniy2      secasosnscce
Chyser        To       200           sn               Tiniy2      secaosnesce
Chyser        Soo      2007          sie              Tiniys      sccososossco
Chyser        Em       200           si               Tiniy2      secososnsnce
Chyser        En       200           sie              Tiniys      seoozosnscte
Ciyser        E        200           sme              Tiniys      secamosnecce
Ciyor         300      zon           sn               Tiniys      sconsosossco
Chwer         awo      Ein           s                Tinyz       secososancc0
Giyer         wwo      zoo           sn               Tiniy2      seonosnncco
Ciwer         Ex       zo            sn               Tinyz       senasasnnac0
Ghysier       o        Zos           ain              Tiny2       eeoanosonscs
Ghysler       Ea       200           si               Tinny2      sesomcsomat
Ghslr         ae       aoor          en               Tiniys      seoscsonaco
Chsier        3        ace           enc              Taaiy®      seonsnsomaco
Chysler       30       200           sic              Tmiy®       ecommcsousco
Chsir         Eo       2o            en               Tmaiy®      secoscsonsco
Chser         El       z0e           cre              Tiniys      seoomesonaco
Chser         zo       zo5           sac              Tiniy®      sevonesousco
Chser         Em       zon           s«               Tiniy2      seconssonsco
Chyer     Prowseror    z00          zar               Tiniys      senonesonsco
Chyier    FrGuseror    2001         zar               Tiniys      eovonesonsco
Chyier    PrGuseror    2005         Zar               Tiniys      sovomesonsco
Ciyler    Prouseror    200          Eriug             Tinys       sevomesonsco
Ghsar       Seomg      zo0           zn               Tiniyz      socssosscco
Chysir      Seomg      200           in               Tiniys      soromsonsco
Ciyser      Seoma      Exo           in               Tiniys      soromosssce
Gmsir       Seomp      200           35               Tiniys      eeconcsonsco
Ghysir      Seomg      2000          i5               Tingy2      secomesonaco
Ghsir       Seamg      zoo           Es               Tionyz      seconcsossc
 boige      Arenge     20e           in               Tiny2       seconcsossco
 Doige      Arerge     200           zn               Tinys       secomssoato
 Doige      Avenger    zoo           an               Timys       secomssomano
 Dodge      Arrge      Ee            55.              Tinnys      soconssonsco
 Doige      Arerge     2000          35.              Tniys       seconssoncto
 Doige      Arenger    zo0           55               Tiniys      seconssonsto
 Dodge      Arenger    zow           ce               Tmiys       seosnasossco
 Doige      Arenger    zore          2e               Tiaiys      seconssonsco
 Dodge      Avenger    zo            26c              Tiaiys      seoonesocco
 Doige      Aenger     Eun           se               Tiaiys      seosesousco
 Soige    Camersata    zo0          zar               Tiaiys      senonesonaco
 Soige    Caver se     200          zi                Tintys      secomesascco
 Doige     Graienger   200           55.              Tiniys      sooonesoaco
 Doige     Ghaterger   amo           35.              Tintys      seconesonaco
 Soige     Chaterger   zon           se               Tiniys      scoomssossco
 Soige     Graterger   2             se               Tinty2      seoosesosnce
 Doige     Ghaterger   Eau           cva              Trnty2      seoomesoncco
 Doige     Chaterger   Eo            se               Trnty2      secoscsossce
 Doige     Chatenger   Ec            sre              Tinty2      secoscsoscce
 Doige     Chatenger   200           sn               Tinty2      secancsoscto
 Doige     Chatenge    zo            sn               Tintys      sccoscsossce
 Doige     Chalenge    zon           sn               Trniy       sccoscsossto
 Soige     Chatenger   zore          sn               Tiniys      seconcsonato
 Doige     Chalanger   zor           s7e              Traiys      seconesonato
 Doige     Chaterge    zo            s7e              Toanys      scoososossco
 Doige     Ghaterger   zo0           ait              Tiaiys      seonsasonaco
                         onsosront —mosmamte—0270

                                         Exhibit A
    wae             wooet                  enome             ProductName     Par Number
    Doige          Cratenge                 sn                 Tiny?       secosnsonaco
    Doige          Cralenge                 sn                 Tiniy2      seconssousco
                                            sac                Tintyz      secoscsonano

    Doive                                   s«                 Troiy2      senosesouac
    Deige                                   sa.                Tintys      sesonesousco
                                            s                  Tinys       secomesonsco
                                            i5                 Traiyz      seonmosonsco
                                            35                 Traiyz      eeonsosamsce
                                            ce                 Tiaiys      secomssonato
                                            35.                Tmniy®      seconssonaco
                                            35.                Tiniyz      stomesomano
                                            se                  iccre      seoospsomaco
                                            se                 Tiniy®      seconcsousco
                                            se                  Tinty2     secomosonsco
                                            se                  Trnty?     eeanmososco
                                            sn                  Tintys     sesomosonsso
                                            sn                  Tiniys     seommosonsco
    Dadge                                   sn                  Trngyz     seonsosomsco
    Doige                                   sn                  Tinys      seooscsouaco
    Doige                                   sn                  Tiniys     seoomesovaco
    Dodge                                   sn                  Tioiys     senomesonac
    Doige                                   s7e                 Tiniy2     secomesonso
    Doige                                   cuim                Tiniyz     senomesonscs
    Doige           Chaer                   sn                  Taiyz      secomnsomano
    Doige           Chaiger                 sre                 Timiy®     sevomosonsoo
     Doige          Chager                  cxm                 Tiays      sonozasonaco
     boige          Chaer                   cxm                 Toaiys     socosasnnano
     Dogge          Ghaer                   en                 Tiaiys      secoscsousco
     bos            Chager                  enc                Tiaiys      seonsasouaco

     Doige          Chaiger                 cxim               Tinty2      seonsesnnano
     Doige          Ghaiger                 cr                 Tiniys      seoosesonaco
     Doige          Craige                  san                Tialys      seconssovsco
     Doige          Chage                   sn                 Tintyz      secomesonsco
     Dodge          Maguim                   35.               Tiniyz      senonesonsco
     Dodge          Magam                    35.               Tiniy2      seconosonsco
                    Magrim                   55.               Tiniy2      secomesonsco
                    Magrum                   25                Tromy2      eeoamesomaco
                    Magrum                   ce                Troay2      recomosonsco
                    Magrom                   ce                Traiy®       secanesanato
                    Magram                   en                Traiys       secamesonato
                    Wagem                    s7e               Taaiys       seconssonano
                    Wagrom                   cxm               Traiyz       smonssomano

                    Magnum                   snn               Traiyz       secomssomans
                    Magnam     Eo            enc               Tmaty®       secovssovaco
                    Magum      ams           cxre              Tniy®        seromesomaco
                   Neon Sata   z0s          zat                iccre        semostsouso
                   Neon srta   Zor          Zar                Timiy®       sesomosonsco
                   Neon srta   To           zar                Tinty2       seomosonsco
                     Aupen     zeor          sn                Tinys        seonsosonsco
                     Aspen     zo            sn                Trngy2       senosesonato
                     Jupen                   sn                Tniys        senonesonaco
                    Zopen      zo            sn                Tiniys       senonesonsco
                    Daioi      <ose          55                Tiniyz       seoomesomano
                    Daiom      Tore          se                Tiaiyz       seoomesomacs
                    Daiots     2oo           se                Tiaiys       sovomesonso

 peeadeachene NE
      Soige         baot       Zov           se                Timiy®       sononosonsco
      Doige         Daic       200           se                Traiys       soromosanaco

                              Bxhoit A

mure    movet     Year          snome              Product Name     Part Number
Deige    Daga     zs             se                   Tiays       sorospsoncro
Doige    Om       2e             an                   Traiys      socssssousco
Doave    Ds       zo0            an                   Trniy2      soconcsonano
Doine    Dakoi    zo0            an                   Tronys      seconssonsto
Deine    Diion    zon            an                   Trays       sesosssonato
Boige    Duce     2000           a7                   Toanys      socosasoaco
boige    baict    2001           ar                   Traiy2      sooosasosaco
Dogge    Do       200            an                   Toaiy2      scomsasonaco
Dotge    Do       zm             an                   Traiys      seoonpsonsto
boige    Ds       zooo           an                   Toays       sooosesosace
Dodge    baic     205            an                   Toaiy2      soooscsosaco
Dodge    Daice    2os            an                   Toaiys      senosesonaco
Dedge    peen     aor            an                   Toan?s      seroscsossco
Deige    Dskeis   rose           s                    Traiys      scomsosonseo
Deige    Di       Tose           sa                   Tratys      scouscsonsco
Deige    Daicta   Eca            s                    Traiys      seosesoscto
Soige    Dss      2001           sr                   Tinty2      secascsossco
Deige    Ds       2me            sn                   Tiniyz      seomscsonsco
Godge    Daictn   ams            cra                  Tieiys      serasesoscto
Dadge    pees     es             s                    Tiniys      sovascsossco
Doige    Dss      1ooe           s%                   Tiniy2      sosomesonsco
Doige    Dakoi    2000           s                    Tiniys      soasesnscte
boige    Daiot    2001           5on                  Tiniys      secososossco
Doite    Datoi    200            s5                   Tiniy2      seoasosnssto
Doige    Bc       200            s                    Tiniys      seanosnnsco
Doige   Diraigo   zon            sat                  Tiniys      senazesnesto
Doige   Dirargo   zow            se                   Tingys      secososnnsso
Doie    Daarge    Eiu            sat                  Tiniy2      secasosnnsto
Doie    Duage     zo             se                   Tiagy2      seoomosomsco
Doige   Duaige    Eo             5o.                  Tinys       coomorouso
Doige   Durargo   Tss            25                   Tinys       sosonmosonato
Deige   Duange    200            m                    Timy2       scoomosomate
Doige   Guarge    20             3                    Tonys       socomcsousto
Seige   Dwarge    ame            25                   Tinnys      sesomnsonato
Dedge   Diango    Eou            39.                  Trany?      socmncsousco
Doige   Dvarge    20e            an                   Tiniys      seconesonano
Dodge   Durargo   Eou            a7                   Taiys       seconesomsto
Sodge   Ourargo   200            ane                  Tiniys      sovoncsossco
Soige   Durargo   2000           an                   Tiaiys      senomesonsno
Doige   durargo   zo0            a7                   Tiaiys      senonesonszo
booge   dirango   2000           a7e                  Tiaiys      sovomesossco
Soige   Durango   z001           an                   Tiaiys      sovomesonsco
Soige   Durargo   200            a7                   Tiaiys      senomesomszo
Doige   Dirargo   zo0            ar                   Traiys      scommossne
Dooge   Drame     zo0            an                   Tiaiys      senonesomano
Doige   Darango   2005           a7                   Tinys       sovonesosaro
Doige   Duarge    rose           sa                   Trinys      sovonesossco
Doige   Durange   c              sa                  Tiniys       soconcsosato
Doige   Duange    Ea             sa                   Tintys      seoonssosero
Dedge   Duarge    zo             sa                   Trnty2      secanssossco
Doige   Ouango    Zove           sa                   Tintys      soconssoncto
Doige   Svange    z005           sa                  Tiniy2       seconssoneto
Dodge   Duange    Eca            sn                  Tinty2       seconssancto
Doige   Gurange   2000           sre                  Trniys      seoosssonsco
boige   Duame     z007           sn                  Tiny2        seoonssonsto
Doige   Durame    zo0            sn                   Trniys      seoonpsonaro
Dodge   Dirango   2000           sn                   Tiaiy?      sooosesosaso
                    puevoseont —mostamute —o 770

                             cue—smweinou— mosoume
cessoroscons    iN                   ws          rioe   n        stia
cossosososns    ehon                 is          sice   wey      stioa
sorsososonns    iton                 is          sooe   we       sto
corsososo00s    zhn                  Ts          sooe   ES       stia
corsososonss    ehon                 s           wz     wey      stia
corsososcnse    ehion                as          s      wey      stia
corecsoscons    Tham                 is          sox    wey      Eo
csosscnn        7him                 as          rose   wey      stra
exsesosons      ehon                 as          sne    wey      strea
acesososons     efion                ies         e      wey      strea
scceusoson0s    ehion                ies         eose   ma       strea
scssosc00s      ehon                 ies         roa    wes      stroa
soresosc0s      plme                 is          ooo    wey      stioa
cocemsoscons    Tham                 ies         seo    wes      stroa
sorsososon0s    chon                 ies         sest   wen      stroo
sossor0s0008    ehon                 wy          voo    wey      sthou
ecesososoons    dhon                 we          sor    wey      stioa
sxesososonns    dhvon                y           core   wey      stroa
ecesososocos    than.                u>          iose   wey      stia
avesososonss    ehoor                y           se     wey      sta
eessasosons     ehign                w+          rice   wey      stia
eorssoscncs     ehion                +           eice   wey      stro
coceasosccos    Th                   we          cice   wey      atia
ceceosssnns      zhoi                u+          rioe    wea     «tia
eoceasosons      ihon                wy          oi      wey     stia
cxsososcons      ehon                y           saoe    wes     ata
soesoroson0s     ihom                ar          sooe    wey     stra
sosossse00s      ehon                >           z00e    weu     sto
cocsososcoos     ehon                ie          soce    wey     stiea
coreusoscoos     chom                ie          saoe    wey     stro
somesos000s      ehon                ie          se      ue      atio
cormsosnons      ehon                ie          Eoa     wey     stiea
sxsososonns      chon                Te          sooe    wes     stiso
sosososo00s      chon                Te          ons     wey     stisa
eossososo00s     ihon                Tss         Em      wey     stia
eoesososonns     ehon                RCB         ES      wey     stisa
ecesososonss     ehion,              CB          moe     wey     stso
corssoseccs      ehon                Te          tice    wey     sto
corsasosone      ehon                Te          ns      wey     stisa
cocsossso0ss     Ehn                 e           mea     wey     stio
coreasoscne      iN                  ws          Ee     undten   stia
corsasoseoss     eron                ws          oc     andden   atra
cossososcons     etims               ws          se     wnoten   stio
commsosons       iN                  s           sooe   wndten   stia
coesososc00s     itioa               e           sooe   wnoten   sta
sososson0s       iN                  ce          sooe   shang    sta
coeososa00s      ehon                we          zone   ctvena   stisa
corsasoscoos     ihon                Ts          oo     etveng   stiea
coreusos00s      ehon                es          sos    stvan    stiea
sorsouoso00s     Gom                 Ts          Em     etiarg   stiso
eoesososon0s     ihan                ce          Em     etvere   stia
ecesososonns     ihon                is          raoe   shara    strea
ecesososonns     ehvom               we          noe    ehera    atso
corsososonts     eNian               ws          toe    eBera    strea
acesososcns      Th                  e           ava    atena    stroa
ceceasosome      ehiony               ws         rice   atena    sta
eprsasoso00s     zhn                  us         moe    etera    strea
  munuied      cwen posory          avous        won    xsoon     som


                                   Exhibit A

mue         wooet        Your        enone           ProsutNane     PartNumber
Soge          m          Eun           sn              Tays       smomsnene
Doige         Ram        zes           s7e             Tiaiyz     secososonsco
Doige         Ram        zow           sn              Tiaiys     secomsonsco
Dodge         Rim        19e           se              Tiaiys     socomosnns0
Doige         Ram        iess          se              Tiaiys     sarososnns©
Dedge         Ram        zeco          se              Timiys     secososoncco
Dedze         Ram        2o            ce              Tinty2     socomssonaco
Deize         Rim        20e           si              Trintys    socomnsonato
Deige         Ram        Zoos          se              Tintys     seoospsomano
Deige      Fm 1500       z0s           sn              Tintys     secosssonaco
Doige      Ram tsoo      200«          sie             Trngy2     seconssonano
baige      Ram Tsoo      Zmos          sn              Trniys     secospsonato
Doiee      Ram ts        zo0           sre             Tniy2      seoosesonato
Boine      Ram 100       aoor          se              Tany2      sensasonsco
Doige      RamTsoo       2n0s          sn              Tranys     senosesonato
Doige      Ramtsoo       2005          s7e             Toaiys     senasesovaco
Doie       Ram oo        2oo           sre             Toanys     sononssovaco
Doige      Ramsoo        zon           sn              Toays      seoosesonato
Doige      Ram 1500      zore          sie             Traty2     sccosssossco
Doige      Ram 1500      zns           sn              ove        scosssosco
Dedge      Ram tsoo      fow           sic             Tioiys     secoussosato
Soige      Ram tioo      zon           s               Trnys      seoosesnncto
Soige      FRam toso     zore          san             Tioty2     secosssonsco
Doige      Ram Tsoo      zes           cri             Tioiyz     secoscsonaco
Doige      Ram 2500      200           sme             Tiniy?     seoosasonat0
Doige      Ram 2500      200           sie             Tiniy?     seoosasnnan0
Doige      Ram 2500      2005          sre             Tinnyz     secosasonsco
Doige      Ram 2500      2o0s          sne             Troiys     seoosesonaco
Doie       Ram 2500      zeor          sn              Timiys     seosesnnaco
Doie       Pm 2500       200           sn              Traiyz     seoscspnsco
Soige      Ram 200       zu0           sn              Tiaiys     seasesonsco
Doige      Ram 2500      Eau           sn              Tinty®     secososnono
Doige      Ram 2500      zon           sn              Tintyz     secomsonse
bodge      Ram 2500      zore          sn              Tiaiys     serasosnsc©
Doige      Ram 2500      zo6           sn              Tiniys     secososossco
Doige      Ram 2500      zon           sn              Tiniys     secomosonco
Dodge      Ram 2500      zon           san             Tinys      sensosnsc00
Doige      Ram 2500      zor           san             Tiniy      socomosonsco
Dodge      FRam 2500     2os           san             Tuogys     secososnscc0
 Jeeo     Gonmander      zoo        sncrem             Tiniys     seoosesomeno
 Jeeo     Commander      200        s7crem             Trony2     secomnsonato
 Jeep     Commander      Zos        snovew             Tranys     seonsnsometo
 Jeee     Gonmander      Bor        s nevem            Traiys     semmscsonsce
 Jeeo     Gonmanser      ns         s ncrem            Toaiy      sermscsoueco
 Jeeo     Gonmanier      zo            an              Toaiys     senoscsonaco
 Jeep     Conmanier      zo0s       anpoo)             Traiys     senosesonaco
 Jeeo     Commandar      205        ATcpwo)            Taiys      secososnnico
 Jeeo     Gommander      200        47c o)             Tiaiys     sorompsonice
 Jeeo     Commnder       Ea         a7cGue)            Tiniys     sorososnsac0
 Jeeo   Giand Greoies    zio        smcrew             Tintys     seroscsonice
 Seeo   Gand Cheroies    20         s7crom             Trnty2     sovonssoncce
 Jeep   Gand Cheroiee    20         s7rem              Tintys     seconssoscco
 Jeee   Gand Gheroies    Ec         s crew,            Tinty2     serasssoseco
 Seeo   Giand Gharsiee   mor        s novew            Trnty2     secosssonsco
 Jeep   Gand Cheroice    Zmos       s7hem              Trngys     seconssoico
 Joee   Gand Gremies     o             an              Trngys     seonsesoneco
 Jeee   Giind Cramie     205        ancpwo)            Tiniy2     secosasomaco
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