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This Executive Order approved the specified parts on on December 4, 1979.
As of Monday, October 14th, 2019 this Executive Order has not been overturned or superceeded.

Approved Parts

1979 and older model-year vehicles with engines > 140 CID EXCEPT with: (1) Fuel injection (2) Chrysler lean burn system (3) three-way catalyst (4) Diesel powered (5) engines < 140 CID

This Executive Order may be listed as:
  • C.A.R.B.E.O. D-95
  • Executive Order 95 / D95
  • ARB # D-95
  • Executive Order No: D-95
  • C.A.R.B. No. D-95
  • Resolution D-95
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D-95 Document:

                                                        (Page 1 of 2)

                          State of California
                          AIR RESOURCES BOARD   _

                        EXECUTIVE ORDER D—95—               .
              Relating to Exemptions under Section 27156
                          of the Vehicle Code

                        SUMARI ENGINEERING INC.
                        "TAF PERFORMANCE VALVE"

Pursuant to the authority vested in the Air Resources Board by Section
27156 of the Vehicle Code; and                                  ‘

Pursuant to the authority vested in the undersigned by Sections 39515 and
39516 of the Health and Safety Code and Executive Order G—45—5;
IT IS ORDERED AND RESQLVED:   That the installation of the "TAF Performance
Valve" manufactured by Sumari Engineering, Inc., 544 West Thunderbird
Road,. Phoenix, Arizona 85023 has.been found not to reduce the effectiveness
of required motor vehicle poliution.control devices and, therefore, is
exempt from the prohibitions of Section 27156 of the Vehicle Code for
all 1979 and older model—year vehicles with engines greater than 140
cubic inch displacement except for the following:

               1.    diesel powered vehicles
               2.    fuel injected vehicles
               3.    Chrysler‘s Lean Burn Systems
               4.   vehicles equipped with 3—way catalyst

This Executive Order is valid provided that installation instructions
for this device will not recommend tuning the vehicle to specifications
different from those submitted by the device manufacturer.

Changes made to the design'or operating ‘conditions of the device, as
exempted by the Air Resources Board, that adversely affect—the performance
of a vehicle‘s poliution control system shall invalidate this Executive

Marketing of this device using an identification other than that shown
in this Executive Order or marketing of this device for an application
other than those listed in this Executive Order shall be prohibited unless
prior approval is obtained from the Air Resources Board. Exemption
of a kit shali not be construed as an exemption to sell, offer for sale
or advertise any components of the kit as individual devices.

This Executive Order does not constitute any cpinion as to the effect
that the use of this device may have on any warranty either expressed
or implied by the vehicle manufacturer.

 SUMARI ENGINEERING ITNc.        .       .              EXECUTIVE ORDER D—95
 "TAF PERFORMANCE VALVE"                      _              (Page 2 of 2)


 No claim of any kind, such as "Approved by Air Resources Board" may be made |
 with respect to the action taken herein in any advertising or other oral
 or written communication.

 Section 17500 of the Business and Professions. Code makes untrue or
 misleading advertising unlawful, and Section 17534 makes violation
 punishable as a m1sdemeanor

 Section 43644 of the Health and Safety Code provides as follows:

      "43644. (a) No person shall install, sell, offer for sale, or
      advertise, or, except in an application to the state board for
      certification of a device, represent, any device as a motor vehicle
      poliution control device for use on any used motor vehicle unless
      that device has been certified by the state board.        No person shall
      sell, offer for sale, advertise, or represent any motor vehicle
      poliution control device as a certified device which, in fact, is
      not a certified device. Any violation of this subdivision is a

 Any apparent violation of the conditions of this Executive Order will be
° submitted to the Attorney General of California for such action as he
 deems advisable.                                —

* Executed at El Monte, California, this 4qffl_       ”day of December, 1979.

                                     K. D. Drachand, Acting Chief
                                     Mobile Source Control Division

                           State of California
                           AIR RESOURCES BOARD

                            November 5, 1979

                              STAFF REPORT

      Evaluation of Sumari Engineering Inc. "TAF Performance Valve"
             Device for Compliance with the Requirements of
              Section 27156 of the California Vehicle Code


      Sumari Engineering Inc. 544 West Thunderbird Road, Phoenix, Arizona

      85023 has submitted an application     requesting an

      exemption from the provisions of Section 27156 of the California

      Vehicle Code for its "TAF Performance Valve" device for installation
      on all 1979 and older model year vehicles with engines greater than

      140 cubic inch displacement except for the following:

           1.   Diesel powered vehicles

           2.   Fuel injected vehicles

           3.   Chrysler Lean Burn Systems
           4.    Vehicles equipped with 3—way catalyst

II.   System Description

      The "TAF Perforamnce Valve" is an air bleed device that is installed

      in series with the PCV hose.   The device uses a proportional air

      bleed that is controlled by means of manifold vacuum.   The propor—

      tional air bleed is adjustable to suit different engine applications.

      The device consists of two chambers, the upper chamber has a vacuum

      controlled piston connected to an adjustable plunger.   A spring is

      positioned under the piston so that it is normaily open when not in

Evaluation of Sumari Engineering Inc. "TAF
Performance Vaive" Device for Compliance
with the Requirements of Section 27156 of
the California Yehicle Code                          November 5, 1979

     operation.   The lower chamber has series connectors for the PCV

     system and a common port to the upper chamber.     The common port

     has three 4.75 mm (3/16 inch) orifices drilled into it.     These

     orifices allow fresh air to enter the device.     The orifice outlets

     are covered by a porous filter of greater than 20 micron mesh.

III. System Function

     In operation the vehicle is started and manifold vacuum is applied

     to the upper chamber which overcomes the spring tension and pulls

     the piston assembly down.   The adjustable plunger, which is part of

     the piston assembly covers the orifices that allow the fresh air

     into the PCV system.   As manifold vacuum is decreased, the spring

     forces the piston assembly upward and the orifices are uncovered

     allowing air to bleed in to the PCV éystem.     This is caused by

     the pressure differential of engine operation.     The amount of

     air that enters the PCV system is proportional to the area of

     the uncovered orifices.

     The device is designed to be fully closed at idle, partially open

     at cruise and fully open at wide open throttle.

Evaluation of Sumari Engineering Inc. "TAF
Performance Valve" Device for Compliance
with the Requirements of Section 27156 of
the California Vehicle Code                               November 5, 1979

IV.   Device Testing

      Sumari Engineering Inc. submitted test data prepared by W. R. Grace

      and Company on a 1979 Chevrolet Monte Carlo.     (See Table 1).    The

      emissions data indicate an increase in carbon monoxide (CO) and a

      decrease in hydrocarbons (HC), oxides of nitrogen (NOx) and fuel
      economy (MPG).   The percentage differences in emissions data

      {with and without device) are considered to be within test


      The Air Resources Board performed confirmatory testing of the "TAF

      Performance Yalve" at the E1 Monte laboratory.    ‘The test vehicle

      was a 1974 AMC Ambassador station wagon with a V8 engine and

      automatic transmission.   The 1975 CVS Federal Test Procedure was

      used to determine emissions and fuel economy.    The vehicle was

      in laboratory control during the entire time of the device testing.

      The vehicle was adjusted to OEM manufacturer specifications before

      baseline testing and the vehicle did not receive any adjustments or

      modifications between baseline and device tests except for the

      installation of the device according to the device manufacturer‘s instal—

      lation instructions.   The emissions results (see Table 2) indicate a

      decrease in CO, HC, and MPG and an increase in NOx.     The percentage

      increase in NOx emissions is considered to be within test variability.

Evaluation of Sumari Engineering Inc. "TAF
Performance Vaive" Device for Compliance
with the Requirements of Section 27156 of
the California Vehicle Code                              November 5, 1979

     The Air Resources Board also performed flow bench testing and

     driveability tests on the device.

     The flow bench test is designed to measure the amount of air that

     flows through the orifices of the device during actual engine

     operation.   This is accomplished by using an engine dynamometer,

     flow meter and associated hardware.

     Since the device is adjustable it was subjected to three phases of

     flow bench testing at different adjustments.     In Phases I and II the

     device was tested at minimum and maximum flow rates (see Figures 1

     and 2).   In Phase III the device was reinstalled on the test vehicle

     and adjusted according to the installation instructions.     The device

     was then transferred back to the flow bench for testing.     Phase III

     represents the flow rate of the device as installed on a vehicle

     (see Figure 3).

     The driveability evaluation was performed by a member of the ARB

     staff who has received specialized training in this field.     The

     vehicle was set to OEM specifications and driven through a prescribed

     test pattern.     The vehicle was then fitted with the device and

     driven in the same manner over the same course.     The evaluation
     is a comparison between the two tests .

Evaluation of Sumari Engineering Inc. "TAF
Performance Valve" Device for Compliance
with the Requirements of Section 27156 of
the California Vehicle Code                          November 5, 1979

¥.   Discussion
     Phase III of the flow bench tests revealed that the "TAF Performance
     Valve" had very poor repeatability.     The ARB staff requested the

     applicant to submit additional devices for testing to ascertain

     whether the repeatability problem was due to the quality of the

     device or if the original devices were defective.     The new devices

     were then subjected to the same flow bench tests.     The test results

     (Phase IV¥) on the new valves indicated flow rates similar to the

     original valve except that the new valves had repeatable results

     (see Figure 4).   The applicant informed our staff that they had

     made minor changes to the design of the adjustable plunger to remedy

     the repeatability problems.   The design change is indicated on the

     blue prints that were submitted with the original application.

     The driveability evaluation indicated no negative driveability

     problems associated with the device.

     The advertisements that were submitted with the original application

     had claims of 20% better fuel economy, reduced emissions and better

     performance.   Since the CVS test data did not indicate a 20%

     increase in fuel economy with the device installed, the applicant

     was requested to omit all such claims from their advertising

Evaluation of Sumari Engingeering Inc. "TAF
Performance Valve" Device for Compliance
with the Requirements of Section 27156 of
the California Vehicle Code                        November 5, 1979

      material to be used in California concerning fuel economy.   Section

      43644 of the California Health and Safety Code prohibits device

      manufacturers from advertising their device as a pollution control

      device unless certified as such; therefore,the applicant dropped

      all reduced emissions clauses from their application.

VI.   Conciusion and Recommendation

      The emissions results from the two test vehicles indicated that the
      device did not cause an adverse effect on emissions.    Furthermore,

      the driveability evaluation did not reveal safety or performance

      problems and the flow bench data exhibited repeatable results.

      Therefore, based on this information the staff concludes that the

      installation of this device on specified vehicles will not result

      in an increase in emissions, and recommends that the Sumari Engineering

      Inc. "TAF Performance Valve" be granted and exemption from the

      prohibitions of Section 27156 of the California Vehicle Code with
      the exceptions noted in the Introduction.

                                      Table 1

                          LAB: W. R. Grace & Co.
                      DEVICE: TAF Performance Valve

Vehicle: 1979 Chevrolet Monte Carlo
Engine Size: 305 cubic inch displacement w/2V carburetor

                                    grams per mile           City     Highway
Test #    Test Type        HC            cCO         NOx    MPG       MPG

884       Baseline         .340          3.830       .994   14.684    19.762

898       Device           . 380         3. 440      .932   14. 450   19.230

% change from baseline      +12%         —10%        —6%    ~2%       —3%

                                      Table 2

                         LAB:      Air Resources Board
                      Device:      TAF Performance Valve

Vehicle: 1974 AMC Ambassador Station Wagon
Engine Size: 360 cubic inch displacement w/2V carburetor

                                    grams per mile           City     Highway
Test #    Test Type        HC             CO       NOx      MPG        MPG

AVERAGE BASELINE           1. 985        18.13       2.57    12.2      16.7

2V7910A   DEVICE           1. 887        13.16       2.73    12.2      15.9

% change from baseline     —5%           —27%        +6%     0         —5%


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         xxurFEL a Esatr co.

                      rriani fold               \/OVC_UA.L'T!   >   ALV\..H}
                                                        L                      C

                                 G4                      &                     «in


                                                                                                                                                            C         mMaximum + Low

                                                                                            ipstecth Pome Pn 4 L
                                                                                            —                           t
                                                                                                            4.,..1:‘:7 HEHLERE

                                                                                         t mf   tord L:;‘,.:!TA::,   iit   tE +E e fidf
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       20 x 20 To ThE INCH

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                                          Beiee : TAP vVaAlLve

                                                   (Blhue —AR) ;
                                           Mode : 8 Tuaws O u+
epeatable ResuBtSs .

                                          &—@—D Increasing Vaciuum
                unmilald Vn cut
                                to   4

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