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This Executive Order approved the specified parts on on September 19, 1991.
As of Sunday, October 20th, 2019 this Executive Order has not been overturned or superceeded.

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1975 through 1980 model-year gasoline passenger cars vehicles equipped open-loop oxidation catalyst converter systems. (Up to 500 CID engine.)

This Executive Order may be listed as:
  • C.A.R.B.E.O. B-20
  • Executive Order 20 / D20
  • ARB # B-20
  • Executive Order No: B-20
  • C.A.R.B. No. B-20
  • Resolution B-20
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B-20 Document:

                                                  (Page 1 st 3)
                            State of California
                            ATR RESOURCES B0A@D
                            EXECUTIVE orber B—20
              Relating to Accreditation «s an Entssion Control
                    Device Sold on a Non—Hendatory Basts
                        weuTronics ENTERPRISES, MNC.
                  Mtcro coltroLter FEEDeACK ColTRoL sytEX
Whereas, section 43630 of the Health and Safety Code authorizes the Air
Resources Board (the "Board*) to establish standards for accrediting devices
which substantia1ly reduce motor vehicle exhaust emisstons, and to accredit
devices which meet these standards;
Wheress, in section 2010, Title 13, California Code of Regulations (*CCR"),
and the incorporated "Caltfornia Exhaust Enission Criteria and Test
Procedures for Accrediting Enfssion Control Devices Sold on a Non—Mandatory
Bases, the Board has established such standards and test procedures for
determiring conpliance with them:
Whereas, Neutrenies Enterprises, Inc. has applied for accreditation of its
Wicro—controller feedback control system, pursuant to section 43630 and
section 2010, Title 13, CCR;
Whereas, pursuant to the authority vested in the undersigned by California
Health and Safety Code section 39816, the Air Resources Beard Tinds:
     1. The Micro—contreller feedback control system is a device des gned
          to replace the original oxidation catalytic converter with a
          closed—loop three—way catalytic converter. The vehicle‘s fuel
          mixture 1s monttored and maintained close to stofchfonetric by
          Yeantng the fue) mfature vhen rich. The system consists of a
          computer, an oxygen sensor, a 1inear actuated stepper motor valve
          and a three—vay or three—way plus oxidation afternarket cataytic
     2.   The Micro—controller feedback control system satisfies the test
          requirements and meets the standards established for accreditet fon
          by achieving at least a 20 percent reduction in enissions of
          hydracarbons, carbon monoxide and oxides of nitrogen. This
          finding is based on exhaust emission data derived from two test
          vehicles .
     3.   The exhaust enission reductions discussed in the staff report
          reflect the levels typical for the model, age and m{leage of the
          test vehicles. NOTE: A sample of two vehicles is not adequate
          to represent the enisston reductions that could be achieved. if
          the Wicro—contraller feedback contrcl system is installed on a
          fleet of vehicles.

weutroutes rnteRrrtSEs, THC.                    Excurve ospeR 8—20
wicro coutrolLe® FeEDBACK ColttRL SySTeN        (Page 2 of 3)
     4.   The applicant did not subnit durability data for its Micro—
          controller feedback control system, Durability and emission
          performance of the systen at 30,000 miles vere based on durability
          date of the catalytic converter which is a system conponent.
     6.   The AR8 in the exercise of technfcal judgement concludes that the
          Micro—controlier feedback control system will not cause
          substantial emissfon reductions on lean—burn vehicles.
T7 15 OROERED AND RESOLVED: That Meutronics Enterprises, Inc.‘s Micro—
controller feedback control system consisting of a KAT 200 conputer) a Cor
Sound aftermarket cataiytic converter, an oxygen sentor and an air Valve, is
hereby acoredited as an enfssion—control device sold on a non—nandatory
basis pursuant to section 43630 of the Health and Safety Coge. The Micro=
controller feedback control system shall be applicable to 1976 through 1980
medel—year passenger cars manufactured in the United States equipped with an
open—laop oxidatien catalytic converter systen and up to 500 CIO engine.
This accreditetion is subject to the following conditions:
     L. The fellowing information shall be provided with the sale of each
          devices  Instructions for majntaining the device in proper working
          condition. Because no vehicle in the application class is
          currently covered by an enission control system werranty required
          to be provided by the vehicle manufacturer, the requtrement to
          provide notice that installation of the device may: Invaiidate the
          vehicle enission control system varranty is waived.
     2.   This accreditation does not authorize the alteration or
          medification of emission control devices required by law or
          requlation, except what has been specified by the installation
          instructions. lo changes to the tuning specifications is
          permitted other than what the menufacturer has specified in the
          inste}atfon instructions,
     3.   No changes are permitted to—the system as described in the
          staff report (attachnent A). Any changes to the systen applicable
          mode) year, or other factors addressed in this Executive Order
          must be evaluated and approved by the ARB prior to marketing in
     4.   Marketing of this system using an {dentification other than thet
          shown in this Executive Order or marketing of this system for an
          rop!fcation other then those listed in the Executive Order shall
          be prohibited unless prior approval {s obtained from the ARB.
          Accreditation of this product shail not be construed as an
          accreditation to sell, offer for sale, or advertise any conponent
          of the Micro—controller feedback control system as on individual

NeVTRontcS ENTerpRISES, TNC.                     EXECUTIYE OROER 8—20
     5.   NOTE: 8y granting the accreditation, the Air Resources Board has
          not deternined the potentia1 emtssion reduction Tevels that could
          be achieved from the use of the Micro—controller feedback control
          system for the purpose of calculating emission credits for any
          purpose. Use of the device for emisston credits will require
          testing of a larger vehicle sanple size to deternine the enission
          reductions representative of the vehicle flest.
Violatfon of any of the above conditions shall be grounds for revocation of
this order. The order may be revaked only after ten day written notice of
intention to revoke the order, in which perfod the holder of the order nay
request in writing a hearing to contest the proposed revocation. If a
hearing is requested, it shall be held within ten days of receipt of the
request and the order may not be revoked until a deternination after hear ing
thet grounds for revocation exist.
Executed at E1 Monte, Californie, this       /‘day of Septenber, 1991.
                                            41   hi .
                                           ¥HFharie —
                                         K. D. Drachand, Chief
                                         Wobile Source Division

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