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This Executive Order approved the specified parts on on September 5, 1995.
As of Monday, October 14th, 2019 this Executive Order has not been overturned or superceeded.

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This Executive Order may be listed as:
  • C.A.R.B.E.O. B-20-1
  • Executive Order 20-1 / D20-1
  • ARB # B-20-1
  • Executive Order No: B-20-1
  • C.A.R.B. No. B-20-1
  • Resolution B-20-1
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                                                         (Page 1 of 3)
                            state of California
                            arm rssounces soano
                           axzoverve onpan a—20—1
             Relating to Rccreditation as an Bnfesston control
                    Device Sold on a Non—Kandatory Basts
                        weuznontos mwrenprzers, mnc.
                  wtcro—comtrouten rexommex cormor, soren
Whereas, section 43630 of the Nealth and Safety Code authorizes the Alr
Resources Board (the *Board") to establish standards for accrediting devices
which substantiaily reduce motor vahicle exhaust emission, and to accrodit
davices which meet thase atandarda;
whereas, in section 2010, Title 13, California Code of Regulations (*Con)
and the incorporeted "california Bxbauet malasion Ceiteria and Tert
rrocedures foe Rccediting Baiesion Control Devices Sold on an Non—Handatory
Bases," the Roard has established such standards and tost procedures for
deternining conpliance with then;
whexeas, Nestronics Znterprises, Inc., of 11421 ®. Bernardo Cout, San
biego, California 92127 has agplied for scceeditation of its Miero—
controller feedback control system, pursuant to sestion 43630 and section
2010, mitre 13, com                                          +
whereas, purscant to the authority vested in the undarsigned by California
Health and Safety Code Section 39516, the Mr Resources Board (ARB) finds:
           1. the Miero—controiler feedback control. systen is a device
              desiqned to replace the original oxidation catalytic
              converter with a closed—loop three—uay catalytic converter.
              The vehicle‘s fusl mixture is nonitored and maintained clome
              to stoichfomatzie by leaning the fuel mixture when rich. The
              system consiste of a XAZ 200 computer manofactured by
              weutzonics, an oxygen senwor (P/N AFSITP for heated 02 and
              #/M 25105901 for unteated 02) manofactured by ho belco, a
              lineae actuated stepper notor valve (P/N ©92120) manfactured
              by Mr Packs, & wiring harnees and a theoe—way aftermacket
              catalytic convertes, with provistons for air for those
              vehtcles with ale infootion, (P/N 22100 and 29200 nee
              attachnent A for converter application) manifactured by Car
           2. The Micro—controtles feedback control systen satistios the
              test requirements and meats the standards estabiished for
              acoreditation by achloving at least a 20 percent reduction in
              enissions of bydeocarbonand oxides of nitzogen with no
              Inceesse in carbon nosowide. This finding is based on
              exhaust enteeton data derived from six test venicles.
           3. the exhaost ensnion reductions discuased Sn the staff report
              rafiect the levels typical for the model, ago and mileage of
              the test vehicles. NoTE A eanple of six vehicles may not
              be adequate to repressnt the entaston reductions that could
              be achieved if the Micro—controlier feadback control. system
              is installed on a fleet of vehicles

wevzonzcs surenzazsss, me.                          suzcurave onnen m—20—1
wrero—coumzouser resounce contnot sretex            (rage 2 of 3)
           4. the appiicant subnitted durability data for Lts Moro—
              controiler feedback control. system. Durability‘and entston
              performance of the system at 20,000 mtlea were based on
              durability test data of a 1979 Cheveolet B1 Canino equipped
              with a 5.01 engine, a 1979 Volkswagen Seizocco equipped with a
              1.6t angine and a 1975 Dateun 2710 equipped with a 2.0L
           5. The ARS in the exercise of technioal. dudgement consludes that
              the Mero—controller feedback control system will not cause
              substantial entssion reductions on lean=burn vehicles.
im 18 onorrzp anp mesotVED: that Mestronicrs Enterprisas, Inc.‘s Mioro—
controiler feedback control. system, consisting of a KP 200 conputer, a Car
Sound aftermazket catalytic converter, an oxygen sensor, a wiring hazness
and an air valve, is herepy sccredited as an entesfon—control device sold on
« non—nandatory basis pursuant to section 43630 of the fealth and Safety
Code, the Micro—controller feedback control system shall be applicable for
gascline vehicien equigped with an opan—loop oxidation cataiytlo converter
systen. Thix accreditation is mubjact to the following conditions
           1. the following information shall be provided with the saie of
              each devices Instructions for maintaining the Mloro—
              controiler feedback control. system in proper working
              condition. Because no vehicle in the appiication class is
              coreantly covered by an enasion control system wassanty
              required to be provided by the vehicle nanifacture, the
              requirenent to provide notice that instailation of the device
              may invalidate the ventcle enisaion control. systen warvanty is
           2. This secreditation does not authorize the alteration or
              nodification of emiusion control devices required by law or
              regulstion, except what has been specified by the installation
              instructions. No changes to the tuning epecificatione is
              pernitted other than what the manufactures has specified in
              the inataliation instructions.
           3. No changes are pernitted to the systom ss described in the
              staff report. Any changes to the systen applicable model
              yeaey or other factore addrensed in this mxecutive Order su
              ba evaluated and approved by the ARB prioe to maketing in
           4. Hezketing of this system uning an identitication other that
              that ahown in this Executive Order or mazketing of this aystem
              for an appiication other than those isted in the Zxecutive
              Crder uhall be probibited unleas prics approval, is optained
              from the RRB. Accreditation of this product shall. not be
              construed as an acereditation to sell, orfer for male, or
              advertise any cononent of the Micro—controilee feedback
              control system an an individual device.

wsvznontcs surezentsss, tnc.                        sxsoureve oroen s—20—1
wrero—connorzen rasomncr coxsror svszex             (Page 3 of 3)
           5. nore: my granting the accreditation, the ARB has not
               deternined the potental entasion reduction levels that could
               be achieved fron the use of the XLoro—controller feedback
               contro system for the purpose of calculating eniesion credit«
                for any parpone. Use of the davice for enteston credite will
               require testing of a larger vehicle sanple size to deternine
               the entesion redustions representative of the vehicle fleet.
Yislation of any of the above condittons shall be ground« for sevoention of
this order. the order may be revoked only after ten day veitten notice of
Intention to revoke the order, in which perfod the hoider of the order nay
request in weiting a hearing to contest the proposed revoeation. If a
mexting is requented, it mhall be held with ten days of receipt of the
request and the order may not be revoked until a determination after nearing
that grounds for revocntion exist.
Exacutive Order No. B—20 dated September 19, 1991, is hereby superseded and
of no further foree and affect.               \
Executed at k1 monte, california, this <5     Uay    of)Septembes 195.
                                    wobfe Source Division

~                                        momain a
                             cammeztc comearen rase woimens
               Neutronice Enterprises, Inc. Micro—Controlier Retrofit Systen
    converter Serient       ork configurstion       custweight      Engine Size
        msz00                 undorbody**            24000 tbe.      24.00
                             Dual. Underbody                        26.5t. use
       mesoo                 Undosboay®             «4000 1me.      «s.0n
                             bus2. Undezbody        «5000 the.      <6.51. use
    * Individus1 part nunbers describe pipe dianatorn.
    ** Renove Oz precataiyst £€ any.

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