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This Executive Order approved the specified parts on on October 26, 2012.
As of Monday, September 23rd, 2019 this Executive Order has not been overturned or superceeded.

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Part NumberModels
See PDF2007-2013 GM Passenger Cars (Multiple, incl. Corvette, Camaro CTS, G8/GXP --See PDF)

This Executive Order may be listed as:
  • C.A.R.B.E.O. D-488-21
  • Executive Order 488-21 / D488-21
  • ARB # D-488-21
  • Executive Order No: D-488-21
  • C.A.R.B. No. D-488-21
  • Resolution D-488-21
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D-488-21 Document:

                                   State of California
                               AIR RESOURCES BOARD

                             EXECUTIVE ORDER D-488-21

                      Relating to Exemptions Under Section 27156
                                   of the Vehicle Code

                             Magnuson Products Inc.
                  Magnuson Products I.F.D./F.I.F.D. Supercharger Kit

Pursuant to the authority vested in the Air Resources Board by Section 27156 of the
Vehicle Code ; and

Pursuant to the authority vested in the undersigned by Section 39515 and Section 39516
of the Health and Safety Code and Executive Order G-02-003 ;

IT IS ORDERED AND RESOLVED: That the installation of the Magnuson Products
I.F.D./F.I.F.D. Supercharger Kit manufactured and marketed by Magnuson Products Inc.
of 1990 Knoll Drive , Ventura , CA 93003 has been found not to reduce the effectiveness
of required motor vehicle pollution control devices and , therefore , is exempt from the
prohibitions of Section 27156 of the California Vehicle Code for the General Motors
Corporation vehicle applications listed in Exhibit A.

The Magnuson Products I.F.D./F.I.F.D. Supercharger Kit includes the following main
components: Eaton supercharger and intake manifold plenum , larger fuel injectors , new
air intake filter element and tube assembly (the tube for the 2010-2013 Corvette models
contains replacement hydrocarbon adsorber pads equivalent to stock) , air-to-water
intercooler, and new fuel and timing map calibrations . A longer intake air temperature
harness is used in co!ljunction with the relocated sensor on the supercharger manifold
(201 0-2013 Corvette models only) , and the stock fuel pump is complemented with a
voltage booster (201 0 Corvette and 2007 CTS-V models only). All other emission-
related components are in the stock location relative to the throttle body. The F.I.F.D.
systems are directly driven from the inlet side rather than from engine's jackshaft as is
done with the I.F.D. systems . All crankshaft pulleys are stock and maximum boost is
limited to 7 psi.

This Executive Order shall not apply to any Magnuson Products I.F.D./F.I.F.D.
Supercharger Kit advertised , offered for sale, sold with, or installed on a new motor
vehicle prior to or concurrent with transfer to an ultimate purchaser.

This Executive Order is valid provided that the installation instructions for the Magnuson
Products I.F.D./F.I.F.D. Supercharger Kit will not recommend tuning the vehicle to
specifications different from those of the vehicle manufacturer.


    Changes made to the design or operating conditions of the device, as exempted by the
    Air Resources Board , that adversely affect the performance of a vehicle's pollution
    control system shall invalidate this Executive Order.

    Marketing of this device using any identification other than that shown in this Executive
    Order or marketing of this device for an application other than those listed in this
    Executive Order shall be prohibited unless prior approval is obtained from the Air
    Resources Board .

    This Executive Order does not constitute any opinion as to the effect that the use of this
    device may have on any warranty either expressed or implied by the vehicle

   This exemption is issued based on previously submitted emissions test data from an
   independent laboratory on a 2008 model year General Motors Corporation Corvette
   vehicle (Test Group 8GMXV06 .2086) certified to the Low Emission Vehicle II Ultra Low
   Emission Vehicle (LEV II ULEV) and Supplemental Federal Test Procedure (SFTP)
   standards . The exhaust emission measurements from the 2008 model year Corvette are
   as follows :

    Federal Test Procedure :

                                                       NMOG      co       NOX
   Standards (g/mi)                                    0.070    2.1       0.04
   Device (g/mi) with dfs applied                      0.051    1.5       0.03

   SFTP (US06 Cycle):

                                                       NMHC+NOX         co
   Standards (g/mi)                                       0.14          8.0
   Device (g/mi)                                          0.06          1.5

   SFTP (SC03 Alternative AC2 Cycle) :

                                                       NMHC+NOX         co
   Standards (g/mi)                                       0.20          2.7
   Device (g/mi)                                          0.04          1.8

   The test results show that the Magnuson Products I.F.D./F.I.F.D. Supercharger Kit when
   installed on a representative vehicle will 'not likely cause exhaust emissions to exceed
   the applicable emission standards during the Cold-Start Federal Test Procedure or SFTP
   cycles. This Executive Order is also based on specific On-Board Diagnostic II (OBD II )
   testing conducted on the modified test vehicle . The Magnuson Products.I.F.D./F.I.F.D.
   Supercharger Kit when installed on the test vehicle did not affect the vehicle 's ability to
   perform its OBD II monitoring .

    in addition, the Air Resources Board reserves the right in the future to review this
    Executive Order and the exemption provided herein to assure that the exempted add—on
   or modified part continues to meet the standards and procedures of Title 13, California
   Code of Regulations, Section 2222, et seq.


   No claims of any kind, such as "Approved by the Air Resources Board" may be made
   with respect to the action taken herein in any advertising or other oral or written
   communication.                          —

   Violation of any of the above conditions shall be grounds for revocation of this order.
   The order may be revoked only after a ten day written notice of intention to revoke the
   order, in which period the holder of the order may request in writing a hearing to contest
   the proposed revocation. If a hearing is requested, it shall be held within ten days of
   receipt of the request and the order may not be revoked until a determination is made
   after the hearing that grounds for revocation exist.

   Executed at El Monte, California, this ;r-bz'édfifiay of October 2012.

                                     w~}       =   &   LE UiciAdia———
                                      J?Ahnette Hebert, Chief
                                       £Mobile Source Operations Division


                                                 EXHIBIT A
                                               E.O.# D-488-21

   Yea r        Make       Model           Current Kit Part Number         Hea rtbeat Kit Part Number
                                                      IFD                              FIFO
 2008-2013    Chevrolet   Corvette   6.2       01-1 0-58-065-BL                  01-23-62-265-BL
LEV2 / ULEV                                   01 - 10-58-065-C H     3.3        01-23-62-265-CH         3.8
                                              01-1 0-58-065-PO                  01 -23-62-265-PO
 2008-2011    Chevrolet   Corvette   6.2       01-10-58-061 -SL                  01-23-62-265-BL
LEV2/ ULEV                                    01- 10-58-061-PO                  01-23-62-265-CH
                                                                     3.4                                3.8
                                               01-1 0-58-063-SL                 01-23-62-265-PO
                                              01-1 0-58-063-PO
 2008-2011    Chevrolet   Corvette   6.2       01-1 0-58-067 -BL               01-23-62-265-BL
LEV2/ ULEV                                    01-1 0-58-067-CH       3.3       01-23-62-265-CH ·        3.8
                                              01-1 0-58-067 -PO                01-23-62-265-PO

2006-2013     Chevrolet   Corvette   7.0      01-1 0-58-083-BL                 01-23-62-283-BL
LEV2/LEV                                      01-1 0-58-083-CH       3.2       01-23-62-283-CH          3.7
                                              01-1 0-58-083-PO                 01-23-62-283-PO
2006-2011     Chevrolet   Corvette   7.0      01- 10-58-085-BL                 01-23-62-283-BL
LEV2/ LEV                                     01-1 0-58-085-CH       3.2       01-23-62-283-CH          3.7
                                              01- 10-58-085-PO                 01-23-62-283-PO

 2010-2013    Chevrolet   C amaro    6.2      01- 19-60-171 -BL                       n/a
                                                                     3.8                                n/a
LEV2/ ULEV                                    01-19-60-171-CH                         n/a
 LEV2/ LEV                                    01-19-60-173-BL                         n/a
                                                                     3.8                                n/a
                                              01-19-60-173-CH                         n/a
                                              0 1-23-60-171-BL                 01-23-62-371-BL
                                                                     3.8                                3.8
                                              01-23-60-171-CH                  01-23-62-371-CH
2010-2013     Chevrolet   Cam ara    6.2      01-23-60-173-BL                  01-23-62-371 -BL               i
                                                                     3.8                                3.8   I
                                              01-23-60-173-CH                  01-23-62-371-CH

   2007       Cadillac     CTS       6.0      01-12-60-121-BL                          n/a
                                                                     2.8                                n/a
                                              0 1-12-60-121-CH                         n/a
                                              0 1-22-60-121 -BL                        n/a
                                                                      3                                 n/a
                                              01-22-60-121-CH                          n/a
                                              01-19-60-121-BL                          n/a
                                                                     3.3                                n/a
                                              01-19-60-121-CH                          n/a
                                              01-23-60-121-BL                          n/a
                                                                     3.3                                n/a
                                              01-23-60-121-CH                          n/a
2012-2013     Cadillac     CTS       6.2             n/a                        01-23-62-323-BL
LEV2/ LEV                                            n/a             n/a        01-23-62-323-CH         3.8
                                                     nla                      . 01-23-62-323-PO

2009-20 10    Pontiac     G8/GXP     6.2      01 - 19-60-155-BL                       nla
                                                                     3.3                                n/a
                                              01-19-60-155-CH                         n/a
                                              01 -23-60-155-BL                        n/a
                                                                     3.3                                n/a
                                              01-23-60-155-CH                         nla

2009-2010     Pontiac       G8       6.0      01 - 19-60-151-BL                       n/a
                                                                     3.3                                n/a
                                              01-19-60-151-CH                         n/a
                                              0 1-19-60-153-BL                        nla
                                                                     3.3                                n/a
                                              01-19-60-153-CH                         nla
                                              01-23-60-151-BL                         nla
                                                                     3.3                                n/a
                                              01-23-60-151 -CH                        n/a
                                              0 1-23-60-173-BL                        n/a
                                                                     3.3                                n/a
                                              01-23-60-173-CH                         n/a                     I

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