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This Executive Order approved the specified parts on on October 3, 2014.
As of Wednesday, October 23rd, 2019 this Executive Order has not been overturned or superceeded.

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This Executive Order may be listed as:
  • C.A.R.B.E.O. D-550-16
  • Executive Order 550-16 / D550-16
  • ARB # D-550-16
  • Executive Order No: D-550-16
  • C.A.R.B. No. D-550-16
  • Resolution D-550-16
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D-550-16 Document:

                                            State of California
                                        AIR RESOURCES BOARD

                                      EXECUTIVE ORDER D—550—16

                         Relating to Exemptions Under Section 27156
                                    of the California Vehicle Code

                                      Advanced Flow Engineering, Inc.
                                            Air Intake Systems

Pursuant to the authority vested in the Air Resources Board by Section 27156 of the
Vehicle Code; and             ‘

Pursuant to the authority vested in the undersigned by Section 39515 and Section 39516 of
the Health and Safety Code and Executive Order G—14—012;

IT IS ORDERED AND RESOLVED: That the installation of the Air Intake Systems,
manufactured and marketed by Advanced Flow Engineering, Inc., 252 Granite Street
Corona, California 92879, has been found not to reduce the effectiveness of the applicable
vehicle pollution contral systems and, therefore, is exempt from the prohibitions of Section
27156 of the Vehicle Code for applicable gasoline vehicles listed in Exhibit A.

The Air Intake Systems consists of the following main components: Open or closed
element air filter, air intake tubing from throttle body to filter, and all necessary mounting
hardware for proper installation. The stock mass air flow sensor is retained in its stock
location and orientation. Air Intake Systems which retain the stock air box will include a .
new intake tube, air filter element, and a throtfle body spacer. Installation of the Air
Intake System requires the removal of the stock air filter housing and all intake air
tubing. If the stock air filter housing contains the vehicle‘s tune—up & emissions
control decal, AFE must present to the Air Resources Board (ARB) a plan on how
this information will be retained or restored prior to the issuance of an Executive

This Executive Order is valid provided that the installation instructions for the Air Intake
Systems will not recommend tuning the vehicle to specifications different from those of the
vehicle manufacturer.

Changes made to the design or operating conditions of the Air Intake Systems, as exempt
by the Air Resources Board, which adversely affect the performance of the vehicle‘s
pollution control system shall invalidate this Executive Order.

This exemption is issued based on submitted emissions test data, from Quantum
Technologies, Lake Forest, California, on a 2012 model year Nissan Aitima (Test Group
CNSXVO2.585A) certified to the Low Emission Vehicle !I Super Uitra Low Emission Vehicle
(LEV i1 SULEV) standards and tested using the Cold Start Federal Test Procedure and the
Supplemental Federal Test Procedure (SFTP USO68) test cycie:

                                                CVS—75 FTP
                                          NMOG     CO    NOx            HCHO
Standards, Useful Life            ‘       0.010    1.0   0.02           0.004
Device Test w/df                          0.009    0.4   0.01           0.001


                                NMHC+NOx               CO
Standards 4k                      0.14                 8.0
Device                            0.01                 4.0

Test results showed that the Air Intake System when installed on the vehicle did not cause
exhaust emissions to exceed the applicable emission standards during the Cold Start
Federal Test Procedure and the Supplemental Federal Test Procedure. This Executive
Order is also based on the On-Board Diagnostic II (OBD II) testing conducted on the same
test vehicle. The Air Intake System when installed on the test vehicle did not affect the
vehicle 's ability to perform its OBD II monitoring.

The Air Resources Board reserves the right in the future to review this Executive Order and
the exemption provided herein to assure that the exempted add-on or modified part
continues to meet the standards and procedures of Title 13, California Code of
Regulations, Section 2222 , et seq.


This Executive Order shall not apply to any Air Intake Systems advertised, offered for sale,
sold with , or installed on a new motor vehicle prior to or concurrent with transfer to an
ultimate purchaser.

Marketing of the Air Intake Systems using any identification other than that shown in this
Executive Order or marketing of the Air Intake Systems for an application other than those
listed in this Executive Order shall be prohibited unless prior approval is obtained from the
Air Resources Board.                              ·

No claim of any kind , such as "Approved by the Air Resources Board", may be made with
respect to the action taken herein in any advertising or other oral or written communication.

Violation of any of the above conditions shall be grounds for revocation of this order. The
order may be revoked only after a ten-day written notice of intention to revoke the order, in
which period the holder of the order may request in writing a hearing to contest the
proposed revocation. If a hearing is ·requested, it shall be held within ten days of receipt of
the request and the order may not be revoked until a determination is made after the
hearing that grounds for revocation exist.                     ·

Executed at El Monte, California, this    --.3        day of October 2014.

             Annette Hebert, Chief
             Emissions Compliance, Automotive Regulation's and Science Division


                                                                                  Exhibit A

  Core PN        PNl           PN2          PN3           PN4             Make                 Model    VR Fr VRTo     Eng Size         ENG NOTES
TR-1020X     TR-10208     TR-1020P                                  ACURA          ILX                  2013   2014      2.0L
TR-1019X     TR-1019P     TR-10198                                  HONDA          Accord               2013   2014      2.4L
TR-1021X-X   TR-10218-D   TR-1021-P-D   TR-1021-8-R   TR-1021-P-R   HONDA          Accord               2013   2014      3.5L
55-1223X     55-12230     55-12231                                  HONDA          Accord               2008   2012      2.4L     Retains stock air box
TL-1001X     TL-1001P     TL-10018                                  HONDA          Accord               2008   2012      2.4L
TR-1001X     TR-1001P     TR-10018                                  HONDA          Accord               2008   2012      2.4L
TR-1007X     TR-10078     TR-10078                                  HONDA          Accord               2008   2012      3.5L
TA-1011X     TA-1011P     TA-10118                                  HONDA          Accord               2003   2007      2.4L
TR-1020X     TR-10208     TR-1020P                                  HONDA          Civic                2012   2014      1.8L
55-1222X     55-12220     55-12221                                  HONDA          Civic Si             2012   2014      2.4L     Reta ins stock air box
TM-1018X-X TM-1018P-R     TM-1018P-D TM-10188-R       TM-10188-D HONDA             CivicSi              2012   2014      2.4L
XX-10911     54-10911     51-10911                                  HONDA          Ridgeline            2006   2009·     3.5L
TR-3015X     TR-3015P     TR-30158                                  INFIN ITI     G35                   2003   2006      3.5L
XX-11092     54-11092     51-11092                                  INFINITI      G35                   2003   2006      3.5L
TA-3016X     TA-3016P     TA-30168                                  INFINITI      G37 Coupe             2008   2013      3.7L
TA-3016X     TA-3016P     TA-30168                                  IN FINITI     Q60                   2014   2014      3.7L
TA-4402X     TA-4402P     TA-44028                                  KIA           Forte                 2010   2011    2.0L/2.4L Excluding LEVIISULEV
TL-4401X     TL-4401P     TL-44018                                  KIA           Soul                  2010   2011      2.0L     Excluding LEVIISULEV
TR-4101X     TR-4101P     TR-41018                                  MAZDA         3                     2004   2009    2.0L/2.3L Excluding LEVIISULEV
TR-4201X     TR-4201P     TR-42018                                  MITSU81SHI    Lancer                2008   2009      2.4L     Excluding LEVIISULEV
TM-4202X-X TM-42028-D TM-4202P-D        TM-42028-R TM-4202P-R       MITSU81SH I   Lancer EVO X          2008   2014      2.0L     Excluding LEVIISULEV
TR-4203X     TR-4203P     TR-42038                                  MITSU81SH I   Lancer GTS            2009   2014      2.4L     Excluding LEVIISULEV
TA-3017X     TA-3017P     TA-30178                                  NISSAN        370Z                  2009   2014      3.7L
TR-3009X     TR-3009P     TR-30098                                  NISSAN        370Z                  2009   2014      3.7l
TR-3002X     TR-3002P     TR-30028                                  NISSAN        Altima                2007   2012      2.5L
TA-3007X     TA-30078                                               NISSAN        GT-R                  2009   2015      3.8L
XX-76101     54-76101     51-76101                                  NISSAN        Titan                 2004   2014      5.6L
55-1228X     55-12280     55-12281                                  SCION         FR-S                  2013   2014      2.0L     Retains stock air box
55-1228X     55-12280     55-12281                                  SU8ARU        8RZ                   2013   2014      2.0L     Retains stock air box
TA-4301X     TA-4301P     TA-43018                                  SU8ARU        lmpreza WRX/WRX Sti   2008   2014      2.5L     Excluding LEVIISULEV
TR-4303X     TR-4303P     TR-43038                                  SU8ARU        Legacy                2010   2014      2.5L     Excluding LEVIISULEV
TR-4303X     TR-4303P     TR-43038                                  SU8ARU        Outback               2009   2014      2.5L     Excluding LEVIISULEV
TR-4304X     TR-4304P     TR-43048                                  SU8ARU        Outback/ Legacy       2010   2014      3.6L     Excluding LEVIISULEV
XX-12262-1   54-12262-1   51-12262-1                                TOYOTA        Tundra/Sequoia        2000   2002     4.7L
TR-1009X     TR-10098     TR-1009P                                  ACURA         RSX, TypeS            2002   2006      2.0L
TR-1007X     TR-10078     TR-1007P                                  ACURA         TL                    2009   2013     3.5L
TR-1007X     TR-10078     TR-1007P                                  ACURA         TL                    2009   2013     3.7L
TA-1006X     TA-10068     TA-1006P                                  ACURA         TL                    2004   2008     3.2L
TL-1002X     TL-10028     TL-1002P                                  ACURA         TSX                   2009   2014     2.4L


                                                                             Exhibit A

TR"1007X     TR-10078     TR-1007P                             HONDA          Accord            2008   2012     3.SL
TA-1006X     TA-10068     TA-1006P                             HONDA          Accord            2003   2007     3.0L
TA- 1012X    TA-101 28    TA-1012P                             HONDA          Civic             2006   2011     1.8L
XX-11432     54-11432     51-11432                             HONDA          Civic             2006   2011     1.8L
TA-1004X     TA-10048     TA-1004P                             HONDA          Civic Si          2006   2011     2.0L
TM -1016X    TM-1016P     TM-10168     TM-10168-1 TM1016-8-D   HONDA          CR-Z              2011   2014     1.SL
XX-11291     54-11291     51-11291                             HONDA          Element           2003   2006     2.4L
TA-1003X     TA-10038     TA-1003P                             HONDA          Fit               2009   2013     1.5L
XX-11282     54-11282     51-11282                             HONDA          Fit               2007   2008     1.SL
TR-3001X     TR-30018     TR-3001P                             INFINITI       G35               2003   2006     3.SL
TR-3008X     TR-30088     TR-3008P                             INFINITI       G37               2008   2014     3.7L
TR-3008X     TR-30088     TR-3008P                             INFINITI       Q60               2014   2014     3.7L
TA-4107X     TA-4107P     TA-41078                             Mazda          3                 2010   2013     2.SL      Excluding lEVIISUlEV
TA-4105X     TA-41058     TA-4105P                             MAZDA          MAZDASPEED3       2007   2009     2.3L      Excluding lEVIISU.lEV
TR-4104X     TR-41048     TR-4104P                             MAZDA          RX-8              2004   2011     1.3L      Excluding lEVIISUlEV
XX-11612     54-11612     54-11612                             M ITSU81SHI    Lancer            2008   2008     2.0L      Excluding l EVIISUlEV
TR-4202X     TR-42028     TR-4202P                             M ITSU81SHI    Lancer EVO X      2008   2014     2.0L      Excluding lEVIISUlEV
XX-11612     54-11612     54-11612                             MITSU81SHI     Lancer EVO X      2008   2014     2.0L      Excludi ng lEVIISUlEV
TR- 3004X    TR-30048     TR-3004P                             NISSAN         350Z              2007   2008     3.SL
XX-11532     54-11532     51-11532                             NISSAN         350Z              2007   2008     3.SL
TR- 3001X    TR-30018     TR-3001P                             NISSAN         350Z              2003   2006     3.SL
XX-11372     54-11372     51-11372                             NISSAN         350Z              2003   2006     3.SL
TR-3004X     TR-30048     TR-3004P                             NISSAN         350Z Roadster     2009   2009     3.SL
TR-3010X     TR-30108     TR-3010P                             NISSAN         Altima            2007   2014     3.SL
55-1031X     55-10310     55-10311                             NISSAN         Armada            2004   2011     5.6L      Retains stock ai r box
TR-3006X     TR-30068     TR-3006P                             NISSAN         Cube              2009   2014     1.8L
TR-3005X     TR-30058     TR-3005P                             NISSAN         Maxima            2009   2014     3.SL
TL-3003X     TL-30038     TL-3003P                             NISSAN         Maxima            2004   2008     3.SL
55-1031X     55-10310     55-10311                             NISSAN         Titan             2004 2011       5.6L      Retains stock air box
TR-3 006X    TR-30068     TR-3006P                             NISSAN         Versa             2007   2013     1.8L
TR-4302X     TR-43028     TR-4302P                             SU8ARU         WRX               2006   2007     2.SL
TR-4302X     TR-43028     TR-4302P                             SU8ARU         WRX               2002   2005     2.0L
TR-4302X     TR-43028 ·   TR-4302P                             SU8ARU         WRX Sti           2004   2007     2.SL
XX-11502     54-11502     51-11502                             TOYOTA         4R unner          1999   2002     3.4L
55-1254X     55-12540     55-12541                             TOYOTA         Sequoia           2008   2013   4.6L/5.7L Reta ins stock air box
XX-11052     54-11052     51-11052                             TOYOTA         Tacoma            1999   2004   2.4L/2.7L
XX-11502     54-11502     51-11502                             TOYOTA         Tacoma            1999   2004     3.4L
55-1254X     55-12540     55-12541                             TOYOTA         Tund ra           2007   2013   4.6L/5.7L Retains stock air box
55-1 255X    55-12250     55-12551                             TOYOTA         Tundra/Sequo ia   2014   2014   4.6/5.7L Retains stock air box
XX-12262-1   54-12262-1   51-12262-1                           TOYOTA         Tundra            2000   2002     4.7L


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