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This Executive Order approved the specified parts on on May 31, 1994.
As of Monday, October 14th, 2019 this Executive Order has not been overturned or superceeded.

Approved Parts

Part NumberModels
TC-60001984-1986 Porsche Carrera 911 3.2L

This Executive Order may be listed as:
  • C.A.R.B.E.O. D-176-7
  • Executive Order 176-7 / D176-7
  • ARB # D-176-7
  • Executive Order No: D-176-7
  • C.A.R.B. No. D-176-7
  • Resolution D-176-7
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D-176-7 Document:

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                            State of California
                            AIR RESOURCES BOARD

                          EXECUTIVE ORDER D—176—7
                 Relating to Exemptions Under Section 27156
                            of the Vehicle Code

                          DINAN ENGINEERING, INC.

Pursuant to the authority vested in the Air Resources Board (ARB) by Section
27156 of the Vehicle Code; and           .

Pursuant to the authority vested in the undersigned by Sections 39515 and
39516 of the Health and Safety Code and Executive Order G—45—5;

IT IS ORDERED AND RESOLVED: That the installation of the Weltmeister
Performance Chips manufactured by Dinan Engineering, Inc. of 81 Pioneer
Way, Mountain View, CA 94041, has been found not to reduce the effectiveness
of required motor vehicle po]]ut1on control devices and, therefore, is
exempt from the prohibitions of Section 27156 of the Veh1c1e Code on those
applicable vehicles as 11sted in Exhibit A, which is attached hereto and
incorporated herein.

This Executive Order is valid provided that installation instructions for
the Weltmeister Performance Chips will not recommend tuning the vehicle to
specifications different from those submitted by the manufacturer.
Changes made to the design or operating conditions of the device, as
exempted by the ARB, that adversely affect the performance of a vehicle‘s
pollution control system shall invalidate this Executive Order.

Marketing of this device using an identification other than that shown in
this Executive Order or marketing of this device for an application other
than those listed in this Executive Order shall be proh1b1ted unless prior
approval is obtained from the ARB.

This Executive Order does not constitute any opinion as to the effect the
use of this device may have on any warranty either expressed or implied by
the vehicle manufacturer.

This Executive Order is granted based on results from emissions tests
conducted in accordance with Cold—Start CVS—75 Federal Test Procedure.
However, the ARB finds that reasonable grounds exist to believe that use of
the Weltmeister Performance Chips may adversely affect emissions of motor
vehicles when operating under conditions outside the parameters of the
previously prescribed test procedures. Accordingly, the ARB reserves the
right to conduct additional emission tests, in the future, as such tests are
developed, that will more adequately measure emissions from all cycle
phases. If such test results demonstrate that the Weltmeister Performance
Chips adversely affect emissions during off—cycle conditions (defined as
those conditions which are beyond the parameters of the Cold—Start CVS—75
Federal Test Procedure), this Executive Order shall be effectively rescinded
as of the date the test results are validated. Further, if such test

results or other evidence provides the ARB with reason to suspect that the
Weltmeister Performance Chips will affect the durability of the emission
control system, Dinan Engineering, Inc. shall be required to submit
durab111ty data to show that the durability of the vehicle emission control
system is not, in fact, affected and/or that the add—on or modified part
demonstrates adequate durabi]ity.

In addition to the foregoing, the ARB reserves the right in the future to
review this Executive Order and the exemption provided herein to assure that
the exempted add—on or modified part continues to meet the standards and
procedures of Title 13, California Code of Regulations, Section 2222, et

No claim of any kind, such as "Approved by the Air Resources Board" may be
made with respect to the action taken here1n in any advertising or other
oral or written communication.

Section 17500 of the Business and Professions Code makes untrue or
misleading advertising unlawful, and Section 17534 makes violation
punishable as a misdemeanor.

Section 43644 of the Health and Safety Code provides as follows:
     "43644,   (a)   No person shall install, sell, offer for sale, or
     ed¥ert 88c .00 0950bv10e2";aDPLHEAR "Bnfut08c8*AEaPAdCO:£9En ic re
     pollution control device for use on any used motor vehicle unless that
     device has been certified by the state board. No person shall sell,
     offer for sale, advertise, or represent any motor vehicle pollution
     control device as a certified device which, in fact, is not a certified
     device. Any violation of this subdivision is a misdemeanor."

Any apparent violation of the conditions of this Executive Order may result
in its rescission or submission to the Attorney General of California for
such action as he deems advisable.

The Bureau of Automotive Repair will be notified    by copy of this order.

Executed at E1 Monte, California, this   .:3/   day.of May 1994.

                                         R.  B. Summerfi
                                         Assistant Division Chief
                                         Mobile Source Division

                                   Exhibit A

Make _Model            Years       Displ. ECU Number         Performance Chip #
POR     Carrera 911    84—86       3.2     O—261—200—050     TC—6000       |
POR     Carrera EURO   84—86       3.2     0—261—200—051     TC—6051
POR     Carrera 911    87          3.2     O—261—200—082     TC—6100
POR     Carrera 911    88—89       3.2     O—261—200—082     TC—6150
POA     Carrera 2,4    88—6/90 3.6        0—261—200—182 or   TC—6300
             P                            0—261—200—450          —

POR     Carrera 2,4    7/90—91 3.6        0—261—200—473      TC—6400

POAR    Carrera 2,4    7/91—94 3.6        0—261—200—473      TC—6500

PORA    944            85          2.5    0—261—200—058      TC—5600

POR     924, 944       2/85—87 2.5        0—261—200—077      TC—5700

_POR    944s           87          2.5    0—261—200—080      TC—8300

POR     924s, 944      88          2.5    0—261—200—086      TC—5800

POAR    944S2          89—91       3.0    0—261—200—195      TC—8500

POR     944 Turbo      85—87        2.5   0—261—200—075 and TC—8200

POARA   944 Turbo      88          2.5    0—261—200—075 and TC—8210

POR     944 Turbo S    88          2.5    0—261—200—088 and TC—8220
                  '                       0—227—400—145

POR     944 Turbo      89          2.5    0—261—200—088 and TC—8220
                               -          0—227—400—145

POR     968            92—94       3.0    0—261—200—474      TC—4100

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