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This Executive Order approved the specified parts on on April 16, 2007.
As of Wednesday, October 16th, 2019 this Executive Order has not been overturned or superceeded.

Approved Parts

General Motors and Ford Vehicles listed in Exhibit A: Exluding those from the following engine test groups:. General Motors: 2006 model year, 6GMXV04.6066, 6GMXT0.42186, 6GMXV03.8044, 6GMXT03.5145, 6GMXV02.2030, 2005 MODEL YEAR, 5GMXV03.8044, 5GMXT03.5145, 2004 MODEL YEAR, 4GMXT03.5145 FORD 2006 model year, 6FMXT04.63BXI 6FMXT04.22ECI 6FMXT04.03DBI 6FMXV04.01 FC, 6FMXT02.32ZEI 6FMXT02.32EEI 6FMXT02.31 EF, 6FMXV02.31 EB, 6FMXV02.3VD5, 6FMXV02.31ZA, 6FMXV02.OVD4,6FMXV02.0VZP, 2005 model year, 5FMXT02.31EE, 5FMXT02.31 EF, 5FMXV02.01GB,2004 model year 4FMXV02.3VLCI and 2003 model year 3FMXV02.3VLC.Headers are for vehicles with and without air injection

This Executive Order may be listed as:
  • C.A.R.B.E.O. D-216-29
  • Executive Order 216-29 / D216-29
  • ARB # D-216-29
  • Executive Order No: D-216-29
  • C.A.R.B. No. D-216-29
  • Resolution D-216-29
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D-216-29 Document:

                                         State of California >
                                    AIR RESOURCES BOARD

                                  EXECUTIVE ORDER D—216—29

                           Relating to Exemptions Under Section 27156
                                        of the Vehlcle Code

                                 Automotive Englneered Products
                                          JBA Headers

Pursuant to the authority vested in the Air Resources Board by Section 27156 of the Vehicle
Code; and

Pursuant to the authority vested in the undersigned by Section 39515 and Section 39518 of the
Health and Safety Code and Exegutive Order G—02—003;

IT IS ORDERED AND RESOLVED: That the installation of the JBA Headers, manufactured and
marketed by Automotive Engineered Products, Inc., 7149 Mission Gorge Road San Diego,
California, 92120 has been found not to reduce the effectiveness of the appllcable vehicle
pollution control system and, therefore, is exempt from the prohibitions of Section 27156 of the
Vehicle Code for those applicable gasoline powered General Motors and Ford vehicles listed in
Exhibit. A of this ExecutiveOrder, excluding those from the following engine test groups:

General Motors
2006 model year 6GMXVO4.6066, 6GMXTO4.2186, 6GMXVO3.8044, 6GMXT03 5145,
_6GMXV02.2030, 2005 model year, 5GMXVO3.8044, 5GMXT03.5145, 2004 model year, — >

2006 model year, 6FMXTO4.63BX, 6FMXTO4.22EC, 6FMXTO4.03DB, 6FMXVO4.01FC,
BGFMXVO2.31ZA, 6FMXVO2.O0VD4, 6FMXVO2.O0VZP, 2005 model year , S5FMXTO2.31EE,
 5FMXTO2.31EF, 5FMXVO2.01GB, 2004 model year 4FMXVO2.3VLC, and 2003 model year
 3FMXVO2.3VLC.                               .

 The JBA Headers are a shorty style header, manufactured out of either 16 gage stainless steel °
 or 14 gage mild steel. The headers bolt to the stock connecting plpes and retain the oxygen
 sensor in its stock location.

 This Executive Order is valid provided that the installation instructions for the headers will not
 recommend tuning the vehicle to specifications different from those of the vehicle manufacturer.

 Changes made to the design or operating conditions of the headers, as exempt by the Air
 Resources Board, which adversely affect the performance of the vehlcles pollution control
 system shall invalidate this Executive Order.—

 ThlS Executive Order shall not apply to any Automotive Engineered Products, Inc.‘s JBA
 Headers advertised, offered for sale, sold with, or installed on a new motor vehicle prior to or
 concurrent with transfer to an ultimate purchaser.


          Marketing of the headers using any identification other than that shown in this Executive Order
          or marketing of the headers for an application other than those listed in this Executive Order
          shall be prohibited unless prior approval is obtained from the Air Resources Board. Exemption
          of the headers shall not be construed as exemption to sell, offer for sale, or advertise any
          component of the kit as an individual device.

          This Executive Order does not constitute any opinion as tothe effect the use of the headers
           may have on any warranty either expressed or implied by the vehicle manufacturer.

          This Executive Order is granted based on previously submitted emission test data, for
          Automotive Engineered Products (D—216—28), on a 2004 model year General Motors 3.8L Grand
           Prix and—a Ford 4.6L Crown Victoria, both certified to the Low Emission Vehicle II Low Emission
            Vehicle (LEV II LEV) emission standards. Testing consisted of a Cold—Start CVS—75 Federal
            Test Procedure (FTP) and the Supplemental Federal Test Procedure (SFTP USO6) test cycie.
          — Results are in grams per mile with deterioration factors added to CVS—75 FTP results. Emission
            levels of the modified vehicles met the applicable emission standards.

           Crown Victoria
                   .          NMOG CO          NOx   HCHO                NMHC+NOx       CO
           Standards          0.075 3.4       0.05   0.015                  0.14   —_   8.0
           Device w/dfs       0.058    0.8 _ 0.01     0.000                 0.11        0.5
           Grand Prix
      .            '                                                            USO6
                 >            NMOG CO         NOx     HCHO               NMHC+NOx    CO
           Standards          0.075 3.4       0.05    0.015                 0.14     8.0
           Device w/ ds       0.023 0.3      0.03     0.000                 0.03     1.0
      — This Executive Order is also based on an On—Board Diagnostic II (OBD II) tests conducted on
        the same test vehicles Test data showed that the JBA Header when installed on.the vehicles
           did not affect their ability to perform OBD II monitoring..

           The Air Resources Board reserves the right in the future to review this Execufive Order and the
           exemption provided herein to assure that the exempted add—on or modified part continues to
           meet the standards and procedures of Title 13, California Code of Regulations, Section 2222, et
           seq. ©


           No claim of any kind, such as "Approved by the Air Resources Board", may'be made with
           respect to the action taken herein in any advertising or other oral or written communication.


                          AUTOMOTIVE—.ENGINEERED PRODUCTS—JBA HEADERS—D—216—29

      Violation of any of the above conditions shall be grounds for revocation of this order. The order
      may be revoked only after a ten—day written notice of intention to revoke the order, in which
      period the holder of the order may request in writing a hearing to contest the proposed
      revocation. If a hearing is requested, it shall be held within ten days of receipt of the request
      and the order may not be revoked until a determination is made after the hearing that grounds
      for revocation exist.

      Executed at El Monte, California, this   M“%ay of April 2007.

                                   9’, figmwm/
                                    fifinnefie Hebert, Chief
                                        Mobile Source Operations Division



                                                  Exhibit A
    1801,1802                          1982—92 PASSENGER CARS 5.0L, 5.7L                      .
    1803                               1993—95 PASSENGER CARS 5.7L, 1980—91 TRUCKS 5.0L, 5.7L
    1804                               1995—97 PASSENGER CARS 5.7L
     1805*                             1993—06 PASSENGER CARS 6 CYL
     1806                              1994—96 PASSENGER CAR 5.7L
     1807,1808,1809                    1997—2006 PASSENGER CAR 5.7L/6.0L
     1810                              1984—91 PASSENGER CARS 5.7L
     1815,1816                         1992—96 PASSENGER CARS 5.7L, 1980—91 TRUCKS 5.0L, 5.71
     1814,1817                         1997—2006 GM PASSENGER CAR 5.7L/6.0L
    11818                              1965—75 PASSENGER CAR 396—454 CID
     1819                              1965—88 PASSENGER CAR 283—400 CID
     1822,1823                         1988—2006 TRUCKS 7.4L.
     1826                              1965—1991 TRUCKS 7.4L
    11828                              1988—1995 TRUCKS 7.4L     _
     1830,1834,1835                    1965—1995 TRUCKS/PASSENGER CAR 283—400 CID
     1831                              1988—1995 TRUCKS 5.0L/5.7L
     1832                              1996—2000 TRUCKS 5.0/5.71L.
     1840, 1840—4, 1841 ,1 843,1845    1988—2003 TRUCKS 4.3L
     1842,1844,1846                    1996—2006 TRUCKS 4.3L
     1850,1851,1852                    1999—2006 TRUCKS 4.8/5.3/6.0L.
     1855                             : (2004—2006 TRUCKS 5 CYL _

     1860,1861                          1988—2006 GM TRUCK 8.1L
     1865*                              2002—2006 GM TRUCK 6 CYL
     1880*,1831*                        1995—2006 PASSENGER CARS 4CYL                    ,
     1900,1901                          1985—88 BUICK REGAL T—TYPE & GRAND NATIONAL TURBO 3.8L

     * Exciluding 2004 — 2006 vehicles from excluded engine test groups listed in
      the Executive Order.

                                      Exhibit A _                                  ‘
     1617                2005—2006 FORD PASSENGER CAR vé
     1618           |    1989—1999 FORD PASSENGER CAR 3.8L              ts
     1619                1979—2004 PASSENGER CARS 3.8L.
     1620,1621,1624      1979—95 PASSENGER CARS 5.0L
     1625",1675*          1996—2006 PASSENGER CARS 4.6L
     1626+*               1993—2004 PASSENGER CARS 4.6L.
     1627                 1966—96 TRUCKS 5.0L, 1966—1986 TRUCKS 5.8L
     1628                 1966—96 TRUCKS 5.81          ts
     1629                 1988—98 TRUCKS 7.5L.
     1630,1632            1986—91 TRUCKS 2.9L
     1633                1990—94 TRUCKS 4.0L
     1634*               1995—2006 TRUCKS 4.0L
     1635                1974—87 TRUCKS 429—460 CID
     1639                1979—95 PASSENGER CARS 5.8L_
     1645                1989—93 PASSENGER CARS 5.0L.
     1646,1647           1986—2006 TRUCKS 3.0L.       c
     1650,1653           1965—73 PASSENGER CARS 289—351 CID
     1660                1966—77 TRUCKS 289—351 CID
     1667                1996 TRUCKS 5.0L
    11668                1987—99 TRUCKS 5.0L, 5.8L.
     1669,1670           1998—2006— TRUCKS 10 CYL _
     1671                 1966—96 TRUCKS 6 CYL      |
     1672*                1997—2006 TRUCKS 6 CYL
     1673*                2000—2006 FORD TRUCKS 6 CYL
     1674*                1998—2006 FORD TRUCK 4.0L OHC
     1677*,1678*,1687*    |1997—2006 TRUCKS 4.6L
     1676,1679            1997—2006 TRUCKS 5.41
     1680*,1681*          1972—2006 PASSENGER CARS 4 CYL
     1685*,1686*          1972—2006 TRUCKS 4 CYL
     1690                 2000—2004 FORD PASSENGER CAR 5.4L
     1692                 2000—2004 FORD PASSENGER CAR 4.6L
     1693*                2003—2006 PASSENGER CAR 4:6L.    _

     * Excluding 2003 — 2006 vehicles from excluded engine test groups listed in
      the Executive Order.


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