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Valid E.O.


This Executive Order approved the specified parts on on March 28, 1975.
As of Wednesday, October 23rd, 2019 this Executive Order has not been overturned or superceeded.

Approved Parts

1974 and older GM, AMC and foreign vehicles with conventional ignition systems

This Executive Order may be listed as:
  • C.A.R.B.E.O. D-50
  • Executive Order 50 / D50
  • ARB # D-50
  • Executive Order No: D-50
  • C.A.R.B. No. D-50
  • Resolution D-50
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D-50 Document:

                           State of California
                           AIR RESOURCES BOARD

                            EXECUTIVE ORDER D—50
                — Relating to Exemptions under Section 27156
                            of the Vehicle Code

                           MARDEK CORPORATION

 Pursuant to the authority vested in the Air Resources Board by Section
 27156 of the Vehicle Code; and                                         .        ~

 Pursuant to the authority vested in the undersigned by Section 39023 of
 the Health and Safety Code;

 IT IS ORDERED AND RESQLVED: That the installation of the "Mobelec Ignition
 System" marketed and manufactured by Mardek Corporation, P.0. Box 2860, Newport
 Beach, California 92663, has been found to not reduce the effectiveness of     >
 required motor vehicle poliution control devices and, therefore, is exempt
 from the prohibitions of Section 27156 for 1974 and older model—year General
 Motors and American Motors Vehicles with 8 cylinder Delco distributors and~
 foreign vehicies originally equipped with a conventional breakerpoint ignition
 system and concentric pivot—point distributors.

 The device consists of a magnetic pick—up unit and mounting plate installed
 inside the distributor and a capacitive discharge system mounted in the
 engine compartment.   A cam lobe adapter is used for 4 cylinder applications,
 and a special adapter circuit for those vehicles. equ1pped with a Dana
 electronic speed sensor.

 This Executive Order is valid provided that installation 1nstruct1ons
 for this device will not recommend tuning the vehicle to spec1f1cat1ons
 different than those listed by the vehicle manufacturer.

  Changes made to the design or operating conditions of the device as
— originally submitted to the Air Resources Board for evaluation that
  adversely affect the performance of the vehicle‘s pollution control—
  devices shall invalidate this Executive Order.

 Marketing of this device using an identification other than that shown
 in this Executive Order or marketing of this device for an application
 other than those listed in this Executive Order shall be prohibited unless
 prior approval is obtained from the Air Resources Board.

 This Executive Order does not constitute any opinion as to the effect
 that the use of this device may have on any warranty—either expressed or
 implied by the vehicle manufacturer.


No claim of any kind, such as "Approved by Air Resources Board" may be made
with respect to the action taken herein in any advertising or other oral
or written communication.

Section 17500 of the Business and Professions Code makes unlawful, untrue
or misleading advertising, and Section 17534 makes violation punishable as
a misdemeanor.

Sections 39130 and 39184 of the Health and Safety Code provide as follows:

     "39130. No person shall install, sell, offer for sale, or advertise,
     or, except in an application to the board for certification of a
     device, represent, any device as a motor vehicle pollution control
     device unless that device has been certified by the board. No
     person shall sell, offer for sale, advertise, or represent any motor
     vehicle pollution control device as a certified device which, in
     fact, is not a certified device. Any violation of this section is
     a misdemeanor."

      "39184. (a) No person shall install, sell, offer for sale, or advertise,
      or, except in an application to the board for accreditation of a
      device, represent, any device as a motor vehicle pollution control
      device for use on any used motor vehicle unless that device has been
    — accredited by the board. No person shall sell, offer for sale, adver—
      tise, or represent any motor vehicle pollution control device as an
      accredited device. Any violation of this section is a misdemeanor."

Any apparent violation of the conditions of this Executive Order will be
submitted to the Attorney General of California for such action has he
deems advisable.

Executed at Sacramento, California, this   25    day of March, 1975,

                                 WILLIAM STMMONS
                                 Executive Officer

                             State of California

                             AIR RESOURCES BOARD

                               March 11, 1975

                               Staff Report

           Evaluation of Mardek Corporation "Mobelec Electronic
         Ignition System" for Compliance with the Requirements of
                  Section 27156 of the Motor Vehicle Code

      — Introduction

       Mardek Corporation, P.0. Box 2860, Newport Beach, California 92663

       has submitted an application requesting an exemption from the

       prohibitions of Section 27156 of the Vehicle Code for the

       "Mobelec Electronic Ignition Sytem" (Reference — Exhibit A).

      . Vehicle Code Section 27156 prohibits'thé installation of any device

       or mechanism which adversely affects the pperation or performance of

       the emission control system.   This sefition of the vehicle code also

       authorizes the Air Resources Board to exempt any device from this

       prohibition if a finding is made showing the device does not reduce the

       effectiveness of the emission control sysfem.‘ The applicant originally

       requested the exemptfon be granted on all 1974 and older model—

       year vehicfes originally equipped with convertional breakerpoint

       system.   However, the app]fcant's letter of March 10, 1975 limited the

       vehicle app1ication to General Motors 8 cy]inder"and foreign vehicles

       originally equipped with a conventional breakerpoing ignition system

       and concentric pivot—point distributors.    (Reference — Exhibit A)

Tf.    System Déscription

       The "Mobelec Electronic Ignition System" consists of the magnetic

    pick—up unit, switching amplifier, a cam adapter for 4—cylinder

    application, a mounting plate for the magnetic pick—up unit and a

    special electric circuit for those Dana NOx device with an electronic

    speed sensor.      The magnetic pick—up unit is mounted approximately

     the same location as breakerpoints (Reference — Exhibit B).               Air gap

     between the cém Tobe and the pick—up unit is determined by a plastic

   ‘fee]er'gauge.‘ When the distributor shafts fotates, the high points

    of the cam lobe moving past the magnetic pi;k-up will generate an .

    electronic signal.      Thifiysigna] actuates thé switch within the amplifier

    contro1Ting the current flow to the primary side of the cofl.                The

    amplifier is basically a capacitive discharge system with typical

    electrical characteristics.           (Reference — Exhibit C).

    The purpose of the "Mobelec Electronic Ignition System" is to reduce

     the maintenance associated with a breakerpoint system.              It is claimed

     by the applicant that the installation of this device would simplify

     tune—up and provide better control of ignition timing.

II1. System Evaluation                                                                   .

    The applicant submitted Hot CVS—1972 emission data performed by Olson
     Laboratories, Inc. of 421 East Cerritos Avenue, Anaheim, California

   —92805.   The test vehicles are described below:

    Make and Model—Year           Engine (CID) Transmission       Carburetor   Emission Control

     1967 Buick Le Sabre      >     340       ,   Automatic       4—Barrel     AI—EM—Carter NOx devic

     1967 Volkswagen                 97           Manual      v    1—Barrel    STP NOx devi;e

 The following tables summarize the emission results:

                                           Hot CVS—1972 Exhaust Emission Tests
                                       .                  (grams/mile)
 Vehicle Configuration                     HC         —        CO                 —    NOx

. 1967 Buick

           Baseline                        1.9                  53                      2.1
           Mobelec                         1.6                  57                      1.9
           Baseline—Carter NOx             1.7                  51                      2.2
           Mobelec—Carter NOx              1.7                  53                      1.9

 1967 Volkswagen

           Baseline                        5.8                  53                      2.0
           Mobelec                         5.6                  49                      1.9
           Baseline—STP NOx                5.3                  56                      1.4
           Mobelec—STP NOx                 5.6                  52                      1.3

 The above. data with the Carter NOx device are inconclusive. > Based on

 emissjofi tests with the Carter device the Air Resources Board Laboratory

 has recorded significant NOX reductions.                 The Volkswagen data indicate

 the device does not.haVe any adverse-effect_bn the emission control


 The ‘Air Resources Board Laboratory conducted tests to compare the

 advance characteristics:and the electrical outputs with and without

 the device on a vehicle.           A comparison of the advance characteristics

 of —a Chrysler and Ford distributor using a distributor machine was

 performed.     <In addition tests were performed to determine the

 compatibility of the "Mobelec" device with the Carter and Dana

 speed sensors.

 The vehicle used in the ARB tests is described below:

* Make and Model—Year    Engine (CID)            Transmission        Carburetor   Emission Control
                   —                                                                 System

 1974 American Motors         360                Automatic           ?—Barrel         AL—EM—EGR
 Ambassador Station

.    ~    The following tables summarize the results of the ARB tests:

                                                 Centrifugal Spark Advance
                                                       {Crankshaft Degree)

    Engine Speed                     1974 Ambassador                                                    Ford Dist.                  Chrysler Dist.
         {rpm)                  Baseline                               Device                   «Baseline        Device        Baseline        Device®

              Idle                       0       2C                            0                        0              0               0         0

              1000          0            4000              20           D4                              3              3               3         4
              1500                    12                                  12            _               7              7              19        18

              2000                  115                                   15                           11    _     8                  21        19

              2500                   17                                   17                           16          13                 22        21

              3000                    19                                  19                           19          16                 24        23

                                                   Vacuum Spark Advance
                                                       {Crankshaft Degree)

    Vacuum                           1974 Ambassador                                            Ford Dist.                      Chrysler Dist.
.   {in Hg)                     BaseTline       Device                                      Baseline   Device                  ‘Baseline    Device

          0                                  0                            0                        0               0                   0              0

          5                                  o                         {oo _                       1               o                l4                o
         10          oo             20070                  .              7                        8               6            t      2              2

         15                     |        15        >               ‘    'Ifl                '     14        ———_11                   22              14

         20                              1500          0                14                        15.            s1                   22             14
                                                                Spark Duration
                                                                   (Microseconds )

              Engine Speed                                                                        1974 Ambassador
                {rpm)                                                              BaseTine                                Device | >
                     Idle            _                                                      1300                             180
                     1500                                      f                                1300                         180
                     2000                                                           .       1000                             180

.                    3000                                                                       700                          180

                            Secondary Voltage Rise Time

    Engine Speed                        v      1974 Ambassador
      {rpm)                                 Baseline           Device

         Idle                                 40—50              12—20

         2000                                 40—50                 20

         3000      .                            50                   20

                            Secondary Voltage Required

    Engine Speed              <   _ 1974 Ambassador
        (rpm)                     Baseline                 Device

         Idle                Cu        3     ‘              o2
         1200 _                        44000                 14
         2000                     e                   .        14
         3000                          1                       12

                            Secondary Voltage Available

>Engine Speed                                    1974 Ambassador
<        {(rpm)                               Baseline              Device

         Idle                      E                  28                  40
         1200           .                             29                  40
         2000                                         30                  40

        3000                                          2g                  40

    The above data show typical changes in rise time, spark duration

    and available secondary voltage from capacitive discharge ignition

    system and would not be expected to have any adverse effects on the

    exhaust emission.

       Installation of the "Mobelec Electronic Ignition System" indicated a

       significant change in spark timing on the Chrysler and Ford apb]ications

       above 10" Hg. vacuum.   A spark retard of 8 degrees and 3 degrees was

       observed on the Chrysler and Ford distributors, respectively.     An

      © additional 3 degree retard was observed on the Ford distributor when

       the engine speed is greater than 1500 rpm.   This spark retard is caused

       by the off—center pivot movement of these distributors.    Movement of

       this pivot cahses the spark to advance on breakerpoints system but       .

       has no effect on the timing of breakerless systems.

       The étaff has established limits allowing no more than 4 degree of

       sustéined'retard above 55 mph.   Therefore, the installation of this

       device on Chrysler and Ford vehicles is unacceptable.     Excessive timing

       retard at high speed operation will reduce vaive lTife:   This deterioration

       allows the valves to lose their sealing capacity which will increase

       hydrocarbon emission.

       The Dana speed sensor in addition, is not compatible with the "Mobelec"

       device therefore a special adopter— circuit is used for the Dana applications.

       No incomp#tibiTity exists between the Carter and "Mobelec" device.      ‘The

       tests show the speeds which the speed sensor solenoid actuate are

       approximate]y identical With'and without the "Mobelec" device.

IV.    Conclusion and Recommendation

       The staff believes the installation of the "Mobelec Electronic Ignition
       System" will not lead to increases in exhaust emission on motor vehicle .

       applications.   Therefore, the staff recommends that "Mardek‘Corporation

       be granted an exemption from the prohibitions of Section 27156 for 1974

       and older model—year vehicles equipped with concentric pivot distributors

       {i.e. Gefiera] Motor 8 cylinder) and conventional breakerpoint ignition system.

                .           l                                   t2)
       i        |                                                                     Page 1 of 2
                |                   Exhibit A                   January 30, 1975.            '
                                    Application                                   A

Applicatibn by Hardek Coiporation for Resolution of Compliance with Section
27156, Stgte of California Vehicle Code.

Re:—        Item II.    Request for Board Finding.

 1         Detailed Description:

The Mobelec Electronic Ignition System features an electronic triggerhead
sensing device.  This unit is located within the distributor housing and
next to, but not touching the O.E.M. distributor cam.  As the distributor
cam turns, the cam lobes revolve past the sensing triggerhead to break a
magnetic field, that in turn is the signal required for discharging spark
to the plugs as supplied by the Mobelec power module and O.E.M. coil.     '

 2;        Purpose of the device:     _    *                          2

 The Mobelec Electronic Ignition is desiqgned to repléce conventional breaker points
 and condenser.  This eliminates the need for reqgular replacement, simplifies
 tune—ups, and cuts maintenance costs.

 3.        Detailed Instructions for Installation:        See attached.

 4.        Applicable emission test data:       See éttgched.

.5,.     Listing of makes and models of vehicles:          See‘attacfied, Page 8, 9, 10 of
       . Installation Instructions.

 6.        Agreement:

 Mardek Corporation, P.O. Box 2860, Newport Beach, California 92663, hereby agrees
that upon request will be delivered to the Executive Officer a Mobelec device for
 Independent evaluation.

                                                                          o   ,   e

                                                                      Edward R. Eryan, Yan. Pesearc‘
                                                                      MARDEK COPPORATION

                                        . Exhibit A (Cont.)                         Page 2 of 2

                                                    ©         March 10,   1975

                        State of California
                        Air Resources Board
                        9528 Telstar Ave,
                        El‘Monte CA 91731

                        Attention:   Mr. George Lew

                        Dear George:

                        In agreement with our meeting of Friday, March 7     1975
                        we are changing our application as follows:

                        We will drop the Ford and Chrysler. We will block out the
                        plate.number reference in the instructions. When we have
                        completed our tests on the Ford and Chrysler we will get
                        back with Mr. Kenny and show him what we have done,

                        Very truly yours,

                        Zgaj 7%%&»—
                        Bud Bryan ;
                        Manager, Technical Services


  C/Y                      3/t[25
                     amn       mnssiidoniuT: OP4—
                            paeoz              L.
                                                  in ceotta //:W'L _Cta
                     ‘MV"IPL’, /“-%Lx&‘é      /[,4/1,4//’44   74"   4//’)&? /-{9”-

                     Ce'?,z?/’i,awf% /zd/y _eagarrged)         ;;_74/4&‘stfezzin ,&JZ
   P.O. BOX 2860     arlagheh —ke: foral $ G/‘fiaj,&,&q_,
    CALIF. 92663
    (714) 548—3471

 hn                              2o         iy                                L oy,
   oc                                       ~—         Exhibit B               /                            O
       L*          .                               *       .   MOBELEC                     ©    Page   J of 16

                                          ELECTRONIC BREAKERLESS IGNITION SYSTEM
..       Lo C            —                       «0_ INSTALLATION INSTRUCTIONS

                                                          GENERA L INF ORMA TION

   ‘~ We h#ve developed the highest quality, most advanced, breakerless C. D. electronic

 i}gv’nitioé av?a.ilabi_e.            4

   O Th; Mobelec Breakerles;s Ignition System has been designed for .six'nple‘: installation.

 Anyone familiar with tune—up procedurgs can complete the installatiovh in about 45 minutes.

       The .Mobelec system is _éxtremely reliable and fr.)aintenance freé, requiring very

—little service, once ,installéd.v Since normal distributor tune-up‘s wiil né longer be required,

 it is ‘Iovorthwh'ile'to spend a little extra time making sure everything_ is just right.          >

       When you Jg:omple;ted your installation you may find that you have extra p;a.rts.

 Don‘t be concgrned.         We have included items ;fich as a_da}')ter plates.,A screw(s), washers,'

and a tachometer adapter; some of wi’xich your car may not 'regqire.                  Retain these ‘parts

 :_in the evenfi that :you change autofiaobiles and wish to vput your Mobéle;: unit on your next car.

       It is;reccmme_ndeé the directions be read through once before bgginnihg the installation,

 to Abec‘ome familiar with the procedure.

     . Th.e follcs;ving tools -will be required:

       1.    fiediufi sizéd screwdriver

       2.    Dz'i:u — 1/8 iach {3mm}

       3.    Wire ;trippers

       4.    Pliers or wire crimpers

       5.    TIMING LIGHT

                                                                     :          sys   >
                                        ~ Exhibit B {cont‘d)
                                                          ’                      Page     2 of 16

                                         INSTALLATION PROCEDURE


O L.    In selecting a mounting location for the unit, several things must be considered:

        the module must be close enough so the wires reach to the distributor and coil. . The

        electrical wires méy be shortened or lengthened ; however, the thick triggerhead

        lead wire MUST NOT BE CUT OR CRUSHED. — Tfy to find a cool place at least

       ©12" away from the exhaust system.         Often the ideal location is somewhere near the

        front of the en'givne compartment, where cool air enters,

        After you have decided on the best place for the electrénic-module, mark the location

        for the three mounting holes.   Drill three holes 1/8" diameter (3mm}.        Place the

        ground wire under one of the mounting screws, making sure a good, clean connection

        is made. The spacers provided may beused to mount the unit on uneven surfaces.

        A good, clean ground connection is essential for correct operation.       The ground

       \ wire may be extended if necessary.


  1.   _ Remove distributor cap and rotor,

  2.    Remove ignition points and condenser.

  3.    See List A (back page) for approprfate adapter plate.

 4.     The adapter plates are designed to fit in place of the conventional breaker points.

        Position the adapter plate where the points had been.      Notice that the threaded holes

        are used to mount the triggerhead while the remaining holes secure the adapter plate.

  NOTE: ~If the a.dapterjlate doesn‘t appear to fit, see "Troubleshooting Tips‘‘ (in the back

                                              .       .                          &
~ of the instruction manual).

                                                              im l          —       Exhibit B (Cont‘d) |                   . Page Sof ts #
                                            5. > ..s‘e‘cvure adapfer plate with 8—32 flathead screw(8)}.

                                           6.    ~Position the triggerhead on the adapter plate and secure with two 10—32 screws.

                                                 Lightly ti'ght:en screws, with the triggerhead clear of distributor cam lobes.

                                 ‘~         NOTE: On Chryéler cars the ‘triggerhead must be inverted(Fig. 1.             Place the two

                                           flat washers on top of the triggerhead to compensate for plate thickness.

                                                 FOUR CYLINDER ENGINES ONLY

                                            1.   Position the black timing cap over the top ofthe distributor cam,          Make sure the cap

                                                 ‘slips ail the way down, letting the rotor seat -properly.- (Fig.' 2)   If the timing cap _

                                                 is loose,seécure with Loctite }.Locl‘c n‘ Seal. The function of the timing cap is to
                                                 givg a very _pr'e‘cise timing point fo‘r the triggerhead, as the peak of the c:«.xm lobe

                                                 on many four.cylin'der distributors is not pronounc_efi. ;(S ome late model batsuns,

                                                 howeQer, do no’tv require the timing cap, as the cam lobes are-firecise).

                                                 GAPPING THE TRIGCERHEAD
                                                 Crank the engine slowly or roll the car in gea? until t'he peak of the distributor cam

                                                 lobe is facing the triggerhead sensors, indicated by a'r‘row (fig. 3).

                                                 Set the clearance gafi between triggerhead sensors and cam lobé at. . 004" (orange

                                                 gauge). On four cyiinder engines, uéing the Timing Disc, the clearance should be

                                                 \set at between . 002" — . 004".

                                                 'ljightzen' screws and re—check ga-.p.
Wiminnnfins ay wbnnrotuninnends

                                                 Route the iriggerhead wire at lgést halfway .ar_ound the irléide of the distributor. .

                                                 ‘];'his p.rovides plenty of slack for movement of the distributor adv.a.nce system, |

                                                 ‘bn some distrib‘utors, a srflall notchv should be made in the distrib.utor cap for the

                                                 exit of t’he wire. The cap may be notched with a réund file.      Make sure t};e wire is

                                                 not pin.chved or bent when the cap is installed.     éheck that the triggerhead wire is

                                                 clear of all moving parts and allows free movement of the vacuum advance mechanism.

                                                                        Page 4.
                                &                                                 —
                              Exhibit B (Cont‘d)                        Page 4 of 16

                                ~ TRIGGERHEAD INSTALLATION

                                                  INVERT TRIGGERHEAD
                                                  ON CHRYSLER CARS.

        Fig. 1

                                                   TIMING CAP ON
                                                   4 CYLINDER ENGINES

                               PEAK OF CAM LOBE
                               FACING SENSING,
                               POINTS INDICATED
                               BY ARROW

                           PLASTIC FEELER
‘   —   Fig. 3    > L

                                                     MJ _                                  i2
                                                                                                             P     5.
                                 .                                    Exhibit B (Cont‘d)                   Pagea eof 15
       5. ..          Inspect and reinstall distributor rotor and cap, making sure the rotor is correctly

     ‘ .              in place _and the contact point is clean.

      ~ 6.       _, Check that spark pl\ig wires are correctly installed and in good condition.

pooce            Ob      C                '              ELECTRICAL INSTALLATION

      | CARS WITH NEGATIVEGROUND (most automobiles}. See (Fig. 4). 0
       Short BlackGround                          Green = negative (—) side of c011    Yellow = pos:.txve (+) side of goil

        Red Voltage (1gmt1on)

       a e            Remove ongmal wires from the negative (—) side of the coil.                 Wrap with electrical

             "        tabe.- j

       2.             Connect green wire of the Mobelec to the negative (—) side of the coil.

     ‘3.              Remove originai .wires frc;m the positive (+] s'ifie of the coil.           W;-ap \yith electrical

                      t'a.p‘e.                |             |                                         -

1O     4.             ACo‘nnect.-red wire of the Mobelec to the wire(s} removed from p;)sitive (4;) side .of

                      thé coil.      (This'is the ignition switch w.ire and ;encIos-ed .:small adaétor may be used

                  . for this connection).'

      ~5.             Connect yellow wire of the Mobelec to the positive (+) side of the coil.

        6.            Place the short black wire under one of the Mobelec module mounting screws.

                      Be sure a good clean ground connection is made.                                         '     —



      ° CARS WITH POSITIVE GROUND (ONLY early English Imports have Positive Ground)

                      The red- w}ire of the Mobelec becomes the ground, and the short black Mobelec wire

                      becomes the Qoltage input,                The yellow and green Mobelec wires are connected

                                                                                  €arys   C.

                                         Exhibit B (Cont‘dj                       Page 6 of 16


                                                         RED TO IGNiTION
                                                    {PREVIOUSLY CONNECTED TO
                                                      POSITIVE SIDE OF COIL)

                 415. Sw. sAT)

                             * _YELLOW

                                                                 TO BE LOCATED
                                                                 IN DISTRIBUTOR


Fig. 4                                    ELECTRONIC MODULE

                                                                                                                      rage /.

                                                    >                            Exhibit B   (Cont‘d                  Page 7
                                               as above,   Resistors and radio intenerence(z capac)itors are not requiregd a.ngf 16
                                               should be disconnected from the'coil._

                                                                                     OPERATIONAL ADJUSTMENTS
 * Nemiin Sp aaparges npve uin once u>

                                         q.    Check electrical installation and connections,.   Tape any exposed connections and

                                               route wires away from exhaust system, using wire ties provided.       Do not route

                                              . triggerhead wire too'clo'se to high current cables.

                                              ~Start'en_gine and allow to warm up.   A faint whistle may be heard from the electronic

                                               module. This is normal.

                                         3.    Set timing to manufactueer‘s recommendations, using a TIMING LIGHT.

                                    wanla w 6w   e    y vurew   s

                                                                    February 25, 1975

                     Air Resources Board Laboratory
                     9528 Telstar Avenue
                     El Monte, CA   91731

                     Attention:     George Lew

                     Dear George,

                        ‘ In accordanée with your request of yesterday,
                     attached herewith is the revised Adaptor Plate Se—
                     lection Chart.

                          You will note, George, that the 009 plate
                     reference, accidently omitted from the original
                     list is included. Also, you will note that the
                     dual point application has been deleted and a
                     statement indicating that the Mobelec system is
                     not applicable in automobiles where dual points
                     are used, i.e. (retard/advance ignition systems)

                                                     Yours truly,

                                                        BDevele _
                                                     Derek M. Torléy

                     DMT/ch _


.. P.O. BOX 2860
    CALIF. 22663
    (714) 548—3471

                                      Exhibit B (Cont‘d)     Page 9 of 16

                        * ADAPTOR PLATE SELECTION CHART



         ‘009             American Motors (*67—‘74) 8 cyl.
     .                    Chevrolet (‘64—‘74) Scy1.

                          Cadiliac (‘60—‘74)
                          Pontiac   (‘63—‘74) 8 cyl.
                         _Oldsmobile (‘64—‘74) 8 cyl.


‘               t        ';Jensen Interceptor

                                         Exhibit B (Cont‘d)                        Page 10 of 16
                              ADAPTOR PLATE SELECTION CHART


                MS             Audi (‘68—‘74)
                              *BMW (‘68—‘74)    1600,2000,2002tii
                              *Capri (‘69—‘74) 4 cyl
                               Opel (‘67—‘74) Manta, Rallye, Kadett
                              *Pinto (‘71—‘74)} 1600, 2000 (Bosch dist.)
                              *Porsche   (031 dist.) 912      (!66—"‘69) 914—4 (‘70—‘74)
                              *Volkswagen (‘68—74)
                               Volvo (4 cyl.} 121 (‘68—74), 123 (‘68—‘74), 142 (!68—‘72
                               144 (‘68—‘74), 145 (‘68—74), 142/144 Grand Luxe         (‘70—‘74
                               1800 (‘69—‘74)
                              *Mercedes 4 cyl.
                005           *BMW (‘68—‘74) 3.0S, 3.0CS, 3.0SI, 3.0CSI
                              *Capri (‘69—‘74) 6 cyl                       —
                               Ford Mustang II     (Bosch dist.)
                              *Porsche 914—6
                              *Mercedes (53—‘74)
               012             Honda Civic 1200
                               Toyota Corolla(‘67—‘74) Celica(‘72—‘74) Crown{(‘68—‘74)
                               Trucks (!72—‘74)
‘l’    >        013           *Datsun (‘70—‘74) single point
C               015           *Pinto 1600 (U.S. dist.)
                018           *Datsun (‘65— '74) single point
                022           *BMW 1600, 2000, 2002, 3.08, 3.0CS .
                              *Mercedes ('53-'72)
                              *Volkswagen (‘67)
                024           *Mercedes (‘65—‘72)
                              *Porsclie (‘72—+‘74) 911 (Bosch dist.),912 ('68 ‘69)Bosch
                               dist., 914—6

                *Some cars appear more than once in the list. This is because
                 manufacturers occasionally equip same year/model cars with
                vvarious distributors.

            The Mobelec Electronic Ignition is not suitable for use in those
            automobiles equipped with dual points, i.e. (retard/advance ignition

                               Exhibit 8 (Cont‘d)                Page 11 of 16
The f b6llowing cars do not require adaptor plates:

                 Austin (‘65—‘74) Cooper, America, Marina, Jensen Healy
                 Jaguar (‘59—‘74) All models except V—12
                 Lotus (‘64—‘71) Elan, Elite, Europa
                 M.G. (‘(50—‘74) TD,.TF, MGA, JS5, Midget, MCB
                 Morgan (‘58—‘68) Plus 4
                 Morris (‘53—‘74) Minor
                 Rover 2000 TC (‘67—‘74)
                 Sunbeam (all U.K. Chrysler)
                 Super 7 (with Lucas dist.)
                 Triumph (‘56—‘74)(Lucas dist.only) TRZ, TR3, TR4, TR4A
                 TR250, TR6, Spitfire

                                               Exhibit B (Cont‘d)                    Page 12 of   6

                                                               February 17, 1975.

                       Air Resources Board Laboratory,
                       9528 Telstar Ave.,
                       El Monte, CA. 91731.~

                      — For the Attention of Mr. K. D. Drachand, Chief, Vehicle Compliance.

                       Dear Mr, Drachand,

                       Thank you for your letter of February 11, 1975 regarding our application
                       for exemption from Section 27156 on the Mobelec Electronic Iqnition.

                       Re:— Paragraph 1.  Enclosed herewith is technical data concerning the
                       compatibility of the Mobelec with the Carter and Dana devices.

                        Re:— Paragraph 2. We have made changes on our vehicle application list
                       "to exclude those vehicles originally equipped with a breakerless
                       iqnition system,

                       Re:— Paragraph 3. Installation instructions for those vehicles, i.e.
                       Porsche, Audi, originally equipped with capacitive discharge system
                       are enclosed.       —               '     —

                       Re:= Paragrph 4, We have excluded from our list of vehicle applications
                       the Datsun cars equipped with dual point distributors (retard/advance
                       iqnition system).                                  *

                       We very much bhope that the above information will enable the Air
                       Resources Board to complete the evaluation of our application.

CORPORATION            Sincerely,

                       Derek M. Torley.

    P.O.BOX 2860
     CALIF. 92663
     (714) 548—3471

                                     Exhibit B (Cont‘d)                        ~Page 13 of 16

                                                          February 17, 1975.

 To:     Air Resources Board
 From:     Mardek Corporation.

 The Carter Speed Sensor circuit operates according to manufacturers
 specifications with the !Hobelec ignition system by simply reconnecting the
 green lead from the Carter unit to the yellow lead terminal on the H.T. coil
 from the Mobelec.

 By connecting in this way, the Carter pulse sensing circuit is actuated by
 the ignition pulses from the Mobelec system and will operate at the same
 pulse speed setting.

\The system performance was verified in accordance with the makers standard

. Testing Method:    Carter Device

‘ Rutomobile 1967 8 cylinder 340 CID Engine.                        h
 Using Carters specifications and collaborated by Mitchells Consumer Protection
 Handbook for retrofit smog devices, the following tests were conducted with
 the aid of an Autoscan 4000 apparatus. The Carter device was tested with
 conventional ignition.        At 2510 RPM a change in vacuum was observed.        This
 was found to be per manufacturers speclflcatlon.           The test was repeated with
 conSLStancy six times.                                                     -

 The conventional iqgnition was removed and the Mobelec iqnition was installed.
 The green lead from the Carter device was changed from the regative side of
 the coil to the yellow lead of the Mobelec Iqgnition. This was done to actuate
 the Carter ignition pulse through and from the Mobelec Ignition. At 2510 RPM a
 change in vacuum was observed.  The test was repeated six tlmes.  Results were
 consistant.                     M                                 =~

 Tests were conducted at Olson Laboratories in Anaheinm.

           P        6           Exhibit B (Cont‘d)                        Page 14 of 16

                                                     February 17, 1975.

To:     Air Resources Board}
From:     Mérdek Corporation.

The Dana Retrofit NOx Speed Sensor device is normally connected to the
positive terminal on the coil.  The Dana device derives its power source
from the nominal 8 ~ 12 volts positive on the coil terminal and incorporates
an additional pulse sensing circuit which is actuated by the 8 ~ 12 volt
pulses on the terminal of the coil, caused by the operation of the contact
breakers and resistance drop across the ballast resistor. When the pulse
rate is approximately equal to 1300 RPM onan 8 cylinder engine, the solencid
valve circuit is switched.

The Mobelec iqnition system.allows the Dana system to work according to the
manufacturers specifications when the enclosed adaptor is w1red as per

Laboratory tests measuring vacuum changes at manufacturers recommended RPM
speeds indicated that the Dana Speed Sensor device functions correctly. No
variations in the Dana Speed Sensor were found between conventional iqgnition
with Dana retrofit, versus Mobelec ignition with adaptor and the Dana on a
 1967 Buick 8 cylinder.

Testing Method:     Dana Device              .   .    —

Automobile 1967 8 cylinder 340 CID Engine.

Using Dana‘s specifications and collaborated by specifications found in the
Mitchell Consumer Protection handbook for retrofit smog devices, the following
 tests were conducted with the aid of an Autoscan 4000 apparatus.  Conventional
 ignition equipped with the Dana NOx device was set to Dana‘s specification.
—When the engine was brought to 1300 RPM vacuum change was observed on the
 vacuum gauge.  The test was repeated six times.

The conventional ignition was removed and the Mobelec ignition with adaptor
and the Dana device was equxpped to the car and the test proceedure was repeated
six times.

 The Dana devxce functloned exactly as it had with conventional lgn1tlon testing

 Tests were conducted at Olson Laboratories in Ansheinm.

Lb ulldds                                                                           Lb

                                                                                                                                                  2o foe—b e f—
Ts impegec.,_Abarme                          |
                      e BDewA ‘ Zo,x: bevice          wv?.,
                                                                                                                  cose s as cocgnees


                                                                                                                                           bo t

                                                                                                  i tion _( —G
                                                                                                      1| So med +lay,

                                                                                         t| T0 _l6u    E

                                                                                                                                         q .
emafic__m_o..ei,_50ov._wen nv                           me nb e nnie mlmaas rerep es redydenlg ied
               .      .                                               enovenennncarises has x.— n vekns e neds                         ‘.,l,....,ii.»!
                                                                          ixfil,..,:.“im,...                              se f.-_l
                                                   NoT l#
                               porm fmligh n   op c ndoes e ue   o sn ce .I.T\l_;_..-,Tnia—L .Il-]llT

                                Exhibit B (Cont‘d)                        Page 16 of 16

                                                     February 17, 1975.

           To:   Air Resources Board
           From: Mardek Corporation.

 Mobelec Installation Instructions for Porsche/Audi vehicles originally
          equipped with a eapacitive discharge system

  When fitting a Mobelec breakerless iqnition system to an Audi or a Porsche
. incorporating the Bosch electronic ignition system, i.e. BHKZ, the connector
  on the end of the Bosch iqgnition unit must be withdrawn, and taped to one
 side as it will not be required when the Mobelec system is installed.,  Aso the
‘leads connected to the terminals 1 and 15 on the H.T. coil are removed and
 taped securely to one side as they will not be required.

. The I-iébelec system is then installed on the car in accordance with the standard
 fitting instructions.‘

‘Care must be taken to insure that the red lead of the Mobelec is connected
 to a 12 volt ignition switch circuit which is operative during the cranking
 period.    Also the idle solenoid valve fitted on the Audi carburetor must be
 left connected to the iqgnition switch, and on some models this means re—
 connecting this lead which was previously connected to the ignition coil
 terminal number 15, to an alternative supply, i.e. where the red lead of
‘the Mobelec system is connected.

                                          Exhibit C                                       Page 1   of 5

                                         State of California
                                         AIR RESOURCES BOARD

                                   SPECIFICATIONS — IGNITION SYSTEM

       . Product Description

         Manufacturer     Mobelec LTD, /Mardek Corn        Name & Model No. _MobelecElectronic
                                                   O   >                           Tanition
         Address      _P.O.hox 2860,Hewport Beach, CA or6e3           ___Telephone 714—548—3471
                                                       Mounting Position      _Inside‘ Engine compartmen

         Type of Ignition

        ‘ Kettering                Capacitive Discharge      _%       Electronic    _x

       — Other      preakerless CapacitiveDischarae

         Input Requirement'                                       _

         System input voltage and current (voTts and amps — RPM curve)
               7 — 17 volts D.C.

               .5 — 2.5 Amps

"II.     OUT?UT Characteristics

         A.    Primary System

               1.   System output voltage and current (volts and amps — RPM curve)

               380 Volts — No curve

         ‘B.   Secondary System

               1.   Available output secondary voltage (specify RPM or submit'v61tage5 rpm
                                                      f               '         curve) .
                 38 KV     1 — 10,000 PPM

                                                                                Exhibit C (Cont‘d)                         Page 2 of 5

                                             2.    Secondary voltage rise time                  5 — 15 m. sec

                                             3.    Secondary output energy {at input voltage) 772.050 jonuias                     .

                                           4.      Spark duration (specify engine RPM) and spark gap)

                                                      150 m. sec..       nom.    10M4 gap

                                          Design details

                                          Storage capacifor capacitance {uf) and stored voltage
                                           1 uf — 380 Volts

                                          C—D unit inductance (uH)              not applicable
                                          Pulse triggering source patented macnetic triaqerhead

                                          Type o% transformer in C—D and turn ratio

                                           _ ferrite toroid    10-0-10/250

                                          Transient voltage protection {open circuits and voltage surges)
                                                                     '                          none‘

                                          Close point time limit: not appliéahle
                                          Maximum point curreht           ahd ground circuit resistance

                                                                           not applicable

                                          Osciliator frequency                  7 Kiz

                                          Number and type of power transistor                   _2 x Texas Insturment

                                          Ballast resistOors required?              Yes         —          No   _—

                                          Resistor Type        —            Resistor Size (ohms)            n   —
                                          Switch back to stock system?                    Yes       __X
                                                                                                menvness        No   ies

                                          Describe methods               replace points

                            A_"     .                                      o
                                          .Exhibit C (Cofxtfd)                      Page 3 of 5

           P’oiéttge and Vibration Protection              yes

           Oberaflng Téemperature Range          _. -40°§' _— + 300°p

           Humidity Range         Electronics covered hy a polyvurethane compound functioning
           as a moisture barrier.

           Modifications from 0.E.M.

           Ignition timing modified?             Yes                       No   x

          — State modifications from O.E.M. Ignition System Characteristics         none

          'Engine Setting Changes?        Yes    __—__.__—       . No      _*
           Describe Changes

           Specify any other changes from 0.E.M.                 .__none

    vi.    Device information                          |
           Please attach circuit diégram, 0.E.M. and device s.park advance curves and

           photograph of spark line vproduced by device.

           Description of operating principle

            The triqqerheadworks on discharging macnotie—math

            hence is very fast and independent of temperature variaticns


rav     RED.     Rre       A.lK
                                                                +3J5v .
                                                                            ———tEs—o to couun +
                                                                          400 N

                                                                                    \W_WPO To courn =—


                                                                                    o .n             o

                                                                       40859         101
                                       FROM TRIGGER c«tT   ¥.      C

                                      +6V REG@urrTED            [17

                                              rower section
                                                                           MARDEK CORPORNTION
                                                                           ELECTRONIC 1G@ANITION
                                                                            SCHEMMTIC FOR MOBELEC .
                 A                                                          PRODuUCT mMobES 2100 % 2360c
                                                                            DATEl. 6—1~74
      ALL RESISTORS 72 w    Erceert                                         DRAWNN RBY :_@ zuy
      WwHERE NHOTED                                                         APPROVED BY:    Lo lavlllle.   _
                                                                            PROJECT MaR:    j   R..—


                                                                                               '               2.                                                                   100.

                                                                                          | <é 4.T                                                                                     nL
ts                                                                                                     .                                                                               ~


                                                                          c                                                                                                           C
                                                                              —                                                                                                        &2

                        &                                                         100K
 PICKuUP                                                  .
       .     aA—m
      é )     \                                                           GSV                                                                                                       s.C
              7             —i= .047           .047            .047                                                                                                                 N1

            m d ow
                                                                   TRiGGER stction .
                                                                                                                                                    MARDEK CORPORATION
                                                                                                                                                    ELECTRONIC 1@NITION

                    a           '      <                      <>                      >                                 [                   .       SCEHEMKTIC FOR MoBELEC
                                                      .                                            *                            c                   PROGuCT MObELS 2106 & 2300
                                                                                                                                                    DMTE: G6—1—14
           L RESiSTORS /2 w                                   Do      s                      e             C                        t   e       s   prawn By :_ 2 ,,f,«»«,.;__
                                           .                                      ‘                                         >                       APPRONED B\(      M us nugl s
                                                                                                                    1                               Pranarct mw6éri   0   fl,..,./

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