Approval Details

Valid E.O.


This Executive Order approved the specified parts on on May 29, 1976.
As of Wednesday, September 18th, 2019 this Executive Order has not been overturned or superceeded.

Approved Parts

1976 and older model year vehicles equipped with 12 volt battery, standard ignition coil and negative ground.

This Executive Order may be listed as:
  • C.A.R.B.E.O. D-58-2
  • Executive Order 58-2 / D58-2
  • ARB # D-58-2
  • Executive Order No: D-58-2
  • C.A.R.B. No. D-58-2
  • Resolution D-58-2
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D-58-2 Document:

                               State of California
                               AIR RESQURCES BOARD

                          EXECUTIVE ORDER D—58—2
                Relating to Exemptions under Section 27156
                            of. the Vehicle Code

                              GULF AND WESTERN      |
                      GENERAL AUTOMOTIVE PropUCTS GRouP

 Pursuant to the authority vested in the Air Resources Board by Section
 27156.of the Vehicle Code; and

 Pursuant to the authority vested in the undersigned by Section 39515 of
 the Health and Safety Code;

 IT IS ORDERED AND RESOLYED:     That the installation of the Gulf and
. Western Breakerless Electronic Ignition Systems, manufactured by the
  General Automotive Products Division, 17500 Northland Park Court,
  Southfield, Michigan 48075, and marketed under the following trade
  names by the listed companies has been found to not reduce the effec—
  tiveness of required motor vehicle pollution control: devices, and ; ~ —
  therefore; is exempt from the prohibitions of Section 27156 of the
 Vehicle Code for certain 1976 and older model—year vehicles: equipped
 with 12 volt battery, standard ignition coil and negative ground:

        "Grand Pr1x II" — Guaranteed Parts Inc.,
                          Seneca Falls, New York     13148

        "Poweready"       — American Parts     .
                            3000 Pawnge Street
                            Houston, Texas 77054

        "Magnition"       — Sorensen Manufacturing Co., Inc.,
                            Glasgow, Kentucky 42141

        "Zenith Electronic Ignition" — Zenith Ignition
        and "Voltronic Electronic         Seneca. Falls, New York   13148

        "Mighty Electronic Ignition" — Mighty Distributing System
                           .           of America
                                       Jessup, Maryland 20794

 This exemption is applicable to the following vehicles and covers the
 breakerless electronic ignition system kits specified:

GULF AND WESTERN — AUTOMOTIVE PRODUCTS                                             EXECUTIVE ORDER D—58—2

          Distribution                                  "Single Pack"".   "Dual Packs" — (1 ea. req‘d.)
            Company_                                .     Kit No.         Master Pack    Adapter Pack .
Guaranteed Parts Company                                ECK—113           ECBP~101               ECA—113A
APS                                         .           30—1013           30—5101                30—1013A
Sorensen                             891 3K           9001K          901 3C
Zenith                               130—13           151—01    .   ©130— 134
Voltronix                            13V
  Application:       4 cylinder — Vega 1971—74, Chevy II and Nova 1962—1970.

Guaranteed Parts Company                                ECK—124           ECBP—101               ECA—124A
APS                                                     30—2024           30—5101                30—2024A
Sorensen            >                                   8924K             9001K                  9024C
Zenith                                                  140—24            151—01                 140— 24A
Voltronix                                               24V
      Application:     Ford 4 cylinder (Pinto & Capri) 1971—74 2000 cc
                     ancroniannsmanammmatemimmmmmzests        .

Guaranteed Parts Company                                ECK—126           ECBP—101           .   ECA—126A
APS                                                     30—2026           30—5101                30—2026A
Sorensen                                                B926K             9001K                  9026C
Zenith                                                  140—26            151—01                 14026A
Voltronix                                               26V
  Pinto 1974 2300cc

Guaranteed Parts Company        ECK—150                                   ECBP—101               ECA—150A
APS                             30—4050                                   30—5101                30—4050A
Sorensen                        8950K                                     9001K                  9050
Zenith                          160—50                                    151—01                 160—50A >
Voltronix                       5OV
  Application:                  ‘
  Datsun 1974 B210, 610, 620 and 710

Guaranteed Parts Company                                ECK—151           ECBP—101               ECA—151A
APS                                             .       30—4051           30—5101        .       30—4051A
Sorensen                                                8951K             9001K.     >           9051C
Zenith                                     .            160—51            151—01                 160—51A
Voltronix                                               5TV
  Toyota — 1964—1974, 4 cylinder, single point distributor — 3C,. 3KC engines


    GULF AND WESTERN — AUTOMOTIVE PRODUCTS                                           EXECUTIVE ORDER D—58—2   i

.   Guaranteed Parts Company                             ECK—154          EC P—101                 ECA—154A
    APS                                                  30—4054          30—5101                  90—4054A
    Sorensen                                             8954K            9001K               —_   90540      ;
    Zenith                                               160—54           151—01         —.        160—54A    F
    Voltronix                       54A
      Application:                                                                                            ;
      Toyota — 1971—1975 —2TC BRC, 18RC, 3RC and 20RC engines                                                 £
     «remsoenpnnrevnnemenemmmnmanmnt                                                                          i

    Mighty Electronic                  130—10AY   GM8                                    mm
     Ignition                          130—12AY    GMG
                                       130—13AY    6M4
                                       140—20AY    Ford 8                                                     i
                                       140—21AY   Ford 6
                                       140—24AY   Ford 4         Pinto Capri {(1971—74) 2000 cc
                                       140—26AY   Ford 4         Pinto (1974) 2300 ce
                                       160—51AY Toyota           3C, 3KC engines
                                       160—54AY Toyota           2TC, 8RC, I8RC, 3RC engines
                                       160—50AY   Datsun
    This device is not for use on the following:

      1.      Volkswagen and other vehicles using Bosch distributors with unequal
.             cam angles.

      2.      VYehicles originally equipped with breakerless capacitive discharge
              or electronic fgnition systems.

      3.      Vehicles equipped with dual point                    distributors where one of the
              points is used for emission control.

      4.      1966—70 vehicles equipped with a retrofit NOx device which incorporates
              retard of basic ignition timing (i.e. Carter—CER, Echlin, STP—Air
              Computer and AQP—Electro—NOx and Kar Kit).

    The devices named in this Executive Order are identical in all respects
    except their tradenames,                The device consists of an amplifier, magnetic
    sensor, interrupter wheel and wiring harness.                                    :

    This Executive Order is valid provided that installation instructions
    for this device will not recommend tuning the vehicle to spec1f1cat1ons
    different than those listed by the vehicle manufacturer.

    Changes made to the design or operating conditions of the device, as
    exempted by the Air Resources Board, that adversely affect the per—
    formance of a vehicle‘s poliution control system shall invalidate
    this Executive Order.


—EULF AND WESTERN —< AUTOMOTIVE Propucts                                             i
                                                            EXECUTIVE ORDER D—58—2
Marketing of this device using an identification other than that shown               }&
in this Executive Order or marketing of this device for an application
other than those listed in this Executive Order shall be prohibited unless
prior approval is obtained from the Air Resources. Board.

This Executive Order does not constitute any opinion as to the effect
that the use of this device may have on any warranty either expressed or
implied by the vehicle manufacturer.


No claim of any kind, such as "Approved by Air Resources Board" may be made
with respect to the action taken herein in any advertising or other oral
or. written communication.

 Section 17500 of the Business and Professions Code makes untrue or mis—.
 leading advertising un]awful, and Section 17534 makes violation punishable
 as a misdemeanor.

 Section 43644 of the Health and Safety Code provides as follows:

        "43644.   (a) No person shall install, sell, offer for sale, or adver—
        tise, or, except in an applicatton to the State board for certification
        of a device, represent, any device as a motor vehicle pollution control
        device for use on any used motor —vehicle—unless that device has been
        certified by the State board. No person shall sell, offer for sale,
        advertise, or represent any motor vehicle poliution control device as
        a certified device which, in fact, is not a certified device., Any
        violation of this subdivision is a misdemeanor.">.

Any apparent violation of the conditions of this Executive Order will be
submitted to the Attorney General of California for such action as he deems

 Executed at Sacramento, California, this     22    day of May, 1976.

                                           or\ooxv\u)\ s\cheA \7\/\
                                       Thomas C. Austin
                                       Deputy Executive Officer—Technical

                                                                              1 l cnceomin enmeneimincmnnsner
                        State of California

                        AIR RESOURCES BOARD
                          Staff Report

                            May 11, 1976

         (Addendum to Staff Report Dated October 6, 1975)
Evaluation of Gulf and Western, General Automotive Products Group‘s
        Breakerless Electronic Ignition Kits for Compliance
          with the Requirements of Section 27156 of the
                  California Motor Vehicle Code


   Gulf and Western, General Automotive Products Group, 17500 Northland

   Park Court, Southfield, Michigan      48075 has submitted an application

   (see Appendix I) requesting an exemption from Section 27156 of the

   California Vehicle Code for its breakerless electronic ignition kits

   sold under the following tréde names:      "Grand Prix 1I", "Magnition",

   "Zenith",. "Voltronic", "Poweready"     and "Mighty".   These electronic

   ignition systems are identical in all respects and are marketed as


        "Grand Prix II" — Guaranteed Parts Inc.
                          Seneca Falls, New York 13148

        "Poweready"     — American Parts
                          3000 Pawnee Street
                          Houston, Texas 77054

        "Magnition"     — Sorensen Manufacturing Co. Inc.
                          Glasgow, Kentucky. 42141

        "Zenith Elec—   — Zenith Ignition
         tronic Ignition ‘Seneca Falls, New York      13148
         and "Voitronix

        "Mighty Elec—   — Mighty Distributing System of America
         tronic Ignition" Jessup, Maryland 20794

 A request for granting the—exemption on 1974 and older model vehicles

 equipped with 8 cylinder Delco distributors was granted by Executive

 Order D—58 dated August 12, 1975.   An additional request for

 exemption for the 6 cylinder Delco distributor and both the 8 and
 6 cylinder Ford applications was granted by Executive Order D—58—1                            k
 dated October 28, 1975. .

 The applicant has made additional requests as follows:

      1.    Exemption for certain 4 cylinder engines.

      2.   Sale of "Dual Packs" consisting of a "Master

           Pack" and an "Adapter Pack"
      3.    Sale of "Zenith Electronic Ignition" Systems

           under "Voltronic" and "Mighty" logo.

 Appendix I contains a lTist of applicable vehicles and kit numbers.

 Appendix II contains a list of non applicable vehicles.

 Section 27156 of the Vehicle Code prohibits the installation, sale or

— advertisement of any déevice or mechanisms wh{ch alters the performance

 or design of the vehicle‘s emission control systems.      The Air Resources

 Bogrd is empowered to exempt any device from this prohibition if a

 finding shows the device will not reduce the effectiveness of the

 emission control system.

                                                                                 enmemmerm en enge n momeiermcennnesemmznes
II.   System Description and Funct1on

      The Guif and Western dev1ce is designed to rep]ace the breakerpoints

      with an eTectron1c sw1tch1ng system.     This device—consists of an

      amp11f1er,Ha]] effect magnet1c sensor, sensor mounting bracket,

      trigger wheel, wiring harness and spacer gauge.     The tr1gger

      wheel consists of a metal skirt with four, six or eight slits

      depending on the number of—cylinders..    A more detaiied description

      is provided in the Staff Reports dated July 30, 1975 and October

      6, 1975.     A typical installation instruction is contained in Exhibit


III. System Evaluation

      The applicant submitted ignition system performance data which showed

      some variations from the OEM equipment but within ARB. evaluation

      criteria..    In order to verify the data, the applicant Qas requested

      to submit units for testing at this laboratory for Volkswagen, Toyota,

      and Vega 4 cylinder distributors since these have critical ignition

      requirements.     The Volkswagen and Toyota 4 cy?jnder engines are

      equipped with High resistance primary ignition coils (3;4 ohms)

      with no baTlast in the ignition systeh.'    This may cause a significant

      decrease in the secondary sparkenergy 6utput.      The Vega—4 cylinder

      distributors have an eccentric vacuum advance breaker plate which may

      cause significant vacuum spark retard.

      A summary of the test results generated by the Air Resources Board

      Laboratory for these distributors is given in Table I.

                               Table 1

                   Ignition System . Data

A.    Centrifugal Spark Advance in Crankshaft Degrees

                              1972 Yega                    1971 VW            1974 Toyota

      Engine RPM       Baseline—     Device         Baseline         Device   Baseline   Device
             600          0                0           0                0        0           0

         1400             4                2.5      >12                13.5      3.5         4)

         2000             8.5              8          19.5             18        9           9
         2600            11.5             13.5000     21               20.5     15.5        16     |
         3200            20               19          23               23       19.         19     é

B..   Yacuum Spark Advancevin Crankshaft Degrees                                                   z

      Vacuum                                                                                       2
      In. Hg.                                                                                      %

         3                0                0           0.5              0.5      0           0     §
         6                0                0           7                6        9.5         9     |

         9                7                2.5        11               11       15          13.5   i

        12               16               13          11               11       15          14

        15               21               21          11               11       15          14

        20               22               22          11               11       15          14

C.    Spark Duration in Microseconds

      Engine RPM

       200              1400          1250            500             500       1000        1000

       600              2100          2100            900            850        1300        1300

      4000              1400          1400           700             700        1200        1200

                      Table I (Cont‘d)
 Secondary Voltage Rise Time in Microseconds

 Engine RPM               1972 Vega               1971 VW          1974 Toyota
                      Baseline   Device       Baseline    Device   Baseline Device

       200               70       80             50        50       100       40

       600             — 10       90             50         50       90       40
   4000                  70       80             50 |       50      100       40

 Spark Energy in Millijoules

 Engine RPM

   200                   16.9     17.5            7.5        7.0     12.9     13.6

   600        ‘          34.4     36.2           15.5       14.7     22.4     24.7

  4000                   23.5     23.50   0      12.7       12.7     18. 2    19.0

 Secondary Voltage Available (KY) with load

 Engine RPM

  200             .      22.0     19.0           14.0       13.0     18.0     18.0

  600                    28.0     24.0           19.0       18.0     20.0     18.5

 4000                    20.0     21.0           16.0       17.0     21.0     18.0

 Secondary Voltage Available (KV) with stmulated fouled spark plug

 Engine RPM

 200                     15.0     13.0           12.0       11.0     14.0     14.0

 600                    22.0      18.0          ©16.0      15.0      16.0     15.5

4000                     13.0     14.0           13.0      14.0      15.0      14.0

An examination of the laboratory data in Table I showed thevfollowing

deviations from OEM parameters.

A.   1972 Vega

     1.   The device showed 4.5 degrees spark retard against the
          OEM equipment at 9 inches mercury vacuum and 3 degrees         |
          at 12 inches.                                                  |
     2.   The device showed a decrease of 150 microseconds in

          spark duration at 200 engine RPM.

     3.   Available secondary voltage at load condition showed a

          3 KY decrease at 200 engine R.P.M. and a 4 KV decrease

          at; 600 RPM.    With simulated fouled spark plugs the

          decrease was 2 KV at 200 engine RPM and 4 KY at 600 RPM.

The above variations occurred only —at isolated test points and are

believed due to test variability.    This condition would have a

negligible effect on emissions.

B.   1974 Toyota

     1.   The device sfiowed a 6% reduction in secondary voltage

          rise time.

     2.    The device also showed a 5 to 10% increase in spark energy.

     3.   There was also a small decrease (0.5—3.0 KY¥) in secondary

          voltage available at load and with simulated fouled spark



           A 60 percent reduction in secondary voltage rise timebis

           beneffcial since there is less opportunity for current leakage

           prior to spark plug firing resulting in an increase in spark

           energy.   The small decrease in available secondary voltage

           may be due to expefimenta] or instrumental variability and

           is within acceptable limits.

      C.   1971 Volkswagen

           Certain Bosch distributors have unequal cam angles.    This causes

           a timing variation from cylinder to cylinder..   The applicant did

           not compensate for this variation and has requested that the

           exemption for vehicles.using Bosch distributors be held in
           abeyance until the correction can be made.    All ignition timing

           and electrical output parameteré were satisfactory on the Voikswagen

           distributor tested in the laboratory.    However, until this problem

           is resolved all Bosch distributors referenced in Appendix I are

           not exempted from the.prohibitions of Section 27156 of the Vehicle

           Code at this time..

IV.   Manufacturers Claims

      The applicant has not submitted any performance claims or benefits of

      the device.    It is the opinion of the staff that the installation of

      the device on an engine could accomplish the following:

     1.   Reduced ignition system maintenance because of the elimina—

          tion of breakerpoints from the distributor.

     2.   No significanteffect on vehicle performance, fuel economy

          or emission reduction would be expectéd than would be‘

          obtained from a properly tuned engine using a standard

          Kettering ignition system.

Conclusions and Recofimendations

The staff concludes that the installation of this device on the

specified 4 cylinder engines will not result in increased emissions.

Based on the test data and other information submitted by the:— applicant,

the staff recommends Gulf and Western, General Automotive Products

Group, be granted an exemption for the "Grand Prix II", "Magnition",

"Zenith", "Voitronic"‘, "Mighty" and "Powereédy" systems installed on

1976 and older vehicles equipped with specific distributors as listed

in Appendix I except for Volkswagen and other vehicles using Bosch

distributors with unequal cam angles.

Thisvdevice is not for use on vehicles originally equipped with breaker—

less, C—D, electronic ignition systems, leading ignition systems for

rotary engines, dual point distributors‘ (where one of the points is used

for emission control) and for 1966—1970 vehicles with NOx devices and

4° retard (i.e., Carter—CER, Echlin, STP — Air Computer and AQP —

Electro—NOx and Kaf Kit]).

                                  APPENDIX I
                                                                                     17500 Northland Park Court
            General Automotive Products Group
                                                                                     Southfield, Michigan, 48075
                                                                                     Telephone: 313—444—5090
            Detroit Sales and Engineering Office                                               313—352.9345

                                                      April 20, 1976

Mr. K.D. Drachand
Chief, Vehicle Compliance
State of California Resources Agency
Air Resources Board Laboratory
9528 Telstar Road
ElMonte, California 91731

Dear Mr. Drachand:

Please amend our request of March 18, 1976 for exemption to MV code Section
27156. This will show "additional applications" listed below each of the
submitted kit number assignments.

These additional.applications were picked up by further investigation of
cars in the field using the same or similar distributors.

Kit number assignments and applications as listed on March 8, 1976 letter,
and "addirional applications" are listed below.
     Distribution                      "Single Pack"             "Dual Packs" — 1 ea. required
       Company                               Kit No.             Master Pack       Adapter Pack

Guaranteed Parts Company                    ECK—113               ECBP—101           ECA—113A
APS                                         30—1013               30—5101            30—1013A
Sorensen                 —                  8913K                 9001K              9013¢
Zenith                                      130—13                151—01             130—13A
Voltronix                                   13V
    Application:      Vega 1971—74           4 Cylinder
    Additional Application:             Chevy II and Nova 1962—70            4 Cylinder

Guaranteed Parts Company                    ECK—124               ECBP—101           ECA—124A
APS                                         30—2024               30—5101            30—2024A
Sorensen                                    8924K                 9001K              9024C
Zenith                                      140—24                151—01             140—24A
Voltronix                                   24V
   Application:         Ford 4 cylinder (Pinto & Capri) 1971—74 2000cc and Volkswagen
                        (Bosch) Porsche and Audi as listed.

    Mr.     K.    D.   Drachand     April 20,   1976                Page 2


  MODEL                            YEAR                _DIST.   t

 + 1600cc                          1974                b43905205 A,C >
 — 411                             1973                D22905205p
   Sedan (1600)                    1972—73             o2311670708 071          .
  ‘Sedan                           1971—73             113905205 AH, AJ, AN     |
   412E                            1973                D2311720198.             .i
   1600cc                          1974                0231170034,036
  Super Beetle
         13025         1600        1973—74             O231167049,050,053, 0541
   Sedan                           1974                0231167053,070          .
   Dasher                          1974                0231176015, 040, 046    i
   412E                            1974                0231170093
   412E                            1973—74             o231172019
 ~ 411                             1972                o22905205H
   411.                            1971—72             O231163011, 0128
                                                       0231172007, 008
  Sedan (Auto)                     1970                0231167013
  Sedan (1600)                     1970                0231137035, 036
  Sedan                            1969—70             1139052057
  Sedan                            1969—70             113905205 AD, AE
  Sedan                            1969                113905205 AA
  Sedan     (Auto)                 1969                0231115079
  Sedan     (1500)                 1969                0231137035, 036
  Karmann Ghia          (Calif)    1974                0231176028
  Karmann Ghia                     1974                0231170034 ,036
  Karmann Ghia                     1971—74             o231176033
  The Thing (181)                  1974                0231176028
  Transporter Bus
        1800, 1700                . 1973—74            0231170093, 0231181005,
 Karmann Ghia                     1973                 0231176028
 Trans.     Bus                   1973                 0231167070              |
 Trans.     Bus                   1973                 D231181:003,005
 Trans.. Bus :                    1973°                0231173007              ;
 Trans. Bus                       1973                 021905205, P, J         |
© Karmann Ghia                    1972—73              o231167070, 071
° Karmann Ghia                    1971—73              113905205, AH, AJ, AN
  Karmann Ghia                    1971—73              0231167049, 050, O53,
 Trans.     Bus                   1972                 021905205E           —
 Trans.     Bus                   1972                 0231173005
 Trans.     Bus                   1971                 0231173001
 Trans.     Bus                   1971                 O231167055, 056
 Trans.     Bus                   1971                 2119052050
 Karmann Ghia                     1970                 O231167012, 013,
 Karmann Ghia                     1969—70              0231137036
 Karmann Ghia                     1969                 0231115079
 Trans. Bus                       1969~70              0231137036
. Trans.    Bus                   1969                 1139052057


        Mr. K. D. Drachand                                          April 20, 1976 —                         _                    Page 3


  MODEL          .       _                                        YEAR                       .                       ‘DIST. #
  914,914/4      —                                                1972—69                                             0231172008            1
  914 Coupe W/411E Eng.                                           1970                                               0231172007

 ©100,100 AT, l00ch                      —                        1974                                               0231176032
  80LS8 (Fox)                                                     1974—73                                        .   O231176015, 040, 046
  100GL                                                           1972—73                                            0231176013
 AUDI         —                                                   1972                                               023176014, 015

  Additional Applications:

— VWw        |                   —                                 1975—76           '                               All
. Porsche                            '                             1975—76               .                           All
 Audi                                                              1975—76                                           All
 Audi                                                              1972—74       —               '                   0231170010
  Opel                                                             1975—76                                           All
  Opel Kadett, GT, Manta                                           1972—74                                           0231176011l,   012
. Opel Kadett 1.1 LTR.                                        <   1970—72                                            0231167009
  Opel GT 100                                                     1971                                               0231167032
  Opel Kadett 1.9 Ltr,                       GTI900 1969—71                                                          0231167007
  Opel Kadett B, GT 1100      1967—71                                                                                0231167004, 023
  Opel Kadett 1.9 Ltr, GT1I900 1969   ‘                                                                              0231167024

 Saab      (using Bosch Distributor)
  Saab                                                            1975—76                                            All
  Saab 99EA  .       '                                    _       1971—74                                            0231163007
  Saab 99EMS                 >                       6n           1974                                               0231179001
Saab Sonnett                                 j                    1972—74                                            0231170131
  Saab 99EMS                                                      1972—74    _                       .               0231163025
  Saab 95, 96                                                     1973                                               0231176010
 .Saab 99, 99                                    .                1969—73                                .           0231163007
  Saab All                                                        1967—72                                            0231146072
  Saab Monte Carlo,                  Sonnett II                       1967—72                                        0231146073

      Mr.    K.   D.   Drachand        April   20,   1976                   Page      4

          Distribution                 "Single Pack"        "Dual. Pack"    —{1 ea.       req‘
.            Company                       Kit No.          Master Pack          —Adapter P%

    Guaranteed Parts Company            — ECK—126               EC p—10l             ECA—126A
    APS                                    30—2026              30~5101              30—2026A
    Sorensen                             ~ §926K                g001K                9026C
    Zenith                                 140—26               151—01               140—26A
    Voltronix                            26V
                  Pinto 2300cc 1974

    Guaranteed Parts Company             ECK—150                EC P—101             ECA—150A
    APS                      '           30~4050                30—5101          .   30—4050A
    Sorensen                             8950K                  9001K                9050C
    Zenith                               160—50                 151—01               160—50A
    Voltronix                       50V
         Application: Datsun B210 1974 {Manuat—Fransmission} *
            Additional Applications:     Datsun 610, 620, & 710, 1974
                                         *Manual Trans. Limitation Removed

    Guaranteed Parts Company             ECK—151                EC.P—101l            ECA—151A
    APS                                  30—4051                30—5101              30—4051A
    Sorensen                             8951K                  900LK                90510    .
‘   Zenith                               160—51                 151—01               160—51A
    Voltronix                            S1V
          Application:       Toyota — as listed below

          Years                                       Specific Application
      71—74                                           Corolia
      71L  °C                                         Corona *
      70—71                                           Mack II *
      69—71                                          . Hilux RN l1L *
      66—71                                           Crown *
      64—69                                           Stout*    ({with external condenser
      75                                              Corolla 1200       (3KC)
      69—70                                           Corolla        Lllll        —
      66—70                                           Corona *{with externalcondenser

      * with one piece point set only

 Mr. K. D. Drachand                      April 20, 1976                      Page 5

       Pistribution                      "Single Pack" < "Dual Pack"         —(1 ea. reg‘d       .
           Company                            Kit No.        Master Pack         Adapter Paébi

 Guaranteed Parts Company                    « ECK—152            ECBP—101       _ ECA—152A
 APS                                          30—4052             30—5101            30—4052A
  Sorensen                                    8952K               9001K              9052C
  Zenith                                      160—52              151—01             160—52A
 Voltronix                                    52V
         VW—As noted below:

~ MODEL    | _.   0|00    0     .2   . YEAR                            DIST. #                   —
 Fastback & 5q. Back                  1972—73                          3115905705 AE,AF,AG,AH ;
 Sedan                                1972—73                          0231163027,029
 Sedan                                1972                             0231163172,009,011
 Fastback & 5q.          Back         1972                             0231172009,010,011, 012
 Fastback & 5q.          Back         1971 —                           0231163016,017,018,019 ;
 Fastback & 5q. Back                  1970—71                          311905205M,AA, AB             i
 FAstback & Sq. Back      1970 °                                       0231163008,009,003, 004 :
 Sedan (1600 & 1.6 ltr.)}_1970—71                                      0231167015, 017
 Fastback & 5q. Back      1968—69                                      0231163001, 311905905L.
 Sedan          .         1968                                         0231137021
*Sedan Frans. Bus                     1970                             311905205K,AA, AB
 Sedan Trans. Bus                     1968—69                          311905205L                    .
 Karmann Ghia                         1968—69                          3119052051               .
 Karmann Ghia                        1968                              0231137021
 Trans.    Bus                        1968 .°                          0231137021     & 113905205H

         Distribution                  "Single Pack"         "Dual Pack" —~(l1 ea. req‘d)
           Company                         Kit Mo.           Master Pack Adapter Pack

 Guaranteed PartsCompany                      ECK—154            EC P—1l0l.>         ECA~154A
 APS                                          30—4054            30—5101.            30—4054A
 Sorensen                                     8954K              9001K               9054C
 Zenith                                       160—54             151—01              160—54A—
 Voltronix                                    5AV                                ‘
         Toyota — As noted below:

    Years                                     Specific Application
    T2—74                                     Corona, Celica (L8RC)
    72—73                                     Carina, Hilux,
    71—74                                     Corolla 1600
    74—75                                     Corolla 1600   ({(2TC)
    75                                        Celica, Corona (20RC)
    74                                        Hilux (18RC), Celica, Corona

Mr. K.D. Drachand              —   April 20, 1976                Page 6

On the March 18, 1976 letter, Volkswagen vehicles which our ignition kit
did not fit were listed.   These still apply, except remove 1975—76 All
VW, because it was added to one of the above kits.

Thank you for your continued assistance on this program.   If you need any
further information, please do not hesitate to contact us.

                                     Very truly yours,

                                      Chief Engineer

cc: R.Bradley
    K. Merklen
    J. MacKay

                                                APPENDIX I
                  General Automotive Products Group                                   17500 Northland Park Court
                  A GULF + WESTERN: MANUFACTURNG coMraNY (MickiGany                   Southfield, Michigan, 48075
                                                                                      Telephone: 313—444—5090
                  Detroit Sales and Engineering Office                                           313—352—9345

                                                           March 30, 19%6

    Mr. K.D. Drachand
    Chief, Vehicle Compliance
    State of California Resources Agency‘
    Air Resources Board Laboratory
    9528 Telstar Avenue
    ElMonte, California 91731

    Dear Mr. Drachand:

    Attached is a letter from Mighty Distributing System of America, Inc.
    requesting your approval of CGulf + Western‘s Zenith electronic ignition
    system to be sold under the "Mighty" logo.

    The kits requested for approval are identical with Zenith kits except
    for the name change.   The corresponding Zenith kit numbers, Mighty kit
    numbers, application information, and California Air Resources Board
    approvals and/or submission dates are referenced on the attached sheet
.   for your convenience.   Please approve "Mighty" for the currently                                         .
    approved kits as scoon as possible and add the four cylinder Mighty
    applications to G+W‘s request for approval for four cylinder kits dated
    March 18, 1976 (copy attached for reference).

    The "Mighty" electronic igaition kits will be merchandized by a "dual
    pack" consisting of a "master pack" and an "adapter pack" consisting of
    a "master pack" and an "adapter pack" combimned to service one complete
    application. Please note that the "master pack" number is common to all

    Thank you for your continued assistance on this program.  If you need
    any further information, please do not hesitate to contact us.

                                                            Respectfully submitted,

                                                            Roger B. Anthony
                                                            Chief Engineer

    Enclosures:     Copy of 3/18/76 Submission for 4 cylinder Application
                    Letter from Mr. C.F. Leibensperger to K.D. Drachand 3/12/76
                    Copy of letter from Mr. A. Johengen to R.B.Anthony 3/25/76

.   ce:   R.Bradley                  J.Madeira                                                                .
          A.Johengen                 K.Merklen
          C.Leibensperger            83036

                                                                               ”Dufll   pflC k'i                        TeJ Tt Om

                                                                  "Single Pack"           "Master Pack"               "Adapter Pack"        Exemption Granted/Date
ipplication                                    Distribution Co.      Kit No.                     Kit No.                  Kit No.

3M—8                                            , Zenith             130—10                           N/A                   N/A               D—58       8/12/75
       —                                          Mighty               N/A                       151—01Y                   130—10AY           Applied for 3/30/76
M          .             ;        AMC                .                                                                                                   .        .
tudebaker,                                        Zenith
                                                   .                 130—12                        1.
                                                                                                      N/A         >
                                                                                                                            N/A—12AY          D—58—1 10/28/75
ntors, Intra‘l. Harv)                             Mighty               N/A                       151—01Y                   130—12AY           .   ie for 3/30/76

Ford—8          (74—72)                           Zenith             140—20                           N/A                   N/A                D—58—1        10/28/75
                                                  Mighty               N/A                       151—01Y                   140—20AY            Applied       for 3/30/76

Ford—6         (74—72)                            Zenith             140—21                        N/A                      N/A                D—58—1        10/28/75
                                                  Mighty               N/A                       151—01Y¥                  140—21A%            Applied       for 3/30/76

'.’y»];;;a 119171-7d4    (4 cyl)                  Zenith             130—13                      151—01                    130~13A             Applied       for 3/18/76
heyy            and     Nova                      Might                N/A                       151—O01Y                  130—13AY            Applied for            3/30/76
19621970 4 _cyl.                                   1810                 /                                                           i           pplied for 3/30/76 _
Ford 4 cyl (Pinto & Capri)                                                                       >            f
‘971—74          2000ce and VW                    Zenith             140—24                      151.~—01                  140—24A             Applied for 3/18/76
(Gosch) Porsche,                        Audi      Mighty               N/A                       151—01Y¢                  140—24AY            Applied for 3/30/76

Pinto 1974 2300cc                                 Zenith             140—26                      151—01                    140—26A             Applied for 3/18/76
                                                  Mighty               N/A                       151—01Y%                  140—26A%            Applied       for 3/30/76

Datsun 1974 B210,670,620,                         Zenith             160—50                      151—01                    160—50A             Applied       far 3/18/76
                        710°                      Mighty               N/A                       151—01¢                   160—50AY            Applied for 3/30/76

Toyota (1970—1979                                 Zenith             160—51                      151—01.                   160—51A             Applied for 3/18/76
beoml                                             Mighty               N/A                       151—01Y                   160—51AY            Applied for 3/30/76

VW         1968—1973                               Zenith            160—52                          151—O1                160—52A             Applied       for 3/18/76
                                                  Mighty               N/A                           151—01Y¢              160—52AY            Applied for 3/30/76
Toyota (7/—75) .                                    160—54                          151—01                ©160—544            Applied for 3/18/76
                             .—                    Mighty              N/A                           151—01¢               160—54AY            Applied       for 3/30/76

                                                                                                                                        |            ©

 Mr.   K.   D.   Drachand          March. 18,   1976                      Page 6

                                 APPENDIX II

 As requested in your letter of 1—7—76, a list of VW and Toyota
 vehicles which our ignition kit does not fit follows:                             .

 MODEL                             YEAR                     DIST. #
 Sedan                             1967—68                  1139652051
 All with VW distributor           1962—67
                                   1960—64                 All with 0231139002,0(
                                   1955—60                 All with 023115004
 Karmann Chia                      1960                    0231138001
 Karmann Ghia                      1959—60                  0231137001
 Trans. Bus                        1959—60                  0231129010
 Trans. Bus                        1955—59                  0231129019
 Sedan      (Auto Trans)           1968                     0231115056
  Fastback & Sq. Back (12¥)1967                             0231137017
. Sedan & Karmann Ghia(12v)1967                             0231137009
  Trans. Bus (12V)         1967                             ©231137011
 1500 Sedan (6Vv)                  1966                     0231137005
 Sedan & Fastback         (6V)     1966                     0231137009, 013
 Karmann Ghia (6Vv)                1966                    0231137009
 Trans. Bus (6V) —                 1966                    0231137021
                                   1965                    All with 0231137005
                                   1964—65                 All with 0231147002
                                   1975—76                 ALL

                                  TOYOTA                                           .

 MODEL                             YEAR                     DIST.     #
 RT-ZO, 50, 51             1966~69
 Stout and Corona
     (with internal condensor)
 All 6      ({six)   cylinder

 This list obviously cannot be complete for all possible applications
 It is apparent,         for example,     that future applications cannot be
 included on the list, nor can limited production, prototype or
 engine modification situations be included.  The list of vehicles
 which our ignition system does cover should be considered accurate
 in the event of a conflict.

                kir 4 Eck—1/3
                                                      EXHIBIT A

 .        Note:      Please read the instructions thoroughly prior: to starunq the installation
                     of the system.

          1..    Remove distributor cap.   Check for cracks or burnt electrodes.   Replace if
                 found defective.                                           '

          2.     Remove rotor and set aside.

        3.       Remove points and condenser and hold down screw.   Set these aside.

      4.         Remove distributor lead from negative (— or dist.) terminal on the fanition
                 coil. Pull it out of the distributor completely and set it aside.

     5.          Remove the retaining ring holding the points mounting plate to the dist—
                 ributor. Remove the spring and the p]ate Put the spring in a safe place
                 as it will be used later.

      6.         Remove the two (2) screws holding the vacuum advance chamber to the
                 distributor.   These screws will be used acain so do not discard them.      When
                 removing the screws care must be exercised that no damage occurs to the
                 vacuum chamber. When the screws are removed nothing will be holding the

.     7.         Line up the hole in the link of the new distributor top plate with the new
                 distributor top plate with the hole in the arm of the vacuum chamber.
                 Start the 4—40 x 7/4" screw tying the two arms together.   Be sure the head
                of the screw is on the bottom. Before tightening the screw be sure the vacuum
                chamber arm is securely seated between the two tabs of the link. Tighten the
                screw securely.

     8.         Carefully locate the hole in the tope plate with the post in the distributor.
                Slide the plate down the post until its nylon feet are resting on the bottom
                plate.   You will now be able to remount the vacuum chamber with the screws
                removed earlier.

     9.         Place the spring removed earlier over the post in the distributor.     Now
                carefully press the tinnermannut over the post until it snaps in place.

    10.         Place existing distributor wire grommet (rubber insulator) over the sianal
                generator wires.   Insert the grommet down into the distributor base plate
                and seat the grommet into the slot.

    11.         Position the "signal generator" modnting bracket on the new base plate of the
                distributor in the similar place previously occupied by the point contact set.
                Loosely secure bracket to base plate using two #8/32 x 1/4" brass screws in
                P lace of the original
                               rig     screws.

‘ 12.           Place the provided "signal oenerator" locator (see figure B) over the dis—
                tributor shaft and slide down until the locator ooes inside the slot of the
                signal generator mounting bracket. Tighten the two screws of the signal
                generator mounting bracket to the distributor base plate. Remove the locator
                from the distributor shaft.


  Vega 4 Cylinder Installation (Cont‘d)

 13." Place the "signal generator" onto the mounting bracket, using care to align
             the two locator posts of the bracket into the "signal generator" base.      Drive
             the #8/32 x 1/8" brass "signal gensrator" mounting screw.

 14.         Place the signal chopper rotor on the distributor shaft and rotate and push
             down until you feel it index on the shaft.   Kake sure the signal chopper
             blades do not touch the signal generator when rotated.      ~        ~
 15.     Dress the wires from the "signal generator" through the grommet (rubber
         insulator) to remove any possibility of the wire cetting cut by the     *
         rotating signal chopper, but providing enough wire to allow the distributor
         vacuum advance to work freely. The length of the wires protruding from the
         distributor should be 5 1/4".        Carefully install the Joose connector shell
         on the red wire terminal.

16.      Install a good distributor cap and fanition wires.

17.      Install the provided harness to the coil and distributor signal generator:
         (refer to circuit dijagram of figure A):

                Connect red wires together.
       C m

                Connect green wires together.                  .

                Connect black wires together.

                Connect blue wire to positive {[+ or batt) terminal on the coil.                 '
                Fake sure that the original equipment wire to the coil is also still
                on this terminal.                                              —
        e.      Connect the yellow wire to the nesative (— or dist) terminal on the coil.

18. Route the wiring across the engine to the fenderwell or firewall of the
    vehicle. Use care to keep the wiring away from moving mechanisims and exhaust
    manifold and to allow the harness to flex freely between the engine and fender—
    well or firewall.  _     —
19. CAUTION: Sefore mounting the electronic control unit, make sure the wire
    harness will reach from the engine to the mounting location and that it is
       subjected to the least amount of heat. A fenderwell may be best suited (do
       not mount to a plastic fenderwell). Excess harness length may be folded back
       on itself and taped together.

20. Remove the center screw from the control unit and remove back mounting plate.
    ‘sing the mounting plate as a ftemplate, drill four 1/8" holes in firewall or

21. Tount the control unit mounting plate with 4—#10 x 3/8" sheet metal screws
    provided. Remount the control unit to the mouniing bracket with the center

Vena 4 Cylinder Installation (Cont‘d)

22. Pluo the wire harness into the control unit. Drill a 1/8" hole in the nearby
    sheet metal for mounting the ground wire (black}. Hount the ground wire with
    the #10 x 3/8" sheet metal screw provided.

23. Start engine, check timing .and reset to manufacturers specifications if needed.
    The dwell cannot be adjusted, because it is fixed by design.

24. For imaximum performance,—check the condition of all spark plugs, ignition
    wiring, and coil.   Replace if necessary.

25. Place "Attention" sticker on air cleaner or in other prominent location.

26. Original parts previously set aside should be retained for re—installation
   when the car is disposed of.    .

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