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This Executive Order approved the specified parts on on October 28, 1976.
As of Sunday, October 20th, 2019 this Executive Order has not been overturned or superceeded.

Approved Parts

1976 and older vehicles with 12volt battery, standard ignitions coil, and negative ground ignition systems, EXCEPT those with HEI

This Executive Order may be listed as:
  • C.A.R.B.E.O. D-72
  • Executive Order 72 / D72
  • ARB # D-72
  • Executive Order No: D-72
  • C.A.R.B. No. D-72
  • Resolution D-72
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D-72 Document:

                                                                            (Page Al' o‘f) 20 2

                                      State of California .
                                      AIR RESOURCES BOARD

 .    '                             EXECUTIVE ORDER D—72
                          Re1at1ng to Exemptions under Section 27156
                                      of the Vehicle Code

                                      WALTER D. cANDERSON
                                  IGNITION PERFORMANCE LOOP

           Pursuant to the authority vested in the A1r Resources Board by Section
           27156 of the Vehicle Code; and

           Pursuant to the authority vested in the undersigned by Section 39515 of
           the Health and Safety Code and Executive Order G—30A;

           IT IS ORDERED AND RESOLVED:   That the installation of the Ignition
           Performance Loop manufactured by Walter D. Anderson, 3736 W. Warner
           Ave., Santa Ana, Catifornia has been found to not reduce the effectiveness
           of required motor vehicle poliution control devices and, therefore, is
           exempt from the prohibitions of Section 27156 of the ¥Vehicle Code for
          ~ 1976 and older model—year vehicles equipped with 412 volt battery, standard
            ignition coil and negative ground ignition systems except vehicles
            equipped with "High Energy Ignition Systems".

           The device consists of an insulated wire formed into a series of loops
 .         which fit around each tower of the distributor caps The device also
           incorporates a—small neon bulb whichignites due to the small current
           induced in the wire by the changing magnetic field.

           This Executive Order is.valid provided that installation instructions
           for this device will not recommend tuning the vehtcle to spec1f1cat10ns
           d1fferent from those listed by the vehicle manufacturer.      =

           Changes made to the design or operating conditions of the device, as
           éxempted by the Air Resources Board, that adversely affect the per—
           formance of a vehicle‘s pollution control system shall invalidate this
           Executive Order.      f

           Marketing of this device using an identification other than that shown
           in this Executive Order or marketing of this device for an application .
           other. than those listed in this Executive Order shall be prohibited  i
           unless prior approval is obtained from the Aivr Resources Board.

           This Executive Order does not constitute any opinion as— to the effect
           that the use of this device may have on any warranty either expressed or
           1mp11ed by the vehicle manufacturer.



WALTER D. ANDERSON                                          '
IGNITION PERFORMANCE LOOP                                    EXECUTIVE ORDER D—72
                2l          —                     >            (Page 2 of 2)

No claim of any kind, such as "Approved by Air Resources Board" may be
made with respect to the actfon taken hergin in any advertising or other
oral or written communication.

Section 17500 of the Bustness and Professions Code makes untrue or —mis—
leading advertising unlawful, and Section 17534 makes violation punishable
as a misdemeanor.

Section 43644 of the Health and Safety Code provides as follows:

     "43644.   (a) No person shall install, sell, offer for sale, or adver—
     tise, or, except in an application to the state board for certification
     of a device, represent, any device as a motor vehicle pollution control
     device for use on any used motor vehicle unless that device has been
     certified by the state board.~ No person shall selt, .offer for sale,
     advertise, or represent any motor vehicle pollution control device as
     a certified device which; in fact, is not a certified device.    Any
     violation of this subdiviston is a misdemeanor."

~Any apparent violation of the conditrons df this Executive Order will be
_submitted to the Attorney Geneéral of California for such action as he deems
 advisable.                                       —

Executed at Sacramento, Calffornie, this ;25        day of October, 1976.

                                       Original Signed By
                                     Thomas C.. Austin
                                     Céeputy Execut1ve 0ff1cer-Techn1ca1

                     State of California

                     Air Resources Board
                         Staff Report

                     September 24, 1976

   Evaluation of Ignition Performance Loop for Compliance
          With the Requirements of Section 27156 of
               the California Motor Vehicle Code


Walter D. Anderson, 3736 West Warner Ave., Santa Ana has submitted
an application (see Appendix I) requesting an exemption from

Section 27156 of the California Vehicle Code for his Ignition

Performance Loop.   The following similar devices were granted

exemptions from the prohibitions of Vehicle Code Section 27156:

     Paser 500 — Executive Order D—23 — Jan. 22, 1974

     Paser Magnum — Resolution 71—25 — April 21, 1971

     lonizer — Resolution 71—90 October 20, 1971

The Air Resources Board has previously evaluated these devices and

found that they had no adverse effects on existing poliution control

systems (Staff Reports dated January 17, 1974, October 20, 1971, and

April 21, 1971).

The Air Resources Board Laboratory performed emission tests on

various vehicles with and without the device and found no effect on

emissions (Project 177 dated August 1970 and Project 203 dated

April 1971).

Evaluation of Ignition Performance Loop
for Compliance With the Requirements of
Section 27156 of the California Motor
Vehicle Code                                          September 24, 1976

11.   System Description

      The device consists of a continuous insulated wire looped around

      each distributor tower with one end open and     .a small neon bulb at

      the other end which glows due to the small current induced by the

      rising and falling magnetic field.

111. System Evaluation

      The staff is of the opinion that there is no difference in effect

      between this device and the other three devices named above.

      However, the staff is of the opinion that this device should not be

      installed on American Motors and General Motors "High Energy

      Ignition" (HEI) systems since it may result in cross firing.     The

      maximum voltage in the secondary of the HEI systems is approxi—

      mately 30% higher than a conventional system.

IV.   Applicants Claims

      The applicant claims that the device will fmprove engine perfor—

      mance, increase gas mileage, give quicker starting and require less

      needed tuneups.     The staff has found no evidence that these claims

      are valid and is of the opinion that the device serves no useful



Evaluation of Ignition Performance Loop
for Compliance With the Requirements of
Section 27156 of the California Motor
Vehicle Code                                              September 24, 1976

V.   Conclusion and Recommendation

     Based on an engineering evaluation and on previous tests performed

     on similar devices, the staff concludes that this device will have

     no effect on emissions.    The staff therefore recommends that the

     "Iqgnition Performance Loop" be exempted from the prohibitions of

     Section 27156 of the Vehicle Code for 1976 and older model vehicles
     excluding those with high energy ignition systems.

     This report is being circulated to the Attorney General of the State

     of California and to the persons listed in Table—1, for whatever action

     they may deem advisable.

                                   TABLE 1


Mr. Tom Ziebarth                              State Attorney General‘s Office
U. S. Postal Service                          Attn: Herschel Eikins
Consumer Protection Office                    3580 Wilshire Blvd.
Washington, D. C. 20260                       Los Angeles, CA 90010

Mr. L. J. Gerlach, Chief                      U. S. E. P. A.
Transportation Research Section               Attn: Ralph C. Stahman, TAEB
U. S. Postal Service                          2565 Plymouth Road
11711 Parklawn Drive                          Ann Arbor, MI 48105
Rockville, MD 20852

Mr. Paul Foldes                               Mr. Ben Jackson
Federal Trade Commission                      U. S. E. P. A.
Division of National Advertising              Office of Enforcement and
Washington, D. C. 20580                             General Counsel
                                              401 "M" Street S. W.
                                              Washington, D. C. 20460
Mr. Kingsley Macomber
Chief Counsel, ARB
P. 0. Box 2815                                Mr. Taketsugu Takei
Sacramento, CA 95812                          Director, Department of Consumer Affairs
                                              1020 "N" Street
                                              Sacramento,   CA 95814

                                            Law Orrices
                                  Krank, Gross & Casrper
                                    Suite 338 Park CiTy Center
Wicuiam M. Gross                   LaNCasTER, PENNSYLVANIA 17601                Harmissurs OrFice
DonaLo F. Krank                                                           Suite H— 1201 N. FRont Steeey
                                           7i7— 299—7327
Eoman R. Casrem         ‘                                                      HamRiseurs, Pa. i7102


                                                              August 11, 1976

         Air Resources Board Laboratory
         9528 Telstar Avenue
         El Monte, CA 91731

         Gentlemen:                 Attention:       G.    C. Hass,   Chief
                                                     Division of Vehicle Emissions Control

         By this letter I am requesting that Walter D. Anderson,
         as manufacturer of the Ignition Performance Loop, be
         found in compliance with Section 27156 of the California
         Vehicle Code.  In connection with this application for
         compliance,        on behalf of Mr. Anderson,           as his attorney
         and authorized representative, I submit the following:

              1.  Description of Device: The full description
         of the device is attached hereto and marked Exhibit A.
         The Device was initially patented under the name
         lonizer and manufacturer of Ignition Performance Loop
         is operating under a license of this device.  Applicant
         is the sole manufacturer of the device for which this
         ruling is requested.

                   2.   The purpose of the device is to increase gas
         mileage on passenger automobiles.

              3.  The device is easy to install.  It is installed
         in a few minutes by removing the coil lead to the distri—
         butor cap and inserting the center loop around the distri—
         butor post.        The coil lead is then replaced.            Next,    remove
         the No. 1 lead and place loop over distributor post and
         continue the process until all loops have been installed
         over the distributor post and leads have been reinstalled.
         The installer should not remove more than one lead at a
         time unless they are completely familiar with the firing
         order of the engine.  To see whether or not the loop is

Air Resources Board Laboratory           —2—      August 11,    1976

working the installer can check after dark to see if the
firing bulb is lighted.  Attached in a marked exhibit B
are proposed installation instructions and illustrations.

     4.      Applicable emission test data is omitted as pér
letter of G. C. Hass dated September 22, 1975, a copy of
which is attached and marked Exhibit C.

     5.  A board finding is requested with respect to all
four, six and eight cylinder model automobiles both foreign
and domestic.  The ruling requested covers that area of
testing which would be classified as an ignition bridge.
Walter D. Anderson, as manufacturer through his agent,
Donald F. Krank, agrees that he will deliver to the board
upon request of the executive officer any such device,
apparatus or mechanism for independent evaluation.

          If you need any further information, please do not
hesitate to contact me.  In addition to the‘ information contained
in this letter, I am requesting that Mr. Anderson, under separate
cover,     forward to the Board two samples of the Ignition Perfor—
mance Loop for use by the Board in reaching its result.

          Should you need anything further, please do not
hesitate to contact me.

                                   AADonald F. Krank
                                  7 Attorney and Authorized Agent for
                                    Walter D. Anderson,   Manufacturer
                                    Ignition Performance Loop

DFK :mbm

                                 ho CL
                                                    _ _n AL92 +*> o

      6      *                                       $9.95
    why Pay more                                                                                The engine in their
         Eor LEess                                                                             «cat will give quicker     ;
                                                                                                starts, better pesform—
    It is the opinion of                                                                        ance, with longer
    the designers of the                                                                        lasting tune—ups.
    lgnition Performance                                                             TM
    L.oop that those who          copyricnT & aLL Rigkts      Lic. PAT. #3,019,276              Designed for 2 cy1.,
    will buy & install this         RESERVED 1975                                               4 cly., 6 cyl., and
    L.oop will find that these                                      .                           8 cyl. ignition fired
    following things will                                       '                               engine.
    happen.                                                                                                 Cly.

                                                                     CAN BE INSTALLED IN A FEW
                                                                    MINUTES BY MOST CAR OWNERS

                                                                             R/emove the coll lead from the
                                                                        distributor cap — insert center (oop
                                                                        around distributor post. Repuace
                                                                        coil lead. Remove No. 1 lead and
                                                                        place loop over distributor post and
                                                                        continue the process until all loops
                                                                        have been installed over distributor
                                                                        posts and leads have been re—install«
                                                                        ed. CAUTION do not remove more
                                                                        than 1 lead at a time unless you are
.                                                                       completely familiar with firing order
                                                                        of engine.

                                                                       It may not be possible to see the
                                                                   firing buib during sunlight houts. But
                                                                   by checking after dark, you will be
                                                               ~*T able to clearly see the firing of each
    TYPICAL                                                        cylindet by the pulsating of the bulb,
    CAP        \

                                 3736 W. WARNER, SANTA ANA, CALIFORNIA

6—24—76                                                fxligp:r A

                          IGNITION PERFORMANCE LOOP

                         Abstract of the Disclosure

             The invention is directed to an electrical wire looping that

is provided to the distributor of an automobile engine for the purpose

of ionizing or otherwise preconditioning the charges in the cylinders of

the engine.

                         Background of the Invention

                           Field of the Invention

             The invention is directed to combustion systems for automobile

engines and, more particularly, to a device for improving the performance

of an internal combustion engine.

                        Description of the Prior Art

             U. S. Patent No. 3,019,276 is directed to a device for improving

the combustion in an internal combustion engine.       The invention is

directed to a device that is incorporated in the distributor cap of an

automobile engine.     The device requires the use of a special distributor

cap.   The device further lacks any indication of the operativeness of

the combustion performance loop.

                          Summary of the Invention

             The invention is directed to a device for improving the combus—

tion in the combustion chamber of an internal combustion engine.          The

invention is utilized with the distributor cap of the internal combustion       E
engine.     The invention is placed on the distributor cover around the

towers for the wires feeding into the distributor cover.      The invention

is a closed loop construction of metal coils which are positioned around

the towers of the distributor cover and incorporate visual indicator

means which discloses the operativeness of the closed loop of wire

                      Brief Description of the Drawing

           Figure 1 is a top view of the invention on a distributor

cover; and

           Figure 2 is a view of the ignition performance loop.

                   Description of the Preferred Embodiment

           The invention relates to combustion systems for internal com—

bustion engines.     The broad object of the invention is to provide improved

means for preconditioning the charge in an internal combustion engine to

insure more efficient combustion, to reduce the amount of CO and other

harmful exhaust products, and to improve engine performance, smoother

idling, faster acceleration, higher top speed, better fuel economy, etc.

           More specifically, an object of the invention is'to provide an

improved ignition system which, in the interval between successive

ignitions in a cylinder, will pass a ggn—igniting elgctrical disturbancgdd

to the charge in the cylinder, repeatedly or continuously, to ionize or

otherwise prqupdi@ion the charge in sdvance of the firing spark to

insure more efficient combustion.

           Another object ié to provide, in conmnection with & multi—

cylinder spark—ignition engine, a distributor attachment constructed and

arranged to deliver the igniting spark to one cylinder and at the same

time to bombard the contents of the other cylinders with non—igniting

electrical discharges to ionize or otherwise precondition‘the charges

and thus to produce more efficient combustion and improved engine perform—

ance.   Another object is to provide means for adjusting or predetermining

the relative intensity of the non;igniting discharges to suit any engine.

Another ocbject is to accomplish the foregoing with no substantial in—

crease in manufacturing cost.

              Briefly described, the invention consists of means for col—

lecting the static and corona type electrical emissions in the region

surrounding a conductor carrying & high—voltage discharge such as that

used to ignite & charge in a cylinder, and for distributing these non—

igniting emissions to the contents of the combustion chamber, to ionize

or otherwise precondition the charge and prepare it for ignition.

              Referring to the drawings, the distributor cover 10 of Figure 1

is of the usual construction with a central tower socket 11 for receiving

the insulated lead from the coil, and terminal tower sockets 12 for

receiving the leads to the spark plugs of the engine.      The attachment 13

is placed around these towers.      The attachment 13 is a single continuous

wire 14 which is electrically conductive and is formed in a closed loop

by one piece of wire.      The dismeter of the wire and the thickness and

type of insulation between the wire and surrofinding material predeter—

mines the intensity of the ignitions which will be inducted to, picked

up and delivered to the several combustion chambers.      A good size of

wire to use is

              Ties 15 are used to form loops in the wire to enable the wire

to encircle the towgrs of the distributor.      The two ends of the wire are

connected together a;d being joined to two separate contacts of a typieal

mneon bulb.    A typical bulb which may be used is

The bulb with the wire forus an electricélly continuous loop.

              In operation, whenever an igniting high—voltage current is

delivered from the coil to the socket in the central tower 11 and trans—

mitted by the rotor (not shown) to a terminal tower socket 12 and the

corresponding spark plug of the engine, certain emissions surrounding

this current are picked up by the coils of the wire 14 surrounding

    tower 11 and particularly tower 12.     These emissions are transmitted by

    wire 14 to other coils and by their respective leads and spark plugs to       CCC

    all combustion chambers of the engine, to ionize or otherwise precondi—

    tion the charge in one or more of the cylinders.     The neon bulb provides

    an indication of the operativeness of the system since it will produce &

    visible light as the charges are developed in the ignition performance

    loop.     Also, the attachment can be readily adapted to any conventional

    distributor cover and need only be altered depending upon whether the

    engine has either 4, 6, or 8 cylinders.

                 Heving thus described the invention and its operation, it is

    cobvious that the objects, as stated, have been attained in a practical       pasmen

‘   manner.     It is understood that changes may be made in the construction

    and in the arrangement and operation of the invention without departing       :

    from the spirit or scope of the invention as expressed in the following



          1.   A device for improving the combustion in the combustion

chamber of an internal combustion engine having an ignition system

including high—voltage wiring and spark plugs, said device being used on

a distributor cover having the usual terminal sockets for receiving said

high—voltage wiring, said device comprising metallic coils about said

terminal sockets and an electrical interconnection‘petwgen said coils,
                                                     vie! w   tm
said electrical interconnection between said coils beimg & neon buib.

          2.   In the device for improving the combustion in the combus—
                                       as set Lor tls in Slaiss \
tion chamber of an internal combustion enginez the metallic coils around

said terminal sockets being a single loop of wire.

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